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  1. A Smug Dill

    Amazon.com.au Prime Day Deals 2023

    N.B. These are prices in Australian dollars, of course. Sailor Hocoro dip pen with 2.0mm Italic nib (and built-in ink trough/underfeed) — $12.13 which is probably the lowest I've seen anywhere so far Sailor Kiwaguro ink, 50ml bottle — $17.85 dropped to $15.05 overnight, which is the lowest I've seen which is a good price for a standalone item, although I've seen multi-buy/combo deals recently that would have brought the effective price slightly lower than that Faber-Castell e-motion Pure Black fountain pen with F nib — $139.27 Faber-Castell e-motion Pearwood Black fountain pen with chrome trim and F nib — $144.24 LAMY Aion in Dark Green with F nib — $65.36 which is probably a good price (and I ordered one just now) and cancelled, on account of the next item I just found LAMY Aion in Black with F nib — $56.57 LAMY Studio in (shimmery) Dark Drown with EF nib — $78.47 which is a decent price, but it's a shame I can't reconcile with the grip section on that pen model LAMY Lx in Rose Gold with F nib — $49.40 LAMY Accent in aluminium with black rubber grip and M nib — $73.15 I'm not actually sure how good the price is, given this very underrated pen model seems not so easy to find these days; seems decent, but it'd be pretty pointless if one cannot readily buy more of the interchangeable grip section shells
  2. The tea leaves, so to speak, have been suggesting that Amazon was gearing up for some products listed on Amazon.co.jp and sold by Amazon JP to be available for ordering on Amazon.com.au. A few weeks had gone by, but it finally happened! That means I can now order (for example) bottles of Sailor Ink Studio and packs of Sanzen Tomoe River paper on Amazon.com.au, and take advantage of free shipping on account of my Prime membership. Between that, and Amazon offering (effectively) a much better exchange rate than what XE.com tells me is current, makes it significantly more favourable economically, and with much less hassle, than shopping and ordering on Amazon.co.jp directly, which would still have been cheaper than buying from Australian stockists. Product returns would be hugely easier to deal with, too, should it be an issue. To give you a more concrete example, a ¥1,320 bottle of Sailor Ink Studio ink, with an incremental AmazonGlobal International Shipping (Standard) charge of ¥200, now only costs me A$13.42 all up to order piecemeal on Amazon.com.au. (XE.com tells me that ¥1,520 works out to A$16.56.) No more having to order in bulk to spread out the flagfall or basic shipping charge from Japan, which has increased several times the past few weeks and is now about ¥1,400. Right now there seems to be some IT issue that is causing a lot of the listed products apparently not available to order at first glance; but I discovered last night, after a lot of trial and error, that they can be successfully ordered — even if it seriously tested my patience and limits of perseverance. Incredibly, even some of the products that have stopped being available to me on Amazon.co.jp very recently are available (as sold by Amazon Japan) on Amazon.com.au, at prices I expect or even less. (As a result, I'm now $300 poorer.) Pricing fluctuations on Amazon.co.jp for those items are reflected directly here, as long as I'm still looking at what is sold by Amazon Japan (as opposed to the actual seller changing in what Amazon Australia presents to me).
  3. I thought I snagged myself a bargain last week, when I ordered a Diplomat Elox Matrix on Amazon.com.au (sold and shipped by Amazon Germany) fitted with a steel EF nib; and it felt so ‘special’ that it was only the EF-nibbed variant (which is really the only one I'd want to write with) that was offered for as low a price as (the now-defunct) La Couronne du Comte would have offered me even with my unlimited-use personal discount code, then doubly so when the price shot up by over 36% shortly after I placed my order. Imagine my surprise, although not quite dismay, to see the same pen now available again for nearly 5% less again on Amazon just now.
  4. There are a hand of last year's Platinum #3776 Century ‘Shape of a Heart’ limited edition (of 2000 units worldwide, if I'm not mistaken) fountain pens, in black and fitted with M nibs only, available on Amazon Australia's web site for ~A$304 at the moment, sold and shipped by Amazon Germany. Shipping is free to Australian delivery address. I checked on Amazon Germany's web site, and Amazon itself is listed as the seller, not some third party that the Amazon Global Store has obscured when viewed on the Australian-facing store. That price does not apply to the listings for units fitted with EF (~A$400) or F (~A$518) nibs. You may see minor adjustments to the price as a result of fluctuations in the currency exchange rate; but, as my experience as a shopper tells me, it could jump quite a bit as soon as one unit of it is sold at the low price. (Alas, the M nib is not for me… and I already ordered five new pens in the past 24 hours or so.) The model, upon release this time last year, was ¥31,000+tax. I recall some bloggers in the US mentioning they got the pen about US$312? It is not currently listed on Platinum Pen's website, so I cannot check how the general increase in the brand's retail prices effective 1 January 2023 may have affected it. (It wasn't in the list of pricing changes in last December's advance announcement, either.) Australian retailer Pen City's current price for the model is A$550.
  5. … at least for orders with Australian delivery addresses. (I haven't been keeping an eye out for or keeping tabs on shipping charges to the UK, Canada, etc.) As recently as last week, there was effectively a ‘flagfall’ of approximately ¥2,400 for each order containing (only) items sold by Amazon.co.jp, onto which (very reasonable) incremental weight-based charges for each item is added. It's hefty, but considering that Amazon Japan ships everything to Australian customers by DHL, that was a hurdle or disincentive when it comes to biting the bullet, but no cause for complaint and not at all indicative of profiteering. (Two weeks ago, I had to return just one new pen to Amazon Japan, which insisted on my using DHL service with insurance for the package contents, and has reimbursed me in full for the shipping charges — which amounted to approximately ¥17,300 for the 0.5kg consignment.) Some time during the past 24 to 48 hours, the ‘flagfall’ seems to have been reduced to approximately ¥1,700 per order. Of course, that had to come just after I placed an order on Saturday (and was too late to cancel and place anew, not that I would risk the discounted item price I secured anyway). Looking at the expected delivery dates on in-stock items, it does not appear the reduction is on account of any change in shipping method Amazon.co.jp may elect to use.
  6. Pilot Kaküno with F nib, pink cap, and off-white barrel currently on offer at A$11.48 on Amazon.com.au, sold and shipped by Amazon AU. That's probably as low a price as I've seen it, and one of the cheapest ways to get a genuine, made-in-Japan Pilot steel F nib that can fit onto a number of different Pilot and Chinese (Wing Sung, Pali, PenBBS, etc.) fountain pen models.
  7. Amazon.com.au just dropped the price on 500ml bottles of Herbin Perle Noire ink, sold and shipped by Amazon UK, to $45.92. Includes free delivery to Australia to Prime members here. OK, that isn't cheaper than I could have scored from La Couronne du Comte before it went out of business, with stacked discounts, no GST paid, and (as part of a large enough order) free international shipping; but it comes pretty close. With LCdC now gone, I don't think I can do much better in the near term ordering from any other retailer.
  8. caleb

