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Found 12 results

  1. Hi I found this pen on ebay presented as Pierre Cardin https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321413716916?_trksid=p2047675.m570.l5999&_trkparms=gh1g%3DI321413716916.N36.S1.R1.TR1 my first imprison was it is rebranded Jinhao 159 ! Do you have any input or information about this FP ?
  2. rahathere

    Jinhao 159 Converter Problem

    Hey all, So I ordered a Jinhao 159; it writes pretty good for the price but the converter does not work. When i fill the ink in the converter it just starts to drop out almost immediately. I tried putting blu-tack on the top of the screw as I though it was a air pressure thing. Turns out it is not, any help would be appreciated.
  3. grahamtillotson

    Remove End Finial On Jinhao 159?

    Anyone out there tried removing the end finial off of a Jinhao 159? The cap one comes off, but an initial test of the barrel finial (my hands) shows nothing moving or unscrewing. Now that they have multiple colors I'm interested in swapping some parts to create hybrids and see how they look. Thanks! Graham
  4. Aditkamath26

    Jinhao 159 Stub Nib

    Hi guys! Hope y'all doing well. It was that day again where this 15 year-old teen felt bored writing with a characterless Jinhao 159. So I just pulled out my pen customizing stuff and ground a stub. It turned out beautiful. It is smooth and wet and has enough line variation that makes the nib interesting to write with but still be usable for daily writing. Here are some pictures... I would love to learn more of this art. I also recently did my first paid stub for a friend and that also turned out quite good. P.S. Excuse the crappy pics. I promise to do a full review of the pen with better pictures. I just want my tenth grade final exams to finish as soon as possible. Also the nib looks a bit like an oblique in the photo but believe me its not. Take care, Adit Kamath
  5. I have seen various videos about modifying this pen for big line variation. So I thought I would try it out. I made some mistakes and discovered some stuff that may be of interest. I put it all in a video.
  6. thewiccaman

    Jinhao 159 Orange

    (If I'm out of order posting another Jinhao 159 review so soon after the previous one, I do apologise and am happy for this to be moved/edited, etc as required) I just received my bright orange Jinhao 159 today. I had seen some quote positive things about this model here on FPN so thought I'd try one out. Less than £3, not much to lose. I have attached my review below - apologies for my still-not-improving-handwriting-even-with-all-the-fountain-pen-writing-I-am-doing so hope you can read it ok ... Just one take-away from the review to flag: the nib unit is too fat to fit the hole in the top of the 30ml Diamine bottle I wanted to use to fill the pen with Sherwood Green because why not orange and green!
  7. NitroBobby

    Jinhao 159 - Review

    Having just received my new Jinhao 159 fountain pen, I thought I would share my experience with it! Looks, Fit & Finish: I have to admit that when I ordered this pen, my expections were quite low. How good can a chinese fountain pen be for only 11$ shipping included right? Well, it can be pretty good! Very nice looking black barrel with silver trims. I think this pen could have used a slightly bigger nib, but I'm being picky here. The nib doesn't look disproportionate or out of place. After a thorough inspection, I didn't see any apparent flaws in the finish or the various pieces. I didn't experience the sharp threads that I read about in another review either. This pen doesn't exactly feel luxurious, but it's without doubt a very well made pen, regardless of it's price tag. Here are some pictures of the 159 along with some other pens: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36837501/FPs%20capped.JPG https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36837501/FPs%20uncapped.JPG Writing Experience: First of all, let's make something clear. This is a big pen. Not big enough to use as a baseball bat, but it does feel substantial in both weight and size. I can see how the slightly tapered section could annoy some people, but I don't think it's tapered enough to make it slippery or awkward to hold. Of course, this depends on how you hold your pens. The pen has a nice balance, unless posted, where it becomes a little back heavy. The Jinhao international converter that came with the pen does feel a bit flimsy, but it doesn't leak and is absolutely usable. I might actually fit it into one of my pen that didn't come with one. I flushed the pen with soapy water before using it and loaded a cartridge of home blended Quink Black and Skrip Red with a touch of Waterman Blue. (For those interested, it gives a lovely dark cherry/purple with reddish accents) Now this is where I had the biggest surprise: This thing writes well! The tines are properly aligned as far as I can tell and there is no scratchiness at various angles. It's a very enjoyable pen to write with. It gives a standard "western" medium line. The flow is a bit on the wet side, but it's not a gusher by any means. Very similar to my M200 in terms of flow. The 159's nib is very stiff and it starts railroading pretty quickly if you apply pressure to spread the tines. I didn't experience any skipping while writing. I did have a few small false starts, but I blame the ink and the cheap notebook paper much more than the pen. The writing experience with this pen could be summed up this way: Nothing really exciting, but nothing negative either. Summary: Now I won't try to fool anyone into thinking this pen is better than 100+$ offerings. I doesn't have quite the same feel as my Carene or my M200 for example. But assuming the pen I have is representative of it's siblings, it's hard to match at this price range. A bit too heavy to carry around as a workhorse, but a very nice pen to leave around on the desk to doodle with. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! (Oh and, I made an effort but english isn't my native language so please forgive me if it's not perfect!)
  8. Cyclopentadiene

