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Found 10 results

  1. Now heres an interesting thing: I was looking at a Conklin Crescent on eBay - a pen I find fun to use and often with very flexy nibs, and I happened to notice that the later Endura line - with a more conventional filling mechanism and less extravagant nibs - seem more desirable pens, as expressed by the listed prices. So Im intrigued: what is it about the Endura? I have eccentric tastes and my fancy runs to ringtops, but the Crescent is an older, rarer and odder pen, which usually adds value. Anyone care to hazard a guess?
  2. Theres an old saying about not borrowing trouble, but theres an interesting old Conklin on eBay that may be affordable because it lacks its crescent. Obviously, Id need a replacement but how available are they? Perhaps someone would know which restorers may have a stockpile of these things? Many thanks.
  3. I got a 2NL on the internet. The cap fit funny and then did not fit at all. I looked at the threads. The male threads on the barrel were relatively course and the female threads on the cap were fine??? So I looked at pics on the internet and for 2NLs I see both fine and course threads on the barrels? So I got stuck with a mismatched cap but does anyone know the history of why two different threads on the same model?
  4. My daughter just inherited her father's fountain pen collection. Among these wonderful pens was a Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler without a locking ring under the Crescent. I know that some of the locking rings were made of hard rubber -- were they subject to breaking? Is there any value to such a pen? Thanks to all. So happy we found this site.
  5. When helping my grandmother move some things we stumbled on 2 old fountain pens that belonged to my late grandfather. A Conklin Crescent Filler Trademark 40 and a Wahl Eversharp 14k Gold Seal. Neither is in working order but they may be easily repairable. I was hoping for some info on the two and maybe some advice on what to do with them. I they can be repaired we may keep them or sell 1 or both depending on how valuable they would be. The Conklin feels like it's made of black plastic (Bakelite?) with a zig-zag textured pattern on the pen and cap. The body of the pen has "CONKLIN CRESCENT FILLER, TOLEDO OHIO USA, PAT MCH 17/91 - OCT 29/01 - DEC 1/03". Not sure what to make of all the dates. After the ring lock thing it had "TRADE MARK 40" stamped with a design of a hand with a pen between "trade" and "mark". Ring lock is in good shape. It has a gold ring around the base of the twist on cap and a gold clip with "CONKLIN PAT. MAY 28, 1918" stamped on it. The nib looks to be in good condition, no bends, maybe some very minor tarnishing, it has "CONKLIN 4 TOLEDO" stamped on it. The problem is the crescent has fallen into the pen and is sorta sliding up and down. I cant even pull the crescent out with tweezers, thought I didn't really try to force it too hard. When I shake it, it sounds like one 1 thing is shifting around inside, whatever contraption the crescent is attached to I think. Is something like this repairable? Is it worth repairing? The Wahl Eversharp Gold Seal is also black plastic/bakelite with a cool gold pocket clip with a little gold swivel ball at the end of it. It has "Wahl EVERSHARP" stamped on. It also has a fairly ornate gold triple ring pattern at the base of the cap and a small gold emblem with what looks like 2 check marks or a "W". All of the gold bits seem to be gold-plated because the gold is worn off on some places. The nib looks like its in good shape with minor tarnishing like the other. It has "WAHL EVERSHARP 14K GOLD SEAL MANIFOLD" written on it. The gold lever on the pen does not want to swing out more than 3-4 millimeters so im guessing the pen has been left with ink in it to dry or something. Can this be fixed? I can't find any dates on this pen anywhere so does anyone have a good guess of the age? Neither me nor my grandmother write much so we are probably looking to sell them if it is worth the trouble. If it's a simple repair I could take a swing at it myself but I doubt we will be looking to spend any money getting them fixed up unless they are some seriously rare pens. I can upload some pics later if you want them. Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. I bought a Conklin Crescent ringtop a couple of weeks ago for much more money than intended, due to a mistake with my sniper. What I got was a pen that may never have been used but had never been looked after, either. Patina is not really valued on a BCHR pen, and the filler mechanism was frozen beyond my ability to move it without breaking. So I sent it to Jack Lynch with my fingers crossed. He just sent me some pictures of what he's revealed. I feel a lot better about this purchase now.
  7. Hi, I was wondering if someon here could help. I have a Conklin Crescent I purchased in 2004. Well recently the threads between the body and head seem to have unexplicably shrunk and will not hold itself together. I thought I had a lifetime warranty, but apparently the company was bought out in 2007 and they don't honor previous warraties. I tried to just buy a new pen but it seems the new one has the body glued to the head at this joint. Which I found really odd because I have had to change the bladder in the one I have a couple times. It seems like the new ones would be hard to maintain.. so I returned it. So I am hoping someone can give me a lead on a replacement part. The rest of my pen, including the nib and body and cap are all in good shape. I would just need a new head. Here is a photo of my old one:
  8. Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Fountain PensRetail: $165.00Sale: $82.50 While supplies last we have a few Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler fountain pens discounted at 50% off. http://www.penchalet.com/images/buttons/buy_now.jpg http://www.penchalet.com/images/products/10995.jpg
  9. Hi All, I have a new-to-me Conklin Crescent mark 50 that is in great shape but the cap has a crack near the threads. Was wondering if anyone had any good advice on finding a replacment cap. I have been scouring the boards and pen sites, but it seems as though these parts, or even vintage pen parts in general, are not typically sold - unless it is a nib, lever bar (Crescent bar) and/or feed/section. I know there is a fountain pen show here in SoCal, but I don't think I can wait that long to get this guy up and running - impatient Anyone know of a Conklin repair guy/shop that might have such parts available? Thanks in advance for the advice!
  10. swanee

    Conklin "crescent"?

    Last week at the local auction I believe I saw a (genuine) vintage black Conklin 'Crescent' but it was a LEVER filler in the shape of the later rounded Enduras! It carried a rather large cursive CRESCENT imprint on the barrel and a very old Warranted nib. But it was definitively not a Crescent as I know them. Lambrou and other references can't tell me I saw it, so has anyone else dreamed the same?

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