    Fake Lamy Al-Star Concerns

    Hello all, I purchased a Lamy Al-Star ocean blue earlier this week, and received it today. A number of things about the pen and it's box were quite concerning. The photos are available here:http://imgur.com/fpngallery/8MQqM/ Anyway, my major concerns are The pen came with blue ink residue in the feed and under the nibThe nib appeared to be slightly scratchedThe box it came in was a small, silver box unlike the normal black with holesThe pen came with zero documentation It came with five black cartridges and one blue cartridge — all without the silver Lamy stamp—only an imprintI was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? Thanks, Caleb
  9. Platinum #3776 Century in Laurel Green (with gold trim) and 14K gold Fine nib now ¥8,824 (inclusive of 8% domestic consumption tax) sold and shipped by Amazon.co.jp. That's the first time I've seen any of the Laurel Green pens, which debuted at an MSRP of ¥13,000+tax, offered by a major retailer for less than ¥9,000 (but maybe I haven't been watching too closely, since I already have so many other #3776 pens with 14K gold Fine nibs).
  10. Hello, i bought two PELIKAN M805S both with a fine nib on ama... uk and ama...es within a week. The black one was in my mailbox less than an hour ago. One pen, the blue stripped is pretty good, maybe a bit too wet with some sailor inks. That is a normal behaviour with a Pelikan nib. The other pen, the black one is so dry and unwilling that i have decided to send it back to ama...uk for a refund. Of course i flushed carefully the black pen, etc...before inking it. Furthermore Sailor inks are very wet inks as can be seen on the photo, at least with the blue stripped one. Return cost is from my pocket (about 10-12€). Return package has to be stamped, etc... It is not the end of the world, i will soon forget it. I just wanted to share my experience. I hope i have been useful to some.
  11. bbs

    Amazon Prime Day

    There's a black gold-trim Waterman Expert on the UK site for £34.80 for any Amazon Prime members.
  12. em_the_pen

    First Pen Wrap!

