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  1. I was gifted a Waterman expert. After a thorough cleaning, with pen flush, I was finally able to test it out with some Waterman Intense Black. It has trouble starting, consistent trouble, but once it gets going it's fine. I understand that baby's bottom might be the cause, but sometimes the same thing happens even when I'm bearing down with a fair amount of pressure. If something is wrong with the pen, how do I go about fixing it?
  2. 04envy

    Help Identify Waterman

    Hey everyone, new here. My father gave me a pen a while back and I am trying to identify it. Pics are below. The refill in it is from Office Depot and is SKU #323-566.
  3. Hi everyone. I picked up this pen at a flea market today and I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify it. After searching around the interwebs, it looks like it's a Waterman Carene rollerball but the clip has an emblem on it. I'm not sure if this is some kind of corporate personalization or what? I don't even know if this is a legit Waterman. I don't own any others and don't have much experience with them. I've included a few pictures here. Sorry for the horrible photos. The pen body is blue with a black grip section.The cap is silver with a gold clip Thanks for any guidance!
  4. doctor_nick

    Waterman Identification

    I have a Waterman Ideal retractable both barrel and cap are marked 14kt. There are some markings on the bottom of the barrel which are pictured. Can you help me identify and date this pen?
  5. toddatkins

    Needed: Waterman Patrician Section

    Cracked and broke the section on my Patrician. Yowch. It's the red/maroon one. Can't find a replacement anywhere. The NIB and the feed are fine, I just need a section itself. Looked all around the net and check with fivestarpens, and can't seem to find a replacement. Either red or black would do! If anyone can help, it would be appreciated!
  6. strelnikoff

    Waterman 58 Restoration

    Hi Waterman experts and aficionados! Can you please advise on really good and reputable Waterman's pen(s) restoration/repair person? Explanation: I presume it would be equally appropriate to ask/post this question in Repair and... etc - group on this forum, but this is Waterman specific question - thus I feel more comfortable asking here first. I have recently bought one Waterman 58 - and to date, this is my ... rarest, biggest, most precious Waterman pen. I'm still waiting for the package, it should be in my hands in a few days. From what I was told by a seller, it belonged to her grandfather who was a book-keeper and the pen was, understandably, his prized possession. He rarely used it, but given that he got the pen after high school, after several (six or seven) decades - it can be considered well used. The seller is not a pen person, thus - no information on general condition. Through photos I have deduced few things. I anticipate some work would be necessary, changing the sac and cleaning of the pen and the nib - the least of it. In any other case - I would do this myself. However - it is Waterman 58. The nib may need some attention, some polishing and... well, this pen deserves a proper work by someone who has experience. So, please suggest whom should I get in touch with? There are several names being mentioned in several posts on this forum, but no feedback to who is the right person to take care of Waterman 58 for an example. Thank you! P.S. as soon as I receive the pen, I'll post few photos ... for "before"
  7. The pen in the picture was given to me in December 1990 when I was working for Bull, which is a French computer company. The pen is a Waterman and is in what were then the corporate colours. It came with a single cartridge and I used it till the cartridge ran out and then it languished in its box at the back a drawer until Friday when I found it again. I managed to get a bit of Quink blue into the cartridge and it wrote pretty well. I've now bought some Waterman cartridges & a convertor so I can use it regularly. Does anyone have any idea which Waterman it's based on?
  8. BlkWhiteFilmPix

    Waterman In Douglas Kennedy Novel

    Douglas Kennedy's novel Temptation describes the Waterman Edson as "the Ferrari of writing instruments." When he moved back to Manhattan, he had an Omas pen and a Moleskine NB. https://therealdeal.com/2015/01/10/inside-the-home-of-author-douglas-kennedy/
  9. Wondering if anyone has information on where to send an almost 20 year old Waterman Ball Pen for repair. This pen is very special, given to me as a gift and heavily used (as you can tell from the picture). I believe this is a Waterman Hemisphere Ball Pen (Model 22002W?), not a 100% sure... The twisting mechanism is broke, it no longer twists (almost as if the inner tube snapped off from the main tube). Thanks Craig
  10. Hello, I'm new around here but not new to the world of fountain pens. I own two Waterman pens, a red & gold Hemisphere and another that was bought as "New Old Stock" called a School pen which has a plastic body and a 27k gold nib (I know, 27? Who ever heard of 27k?). I only use Waterman ink in these two pens as after reading every sentence of the literature that came with my Hemisphere I learned that to use any other ink would void my warranty. It's a good thing I read that because my pen stopped writing vertical lines not long after I bought it and I had to send it in for repairs. They replaced the entire front of the pen. Anyway, my point: My pen is now out of warranty and I'd like some suggestions on some high-quality inks I can use in my Waterman without any problems. I'm specifically looking for pink, but all suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi. In two weeks time I will be sitting seven exams where I will need to write some 5000 words in 2 1/2 hours. I want to buy the Waterman Carene, would you recommend the Fine or Medium? Currently, I've been using the Hemisphere (Fine) for the past four years but I found it scratchy and quite slow, my handwriting can get quite large when writing quickly which makes it a little tiring Thank you
  12. strelnikoff

