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  1. De Atramentis Permanent CMYK Ink Experiments Dear FPN friends, I have already reviewed some of the DeAtramentis document inks. These are truly Bombproof inks. I tested the "survive-an atomic-war-resisctance in several reviews, one of them is listed in the link down below. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/266158-de-atramentis-document-ink-dark-blue/ you will find the specs and the beaviour of these Document inks in the article linked It survived the most horrible torture wiht the most agressive fluids. Mixing your own PERMANENT ink colours and shades I am in frequent contact wiht some artists of Urban Sketchers (USK). USK is a worldwide internetplatform for artists. There are quite a lot of artist who paint with Fountain Pen Inks. i.e Fellow FPN-Member Pictogramax or USK prominence Liz Steel http://www.lizsteel.com According to those members Permanent Inks in several colour are the holy grail for artists, since those are permanent and lght fast. I have inserted a fine work of art by the great Pictogramax at the bottom of this article. Permanent Cyan, Magenta Yellow, Black (Key) CMYK colur mixing. For artist, and I guess for you FP-lovers too, using a colour scale, as wide as possible, is of utmost importance.... De atramentis therefore added a yellow, a Fuchsia(magenta), a turquoise (cyan) to their standard range of document inks which consists of, Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Brown, Red and Green. http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a617/Morbus_Curiositas/Mobile%20Uploads/20140929_093209_zpso0bx6bmd.jpg Substractive CMYK Colour mixing wiht De Atramentis Document inks. With the CMYK colours one can mix virtually any colour in every Hue, and wiht the De Atramentis thinning agent for permanent inks one can mak every shade possible too... Mixing Ink colours is nothing special.... But what is special ist that these inks are permanent and comply to the ISO 12757-2 , the European standard or permanency..... Now every colour lasts till eternity and you can even give them a suntan....... No fading...What is special is the yellow permament ink... As far as I know the great Noodlers an De Atramentis are the only passionate ink companies to offer those Best of all these inks are safe for fountain pens.... and now available in every colour you like.... First mixing experiments Mixing colours is a science, in my opinion. I am studying the scinece of colours a bit now. Down here are the first quick-and dirty tests http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a617/Morbus_Curiositas/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20140929_100411_zpsw3dql1k_edit_1411978237672_zpspjzz4kz_edit_1411978987434_zpsnorgevn5.jpg I first mixed the complementary colours here http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a617/Morbus_Curiositas/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20140929_100420_zps4q7dxln_edit_1411978324479_zpsgqofscd_edit_1411979107017_zpskiqgijvq.jpg Some more tests. I used the thinniing agent for Document inks to vary in shades (darkness/brightness) http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a617/Morbus_Curiositas/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20140929_100432_zpsuawfs2h_edit_1411978411939_zpsmv2notf_edit_1411978890269_zpsqfltstaj.jpg I love brown inks so I head to try a little.... Just the first experiments... Hte ready-mixed Brown is awesome and shades Conclusion Ink mixing and colour mixing are great fun I currently do not understand enough about colours, but I will look into that.... any suggestions are welcome.... It is very cool to be able to make my own PERMANENT colours and shade.... Will do some in hte future.... I will experiment wiht my normal inks too.... But I like the Idea of Permanent inks in every colour possible Artwork with De Atramentis (permanent) inks I promised you to show you some fine examples of painting with inks. Down here you see some Works by fellow member Pictogramax. He did some nice works with DA Khaki, Havann and gold before. He now made the works down below wiht the inks he received from the friendly owner of De Atramentis Dr Franz-Josef Jansen http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a617/Morbus_Curiositas/Mobile%20Uploads/PICTOGRAMAX%20-%202014%20-%20DE%20ATRAMENTIS%20DOCUMENT%20BROWN%20-%20002%20-%20INK-1_zpsnrpw1e2w.jpg Made with De Atramentis Document ink Brown and Black http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a617/Morbus_Curiositas/Mobile%20Uploads/PICTOGRAMAX%20-%202014%20-%20DE%20ATRAMENTIS%20DOCUMENT%20BROWN%20-%20002%20-%20INK%20WASH_zpsdwyn07ys.jpg Finished with De Atramentis Brown, Black (permanent) Steel Blue and Sahara Grey (non-permanent) awesome works or what??? Chapeau!!! Pictogramax According to Pictogramax, the advantages are huge.... Permanency and lightfastness. Painting over other inks wihtout blurring. Excellent behaviour. My experience..... No Feathering, some showthrough.... Wet as the ocean, but quicker drying than a camel's bottom during a desert stroll ...... and it shades. Want to experience yourself??? I have already posted the following today: Amberlea.... You already have Magenta and Turquoise....Black Yellow and Thinning agent samples are underway..... Oh and er.... I couldn't resist sending you Merlot Wine-ink as well (Please write don't drink ) Cybaea your yellow is on it's way Adrianc samples of all CMYK inks and the thinning agent are swimming the Atlantic now... Why did I askif you want to experience yourself???... Easy send me your adress.... Iwill send you a sample.... Do some Art Work Regards Peter
  2. Here is my comparison of 4 Noodler's Inks: Bulletproof Black, Heart of Darkness, Borealis Black, and X-Feather. I used 2 pens, a Parker 21 and a Pilot Metropolitan. The comparison was done on 3 different papers. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Album in link below. http://imgur.com/a/jcnWa
  3. I'm going to ask for people's advice on selecting from between various Noodler's bulletproof/ water resistant blacks. I use pretty much three kinds of paper, which are all cheap: Georgia Pacific 20lb 88 brightness copy paper from Walmart; generic 20lb 92 brightness copy paper from FSI Office Supply, and Norcom broad-ruled, laser perf 8"x10.5" 70 sheet spiral notebooks (also from Walmart). The broad-ruled paper is noticeably better than the college-ruled -- more weight, more opaque, generally better behavior. Here are my weighted priorities: quick drying: 2.7 limited feathering/spreading: 2.0 ... in truth, if it spreads & feathers less than Borealis Black, I'll be ok with it. Flow: 1.0 I have to be blacker than cheap generic ballpoints. I want to be blacker than black Pilot G2 gel pens and Sharpie (writing) pens. I don't want it to have the appearance of any color other than black, so don't suggest Zhivago, Red-Black, or Black Swan in Australian Roses. But I'm not particularly concerned about the density and saturation of the ink, since we're talking Noodler's here. I am considering: Black, Black American Eel, Bad Black Mocassin, Bernanke Black, Heart of Darkness, X-Feather, Polar black, and even Dark Matter. How do each of these perform on cheap and nasty paper? In what pens (if any) have you experienced bad behavior? Do y'all have any other suggestions?

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