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Found 8 results

  1. I've long known that 尚羽堂 Fine Writing International's Chinese Constellations series and Wancher's Crystal series of fountain pens are essentially the same model just branded differently and offered in different (mutually exclusive) colourways, and FWI's Planets series and Wancher's Crystal II series must have rolled off the same production line. So, why on Earth was I still surprised when I came across these images, in a listing for the Chinese Constellations series on Taobao this morning? Source: Taobao item listing
  2. Here we go again! My pen ran out of ink partially through the review and I only noticed when the pen stopped writing... whoops! Hope it is helpful :-) EDIT: whoops... it takes 20 seconds to dry, not 25... brain fart there, pardon me
  3. I love my Monteverde Artista Crystal -- beautiful clear feed and converter, perfect size and weight for me, and definitely the sturdiest of my demonstrator pens. The only problem is that it only comes in M. Now that some of the colors are discontinued, I wanted to pick up another one but don't want to be stuck with another M. Where would I be able to buy a replacement nib, preferably a 1.1 stub? I think it's a size 5 nib, and I've only found Edison nibs and feeds in that size, which are a bit expensive, especially since I'm not sure if they would fit. Has anyone had any luck finding a replacement nib for these pens? Thanks.
  4. Hi, Just wanted to share some news that I got hold of. New Visconti FPs being released just before the Christmas season . I know the information here is limited and sometimes maybe incorrect, but please note that I know this from a buyer's/user's perspective - which is always limited! The pens are expected end of the month. First up is the Caput Mundi - this is how I first came to know about it (hence the picture), but it is now named Red Wine. The pen will come in 3 trims - Bronze, Silver and Black. This is another iteration of the Homo Sapiens line and one that it is quite attractive IMHO. There will be: 50 of the Bronze, 28 of the Silver and 28 of the Black limited worldwide The Bronze will be sold by Italian (Rome) retailers (Stefano from Stilograph Corsanni will have about 20 - http://www.stilographcorsani.com/en/ The Silver and Black will be sold as a special edition by Bryant at Chaterley Luxuries - https://chatterleyluxuries.com/ - I know the picture doesn't show the one with the blackout trim, but Bryant is expecting the pens to arrive this week! Next one (no pics of these one) is a "re-release" of the opera Crystal With black trims - to be called demo midnight (just black, I was wrong when I mentioned silver in when I first did this post ).I would estimate until there are more pictures available that it will be very similar to this one Opera Crystal Dark Age, but with palladium nibs - and no mosquito! Limited to 38 pens worldwide Price point for all these pens (at least Bryant's ) will be around the $500 - $600 range - again i'm just a visconti user so until they are up for grabs we wont know the actual value for sure. All pens will be 23Kt palladium in all the usual sizes with the black trim pens having all black 23Kt palladium Hope this is of good use to someone! Jack
  5. Ricky2011

    Parker Lockdown Vacumatics- Blacks

    Hi I have recently been getting into expiring this side of parker. does anyone have a definitive list of what parker produced in this area with regards to USA and Canadian types of black junior and juniorette black varieties. kind regards Rick
  6. Backdrop:I have been using Fountain Pens since I was a child. After I got a job, it was possible for me afford some premium pens from Indian Standard. The Fountain pens available in local market were all chinese or cheap so I bought various pens from various online stores. Then I came across an Indian online shop(NAYY) I purchased a Jinhao X450 , then a Demonstrator combo set at a really competitive price. Impressed by the customer service , I decided to give other pens a try and purchased a Pilot MR, then a Chelpark Sona, then a Pilot Tank and subsequently Oliver F27. I did not have an ebonite pen in my collection. The store owner suggested me to go for a pen launched in its own brand name namely ASA Athlete. I loved the pen, its balance and its looks. I liked the nib and the feel of ebonite. With Lamy Safari the pen became my second choice to write for long duration. I ultimately decided to try for more. When I found a limited edition is coming out of the box with an option of German nib, the temptation was too much to resist. I might have been the first customer to buy the pen, who knows, cause I immediately bought it. And I loved this pen too. Basic Details: Crystal LE is basically an ebonite eyedropper pen which has been hand crafted. The cap top and the blind cap is made up of transparent acrylic which looks like a crystal. Neither of these parts can come out. They have been securely glued. Its a huge pen with a 15 cm length and average of 13 mm section diameter. Looks: The pen is eye catchy and beautiful. It looks and feel like a costly pen and I should say costlier than what it actually is. The crystal looking top peeking out of the coat pocket catches attention of those around. I had actually a few colleagues asking about the pen. The pen is simply too large and too beautiful to ignore. It is a dominating and bossy looking pen. The crystal blind cap magnifies everything beyond it and under light looks shimmering and beautiful. Feel: The pen is on heavier side compared to Athlete, it may be because of the 'crystals' .However ebonites feel sort of weightless and weight was never an issue for me since I have got large hands. The section is thicker than say Athlete and a Lamy. The grip is excellent. Because of large nib size a person can maintain a comfortable stance while writing. The threads never interfered with the grip, rather they aided it. Because the pen is quite thick it comfortably rested in the space between the index finger and the thumb. The balance is good enough, though the pen writes best when not posted. When posted the pen becomes, at least for me, too large to manage. Nib and the Feed: Pen uses a typical ebonite two channelled Indian feed which we see in almost every hand made indian pen. It can be easily heat set. Though I am sure need to do so would rarely, if ever, arise. I would have loved to see some other finned feed in a pen of such quality and beauty. However, I am not the one who is producing the pen. I am merely a customer who is appreciating it. I am very sure that there must have been compelling reasons for not using such feed. What I found was that by adjusting the extent of insertion and alignment of the nib and feed it was possible to control and adjust the flow of the ink. I adjusted mine and now my Medium nib pen is writing an Indian Fine and I am pleased. However the nib, I am talking of the German nib available as an option, is superb. It is a German Bock, Steel Duo Point nib. I liked the Athlete nib, but I can swear on my love for the fountain pens that this nib is the best nib I have so far used. I have used a lamy nib and an Schmidt M and Schmidt fine nib. I have also used Pilot MR fine, Pilot Tank M, Parker Vector F and M, Parker Frontier F , Waterman M. This is the best among them. It has no feedback. It is super smooth. It is sturdy and strong which would not need an adjustment every now and then. I call it the best because other nibs when wrote smooth had no flex and this nib has both. It has decent flex and it is, as I have said, super smooth. It has an added advantage of being duo point i.e. capable of writing on both sides. What else do I need? I bow before those who created it and I thank them who made it available to me. Since the nib is so good the pen writes equally well. The writing in all the previous paragraphs has been done with this pen and nib. However following photograph would reveal the flex of the nib. The writing sample also shows how the reverse side of the nib writes. In short I liked the pen. I am glad that I have it.It's an handsome eyedropper. Please comment if you have any queries or if you liked the pen.
  7. Rosie_Rabbit

    Pen Porn

    I'm seriously in love with this pen It's a David Oscarson Crystal Fountain Pen for sale here for $4,900 which is approx £3,000 in UK money. Lummy, I could buy a small car for that amount, but it costs nothing to dream .
  8. I wasn't expecting this pen to be quite so beautiful, particularly the part under the nib that reflects the ink's colour... Of course Kon Peki is beautiful, although it's very close to Ama Iro. I followed Gouletpens instructions to sand away the gold colour on the converter. Best birthday present I've had in some time...

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