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  1. I thought it would be interesting and potentially helpful to share this since I searched for converters that fit this pen but I couldn't find any. Result-wise, this is what it looks like and it works but with a little caveat, which I'll get to in a moment. Here are the steps: I started off by drilling a hole near the base of the piston stem. Then I cut off the top of the stem with a box cutter. Next, I threaded a bundle of string through and tried to push down the piston. However, the collar fits snuggly around the stem so the strings got stuck. So does the piston. To solve that, I polished the inside of the collar and the two sides of the stem with micromesh, so that the strings can fit through. Finally, it can be assembled together. I also polished the back of the stem such that it's more conical and less flat. It helps the stem to not be stuck by the collar. It does indeed draw up ink but you might have noticed a slight problem. That is you have to have a thin rod, which is a separate thing that you have to carry around, to push down the piston. It shouldn't be a problem on the desk but it's something extra you need to remember if you want to refill on the go. Length comparison: kaweco modified, international short, international long, international converter(top to bottom)
  2. rsgonner

    Sheaffer converter

    Is there a piston converter than can be used with this type of Sheaffer nib? It is the kind that would pierce the old cylindrical cartridges on the School Pens. Or do I need one of the squeeze converters? Thanks, Russ
  3. If you've been around fountain pens for a while, chances are you know about Kanwrite. At the risk of repeating myself... Again, let me repeat the intro that I said about my review of the Kanwrite PC. "Kanwrite or Kanpur Writers is one of the most popular pen companies in India and outside (If you've used a Noodler's pen, Chances are high that it may be made by Kanwrite...). Though their Desire and heritage have stolen the show for most of us, there are a few hidden gems in the brand..." One of which is the Relik, which is the only hooded nib pen in Kanwrite's lineup. And for about ₹350/- INR when bought directly from Kanwrite, just like other Kanwrite budget pens, it's a solid knock-around everyday carry pen. So without any further ado, Let's crack on... Design and Build Design wise, it's a classic design which harks back to the old reform piston filler pens of the 60's and 70's, and almost identical to the PC. Honestly, if I place a PC and a Relik side-by-side capped, and ask you to tell which one is which without touching them, you'd be hard pressed to notice any difference between them. It's when you open the difference becomes apparent. The hood over the nib is the main differentiator between the PC and the Relik, You can swap the parts like the converter, Body and the cap between the two and they'll fit perfectly. But design wise, It's a handsome fella. (Note: the standard relik comes with a gold plated nib however I dropped it nib down and bent the tines. since then I replaced it with a non plated nib, so some of the photos will contain the a silver nib on a gold trimmed pen... My bad) As far as the build, the cap is made of metal and has a slight texture to it, the body is made of plastic which is very durable. Easily able to handle drops without issues, and surprisingly scratch resistant. It does smell. But not a lot and you'll barely notice it after a week or so. The pen comes with a hooded nib which looks similar to pens like the Camlin 47 and the Airmail/Wality 77. It uses a No.00 nib and an ebonite feed housed in a plastic sleeve which is then slid inside the grip section. reassembly can be fiddly, as the sleeve is like a gear with a million billion teeth and to get the assembly just right takes some trial and error. Also a thing to note while cleaning the pen, the sleeve is fairly fragile so be careful when reassembling the feed. Don't just jam it in there with all the frustration of your last breakup or else the sleeve will be the next thing you'll break up (Poor joke... I know...). Because of the hooded design, you can leave the pen for more than an hour, and it won't dry up. So that's the reliability box ticked for the Relik. The pen accepts a converter which is a screw in type and it smells... like more than I expected... Luckily, the barrel has enough threads that makes it a perfect candidate for eyedropper conversion, but air-tight enough that it seals the smell off... As for the size comparisons, from top to bottom: 1. Kanwrite Relik 2. Beena Lincoln 3. Parker Vector CT Standard 4. Jinhao X450 One thing though, and it happened to my PC and the Relik, the plastic of the converter becomes yellowed when using Bril black ink, tough it does not seem an issue with the other inks that I use, which includes other Bril inks. It does not affect writing though. Speaking of which... Ergonomics, Writing and Final Verdict The ergonomics are fairly good. If you use a Gel or Ballpoint before, you'll feel right at home, plus the hooded nib design means you can hold it very close to the nib, if you're an imbecile like me and hold the pen according to the mood I'm in, this is a very good pen to write. Plus because of it's light weight, it's comfortable to use for long writing sessions. Posting it gives it that little bit more heft that in my opinion, adds to the overall writing experience. As for the writing, It's a typical Kanwrite fine nib. Smooth for the most part with a hint of feedback that is noticeable but not unpleasant. You really feel you're writing something, which I prefer over a nib that writes like writing on glass, as my hand tends to go out of control faster than when a fish slips out of the hand the moment you catch it out of the water. Wetness and flow is more than adequate enough, but not so much that it makes the ink feather and make the writing a bunch of squiggly lines on cheap copier paper. Flow keeps up with even the fastest of writing that I can manage and over long writings, the pen doesn't break a sweat. Overall, as a final verdict, This is a solid option if you are considering a hooded knock around EDC pen that is both durable and good to write with. Honestly these Kanwrite offerings doesn't leave me with anything to say that I haven't said before. For the price that you buy from Kanwrite directly, it's a great value and an excellent beginner pen. PS: Note that the min. order value for ordering from Kanwrite directly is ₹500/- INR (you can order by contacting them via Whatsapp). So I'd suggest you buy and Apex (Review of which you can see by clicking here) and some spare No.00 nibs as well just in case. Trust me, you won't regret it. That's all from me, and I'll catch you all next time
  4. I've never purchased a Con-70 converter, but will it fit into the body of a Custom Black Stripe?
  5. AidenMark

