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Found 13 results

  1. An interesting article from Scientific American New Scientist (edited - thanks to those who pointed out the error), 1959, outlining the history of the development of quick-drying fountain pen ink, and how the ink and paper interact to influence perceived feathering or line spread. It also is clear how ink recipes can affect pen components or reliability thereof. http://bit.ly/Science_of_Quick_Drying_Fountain_Pen_Inks
  2. WestLothian

    Pelikan Pitting Repair

    After more than a dacade of regular use, my Pelikan pens have developed deep pitting corrosion at the gold ring at the nib end of the section. I wrote to my original supplier and they gave be contact details for an approved repair service. This did not give me a fixed price to replace the ring but requested the pen to be sent to them for a repair assessment. The charges for just the assessment and post and insurance have put me off completely. I decided to have a go at a repair myself starting on an older, cheaper pen. I started by cleaning and getting as much of the dark material away from the holes. The next step was to deposit copper into the pitting using a basic electroplating kit and copper solution. This took several layers and rubbing back to get level with the original gold plating surface. I then decided to increase the protection of the base materials with a layer of nickel plated over the copper and hopefully thick enough to avoid porosity. This layer looked quite dull at first but eventually became brighter after polishing and replating a few times. The final step was to reapply a decorative gold plating layer and get the surface back to the original bling. I have used the pen plating kit before for decorative restoration but this was the first attempt at filling the pitting craters. I feel more confident now. I will use the M600 for a while with the 4001 ink and see how it survives before attempting the process on my M800, which has a rough edge and one deep corroded pit hole.
  3. kingcobradude

    Iron Gall Fp Inks In Steel Nibbed Pen

    I recently ordered a bottle of Platinum Classic Lavender black IG ink, and I am worried about it corroding my nibs. All of my pens are steel nibbed, even my monteverde Regatta Sport limited edition(my most expensive pen). Is this something I need to worry about if I regularly clean out my pens?
  4. CarrotBasket

    Corroded Nib

    Hello everyone, I bought this cross Century II at the flea market and although it writes nicely when disassembling it for cleaning I noticed it had a lot of dried ink and the nib seems to have been corroded on several spots and some of the gold (paint/plating?) Had transfered to the feed. It came with an empty cross cartridge of bb. Is this just product of leaving dried ink on the nib for a long time or are there inks known to do this?
  5. adayley

    Lamy Fine Nib Corrosion

    I have two Lamy fine tip nibs that have corrosion on the inside. (See attached photo) They are the nibs that came installed on a Safari and an AL-Star. The one with the most corrosion has a lot of nib creep. The excessive ink on the outside of the nib led me to investigate. I am using Noodler's Polar Blue Bulletproof ink in the pens. I assume it should not be corroding nibs. I have a Lamy extra fine nib on one of the pens now, using the same ink. There has been no corrosion on the extra fine nib. Has anyone seen this before? Should I blame the ink or the nib?
  6. My Lamy Scala has started to show signs of corrosion or something similar on the inside of the body. I discovered it when the barrel clung to the back of the converter. Has anyone experienced this problem? If so, how did you solve it and how? I'm attaching some pictures that show the inside of the pen as well as the converter.
  7. I am looking for some current information (& opinions) on the subject of Noodler's Ink having a corrosive effect on fountain pen feeds and other plastic parts: 1. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/162268-noodlers-ink-chemical-corrosion/ 2. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/147963-noodlers-ink-being-corrosive-is-it-just-a-rumor/ & 3. http://gregminuskin.com/?p=2426. However, these are all nearly decade old rants. Has anyone recently been plagued by the destruction of a pen by ink? Was this ever more than a random incident??
  8. Sorry the photo is a bit blurry, I had a hard time getting an up close picture. Hopefully the pockets and scratches show in the picture. It almost looks as though some ink has eaten away at the feed. Has anyone else seen this in their Vanishing Points? I do use Noodler's Dark Matter regularly in this pen, but I don't think I've heard of that ink being corrosive. Could it be the trap door just scratching he feed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. MartynV

