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Found 13 results

  1. Hi. I want to get help from everyone who knows a lot. I have a custom fountain pen that uses a Bock #6 250 nib. But recently, I've been wanting to put a new nib on this custom fountain pen. I'd like to fit one of Omas' nibs, but I'm not sure which one to buy to match the specs. For example, if I buy a nib from Paragon old/new, Milroad, etc., Which Omas' nib should I buy to be compatible with my custom fountain pen?
  2. 4litre

    Parker 51 nibs

    Can anyone tell me, are all Parker 51 nibs compatible with all Parker 51 pens? More specifically, are the later 1960s-70s nibs with a hole towards the rear end compatible with the feed assembly on earlier Aerometrics ? Or did Parker maybe give the feed a wider diameter on later pens, so that a nib from one of these pens will be too loose on the feed of an earlier Aerometric?
  3. Visconti recently changed its small-size steel nibs, did you notice? All the Rembrandt and Van Gogh fountain pens they're selling, since the beginning of 2018, are equipped with the new model of steel nib. It's quite ugly to see, but it seems very smooth and pleasant to use. The bad news is that these new nibs are no longer compatible with the grips of the previous model. Not the whole nib group, nor the metal sheet only: they have different sizes, therefore also the slot in the grip changed. It's a pity, because the full compatibility and the interchange possibility of nibs, even among different pens, was a wonderful feature of Visconti, in my opinion. You could unscrew a calligraphic EF steel nib from a Giardino dell'Eden and screw it in a Homo Sapiens Medium, for example; even if this one mounts a small palladium nib with a different look. And vice-versa, because they were compatible. http://blog.giardino.it/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/PenniniConfronto.jpg Moreover, also the tip classification changed. The F, M, B mark is missing, there is a different unit of measurement, now. I explained all this in my blog: http://blog.giardino.it/2018/03/new-visconti-steel-nibs-not-compatible-with-older-ones/
  4. Hi Montblanc enthusiasts, I'm not much of a Montblanc expert nor do I own any of their modern pens. What I do have is a vintage Montblanc 22 with a broken piston mechanism. The rod in the end cap is broken and stuck inside the piston, which is itself also broken. Thus, the only way to use the pen would be to jam the piston in and use the pen as an eyedropper. However, I've met a person who has spare parts left from a vintage piston filling Montblanc 221. It looks like the parts might fit in my pen in place of the broken parts, but I wanted to ask you guys if anyone knows whether the parts would fit or not beforehand. Thanks for any help!
  5. Babangita

    Modern Duofold Compatibility

    Dear distinguished gentlemen, any help on this topic would be highly appreciated. I am deeply and profoundly in love with the modern Duofold, Centennials early MK1 models form the '80. Somehow, I never got especially attached to the later modern versions of the Duofold despite minimal design differences. I am referring to the ones with the slightly curved cap finial, and somewhat shorter finial on the barrel. From the information I gathered on the net, both girth and length of the two versions seem to be the same. But is it exactly so? In other words, are the bodies and caps on these two versions identical in size, compatible and interchangeable? Perhaps somebody even has both versions of the Centennial line and may verify this empirically? Finally, I would want to kindly ask you for understanding and offer my excuses in advance if the topic has been discussed already. I may have used the wrong terms in my search and missed it... Thanks in advance!
  6. Can I use visconti HM oversize dreamtouch nib to twsbi vac 700? I saw some article that it can, and some said it can't.
  7. Are there any other FP that the nibs salvaged from Pilot Varsity or Pilot V Pen will fit. Thanks
  8. tritrek

    Con-70 Compatibility

    Hello, been googling but couldn't find a complete list of compatibility so I'd allow myself to ask directly and specifically: is the CON-70 compatible with these Pilots? - the MR series (US version, not with the international converter) - the 78G - the Parallel Pen Thank you very much
  9. I have several Cross rollerball pens. I love the gel rollerball refill, but ergonomically, none of the pens are a good match for me. Do the Cross rollerball refills fit any other pen?
  10. Hi there, I have been working on restoring my Lady Sheaffer 904 Medium nib Paisley pen. I have been more successful than I thought I would but now I am stuck again. So I thought I would turn for help to you all! The pen was not in use for over twenty years. I flushed it out with water thoroughly. It has a squeeze converter that seems to work. The rubber sac does not seem damaged, no leaks, perhaps it holds just a hair less ink than it did before because the rubber is softer and exerts less pressure to suck the ink in. But still, it holds enough for me to be able to write for hours. I have pumped with with light colored water and know it fills enough based on what I can retrieve when I squeeze it back out. But when I filled it with ink, it wouldn't write. So I thought, there must some ink flow issues in the feed, etc?. I tried inserting a Mont Blanc Emerald Green cartridge, and voilà it started writing beautifully. I now have a pen that writes beautifully, again, but remains dependent on cartridges. I'd much rather restore the converter or get a new old converter. The standard Sheaffer piston converter does not fit in this pen (too long). Is there another converter I don't know about? Is there a way to restore my original converter? Peyton Street Pens say that the piston converter should work on numbered pens, but it didn't fit mine: "You'll find Lady Sheaffer pens in two different configurations -- the ones with clips that have the inset semi-hooded "fingernail" nib, and clip-less models with short conical Triumph nibs. The first style has numbered models (we carry the Lady Sheaffer 904) and the second style has models denominated in Roman numerals (we usually have X and XI in stock). You'll find these pens in a wide variety of finishes, both in metal and enamel. You'll want to pay close attention to the converter style required ... the numbered models will all take either the squeeze converter or the modern piston converter, but the Roman numeral models vary and sometimes they cannot accommodate any converter, period." Thanks so much for reading!
  11. Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me figure out whether my HS Steel Age Midi would be able to accept a gold nib. I have been looking for an EF nib for it after not really liking the M nib it came with, but couldn't really find one. I have, however, found the 14/18K gold nibs in EF. I can't figure out, however, as to whether they'll fit my pen. (I can pull out then nib+feed by hand, if that helps clear things up) http://www.penbox.co.uk/visconti.pen.nibs.htm
  12. I have found Jinhao pen that can have configuration of fountain pen with nib and rollerball pen. See attached picture where you will see Jinhao Dragon's Offspring or Jinhao 888. I am not sure whichever is more correct as there's also NJ39, 40 and 41... Left one I saw in one seller's eBay store and right one in different seller's store but I want to buy former (rollerball pen) from second seller who has only fountain pen. What I am trying to understand is do these pens have some kind of compatibility where fountain pen can be converted into rollerball pen? I mean I understand that both have different ink containers and nib cannot be interchanged with tip but I am sure I can take out ink container with nib from fountain pen and put rollerball refill inside. Correct? Consequently can rollerball pens and ballpoint pens be interchangeable i.e. I keep using same barrell, cap but now can turn pen into gel pen with gel refill or ballpoint refill? I also liked X250, X450 and X750 but will there be different variables provided I want to do similar conversions I mentioned above? Appreciate your help to enlighten me.
  13. msolok

    Boheme Cartridge Compatibility

    Hey Guys, I am looking at grabbing a couple of Boheme's as I can get them for a decent price. What I am unsure on though is the cartridge compatibility. While I love the Montblanc colours, the cart prices here are stupid (8 carts for $18.... No thanks). So I am wondering is Small international Carts work in the Boheme's? I have a bunch of Kaweco and J Herbin small carts that would be great if I could use in my Boheme. Also, I have heard that the nib mechanisim can get loose and the nibs starts retracting while writing. is this a large issue with the Boheme's? How about the mechinism freezing up?

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