    Kaweco Dia2 Converter

    Which converter fits the Kaweco Dia2 pen (with the standard Bock 060 nib unit)? Kaweco have 3 types on their site - mini for the Sport, squeeze and standard. I bought a standard Kaweco converter but it doesn't remotely fit the pen - it won't even fit in the metal base of the section. Other converters in my possession don't fit either. I've seen this asked a few times but couldn't find it answered.
  6. So I should have known better. I bought a Benu Euphoria because it was so beautiful, in spite of being the wrong size and wrong weight for me. I had it engraved without having tried it, so there was no going back. (For those of you who hate engraving, no one else would even notice as I had the clip engraved and not the body). I was so distracted by the light. It sparkles! It glows in the dark! I made sure to get a Benu I could post.... I didn't like how it wrote, so I got it ground, which improved it, but I would have ordered a larger nib size to begin with had I planned on grinding it. Now that it has been made usable, I find that the international converters I have on hand don't seem to be playing nicely with it. I've given up for the moment and put a Herbin long cartridge in, but the pen really calls for colors I have in bottles but not cartridges. This may be the rare pen of mine that I put in a display case to remind myself to listen to my gut and not talk myself into purchases because I want them to work, even though I know they will not. It sparkles! It glows in the dark! Anyway, has anyone successfully using an International converter with a Euphoria? I think Goulet claims you can ink dropper them too. I haven't tried that yet, either.
  7. Ever since I was (very kindly) given a Kaweco Sport I've had nothing but problems: the pen regurgitates big blobs of inks out of the blue, the gold plating was gone after the first swiping with tissue paper, but mostly the converters have been terrible: tried Kaweco's original, sad squeeze type, Monteverde's alternative, finally got Kaweco's new mini converter, and... You get ink bubbles outside the converter and ink on the stalk as you turn or pull it up to suck ink in. The whole thing is so tiny you need to almost put your fingers inside the ink bottle. I give up, I've learned to have patience with fountain pens but this is officially my nightmare pen. I hope everyone that likes Kaweco keeps enjoying them, anyone else looking for a pen... Caveat emptor.
  8. Hi, I have a Pilot Super 60 that needs cartidges or a converter. I tried the Pilot Namiki cartridges that fit in my Pilot Elite, an original tab filler from a Super 100, and a CON-40 converter, none of them fit, they are all too 'fat' to fit into the receptacle on the section. The opening for the cartridge/converter is approximately 6.7 mm inside diameter. The Namiki cartridges, CON-40 and tab filler are all about 7.1 mm in diameter. Does anyone have suggestions for cartidges or (preferred) a converter that will fit this pen? Thanks, Kent P.S. I also need a clutch/trim ring for the section for a Pilot Super 100. I took mime apart to replace the cartridge and the ring came off and went down the drain. So the cap doesn't stay on any longer. It is the ring that fits between the section and the barrel that I lost. the first picture below is of the section of the Super 60, the second picture I am pointing to the missing ring on the Super 100.
