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  1. So I have been collecting fountain pens for a little over a month now and I think I have quite a good start to the vintage side of things. My first pen was the Pelikan 400 I found in a box in the garage that belonged to a late family friend who passed away in 2009. It's in fantastic condition and an excellent writer. That boosted my interest and now I think I have a pretty good collection! What do you guys think? From left to right" Parker Challenger (pre-war vac filler), Parker Vacumatic (1940s), Conklin Glider (1940s), Pelikan 400 (1950s), Waterman's Ideal 52 1/2 V (Canada 1910s), and a Sheaffer (1970s). Now what to get next?
  2. BayesianPrior

    Some 4:1 Waterman Mixes

    Waterman inks have earned a reputation as 'safe' inks, fit for use in almost any fountain pen. At the same time, Waterman Florida (now Serenity) Blue is one of the standard colours used in writing samples by pen vendors and the colour should be familiar to most fountain pen users. I have bottles of Waterman Florida Blue (pre-rebrand), Waterman Absolute Brown, and Waterman Intense Black. However, I find that I only use them when I am after a specifically 'safe' ink. The colours just don't excite me. Each one has some fault to my eye. Waterman Florida Blue: Wonderful! Rich, intense, sapphire blue as it spreads across the page. Delicious shading. Low maintenance. Who could ask for more in a widely available (and economical) blue ink? Ah yes...but just wait...and that sapphire quickly fades to a washed out, chalky shadow of what it once was. A metaphor for life? Perhaps. What I want from an ink? Not at all. Waterman Absolute Brown: Many people love it. I can't fault it as an ink...I just don't like red-browns. It's too red (pink in a dry nib). Waterman Intense Black: This has been widely documented. You know it, and I know it - this ink isn't really black, so much as a very dark grey with hints of purple. Not fit for purpose as a black given the other options available, if you ask me. And so, in an effort to find a colour that I like so that I can begin to use up these inks, I have mixed the three as below: 4:1 Waterman Florida Blue:Waterman Intense Black A darker shade of blue which retains the shading qualities of its parents. I like it! 4:1 Waterman Florida Blue:Waterman Absolute Brown I mixed a blue and a red-leaning brown and I got purple. Why am I surprised? I really shouldn't be, but I am. Apart from not being my colour of choice, this mix is like writing with sand. Imagine if J Herbin put their mind to making a dry ink. 4:1 Waterman Absolute Brown: Waterman Intense Black A darker chocolately brown with muted red tones and good shading. This one shows promise and I will likely add some more black to my mix and see if a 2:1 blend can't impersonate Diamine Macassar. P.S. The 'index' ink is Diamine Salamander.
  3. Just today I spent $87.50 for a Waterman Gentleman (which includes free shipping) after comparing prices to the other ones being sold on eBay. The one I bought is burgundy lacquer with a medium "Ideal" nib. Interestingly, in my perusing of the 'Bay I came across a picture of a dozen Waterman Gentlemen(!) being sold en masse, in a Waterman box, no less. The pen which caught my eye immediately was the blue lacquer Gentleman with what I call "gold splotches." These splotches aren't specks or flecks but amoeba-size (enlarged a few hundred times) patches of gold. Whether they are comprised of real gold (as in gold leaf) or just a gold-colored metal of some sort, I do not know. What I do know is that I'd like to get a hold of one of those pens (not the box of 12, mind you, but a single blue-and-gold-splotched Gentleman)! Can anybody lead me in the right direction? Does the finish of the pen in question have a particular name? By the way, the box of pens which is still listed on the 'Bay for $2k and is numbered 3913 7994 9239. The blue and gold-splotched one is easy to spot; it's the seventh from the left. Thanks for whatever help you can render.
  4. I bought a beautiful sterling Waterman Gentleman, medium nib, on eBay a couple months ago. I like the pen, but it skips badly. It turns out to be a display model, so has a special non-functioning dummy feed for pens that were not supposed to be sold. So I can get the pen working if I can locate a real feed - but where can I find one? I'd like to avoid spending a fortune simply to get a usable feed. I'd also like to avoid a long wait for a feed to show up on eBay. Is there any hope Waterman can supply one? Also, I'll bet the feed for a Gentleman is the same as for some other Waterman pens, but which pens are a match?
  5. sidthecat