    Jinhao 159 - Long Term Review

    Hi all, I've had quite a lot of time free at the moment and so have finally got around to making my first review - of the Jinhao 159 pen. It's a pen that has been reviewed before, but as I've been using the pen for over a year now thought it good to share some of my experiences. And so... Introduction: After failing to find a Montblanc 149 at a price I could afford I decided to try to look for alternatives, allowing me to try out the apporximate feel of the giant without leaving such a hole in my wallet. Many brilliant reviews pointed me the way of the Jinhao 159 and so after finding a reputable looking seller on that online auction site I purchased one from china for £7 (a rather handy sum as it's below the value on which import goods are taxed entering the UK). Around two weeks later the pen arrived in red corrugated cardboard box. Not a brilliant nor beautiful box box but considering the price rag, very welcome. Opening the box by lifting the lid reveals the pen... (the box has disappeared into the ether so unfortunately can't photo it!) Appearance and design (6/10): The Jinhao 159 is a large black cigar sharped pen with chrome accents. The pen is styled after the already mentioned Montblanc 149. The clip is steel and is chrome plated. It caries the somewhat gaudy Jinhao Chariot motif in a shield. The cap band is a single ring of what feels to be plastic. Jinhao on one side... 159 on the other... The nib is large and attractive and displays the same chariot design as the of the clip albeit in a more tasteful fashion. The size, shape and overall appearance of the nib fits well with the design of the pen. The black finish leans more towards gloss and is well presented. I've had the pen for over a year now and despite trips out and about without a pen case I can tell of no scratches or rub wear degrading the finish. At the end of the pen there's a faux blind cap ring highlighted by a chrome ring. Construction and quality (7/10): The pen has an excellent feel in the hand. The pen is fairly heavy although I don't have any scales with me for reference. Uncapped it is a tad lighter than that of my Sheaffer Legacy Heritage. This weight largely comes from the inner brass construction of the barrel which gives it a nice heft. The fit and finish of the pen is acceptable for the price point. The barrels brass components could practically be used as a club, they seem so sturdy, but the plastic fittings at the cartridge/converter mechanism feel a little flimsy. As previously mentioned I have had the pen for over a year and haven't found any wear to the finish of the pen, wether it be at the chrome or black lacquer. Weight/Dimensions (9/10): The pens measurements are below. For comparison I've also stated those of its expensive basis the 149, gathered from Richard Binders site (a most useful and otherwise brilliant site). MB149: Length Posted; 170mm Length Capped; 149mm Length Uncapped; 133mm Barrel Diameter; 15.2 mm Jinhao 159: Catagories as above; 164mm, 148mm, 128mm, 150mm I've tried writing posted only a few times with this pen, due to its large size I find posting makes it a little clumsy, but the cap posts securely without seeming to mar the finish. As a note the cap is rather heavy and as such moves the balance rather far back when writing. Nib and Performance (7/10): One of the things that initially attracted me to the pen apart from the size was that it was advertised as available (only as far as I'm aware) with a broad nib. The nib I received performs to my mind as a wet, smooth Medium nib. This of course is a welcome change from the vast majority of chinese budget pens bieng available with fine/extra fine nibs. I was surprised on receiving the pen how well it wrote and am still surprised how well it writes today. Line width is constant with minor variation possible if pushed hard. The nib is labelled 18K GP. I believe I heard on a video review that it has been tested and found incorrect. Regardless the steel nib performs reasonably well and has plenty of tipping material if you're partial to tinkering. The nib performs well on a variety