    Just received my first pen wrap in the mail today. Pretty excited! I realized recently that just throwing my pens all together in one bag could lead to scratches, leaks, and other damage. I figured I should take better care of my pens. Luckily, Amazon had me covered with this inexpensive wrap. Its got enough room for all my currently inked pens as well as one ballpoint if someone asks to borrow a pen. The best part is it has a little pocket for extra cartridges, converters, and anything else I might need! And it's not bad looking either!
  13. Heads up to fellow FPN members...Pilot Iroshizuku ink in 50ml bottles is selling for $15-18. USD in US Amazon store with free 2 day shipping for Prime Members. Contrast this with the usual circa $28. USD at most other online and brick & mortar stores in US. The ink is being directly shipped from Amazon US warehouses. No word of how long these discounted prices will be in effect. Mary
  14. FordPrefect8

    Is This Even Possible !?

    Today I've found this on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007GU1VVE/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me= It's a Pilot Heritage 92 for... less than £10 !!! This isn't real, right? Has to be a scam... In any case I ordered 4 pens I always wanted since Amazon is great with refunds. Any thoughts? should I cancel straight away and not bother?
  15. Heads up to fellow FPN members...Pilot Iroshizuku ink in 50ml bottles is selling for $15-18. USD in US Amazon store with free 2 day shipping for Prime Members. Contrast this with the usual circa $28. USD at most other online and brick & mortar stores in US. The ink is being directly shipped from Amazon US warehouses. No word of how long these discounted prices will be in effect. Mary
  16. fizzybugster

    Counterfeit Lamy?

    About a year ago, I bought a Lamy Safari off of Amazon. It was the only second pen I ever bought, so I didn't realize that Amazon is notorious for selling fake pens. I wrote with it pretty regularly, had no problems, but on a whim I checked the same Amazon page that I purchased from. The seller was LAMY, but over half of the reviews complained that they were sent fakes. That got me worried that mine was counterfeit, too. Looking at all the known indicators, my pens seems to pass the rest, but my worry comes when I compare it to my AL Star. I know they are different in width, but is the Safari supposed to be taller than the AL Star? Another thing I found, the body of the AL Star takes three turns to close, and the Safari 3.5. Is this normal among all authentic LAMY pens?
  17. Ink Stained Wretch

    Anyone Know Anything About These Two Sellers?

    On Amazon there's a seller called "YIFAN TOYS CO,.LTD" that's selling a 10 pack of Hero 616s for a quite low price. Some commentators say they're selling counterfeits, others say they're selling authentic Hero 616s. There's no feedback rating on Amazon, so all I have to go on are the comments. And then there's "yespen" on E-Bay who's selling 10 packs of Hero 616s for about three times what the guy on Amazon i selling them for. The E-Bay guy has some negative feedback too. I would much prefer to try the lower priced amazon seller, but neither seller is looking great. I'll note for perspective on this that I once bought three Hero 616s from a U.S. vendor for $5 each, and I appear to have gotten three counterfeits there. All three pens leaked and two literally fell apart. Does anyone have any experience with either of these sellers? Yeah, I know, for some folks these are such low prices that it doesn't matter, but for me it matters. Thanks for any information that may help me on this.
  18. Aetheric Continua

    Sub $400 Pelikan M800 On Amazon

    I hope I'm not breaking rules here. If so, mods please tell me and do what needs to be done. Not sure about the legitimacy of these, but I think these are potentially good deals. The companies seem to be all based in Japan. Black M800 (no nib size specified) ~$350 Green Striped M800 (also no nib size specified) ~$370 Green Striped M800 (apparently a fine nib) ~$350
  19. Inferno2Inferno