    Ebay And The Limits Of Desire

    There's been a Waterman 52 up on eBay this week: an average pen with what looks like an incredible nib. Impossibly flexy, and accompanied with a page of calligraphy that I couldn't reproduce if I sat in a scriptorium for a decade. I dropped out at $400.00 and the bidding has only gotten fiercer - it'll probably go for at least six bills. I've made many stupid purchases in my time, but I couldn't make myself step over that threshold. HOWEVER... There was another pen on eBay, with a very similar nib. It didn't have the gorgeous writing sample, but I got curious and asked the seller (who's in Spain...how did this thing get there?) if he could produce a writing sample. He did one, blobby and feathered on cheap paper, but the nib! I'm not saying it's as good as the one that's currently rising to the monetary stratosphere, but it looks awfully close and It's going to cost me half as much. It's an old 42 Safety, and I'm probably going to vandalize it by swapping nibs with one of my ringtops so I can make it useful. I can do it for that price and not feel bad about it, as I might otherwise. Moral: be a pest. Ask the guy in Spain to write a bit and send you some snaps.
  6. I just received Waterman Edson. Its a great pen but the nib was oozing brown sealant (shellac?) A bit disappointing for the pen in this price range. Does any one knows if its okay to clean it in the ammonia solution-? waterman recommends only cold water..
  7. samba

    Waterman Carene Inlaid Nib

    Hi all, Recently I came to know that waterman carene inlaid nib leaks.Is it true?Can anybody give me any sort of evidence of leaking?Thanks all. Samba
  8. samba

    Waterman Harley Davidson Pen

    Hi, I've no clear idea about waterman harley davidson fp.Can anybody give me some information?I saw some online company selling waterman harley davidson fp ,but they mentioned the brand as "srpc".What brand is this? Thanks. Samba
  9. ThePenCollector1

    Is This A Fake ?

    My cousin purchased this Waterman fountain pen, which from the style looks like a hemisphere. On further inspection, it appears to me to be a really good replica. I've come to this decision as there were a few differences to my hemisphere. I would really like to establish if this is a replica, or an older style of the hemisphere. Muavia
  10. Did you know that the 1990's Waterman Patrician was made in a 0.7 mm pencil as well as a ballpoint pen and fountain pen? I did not, until recently, as I had never seen a Waterman Patrician pencil list in any catalogs, on display in any pen stores, or listed on eBay. When I was in graduate school, I had enjoyed looking at the various pens, that I could not afford and could only dream about owning, in various pen stores. In all my visits to pen stores, I had never seen a pencil to match the Waterman Patrican fountain pen and ballpoint pen. A few years ago, I decided to buy a new old stock blue Waterman Patrician ballpoint pen listed on eBay. Although I would use it from time to time, this ballpoint pen always felt incomplete as it did not have a matching pencil; I like ballpoint pens to be paired with their matching pencils. Now, my pen is complete: I found a listing on eBay for a blue Waterman Patrician pencil, complete with papers and original Cherry wood box, which had been owned by a collector. Since I had always wanted a matching pencil for my beautiful blue Waterman Patrician ballpoint pen, I bought it. Here are my newly paired Waterman Patrician ballpoint pen and pencil. Don't they look lovely together? : )
  11. croccanova

    Hello From Southern California!

    Hello! Craig here from Orange County California! I am extremely new to the world of fountain pens but I found it in a really cool way. When I was young, I had a family friend who gave me unique Christmas and birthday gifts. I received a LeBoeuf pencil one year and the next was a sterling silver dip pen. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2008 from a long battle with lung cancer. He was a world traveler, and hailed originally from Portugal. Now 8 years later we are still finding things he collected. Digging around in an old box, I pulled out 3 pens. A green Celluloid Pelikan 400 from the 50s, an all stainless French made Waterman, and a mid-70s Sheaffer. This was on July 25th. Now just a few weeks later, I have a TWSBI Mini, a Noodler's Konrad, a Vintage Conklin Glider, and have just picked up a Waterman's 52 1/2 V! I feel like I am just getting started and at 28 years old, I have tons more collecting to do! I look forward to learning as much as I can from this community! Attached is all of my pens/pencils. The 1935 Mickey Mouse pencil was also in that box! Hope everyone has a great August! Cheers! -Craig
  12. capillaryAction

