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Found 12 results

  1. I spent this week making this pen for her. It has a satin black bought in bock section and a black lacquered bock #6 nib loaded with Diamine Onyx Black. She absolutely loved it, first time she had used a fountain pen since she was at school.
  2. Hi guys, I am not sure if I am posting this question in the right place, so please let me know if it should be moved. Shawn Newton is making a pen for me. He can make a section around a nib and feed as long as both are in a threaded housing (Sailor uses threaded housings, for example). I saw Bookman's full section dissasembly of his Pilot 74. Do any of you know if the Pilot 742 can be dissasembled in the same way? If so, I am pretty sure Shawn could build a section since that metal flange acts a sort of threaded housing, right? (Bookman's pic from his original post) (I had also considered of provide him with a Platinum 3776 nib and feed, Joey Grasty (Flexible Nib Factory) makes threaded ebonite housings that are shaped on the inside to accept Platinum nibs and feed, but the problem is that the rest of the housing is shaped like a no nipple Bock housing i.e. the housing does not accept converters. This would force me to use the pen either as an eyedropper (no thanks), and asking Shawn to make the pen with one of the several filling systems is not an option either. I just find converters to be much more easy to clean, use, etc.) I hope someone can help me. Thanks
  3. sirbob575

    Custom Feed

    Hi , I wanted to ask if there is anyone who can make custom feeds. I have a cross pen that I want to use with an omas portico nib. The nib size will fit into the cross, given a custom feed that will fit into the cross nib but house an omas nib. I have had extreme difficulty sourcing someone who has the capability to make a custom feed. If there is anyone out there who can take on this project, or who knows someone with the ability to make custom feeds, PLEASE let me know. I have already contacted Joey at flexiblenib.com, and Brad torelli, both of whom are extremely busy. If there is anyone else out there, I would really appreciate any response. Thanks, Saurabh
  4. gvhill

    Carbon Fiber Pen

    Do any of the pen makers here have experience using carbon fiber in a made from scratch pen? I recently purchased a pen made from a kit with a carbon fiber tube and cap, which is really beautiful, but it is a bit heavier than I prefer. Thanks, Grayling
  5. touzeen