  9. The tapered barrel of the FC Model 02 "Intrinsic" is an exceptionally clever piece of design: it ensures that the cap posts deeply and securely, and makes the pen very comfortable to write with. Mine is in black an cinamaroon, so I have no intention of eye-droppering it, which means I fill it via the converter. The tapered barrel, and the very tight tolerances, mean that the converter knob sits very close to the wall of the barrel. This is all, undoubtedly, a very good thingTM. However, my pen is clipless, so between note taking, I place it in the gutter of my notebook and, because I do not always do so as delicately as perhaps I should, I noticed that occassionally as I set the pen down I would hear the knob of the converter make a clacking sound as it hit the inside of the barrel. Everything about this pen attests to thoughtful design and execution: the fit and finish is exemplary. So the sound of something rattling as I set the pen down really began to grate... My solution? Simple. A spare o-ring from my Conid, and now the pen, no matter how heavily I set it down, is completely silent! I have refilled the pen a couple of times now, and the o-ring is not in the way when filling, it just sits there "quietly" doing its job. I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I thought I would share it in case they had.
  10. I purchased a set of Caran d’Ache fluo 849 fountain pens some time back, but find that the Caran d’Ache converters purchased for use with these do not actually fit. They got stuck inside and were really difficult to remove without damaging the converters (and maybe the pens?). I managed to use a Pilot Conn50 converter, and that fits fine with most of the others. However, in the first pen I used, even that will not work. It’s an EF nib (I suppose I could try swapping the nibs between the pens, when not in use?). I refilled a J Herbin cartridge with the ink I wanted, but with the EF nib, that put a lot of random ink blobs down on the page. Not good. The Caran d’Ache standard international (short) ink cartridge seems to work better, with a snug fit, but I only have that in idyllic blue, which is not great for an EF pen. Any tips? I use mainly bottled ink. I dislike plastic cartridges and refilling plastic cartridges. Oh, and the cheap J Herbin converters do not work with this pen either. The biggest disappointment to me was that having spent nearly £50 on the pen, and £7.50 on a dedicated converter, it didn’t fit...
  11. Those of you who have Kaigelu 316 FPs may have worn out the screw thread at the bottom of the converter, thus risking the odd leak. YCPENS to the rescue. He now has in stock replacement converters with the screw thread. I bought a pair, greased up the thread of one of the new ones, swapped the ink load over via a syringe, and now have a safe, securely screwed in converter. These converters may fit other pens that support an international-style screw in converter. http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/LncAAOSwFqJWqNCM/s-l1600.jpg Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with YC Gao, other than being a long-time satisfied customer.
  12. acsc100

    Lamy Squeeze Converter

    Does anyone know how I might get my hands on one of the old Lamy squeeze converters (pictured below)? Thanks to haywoody for alerting me to the existence of this converter, which is where I also got the image (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/90367-lamy-safari/).
  13. Hi! I am thinking about getting a Diplomat Traveller but I am unsure of what converters it would be compatible with. Does anyone here have any experience from this? Would international standards work? Friendly regards Gustav
  14. From the album: Odds and ends

    Posted in reply to this: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/358871-pilot-con-70n-a-new-version-of-con-70/