    Help Me Id This Vintage Waterman

    Pictures from an eBay auction I'm eying http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/NQgAAOSwtnpXo6no/s-l1600.jpg http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/7bgAAOSw3xJXo6nf/s-l1600.jpg http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/QucAAOSwt7ZXo6nF/s-l1600.jpg Potential clues Thin band on capSemi translucent red with streaks of greenLever in 1 pieceBlack sectionFeed with fins Could someone give me some hints as to what Waterman it is, esp. its age and likelihood for flex nib? Thanks
  13. mohmlet

    Resac A Waterman C/f Converter?

    My latest 1960s Waterman came in the mail today (my first actual C/F) and the sac in the converter that came with it has sadly long-since gone hard and crumbly. As I was able to successfully disassemble it without destroying it, I'm hoping to be able to put a new sac in there and get it up and running. After all, the C/F converters I already have aren't going to last forever, and my old Watermans are my absolute favorites. Has anyone else done this and had it work? If so, what size sac did you use?
  14. ... not in the accounting sense but as a competition? Although I have yet to try seriously all the pens I own let alone more coming in, there were already a two or three about which I was thinking that, maybe, they lacked a long term future in my hands so perhaps I should decide which (if any) I could sell sooner rather than later? To this end I inked a few, not all of those under consideration for moving along, and set about a "write-off". That did not work. I liked all of them. Maybe I could discard one on aesthetics? No, the most boring one had a lovely, very fine yet somewhat flexible nib which wrote lightly and easily in the hand. I am back to the longer term approach; see which ones do not get brought back into rotation so much, and to get to there I need to use them all for a while. Have you ever tried any sort of method to determine what you might keep or what you might sell or pass on? What was the result of that?
  15. Iguana Sell

    Last Waterman Ombres & Lumières

    The successful Special Edition collection that celebrates Waterman's french heritage is becoming discontinued soon! The elegant black and white design of this collection gets inspiration from Parisian mesmerising lights at night and expresses Paris' chicness. The line which was available in Carène, Expert, Perspective and Hémisphère is the perfect accessory to match a sophisticated style. Some of this Special Edition treasures still remain at Iguana Sell: Expert fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/waterman-expert-ombres-lumieres-fountain-pen-lacquer-chrome-trim Carène ballpoint: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/waterman-carene-ombres-lumieres-ballpoint-pen-lacquer-special-edition For further information do not hesitate but contact us via info@iguanasell.com Get your chance to enjoy this Special Edition!
  16. Iguana Sell

    New Waterman Sets

    Waterman lovers, the brand has launched three new sets for this summer! All sets include a fountain pen or ballpoint plus an iconic Waterman blue leather case! The fountain pen set: Part of the Expert line, the fountain pen features the cigar-shaped silhouette and Parisian style. Made of blue and black laquer, trims are chrome and the nib available in F and M is stainless steal. Make sure to check out the elegant striped pattern on the cap! The ballpoint pen sets: Both are part of the famous Carène line, in Waterman's blue iconic laquer and feature the same elegant shape inspired on a luxury boat. The difference? You can check it out on trims and cap. While ref 1955313 has chrome trims and the same striped pattern on the cap as the fountain pen The more exclusive 1955316 is adorned with PVD trims and the iconic wavy Carène pattern. Waterman New 2016 Sets: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=waterman+set These sets make this summer's perfect gift! What do you think? Below you will find some pictures of this unique novelties!
  17. Ray_NEMBFV

    How To Fill This?

