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Found 22 results

  1. josefa

    Montblanc Bohème Chart

    This is my small contribution to an object that fascinates me from the first day I saw it. I want to share this chart of all Montblanc Bohème models launched until today. I included "Noir et noir" and "Rouge et noir" models, which are almost identical to the Bohème but whose names were changed because of copyright issues. The hardest part of the work was finding the years when each model has been produced, in fact I could not complete the chart in that sense. I think that companies should put historical information about all their models on their websites, but for some unknown reason they do
  2. Am I right in thinking there was a larger size Boheme that had a fixed nib AND was converter filled? Did this version have a two-tone nib and were there several colours of synthetic stone available? It seems to be such a departure from the distinctive elements of other Bohemes, I wonder why it was included in the line up?
  3. KingRoach

    Another Scam On Ebay

    Hi forum. I've just placed a bid on a won on a listing on eBay. I only saw the listing 7 minutes from its end time, so my research had to take place after bidding. It didn't take long to find other listings involving - a "Mont Blanc Boheme Fountain Pen, rare discontinued model with no stone", - all of which have a short description which states: "pen has been gifted to me in 2004", - and all of which come from sellers which have 100% feedback in the range of 30-40 stars. - All of these sellers have no other items and nothing else shows on their "completed listings", which indicates they
  4. I just got a brand new Montblanc Bohème Bleu (M) in the mail yesterday. When I first opened the box I was shocked to see how small it was. It still looks small on my desk. It's strange when compared to my Franklin-Christoph 45 XLV it's really the same size. (see pictures) I have used the F-C many times as my goto pocket pen and I was getting the Bohème to serve that role. I normally pair up the pen with a Rhodia Dotpad #12 and its almost the same size and works great for cargo pockets. When the Bohème is posted its longer then my 146 unposted (I normally use the 146 unposted). So it really fit
  5. Stitchpunk

    Water And The Boheme

    So, my Boheme with the OB nib has shipped from Pentooling! And there is one thing that I still am not clear on with the Boheme, which is cleaning. There are lots of great instructions about how to flush it out with water, and also some "don't put water in it, it'll rust the mechanism" posts. And also some old posts about MB cleaning cartridges, which I don't think exist any more. Can anyone tell me definitively whether or not flushing with water is ok? Or could I use Pen Flush instead? Or is Pen Flush just water with some chemicals in it and therefore just as risky?
  6. Drcollector

    Boheme Quit Writing

    I received a pre-owned Boheme today along with a pack of mystery black Montblanc ink cartridges. I popped in a cartridge - making sure it was firmly in there - and nothing. After some contemplation and mild frustration I decide to run the nib under some water. A stream of old blue ink gushes out and after some wiping I put the nib to paper. The ink flow was fantastic and never skipped. At this point the ink was taupe colored and it faded into grey then black. My Boheme wrote beautifully for a whole page of Rhodia, but all of a sudden it refused to cooperate. What was once a generous flow of in
  7. Hello everyone, I have bought this pen from power seller "pen-seller" on eBay aka Michael Rheinlander for 1350 euros. I would like to confirm if it is real or fake. I am a new hand to Mont Blanc pens and I would love to learn more please help me thanks the serial code looks a bit printed to the top to me and also the Germany letter on clip is not in capitals. There is the "metal and prix" behind the clip and flashing a flashlight into the retractable nib I can see ruby red. Retractable nib, 18k plated Please help me see if it's real or fake thank you!
  8. DBQMary

    Mb Boheme Or Heritage 1912

    I am considering purchasing a new Montblanc. I am torn between Boheme and Heritage 1912 models. My preference is to purchase with XF nib. If you have one or both of these pens, I would appreciate your thoughts. What do you like or what could be better on each? Thank you
  9. Vossi

    Montblanc Boheme Big Size

    Good afternoon my dear fellows, it's been a while since i last opened an topic here. I have an simple question: Does anybody of you guys have an Boheme Big Size? Or does anybody know where I can get one from? My hours watching ebay were devistating. Have a wonderful day Regards Vossi
  10. Alexcat

    Mb Boheme....start Problems

    Recently got a Boheme; wondering if Im doing/not doing something properly. The cap flips up, cartridge goes in, twist to bring down nib.....but it is very difficult - nigh on impossible - to get to start at all, let alone consistently. Any words of wisdom? Alex
  11. Introducing the Montblanc Boheme Doue Moongarden fountain pen. Montblanc's special attention to precision work led to the creation of a pattern that features movement of tree leaves at full moon. Specs: Writing Style: Fountain Pen.Mechanism : Screw Cap Mechanism.Body: Lacquer detail contribute to the Moongarden impression on barrel.Finish: Red Gold / Gray flannel plated.Clip: Red gold-plated engraved with a gemstone bearing a unique serial numberNib: 18K Gold nibRefills: Cartridge Fountain Pen (no converter) take a look at the pen at penboutique.com or visit us at one of our physical l
  12. Dear All, I've recently discovered how wonderful these little pens are - how many variations of style and coloured stone are there? I'm particularly interested in getting one with a citrine or amethyst, but can only find references to three with citrine - the jewelled, the doue ligne and the one with circles on the cap - and just the lilac pirouette and jewelled for the amethyst. Were they ever produced as plain black models? , And is the rose gold version available only with the marron smoky topaz? I think that would have looked stunning with a citrine .... I really think Montblanc is mis
  13. bbs