    © A Smug Dill

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  15. Dip n Scratch

    Schmidt K5 Converter

    I have a kaco Master and I have noted ink feed issues in that surface-tension stops the ink dropping down to the bottom of the OE converter. I was wondering if it is possible to remove the piston assembly of the Schmidt converter in order to insert a tiny spring to serve as an agitator. I have a suitable spring from a converter from a Hero 2065 I broke up.
  16. Inspired by a Goulet blog and instructional video, I've discovered a new way to clean Waterman fountain pens which use converters or cartridges. I've always flushed the pen by filling and rinsing, filling and rinsing, etc., with a converter. The new way is to remove the converter or cartridge, then use running water to flush out the nib and feed, and fill and rinse the converter by itself. I've got a bulb syringe on order. However, I've immediately run into a problem. After doing this flushing, if I insert an ink cartridge and start writing, the writing is very faint. It takes a lot of writing before the writing darkens to a usable level. Dipping the pen in ink makes very little difference. Any suggestions on how to speed up the process of getting my writing to be dark enough? Relevant details: Waterman Expert GT and Waterman Phileas pens, Waterman Intense Black and Serenity Blue 75mm cartridges. The Phileas is about 10 years old, the Expert ir 6 months old. I use a variety of inks.
  17. I laughed today because I got some extra converters in the mail and they came in a jinhao box and I open up the box and get some baoer branded converters. I have ordered from this seller on aliexpress before and got a slightly different converter last time. I was wondering if anyone had any input on which chinese pen brand has the best converters. Should I stick to only using jinhao converters in jinhao pens, etc? The Jinhao converters hold the most ink but have no agitator (in pic related I added a small ball bearing to act as one) The baoer converter has an agitator (spring in one, small bead in another) but doesn't hold much ink and in some jinhao pens it doesn't fit as well in my experience. Funny enough one has no branding whatsoever, the baoer converter that has branding has the best twist action of the lot, the jinhao the worst. I've also bought baoer pens with unbranded jinhao style converters so it seems it is luck of the draw with what type you get.
  18. Anyone try one of these https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Fan-Mu-Fountain-Pen-Ink-Bottle-Converter-Filler-Needle-2-2mm-2-7mm-3-2-3-7mm/312833056979?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D40719%26meid%3D59a3a4d42add45d3af0bf32e858e3b50%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D312833056979%26itm%3D312833056979%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3Aa8f6d806-2fef-11ea-922a-74dbd18080eb%7Cparentrq%3A7721b9c116f0ad30584b5421ff81878e%7Ciid%3A1 They seem to come in different models, example for the Pilot. Would using one wear out the converter, like refills off empty cartridges, that get loose after a few fills? I hope I posted this to the correct forum.
  19. Anderglan

    A Proper Converter For Older Cross Atx?

    Will this converter shown here fit an *older* CROSS ATX (I presume), # 9080 (or 0806?) on the grip section?
  20. My husband just gave me A Campo Marzio pen that he had received as a gift from a client about 8 years ago. I love the pen, but it didn't come with a converter, and the cartridges (only 6) that it came with are much smaller than any I'm familiar with. Would anyone know where I can find compatible cartridges or, preferably, a converter for this pen in the USA?
  21. Hello, MB mavens: I have a lovely MB 221P, which is the c/c version of the 221. It writes like a dream and was a gift from my father many years ago. However, I've never had the right converter for it. I've long used an unbranded converter which was the only one in my stash that came close to fitting it. And it works, but it doesn't fit at all precisely. If I'm not careful with the pen, it will leak from the imprecise join between the nipple and the mouth. I want to buy the proper converter, or at least one that will fit properly. But I've always been hesitant to just buy an MB converter, online, because of the converter in the picture below. That converter -- which is branded Montblanc -- does not fit my 221. So, how do I know what converter to buy? All help gratefully received. Many thanks in advance.
  22. Hello: I recently purchase a platinum gold honest fountain pen. It is very nice looking and very old. Unfortunately, I can find no ink cartridge or converter to the nib section The current platinum cartridges or converter do not fit. Can anyone help? See picture of nib section.
  23. Today I was trying to swap converters between my 1911L EF and Zoom onto the King of Pen Lo and behold! It does not fit no matter how hard I push When I line up the openings of the converters, the KOP converter appears ever so slightly wider than the 1911L Has this happened to anyone before? I guess Sailor is trying have customers buy more KOPs!
  24. Cursive Child

    Alternative To The Pilot Con-70?

    I have a con-70 that came with my Namiki Bamboo. It's nice that it has a larger capacity (0.7ml) than most converters. However I'm not a fan of the pump mechanism that blows some ink back into the bottle, and also can sometimes spray / create bubbles. It works fine, but can anyone suggest an alternative converter, that has a conventional screw mechanism that will fit the Bamboo? I beleive the CON-70 fits the Pilot Custom. I don't need the 0.7 ml capacity, given the little writing I do at work. Thanks!

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