    Montblanc Leather Pouch Question

    Hi, I'm getting a Montblanc Meisterstück Classique pen in either gold or platinum (can't decide!) and would be grateful for any advice regarding my concerns with Montblanc's leather pouches. I already have a Montblanc Meisterstück 1 pen leather pouch but having read through some threads on this site I'm concerned about the risk of scratching the pen (especially as the 'precious resin' appears to be vulnerable to surface marks) and possible long-term corrosion to the gold plated parts such as the clip caused by the chrome tanned leather. I checked Montblanc's website which does not disclose whether chrome tanned leather is used for the Meisterstück 1 pen pouch. However, a search on Google showed that chrome tanned leather may be used for the Boheme pouch and chrome tanned leather is used for belts. I understand that a pen won't stay mark free forever, but I wouldn't expect a protective product like a £105 pouch to inflict damage. Could the jacquard lining scratch precious resin? Has anyone noticed marks appear on an otherwise brand new pen simply from being inserted into or removed from a pouch? It's entirely possible that damage referred to in other threads may have been caused by other factors and the threads are quite old. I've looked at alternative leather pouches and whilst Lucrin's look promising they don't mention the tannage used. Similarly, Onoto's case has a felt lining but Montblanc pens may not fit. Is there any real advantage to choosing platinum over gold? Are these concerns groundless? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Martyn
  10. 52 days ago I made this topic about a problem with my Waterman Carène: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/305762-to-waterman-carene-owners I wrongly assumed it was ink, but pen2paper raised the issue of chemicals on a leather case. I had a leather case made a couple of years ago and have been keeping the pen into it since. Then Force also came to rescue – people said he would – and recommended polishing with a polish liquid. Ghost Plane gave the final touch by recommending I used a cotton ear, since I was worried about damaging other surfaces of the pen. I must confess that I was skeptic about it, and took me almost a month to try. I knew I would be disappointed if it didn't work. BUT IT DID! I want to take all FPNers who were so kind, helpful and helped making the topic alive, especially the aforementioned ones. FPN is really a terrific place to gather and know everything about fountain pens and everything related to them! http://www.clipartkid.com/images/9/happy-dance-clipart-best-jKcPlf-clipart.png THANK YOU!!! Marcelo
  11. I'm in the very beginning of the restoration of my grandfather's Sheaffer Touchdown Tuckaway. My grandfather died 32 years ago, and wrote with the pen until the day he died. It's been sitting in my mom's desk drawer since then, fully loaded with a beautiful blue ink (which I shall identify someday). One thing I've noticed is that the inside of the cap has a very little bit of greenish corrosion inside of it. Does anyone have any recommendations of good ways of cleaning that up? In addition, there's a small dent in the cap that doesn't affect the utility of the cap. It's about halfway up the cap, far enough to not affect the threads on the cap, but a ways from the end. Is it worth it trying to smooth the dent out? Or should I just leave well enough alone? Mainly, though, I'd like some suggestions about the corrosion!
  12. poisonball

    Hi There From Singapore!

    Hi there! I'm from Singapore, really into fountain pens but alas aren't really rich enough to buy the more drool worthy pens; I've just splurged on a vanishing point decimo on rakuten, and hopefully it willactually turn up.... So we're moving house, because the house is getting renovated, and we had to clean out all our junk to store it away for a year. The whole of last month we'd been packing and stuff -though OUR stuff, had been cleared out. My mother's stuff, is... well, still all over the place. So last weekend I had been clearing out some last bits of stationery and found what i thought was my mother's fountain pen. Now I don't really like my mother's fountain pens because I had had the impression that it was thick, heavy stuff that didn't write well for me. It was a stainless steel parker; I figured what the hell, might as well try andclean it up. I remember having vague memories of trying to clean up one of my mother's pens before (I think it was my mother's . It might be my sister's?) but it hadn't written very well. But now that I have found the Fountain Pen Network, I decided I could try and soak it in vinegar solution (about half a mug of water to 1 small cap of white vinegar) and see. This is when I discovered that it was a Parker 45, also known as a Flighter, because it's stainless steel body. It's vintage! The silver trimmed one is made in australia even! So I cleaned it out - in the lab because I have access to acetone and ethanol, I could clean off the rust and dust - the only thing left is the greenish corrosion on the clip which I suspect is chromium oxide. Not sure how to clean that off other than manual scraping. The bladder seemed to be busted though - split. So I was a bit disappointed, because it seemed like it was welded to the nib - it and its vintage ness! Then FPN said that 45s were one of the first models to be completely cartridge/convertors. ! One thing they said was to soak it for 30 mintues with warm water - so I did that. Practised guitar while it soaked. and then the busted convertor poppped right off! So I soaked it for 2 days in vinegar water solution, and then another half day of water, and then put it in a little baggie of silicon crystals to dry out . then when I pulled ito ut to test the ink, I discovered the feed din't quite fit into the barrel anymore. It had shrunk! D: (FPN now says that sometimes heat can shrink it. Damn I must have put it in too-warm water) Then I remembered - much earlier this year, I had found another buncha fountain pens from my brother's collection. He'd lost interest in fountain pens by then, and gave them to me .One of these pens was also my mother's parker (HSe must have had two) and it hadn't worked very well I remember. But i dug it out anyway, and lo and behold it was the SAME PEN. Except with gold trim! And then I realised - the pen I was cleaning now, had a gold coloured nib. The pen I just dug out had a steel coloured nib but the barrel had gold trim. it had been swapped over! Now i have TWO flighters Parker 45! Silver trimmed made in Australia, Gold made in the USA. So now this pens nib is being soaked too, just to make sure it's fully clean, and then I'll reassemble them and test them out later. :D :D http://delfinnium.dreamwidth.org/file/43091.jpg The silver/chrome cap's corrosion. http://delfinnium.dreamwidth.org/file/42817.jpg It came with the gold nib. (And actually the silver accent ring at the base of the pen, not the gold coloured one) http://delfinnium.dreamwidth.org/file/43436.jpg more corrosion. http://delfinnium.dreamwidth.org/file/43594.jpg split bladder of the Gold-nibbed, silver trimmed one. http://delfinnium.dreamwidth.org/file/42567.jpg Now both of them! anyone's got tips on how to remove the green corrosion on the silvery clip? ?
  13. Tinteiro66

    Nib Corrosion

    Hi All, I need some guidance. I just received a brand new fountain pen, Parson's Italix, and noticed some discoloration on the back side of the nib. I looked at it under a microscope and took a picture. It distinctly looks like corrosion and pitting which was somewhat surprising given the normal high quality of these pens. Please take a look and confirm that this is indeed pitting. Will it get worse owing to acid in inks. It is a steel nib. Should I return it? Best, Les

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