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Found 12 results

  1. A Smug Dill

    Four blue-green inks on Rhodia Dotpad

    From the album: Shades of colour

    Since I just did this for my wife to select ink colours with which to fill her pens, I may as well scan and post it.

    © A Smug Dill

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  2. Ink Review : Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine (Ink of the Year 2016) Pen: Lamy All-Star Ocean Blue, M-nib Paper: Rhodia N° 16 notepad 80 gsm Review In 2011 Pelikan introduced the Edelstein series of boutique inks, available in a variety of colors: aventurine (green)jade (light green with bluish undertones)mandarin (orange)onyx (black)ruby (dark red)sapphire (purple-blue)topaz (light blue)The initial offering did not include a blue-black, but in 2012 Pelikan was quick to remedy this, and added tanzanite to the line-up to complete the offering. The overall theme of the Edelstein ink series is the gemstone - each color corresponds to the beautiful color of a gem. The inks themselves are presented in 50 ml high-value bottles, which are truly stunning, and an ornament on every desk. After releasing the original line-up, Pelikan started the tradition of releasing a yearly "Ink of the Year". These inks are produced for a year only, and quickly become bottled treasures. Once inventories are depleted, these inks are gone forever. 2012 : turmaline2013 : amber2014 : garnet2015 : amethystThe ink of the year 2016 is "aquamarine". Pelikan itself describes the color as "neither blue nor green; it's something in between". This is also the second time that Pelikan turned to its Facebook fans to help choose the color. And I must say - they've chosen wisely. I really like the color of this ink, and - as Pelikan stated - it sits nicely between blue and green. In my opinion, it's very similar to other blue-greens I like: iroshizuku ku-jaku : this one remains my favorite, and is a touch more on the blue sidediamine schubert (music collection) : this one leans more towards the green side Pelikan Edelstein inks are known to be on the dry side, but this is a wetter ink, with drying times in the 20 second range. It behaves beautifully on a wide range of paper: Rhodia N°16 notepad 80 gsm - drying time ~20 seconds, no noticeable feathering, no show-through and no bleed-throughPaperblanks journal paper - drying time ~20 seconds, no noticeable feathering, a ghost of show-through, no bleed-throughGeneric notepad paper 70 gsm - drying time ~20 seconds, no noticeable feathering, a ghost of show-through, no bleed-throughMoleskine journal - drying time ~10 seconds, no noticeable feathering, show-through and some bleed-throughThis definitely is a very well-behaved ink. Water resistance is on the poor side, but still acceptable. The color disappears quickly, but a greyish ghost image of your writing remains, which is still perfectly readable even after 30 seconds under running tap water. Conclusion Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine is a very well-behaving ink, even on lower quality paper. Blue-greens are not for everyone, but if you happen to like them, this one is definitely a winner. A stunning color worthy of a gemstone ! My overall score: A
  3. Hello everyone: Im a fountain pen newbie who arrived late to the Lamy Safari party; I only discovered them a couple of years ago. Ive really been lusting after the beautiful aquamarine 2011 special edition which sold out way before I had even heard of Lamy. I have seen a few of the aquamarine Safaris advertised on eBay, but Ive also been reading about all the fakes that are on the market. As a brand new buyer of Safaris, I dont want to get duped right out of the gate. Ive watched videos on how to spot a fake, but I dont know any way Id be able to spot fakes on an online auction site since the seller could obviously find and post pics of authentic pens, even if he/she only had counterfeits in their possession. And Ive heard that positive reviews can be faked as well. So do any of you experienced members have any advice to help me find one of those authentic hot, hot aquamarine Safari fountain pens? Here is an example of what Ive seen advertised on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/p/Lamy-Safari-Fountain-Pen-2011-Edition-Aquamarine-Genuine/592486844 Thanks! PS - Apologies if there is already a thread on here about avoiding counterfeit pens. This is my first post on the network and I did search for an existing thread first, but didnt see one.
  4. Uncial