    Fake Al-Star Concerns

    So I decided to climb further up the price notch in the Lamy brand and I decided to purchase an Al-Star from amazon.ca for 49, 95$ CDN which seems to be a regular rate for these pens in Canada. I am just concerned that it may be a fake as there is a lot of stories out there of fake Safaris and Al-Stars going around. My question is does anyone have any experience with fake Al-stars from amazon where amazon itself is the seller? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Dear all, I have just received my new Pelikan Souveran M800, Black & Green which I ordered via Amazon.de. My excitement and antcipation was crushed when I saw how this fine writing piece was delivered. I made a picture of te package that arrived with my mobile phone, but I cannot upload it because it's size is 2,24 MB, whereas the maximum allowable size of upload files is 1,95MB No documentation, no box, nothing except the bare pen fell into my mail box. Can any of you who own such a pen give me some feedback? I cannot imagine that this is normal... Should I be worried about the authenticity of this product? I look forward to your feedback. RSEN
  21. Guernseytim


    I noticed a market watch thread for Amazon, but that's US based. Therefore, thought I'd start a UK one :-) Recently I purchased 5 x Oxford Campus A4 wire bound notepads for £10.50, plus a parker duo fold demi for £65. Currently they have the A5 version of the Campus notepads at a good price - I find the paper to be very fountain pen friendly - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Oxford-Campus-Wirebound-Notebook-Assorted/dp/B00AUV70SE/ref=lp_5348989031_1_15?s=officeproduct&ie=UTF8&qid=1417788852&sr=1-15
  22. I have discovered two brand new bottles of discontinued Caran d'Ache ink (they probably sat there in the store for a few years, on the edge of the shelf partly covered, mostly out of sight) Amazon http://fp-ink.info/colorcard/601.png and Storm http://fp-ink.info/colorcard/375.png Now is the question, do they have any worth for collectors? Because I can't find anything about them on eBay or the likes, probably not much left. If they got a significant value increase from what I bought them for I might consider selling them off again, otherwise probably use them myself as they are my favorite colors green&purple. There was a bottle of saffron and carbon too but the bottles are pretty pricy and I'm not a big fan of orange/black so if it's nothing with value then I'd be stuck with those
  23. I just noticed that Amazon.com has a bunch of coupons for several different fountain pens right now. It's another one of their limited time coupon offers. The coupons are in addition to any normal discount they have on their pens. A few of the pens they have on coupon right now are the Pilot Stargazer, Monteverde Invincia Color Fusion, Monteverde Artista Crystal, Monteverde Onetouch Stylus Tool, and others. Like last time, move quick because these sales usually only last a few days. Here's a link to all of the coupons.
  24. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Faber-Castell-Basic-Metal-Fountain-Shiny/dp/B00439VD1O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403110766&sr=8-1&keywords=faber+castell+basic+fountain+pen http://www.amazon.co.uk/Faber-Castell-Basic-Metal-Fountain-Matt/dp/B00439QEYA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1403110766&sr=8-2&keywords=faber+castell+basic+fountain+pen The latter was available for £11.35 + 99p shipping via a third party seller but they only had one left, until I bought it. Been after one of these for a while and at less than half RRP, it seems a pretty good deal. I normally avoid Amazon like the plague, but it'll chuck up a good deal from time to time.
  25. Hi I have recently bought some washable black Parker Quink from amazon (about 3 weeks ago). It was quite cheap, only 4 packs of 5 for £5. At first I was happy with it, it lasted about twice as long compared to the permanent black Quink from Parker (2 weeks compared to 1). However, I have noticed it turns yellow on most paper. Especially in my science books. It can happen in less than 20 minutes. I handed in a 2 page essay in black and it came back almost completely yellow (but an A grade so yay me). Even as I write this though my media work is turning yellow. I had no such problem with the permanent ink. What is happening? Here is a link to the amazon page: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Parker-Quink-Cartridges-Black-Washable/dp/B00B7APY2Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1380368757&sr=8-1&keywords=black+parker+quink+20 I have also uploaded a picture of the yellow ink (I know my handwriting is dreadful and the image isn't the best quality either).

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