of different papers from regular copier/inkjet stuff to Rhodia and G.Lalo. Good nib for a cheap pen. I'm lead to believe these nibs are friction fit and as such should be easy to clean out, I however just just usually soak the section etc. Filling system and Maintenance (5/10): Filling is by the boring c/c filler mechanism. I got a converter included with mine on purchase. Frankly the converter is actually quite good. Also fits waterman pens as well. The converter is branded Jinhao - again with the ubiquitous chariot logo. I don't have a measuring cylinder with me at the moment but I believe the capacity to be around 0.8ml. Cost and Value (10/10): As mentioned earlier I paid £7 for the pen shipped last year off of eBay. It's damn good value for a 149 mimmic. In fact it's the best value pen I own. I've other cheap chinese pens by Jinhao and Hero but they tend to have significant issues that I won't go into for this review. Conclusion (44/:60) 7.3 When purchasing I expected a well sized pen with an OK nib. In fact it is an excellent tool that I now incorporate into the rotation of pens I take out and about. The nibs are attractive, nice and wet. The pen is well balanced and fairly well built and costs shipped less that a round of drinks (considerable less actually...). My only concern with recommending the pen is that Quality control has been highlighted as an issue. I've heard reports of bad nibs, rubbish feeds and cracking inner caps. Maybe I got lucky but my advice would be to give one a go. If it doesn't cut it as a pen you can use it as a truncheon!
  9. Hello, There's an orange Jinhao 159 fountain pen for sale on alibaba.com here: http://qiangu.en.alibaba.com/product/522615743-200212693/fat_fountain_pen.html The problem is the minimum purchase is 1000 pieces whereas I only want one piece. (The seller has a supply ability of 300000 pieces each month !!) Would any members here know of alternative methods of purchasing, such as via an indigenous Chinese webportal ?
  10. So, recently I was cycling through pens and gave my 159 another go. It worked for me for the past week but today the ink spilled out of the top of the cap and into my leather case. Luckily, I cleaned it up and wrapped it in a cloth for the rest of the day I was at uni. Anyways, my solution was to put silicon grease on the top threads in the case that it would happen again. Then I had a thought. What if I left the clip off? I present to you: Quite beautiful IMHO. Sailor 1911L for comparison. NB: just remember to put silicon grease on the top as although it is tight, I wouldn't trust it to be waterfast.
  11. Received my Jinhao 159 today along with a Goulet 2-tone Medium Nib. Gave the pen a good flush with the feed and everything before attaching on the Goulet Nib. It's a tad lighter than I expected, and the feel of the body doesn't feel quite like my X750s do (they feel like paint on brass/steel), but didn't feel plastic either, I think it's a lacquer of some sort on the barrel.I know inside it appears to be brass or such, just the lacquer or whatever it is caught me off guard in terms of what I expected to feel. Feels good in the hand, but I wouldn't write with the cap posted, and the screw cap is a nice touch, since most of the larger Jinhao pens I've had sometimes have rather stiff snap caps. (though I'd rather it stiff than too loose). http://static.karlblessing.com/pens/jinhao159/marble_full.jpg http://static.karlblessing.com/pens/jinhao159/marble_close.jpg http://static.karlblessing.com/pens/jinhao159/amethyst.jpg I have it inked with Diamine Syrah at the moment. http://static.karlblessing.com/pens/jinhao159/write.jpg
  12. Over the last day or so of using my 159 the tines ended up a bit out of alignment for the first time since I bought it about 3 months or so ago. I just got them aligned again but the line it makes now seems like a broad or flex now. It even railroaded at the end of one stroke. No pictures of the tines but they and the slit look just fine. But here is a pic of some lines I made. No difference in pressure used. This is a medium nib.

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