    Sailor Realo (?) Aquamarine

    I'm in the midst of a dilemma. I have a Sailor 1911 in maroon with a super, super-fine nib. I think it may have been a speciality nib of some kind, but I don't like the pen. The nib has too much feedback for my taste (although I do quite like the line), I can only use certain very dark inks in it and the plastic feels a bit on the cheap side to me. A friend has the new-ish Aquamarine, which I think is a Realo (piston filler?). They don't like it because they mistakenly bought a medium nib and want something super-fine. So a swap has been arranged, but now I'm wondering do I really want the Aquamarine. The friend is in a different country so I can't handle and see the pen for myself before the swap. I guess I could arrange to undo it if I don;t like it, but that would seem cruel if they end up falling in love with what I send them. There seem to be no reviews of it here and very little actual information (lots of brief mentions of possible aspects on Market Watch, but that's it). So I'm hoping someone here can give a little more information and perhaps even a few pictures. Firstly; is it a Realo model? My go to Sailor model is the full size Pro Gear - I love them. Looking at pictures it would seem the Aquamarine is about the same size? Secondly; the nib is a Sailor nib I presume, but made with the stamp of a particular pen store as an exclusive, therefore should be pretty much the same as a Sailor nib would normally be? Lastly; what is that finish really like? Rose gold worries me due to it's softness. Does the plating wear off fast (as it has on other rose gold pens I own)? Overall I think the pen looks lovely, but I do have a slight aversion to the glitter thing. Is it...well.....um....a bit girly? I guess I have nothing really to lose considering I really don't like the pen I'm swapping, but your thoughts on this pen - if you own one - would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Ink Shoot-Out : Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine vs Pilot Iroshizuku ku-jaku When playing around with the new Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year 2016 Aquamarine, I couldn't help but notice its similarities with that other blue-green Pilot iroshizuku ku-jaku. The idea arose that it would be fun to put these inks into close comparison, and find out which of them I like the most. Enter... the Ink Shoot-Out. A brutal fight where two inks do battle for four rounds, after which the winner is announced. In the left corner - the challenger: Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine. In the right corner - the reigning champion: Pilot iroshizuku ku-jaku. Which champion will remain standing at the end of the fight ? Let's find out... Round 1 - First Impressions Both inks make a very fine first impression. I really like their colour - both of them are a nice blue-green of green-blue, which gives them something of an exotic look. The inks seem evenly matched, but nevertheless there are some differences: iroshizuku ku-jaku is a bit more saturated, which gives it a richer feelthe shading on iroshizuku ku-jaku is more evenly spread across the lines, which makes for a more aesthetic lookku-jaku is a tad more blue than the edelstein aquamarine. For me personally, this makes it look nicerThe is no obvious win by knock-out in this round, but the iroshizuku ku-jaku wins this round on points. Round 2 - Writing Sample I did the writing sample on a Rhodia N°16 Notepad with 80 gsm paper. Both inks behave perfectly, with no feathering and no show-through nor bleed-through. With the EF-nib, the Edelstein Aquamarine was on the dry side, while the iroshizuku ku-jaku had no problem with the finer nib. I will not hold this against the Edelstein ink - once you know that it writes a littly drier, you can simply adjust to a broader nib size. With a fine nib e.g. the Edelstein Aquamarine behaved just fine. In this round, the champions are evenly matched. Let's call it a draw. Round 3 - Ink Properties Both inks have similar drying times in the range of 15 to 20 seconds on the Rhodia paper. Both inks also behave admirably on the smudge test, where a moist Q-tip cotton swab is drawn across the written word. For the droplet test, I drippled water onto the grid, and let it sit there for 15 minutes, after which I removed the droplets with a paper towel. On this test, I find that the Edelstein ink has better water resistance. The original lines are better preserved, and much less smeared than with the iroshizuku ink. The difference between the champions is minimal, but this round goes to the German champion - on points. Round 4 - the Fun Factor Welcome to the final round. This is a purely personal impression of the inks, where I judge which of them I like most for doodling, drawing, and just doing some fun stuff. Here I must say that I like the iroshizuku ku-jaku much better than the newer Edelstein Aquamarine ink. I find that the iroshizuku ink flows a bit wetter, making it easier to draw with. And I also like that ku-jaku is a bit more on the blue-ish side. My guess is that - in the future - I will reach faster for my bottle of iroshizuku ku-jaku, and will use the Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine less often. The Verdict Both inks are wonderful additions to my collection, and both are certainly very well-behaving inks with a lovely blue-green colour. But in the end, I find that Pilot Iroshizuku ku-jaku has the edge over the newer Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine. As far as I'm concerned, iroshizuku ku-jaku has won this shoot-out on points, and remains the reigning champion !
  6. Iguana Sell

    Pelikan Novelties Are Now In Stock!