    Mailman again. It's a Waterman, but I've never seen an eye dropper like this. I presume I know the answer to this, but I'll ask anyway since I'm out of ideas. I need a syringe, right? I'm a diabetic and I had to order a stupid syringe from Goulet! - I switched to pens two years ago, don't even has an emergency stash. I dipped it and the flex is fun. I just gotta fill it. I'm open to any ideas that won't ruin my wife's carpet...
  18. Hi everyone, I'm still a fountain pen newbie, and I had a question about a Waterman pen! The grip seems to have been worn out and damaged, but I'm not even sure if the pen is in working condition, or what I can do to start it up or fix it, so any help is really appreciated! I've taken a few pictures to help, but if any more are needed I can definitely take more. I know it's a Waterman, and it must have been a promotion with Courvoisier, judging by the name and logo on the pen. I tried searching the internet, but I couldn't find anything about the pen. The nib is very nice and looks to be in pretty good condition so I'd love to get it up and working if I can! I wasn't able to upload the photos directly to my media, so I hope a Photobucket album is okay. https://s1075.photobucket.com/user/jesscurr/library/Waterman%20Courvoisier Thank you!
  19. I'm starting to look at my next FP acquisition. My favorites now are my Sailors (1911s naginata togi, a Sapporo, and a Pro gear) followed closely by my Pelikan M400 and Platinum Nice Pur. I really like the look of the Waterman Carene but have never had a Waterman before. I also really like the new matte blue Pilot VP and this years Platinum Kaweguchi. And of course, I would never turn my nose up at another Sailor or Pelikan.
  20. First of all, I've gained Rishi's (T2MR guy) permission to post this video here. As he is very busy with his work, I am sharing this link here. Glare India, after successfully launching Glare Pens, have come up with the Glare Inks. They come in not just a handful, but 15 different ink colors. You can view all of them in the following video: Now, these inks seem to be of fairly high quality as the flow and ink saturation both look very good. They come in plastic bottles (something i don't prefer, and can see the reasons why plastic bottles is the future) and carry 60 mls of ink. Also, the quality (of the bottle) looks better than that of Krishna Inks. I will order the New Ochre bottle from their ebay store (for Rs.250 i.e. $4) and hope it would not disappoint me. I've talked personally to Rishi, and he seems to be fairly impressed by the inks. And finally - This video is a proof of the hardwork that this guy puts in his every video. His mobile review videos are bringing him a lot of notice (and subscribers). And i hope he doesn't stop reviewing fountain pens. We need people like him to review fountain pens related stuff.
  21. Hello, i'm trying to remove the back part of a Waterman 42 1/2v with a gold overlay and i'm having some trouble. I know this part is screwed in in the barrel and sealed with shellac and i know that i must use heat in order to soften the shellac, his is not the first Waterman 42 that i take apart. The problem is that, even if i use enough heat to make the overlay scorching, i'm still not able to unscrew the part. Any advice?
  22. northstar

    Waterman Le Man 100 Sterling Silver

    I got this pen just recently among other pens, I was totally amazed by its beauty and wanted to share few pictures with you all, hope you will enjoy. Best regards. Return it? Is this guy drunk or what???
  23. Sailor Kenshin

    Classic Penmaker Inks: Wet Or Dry?

    Having finally stuck my toe in the water of pen restoration, I need to pick a Test Ink. Here are the ones I have available right now, and I'd like to know which run wet, and which run dry. Skrip (Slovenia) Blue Skrip (Slovenia) Blue-Black Parker Quink Blue-Black Parker Quink Black Waterman Florida Blue (which, I freely admit, I'm kinda hoarding) Waterman Blue-Black (ditto) Waterman South Seas Blue (yup, the same) Waterman Black I have some Pelikan inks but I already know they're dry. Thanks for any insight!
  24. Yesterday i've found this little Waterman's Ideal 42 1/2v at a flea market. The only imprint it has - except from the date and the initials which i think were made from the original owner - is "Waterman's Ideal 18 K.R." on the cap and "42 1/2V" on the twisting knob. The nib is a #2 made in USA, so i can suppose the rest of the pen is made in USA too. Can someone tell me more about the kind of gold overlay of the pen? There are no hallmarks of any kind, can i assume it is rolled gold?
  25. http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii33/mmmcosta/Watches/Kindle%20amp%20Carene_zpsejfvwtd3.jpg

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