    A.s.a "dolce" Nauka

    In 2015 when the Lamy Al Star was released in the amazing Copper Orange color it created such a buzz and made everyone want to own An Orange Pen. I did get the pen as soon as it was released and loved it but that just made the Orange Craving worse. In the hunt for more Orange Pens,I bought a Parker Duofold Centennial but it just didn't seem "fun" and casual enough to be enjoyed. So I ordered a couple of Blanks of Orange Crush from ExoticBlanks.com and handed them over to Mr. Subramaniam of A.S.A Pens in Chennai,India. Having used many A.S.A Pens over the past 3 years I knew I could trust A.S.A Pens with good craftsmanship and service.The Iconic model from A.S.A Pens,the Nauka,had been my daily driver for almost 6 months and I was positive about getting a Nauka made in the Crushed Orange acrylic. An impatient wait of 2 months later, I received my A.S.A "Dolce" Nauka. This pen has been review and loved many times on this Forum so I will not go into the microscopic details.If you would like you can check put the "up to the millimeter" details provided brilliantly by Mr. Sagar here:https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/300214-asa-nauka-review-of-a-classic/ I hope to share my first impressions of a beloved pen in a mesmerizing material done with almost perfect craftsmanship. I have always found the Nauka to be comfortable for my grip over extended use. I have owned the TransNauka for almost a year now and it regularly enters my pen rotation. Much has been said about the French "Influence" over the model,its unique cap threads and streamlined design so I will let some pictures do the talking. Also I find the material gives the pen a breath of fresh air. The pen has been constructed with very tight tolerances,comparable to my Edison Nouveau Water Lily (a.k.a Unicorn Barf). There are no rough patches,lathe marks,cross threading issues or gaps. I cannot comment on the the ease of working with the material from ExoticBlanks but visually it is Flawless. Maybe Mr. Subramaniam can comment on the ease of work ability with it. A few comparissons with other pens. Left to Right: Omas Ogiva Alba, A.S.A TransNauka, A.S.A "Dolce" Nauka, Edison Nouveau Water Lily. I went for a JoWo Steel Dual toned Medium nib which allows me to use the pen in all occasions from work to personal. Out of the box the pen wrote with a smooth wet line. A.S.A Pens also provides the full range of JoWo nibs in all their tip sizes. The pen can be used with either a Cartridge,Converter or as an Eye Dropper. I have been using it as a C/C but might try out a dark ink to see if it brings out more contrast in the barrel. The little things:This pen is a compliment monster. Expect at least one every time you use it.The material is oh so gorgeous.I would say the same as on the Delta Dolce Vita and Aurora Sole pens.The problem of unscrewing the barrel while the section is still threaded to the cap has never happened to me.I practiced holding the pen right under the clip,effectively holding the section,while unscrewing on my older TransNauka.Due to huge demand the Turn over of A.S.A pens is inconsistent but the communication was clear and The Clip on most Indian pens has a tripod at the point of contact with the cap/fabric.This needs to change.Surprisingly there is no branding on the pen.I do not know if it was intentional or missed.Anyway it is not missed.The dual toned Jowo nibs are really good looking.When I started out to write this review it was more of a showcase for the material and craftmanship of A.S.A Pens rather than Utility. But the more time I spend with this pen I have come to know that any pen cannot be Utilised to its full potential with amazing material and Craftmanship and in the respect A.S.A Pens has far exceeded my expectations as this is the only pen I want to carry with me!
  6. Good morning guys! So, I own a few very nice custom fountain pens and I was really considering getting another and I wanted this one to be a little different. Does anyone know of a custom pen maker that would be able to work with a stylographic nib? Aside from the nib, the rest of the pen would be pretty standard, aside from a piston or pump filling mechanism.
  7. RINGS: A classic cigar shaped pen Designed and named by me for personal use. Manufactured by Mr. Manoj from Fosfor pens, Pune, India (Thank you Manoj!) Here are the specs: Material: polyester resin; Color: topaz blue varying between baby Swiss and Swiss blue Finish: Polished/glossy; Clipless; Length: Capped 146 mm, Uncapped 141 mm Nob: Jowo #6 Fine Stainless Steel; Converter: Schmidt K5; Section: Slightly elevated at the tip (1) Capped pen:(2) Uncapped pen: (3) Section and the nib: (4) All the parts of the pen: (5) Size comparison (capped) with two popular pens (Pilot VP, Sailor Profit 1911 Realo) (6) Size comparison (uncapped) with two popular pens (Pilot VP, Sailor Profit 1911 Realo)
  8. I blame Jon Szanto (in a good way). At the 2015 San Francisco Pen Show, he pulled out this gnarly gray pen with an integral clip that looked like one of the Easter Island Stone figures. He said a fellow in New York, Yoshi Nakama, made these with a 3-D printer. It was pretty nice work, but not tempting enough to go after. However, a year later when I was trying to figure out how to get some one to make a pen with a custom roll-stopper, I remembered Yoshi's work and found his Etsy store. Long story short, he could do what I wanted, and I ordered a pen. It arrived last week, and I am going to show it to you. A few advance explanations: First, the roll stopper is in the form of the griffin that is on the seal of Reed College in Portland, Oregon. That is my alma mater and was where Lloyd Reynolds, arguably the most influential teacher of calligraphy on the West Coast in the 20th Century, taught. Second, I asked Yoshi to make the pen to fit a JoWo nib, but I would supply the nib. The nib I have fitted to the pen is an 18 Caret M nib ground to cursive italic by fpnibs dot com in Spain. So, here are some photos and comments: Yoshi spent over 27 years working with an important New York City artist named Sol LeWitt. Yoshi calls this pen "Constructivism," after an early 20th Century Russian art movement. The body is black acrylic resin. The colored elements are made individually and placed in cutouts. The workmanship is