    Sometimes You Get Lucky

    Several little things had gone wrong today, so when I went to pick up a package from the post office I was convinced the Boheme it contained was going to be a fake. The eBay seller obviously wasn't a pen specialist, the photos weren't great, and it was advertised as a used Montblanc pen, no box. But it was a bargain, and returns were accepted, so worth a punt, I thought. So I was surprised when I opened it to find the pen indeed had no box - instead it had been sent in a two-pen Montblanc pouch! It's not in good condition and has been well used - any ideas on reconditioning it? But the
  14. I have a Boheme that I like very much, but I don't use it much because of it's B nib. How hard would it be to make it into an OB nib? Is it anything more complicated than filing it to an angle?
  15. I have had a MB Bohème retractable nib fountain pen for some years. I really like writing with it as it has a very smooth medium oblique nib in it (much smoother than in my Meisterstuck Le Grand). However from new it has had a problem, the cartridges dry out very quickly, which not only means they often seem empty when I come to use it but it needs washing out frequently to get rid of dried up ink. Have others had this problem? Is in inherent in the design and sending it for service is a waste of time and money? I tried pushing a very thin rubber O ring around the cartridge to see if it was
  16. I have a Montblanc Boheme fountain pen I've decided to sell, but I don't see many of these for sale. It's not the retractable variety, but rather the type with the gemstone in the clip (in this case, an elegant black gemstone). It's in great shape, the nib having been perfected by nib guru Mike Masuyama so that it writes wetly in a medium-broad line. I wonder if my fellow FPNers might advise me as to the value of this. I don't want to overprice or underprice it. Thanks! GNL
  17. I'm considering a Boheme and came across the following oddity on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Montblanc-Boheme-White-Marbled-Lacquer-Fountain-Pen-LTD-Signed-Numbered-/271676101815?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f412854b7 I originally thought it was just a mislabelled Fitzgerald WE mistakenly put up by a misinformed eBay seller but as I dug into the description I realized that, no - they really think this a legit Boheme! (Check out the nib) What's even more amazing is that people are bidding on this monstrosity...PT Barnum's quote about a sucker born every minute comes to mind.
  18. I would love to know how to 100% guarantee that a Boheme selling as the large size with a converter is authentic. I'm very untrusting about them when I see them. Especially when the converter doesn't look authentic. Can you only tell by the length? Does anyone know if they were only ever made with plain clips or did any have coloured clip stones? Here is one I found on ebay For a start it has platinised trim with a red clip stone, so that's not normal as the red stone pen usually comes with yellow gold plated trim. Then the converter doesn't look authentic. I can't see much of the ni
  19. Belance1

    Mb Boheme Identification

    Did MB make a Boheme in the past 20 years without a ruby? My pen is black and gold without ruby?
  20. rodtyler1008

    Noir Et Noir Nib/cap Alignment

    Good evening fellow fountain pen enthusiasts, Today I am posting my first on the FPN but I must say, being a silent member for over a year, I have really enjoyed reading the Montbanc posts and following the people who post more frequently. I got my first Montblanc two years ago when I was 18. It was the Montblanc 147 75th Passion and Soul edition with an EF nib and it is still in my rotation. Today I am writing to you all with a question about two of my Montblanc Noir et Noir Fountain Pens. I have to admit that at the time of purchase of my first Noir et Noir, I was under the assumption th
  21. First off, my apology for adding yet another "is this fake" topic. The MB pen in question is a 18k Boheme Solitaire Gold Citrine with grid pattern that is listed on Ebay. I would like an advice if the boheme gold came in a grid design. I tried google as well as searching the FPN forum and nothing came up. (Well, google came up with other Ebay listing--which is not helpful at all.) The link below to the Ebay item: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=370797221001 Any MB collectors out there own such type of pen in grid pattern, or is it just another creative product of the coun
  22. msolok

    Boheme Cartridge Compatibility

    Hey Guys, I am looking at grabbing a couple of Boheme's as I can get them for a decent price. What I am unsure on though is the cartridge compatibility. While I love the Montblanc colours, the cart prices here are stupid (8 carts for $18.... No thanks). So I am wondering is Small international Carts work in the Boheme's? I have a bunch of Kaweco and J Herbin small carts that would be great if I could use in my Boheme. Also, I have heard that the nib mechanisim can get loose and the nibs starts retracting while writing. is this a large issue with the Boheme's? How about the mechinism freezi

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