    We are glad to announce all of Pelikan's novelties are already in stock! Pelikan Aquamarine: As you may already know this new and exclusive Special Edition is inspired by the color chosen by Pelikan's Facebook fans for 2016. The fountain pen is decorated with chrome trims and its transparent aquamarine barrel allows the user to enjoy a demonstrator mechanism. Be the first to get yours: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/pelikan-classic-m205-fountain-pen-aquamarine-special-edition-802550 Pelikan M400 Tortoiseshell: The brown stripped barrel with orange accents gives a unique look to this pen. The 14K gold nib along with the 24k gold plated clip and rings makes the perfect combination. Be the first to get yours: https://www.iguanasell.com/collections/pelikan-pens/products/pelikan-souveran-m400-tortoiseshell-brown-fountain-pen-gold-special-ed Pelikan Blue Marbled: The fountain pen has a fascinating mix of blue tones that gives the pen a unique sense of depth. Be the first to get yours: https://www.iguanasell.com/collections/pelikan-pens/products/pelikan-classic-m205-fountain-pen-blue-marble-chrome-trim-801973 Be the first to get yours:
  7. Cataleya

    New 205 Demonstrator Aquamarine

    Today my feed showed me the most beautiful news! I love this colour...and I'm super excited. Someone here photoshopped exactly this pen as in wishful thinking. Yes, some dreams come true, here is one of them. What do you think? "Yay Aquamarine" or "nay, not my colour"? https://thepelikansperch.com/2016/07/03/pelikan-m205-aquamarine-announced/ http://i64.tinypic.com/or4ftx.jpg
  8. Pelikan has announced a matching 205 fountain pen and ballpoint pen to this years Edelstein ink of the year, Aquamarine. You can get the fountain pen alone or in a gift set with the matching ink. We are accepting pre-orders now or read more on on our blog about the new pen. Pre-orders: https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/pelikan_special_edition_classic_m205_aquamarine_fountain_pen.html Blog Post: https://www.penchalet.com/blog/pelikan-m205-aquamarine-pen/
  9. We are offering the upcoming Pelikan Classic Special Edition M205 Aquamarine fountain pen, which will be launched in September 2016, for pre-order. Our price is € 100.- including the German VAT of 19% or € 84,03 without the German VAT (for shipments outside the EU). Here is the link to our offer: Fountain pen: http://www.fritz-schimpf.de/Schreibgeraete/Fuellhalter/Pelikan-Classic-M205-Special-Edition-Aquamarine-Kolbenfuellhalter.html Set with Aquamarine ink bottle: http://www.fritz-schimpf.de/Schreibgeraete/Fuellhalter/Pelikan-Classic-M205-Special-Edition-Aquamarine-Set.html Should you wish to pre-order we recommend using the payment option "Vorkasse" (pre-payment). Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at service@fritz-schimpf.de.
  10. PenBoutique

    Pelikan Ink Of The Year! Aquamarine!

    Pelikan has introduced the new color for this year it is Aquamarine!!! The ink will be available in the next few weeks! I think this will be my Favorite color so far. Let us know which color Pelikan has put out that is your favorite or let us know a color you would like to see from Pelikan in the future. http://www.penboutique.com/search?q=pelikan+aqu Phone 1800-263-2736 or 410-992-3272 Email Support@penboutique.com
  11. dcwaites

    F E Coconut Crab Blue

    This is my blend I've called Faux Edelstein Aquamarine. It is an equal parts blend of Edelstein Sapphire and Edelstein Topaz.
  12. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_618.jpg

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