impeccable. The surface is perfectly smooth and all the parts fit perfectly. The size and shape of the pen are very ergonomic for me. It is a fairly light weight pen. It is almost precisely the size and shape of a Nakaya Portable and a bit larger than a MB 146. Here are comparison photos capped and uncapped pens. Top to bottom: MB146, Nakaya Naka-ai, Nakaya Portable, Yoshi's "Constructivism." Top to bottom: Yoshi's "Constructivism," MB 146, Nakaya Portable, Nakaya Naka-ai. The pen itself is pretty special, but, of course, the most special part for me is the roll-stopper. The planning for its printing was educational for me, and the process of negotiating the details with Yoshi was entirely enjoyable. Here is the Reed College Griffin roll-stopper: I have reviewed the nib elsewhere (See the "Nib of the Day" topic), but, for the sake of completeness, here is a photo of it: I am so happy with this pen and with the 3-D printed griffin I expect to order more pens with this roll-stopper. It is soooooo cool! Thanks for reading, and Happy Writing! David
  9. This is the review of custom designed pen PORUS (caved in version) executed by ASA pens. The detailed review of the pen is done here : LINK ASA Porus (Customized Pen) There is a brief history about the pen that I am reviewing today. There was always an urge to design and get a customized pen and actually get executed. It all started whenPradeep from Mumbai took initiative to bring all like minded crazy people who just love fountain pen and actually are real serious about them. One fine day Sulagno (I hope i have spelled his name correctly) asked why cant we do a customized pen and seeing an opportunity i jumped in and gave certain design inputs and offered to do CAD drafting for the same. What came out is a series of design inputs by Me, Sulagno, Rakshit, Pradeep, Anirban Bhattacharya, Burhan (from Singapore) and not to miss out Mr. Subramaniam of ASA Pens, who was the guy who gave certain technical inputs and who in actual executed one more custom pen after the SNIPER. ASA Porus – Beauty So here we are with new pristine white pen PORUS (named after Great Indian King- Porus, who was well built and tall). ASA Porus DESIGN & BUILT: There were lot of iterations done for the design of the Pen. Pen had to be over sized, fat pen with long grip section that criteria was clear from the beginning. Three iteration were made, one flat top straight shaped, second stepped design and third the cigar shaped and lot of liking went for the cigar shaped and it was finalized for design. ASA Porus – Uncapped It is designed to be clip less pen to give it a minimalist look. This is a no fuss design with no metal parts except the nib. It is a pure beauty when kept on the table. Just so clean, simple and elegant. This is a pristine white pious pen. Sign of peace. ASA Porus – Photoshoot Made of out of high quality white acrylic this pen has thick acrylic section and has fantastic built quality. Seems well built. however i will be careful to use it as it is milky white and top of that it is acrylic and has a bit of heft. A fall here or there might give certain crack or damage the pen. So I take precaution while using it for sure. To add to this unlike other Indian acrylic cheap pens it has no Odor. ASA Porus – Close up Overall a well designed and executed pen which is equally well built. ASA Porus – Aptly named Now moving to certain details. The pen has rounded cap top and rounded barrel bottom which is quite evident in the pictures. ASA Porus – Rounded top and bottom The pen opens in 7 turns which i beleive is bit on higher side. Can certainly be reduced. But that doesn’t take way the credit of amazing built quality of pen. ASA Porus – Uncapped Cap has in built inner lining and has breather hole to avoid moist deposits inside the cap. So that nib can breathe. Images below might give clearer picture. ASA Porus Cap Closeup with breather hole ASA Porus – Cap inner view Porus comes in two versions one is flat flushed version and other is caved in flushed version. In both the cases cap is flushed with the barrel ASA Porus Flat Flushed Version vs ASA Porus Caved in Flushed version along side Gama Supreme (Pic Credits : ASA Pens) ASA Porus – Caving around meeting point of cap and barrel ASA Porus – Slightly Opened cap showing 2 mm caving in The pen is over sized jumbo pen which you can have an idea from few images below. ASA Porus vs Gama Kuyil vs Pilot Metropolitan vs ASA Rainbow vs Gama Airborne – Shot 1 The detailed review of the same can be found here : LINK
  10. I need a little help from you guys. After looking through the custom makers sticky, I didn't see anyone who made stylographs. I own a Visconti Copernicus stylograph in emerald and I'm in love with it. I also happen to be in love with custom makers and materials. Does anyone know a maker who works with stylographs (and preferably ebonite or celluloid)? Much appreciated!
  11. Hello fellow fountain pen lovers This is an update to the Group Buy that we created for custom hooded nib pen made in acrylic or ebonite at fountain pen network. Group Buy Link : FPN GROUP BUY Link for Buying Pen : ASA SNIPER The new images are as below. Also there is a new blue color. Enjoy. Products will start shipping on 28th March.
  12. riccardodebole

    New Autograph Ghibli Fountain Pen

    From January 2014 our distribution strategy is based by selling directly to the final consumer, no other intermediary like a distributor or a shop is involved. Our workshop is located close Venice, in the Brenta Canal area, well known throughout the world for its beautiful locations and for the beauty of the venetian villas with their parks. Our handmade objects are the resulting product of the story of our land, our passion, our quality, everithing that “Made in Italy” means. We like think that our works are unique, as every our customer is a unique person. GHIBLI presents “AUTOGRAPH” the new series of fountain pens. These pens can use your very own signature as the photos onboard. This GHIBLI fountain pen will be one of the most special pen you will ever own. Much like the fingerprint , your signature is completely your own, no one else has it. We hope a large success for these personalized fountain pens ! Kind regards, Riccardo http://www.ghiblistudio.it

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