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Found 4 results

  1. First off, here are some photos: Nib: http://imgur.com/2vPuwy4Writing Sample: http://imgur.com/t7WFQ4XComparison with Sailor B: http://imgur.com/DW2lT1XHello all, I hope you are well during these strange times. Today I have a short review of my impressions of Sailor’s contemporary Naginata Togi Medium nib. I have been using it for the past month or so as a daily writer. Now, Sailor Naginata Togi nibs and I have a long relationship built upon longing and reluctance. I’ve always wanted one, since getting the chance to try one years ago. They write beautifully, but the prices have been getting a little wild over the last few years. Recently I sold off most of the pens I hadn’t been using, trimming my collection down to a pair of Conid AVDA Phis and an old 146 that I use as a ‘can-I-try-your-pen?’ pen. With the Conids, I have a few Sailor nibs I rotate through, and this NM is the most recent addition to their ranks. Now, I got the chance to try one of the modern Naginata Togi nibs while living in Barcelona, but I waited until I returned home to Canada to purchase one as the price was ever so slightly better and I had the opportunity to purchase it from Wonderpens—best stationery shop in Canada folks, full stop. The modern rendition of the grind is spectacular, and a true equal to the originals I‘ve had the pleasure to use. They write wet, really wet, and I would not have the patience to use one in a Sailor body with their tiny converter, so a Conid was a must for me. The feed does a spectacular job at keeping up, aided I am sure by the sheer volume of ink in the Minimalistica’s reservoirs. The nib performs as advertised, though I should note that the line variation has no practical use in regular western cursive scripts. Personally, I use a higher writing angle to make corrections or small notations. The feel of this nib is unlike any other Sailor nib. The sweet spot is massive, the tunes have some play to them affording some pressure-based variation, and the feedback is unique among Sailors. If a Sailor Fine is a sharp HB pencil lead, and a Sailor Broad is a fairly sharp H or F pencil lead, then the Naginata Togi Medium is a well used B or 2B pencil lead. It sings across the paper without ever feeling scratchy. Run the flat of your finger nail across a teak tabletop, that’s what it feels like. Sonorous, soulful, and spirited, this is a generation nib. I don’t truly know what else I can say, about the nib or it’s performance. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away.
  2. Hello everyone, hope your weeks are off to a fine start. I come to you today with a very specific question: is my Montblanc 146 nib scraping its shoulders on the inside of my Conid Minimalistica’s cap? I usually use my Minimalisticas with Sailor nibs, but I have a lovely 146 nib, which I’ve had ground to a CSI, that I occasionally swap in. My question springs from the slightest scraping sensation I can feel when capping the pen fitted with the aforementioned nib. Now, both of my Conid’s are the all Delrin AVDA Phi versions, so I am unable to actually see if the nib and the inner cap are indeed making contact. I would hate to damage such a fine nib, so I am hoping someone out there with a clear capped Minimalistica is using a 146 nib and could answer my question. Thank you in advance. All the best to you and yours, Eli
  3. Hello all, this will be my first review here — my first post, for that matter — so do tell me if I need to make any changes to its format. the pen I am reviewing today is the Conid Minimalistica AVDA Phi Special edition. If that mouthful wasn’t enough, my specific configuration is: M BCB BB SL. Which essentially means it’s all Delrin. What’s unique about this special edition is the cigar shape of the pen, rounded finals as opposed to the usual flattop, and the engraved clip. I had been sweating over which Conid to order for a while, and deciding on this one was a slow process. I initially wanted a king size in all Delrin (not a huge fan of ebonite) but I found the pen to be too heavy once I got one in-hand. The section of the Regular, and the two exposed o-rings at its rear left me ergonomically and aesthetically turned-off, so it was out too. The slimline was too small and had a similar concave section to the Regular, which I didn’t enjoy. I have yet to try a giraffe... I had two doubts about the Minimalistica initially: I don’t like how it looks with flat finals, and I was worried about the friction fit cap. Once I got one in-hand, and realized that you could get one with rounded finals, these concerns vanished. The feel of the uninterrupted rather girthy section of the pen was perfect in my hand. The weight and balance ideal. I ordered one immediately. I went without a nib, as I almost exclusively use Sailor H-M and H-B nibs for my long writing sessions. I wanted to really put this pen to work. I placed the order in late June, had a Sailor nib ready to go in an FNF housing two weeks later, and then I waited. The pen arrived in October. By this time I had moved to Barcelona for work and the shipping took one day. I opened the package, greased the o-rings on the piston, threaded in my nib of choice and inked my new Minimalistica with Tsuki-yo. Then I got to writing. I write a good deal, try to get in two hours most weekdays and will do a longer session on Sundays. This pen is exactly what I hoped it would be. After a long session I have zero pain or fatigue in my hand or wrist. I don’t have to deal with filling in the middle of a session — ever — and the material feels so nice in my hands. I have used six different nibs in this pen: Sailor H-B, H-M, H-F, H-F CSI (Kirk Speer), H-M CSI (Kirk again), and finally a Montblanc 146 Broad CSI (you guessed it, Kirk Speer). Flexible Nib Factory truly has made my life better. Without access to these nibs, I’d undoubtedly be less happy with the pen. The nibs definitely write wetter than they do in a Sailor body, but not to an extreme degree. The Montblanc writes fine, like you’d expect, nothing incredible but the grind on it makes it fun to use once in a while. I have used this pen everyday since its arrival, it’s been inked with Tsuki-yo, Fuyu-syogun, and Take-sumi. I could not be happier with its performance; I ordered another on November Second. I will attach some photos of the pen below. Please feel free to ask any questions. Cheers!
  4. I'm glad to announce the first interview for 123stylo.com, featuring a great friend, who also is a fountain pen collector and an architect M. Alain Vanderauwera. In this very video, he talks about how he worked with Conid to create a Limited Edition , you probably don't know about. (because the Minimalistica AvdA it's really really limited!) To learn more about him and his amazing collection (with english subt.), please follow this link! (published on 123stylo's blog)http://123stylo.com/blog/ Cheers!For 123stylo.comWilliam (here's a picture of this amazing guy!)

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