    Nib Crack On Waterman 42 Safety

    Hello everyone, I have recently bought a vintage Waterman 42. I have bought it through some youngster from apparently an original owner (a man in his 80's) and instantly fell in love with the pen. Outside, the pen seemed in decent shape. I bought it cheap, knowing that there will be some work on it. My first problem was - and still is - this pen was probably never serviced, the cork was dry, but - with some soaking, I have managed to start using it (today). However, immediately I have noticed that someone was obviously tried to straighten the tines, probably that "know it all" youngster. And to my horror - I've noticed that one tine has a crack. Please see below (I tried to take as best photo as I could). Does anyone here knows - who or where can I send this pen - to have this crack repaired??? And more than anything - is it possible to repair this crack? Please help!
  13. Gurutiro

    Waterman Kultur - Lara Croft Set

    Ever since I owned a Playstation 1, my father bought me the game Tomb Raider in order to quench my thirst of adventures. When I saw that Waterman had made a special collection with the video game franchise, it became necessary for me to own them. These were manufactured in 1999, but most of the original brochures depicting this information has been lost (or the owners do not wish to communicate this information.) Completing the set was a search of 9 months, it all came about to 80e. Some came in boxes, others not. I do not care much for that since I do not plan on selling them again. I'm sharing the photos here, because it was hard for me to find a photo of the complete set when I was looking for them. There are 4 colours: green, blue, brown and red. All the pens in my set are F nibs, I do not know if they came in another size. All write very smoothly and lay down a wet line depending on the ink. http://i.imgur.com/jhva8qJ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/1s3C05F.jpg http://i.imgur.com/vpIjCOB.jpg http://i.imgur.com/iM2FMVe.jpg
  14. Hey everyone, I was looking for some help with identification of waterman ballpoint pen that I've got as a gift like 10 years ago
  15. sundragon

    Waterman 52 Ink Changes Color

    Hi all, I have the weirdest issue. It's happened twice so I'm totally confused. Newly purchased pen. I've rinsed the sac with water till it runs totally clear, no tint... Inked with Inferno Red wrote with it for an hour nothing weird, then about 24 hours later, it's turned dark brown totally changed color. I rinsed out the sack with plain water till it ran clear and used a Sargasso Sea ink with no issues for about a week. Cleaned it out with plain water till it ran clean and then tried Arizona sunset. Wrote with it about 4 hours ago went to dinner, got home and tried it again and boom, it's a dark orange... When I clean, I use plain water and I fill the pen and empty it repeatedly till it runs clear. I can't believe there is any residue in the pen from previous inking. Question: If the sac is leaking wouldn't the pen leak from the lever or show some evidence?
  16. sharmangordon

    Hello From Concord, California

    Hello! I am delighted to find this site and resource! I am a certified Apple technician who has an appreciation for well crafted, hand made items. I recently acquired a Waterman Ideal 0512 ½ VP pen and it has piqued my curiosity. I am looking forward to learning about these pens and sharing what I find with others. Thank you!
  17. Hello All, I recently purchased a Waterman 52 BCHR that was restored before purchase. It writes very well, no flow problems/railroading but it does something weird. I can write a couple of pages and then it acts like it's running out of ink in mid sentence. The first time, I figured it had run out (surprisingly in a short time) but when I pulled the fill lever over the sink, it sprayed quite a bit of ink. I figured it was an aberration. Fast forward, I flushed it with water and filled it again with a different ink. I've again written a few pages and it started drying out in mid sentence. I remembered the first time and I gently lifted the lever a couple of mm and it sprayed ink. Now it's writing again... It's not like it's a hard start caused by a nib drying out it's in mid sentence and it fades, then railroads, and stops writing all together. What causes this? I know it's an old pen but it's pretty simple design. Could the sack be twisted? Is there a way to fix it?
  18. fullfederhalter

    Can You Identify This Pen?

    I've paged through Google images without success to find this Waterman pen. It has a matte black metal barrel and cap, with a steel nib. Obviously a lower end pen, but a very smooth writer. Thanks!
  19. ADEMiller

    Waterman Nib Identification

    Hey guys! I picked up this nib in a Waterman 12 eyedropper for $1.50 (missing the cap) I have it fit in a Noodler's nib creaper for the time being. I would like to know exactly what this nib is... It at least resembles the artist nibs that I have seen (that also tend to be in the 12s) does anyone have an exact ID? The curvature seems to be a bit different that the other artist nibs I've seen... It's a wet noodle for sure. Please pardon my crappy flex writing. Photos shortly
  20. While nowadays I rarely use Waterman fountain pens I usually recommend them to those interested in getting first “true” fountain pen. My adventure with fountain pens started with battered Waterman Hemisphere that I found on the street. You can’t blame me for the fact I have warm feelings toward the brand. On second though though I guess I should blame them. I would have much more money if I hadn’t found this pen and started to dig into the hobby. Waterman Expert is one of two most popular Waterman pens (the other one being Waterman Hemisphere). It’s available in variety of finishes. The one I’m going to present is called City Line and was available in four colors. Differences between different Expert series and lines are mostly cosmetic and limited to lacquer / material finish. This pen has a classic, simple look that I find appealing. It’s not stunning or unique but I would say it looks rather nice and elegant. The feel in the hand is solid and full metal body gives it a nice heft. The design is fairly simple and classic – the body is thick in the middle and tapers smoothly to each end. The end of the cap has an inset – shiny chrome disk set at a shallow angle. Shiny clipshaped like a man necktie has a slit in the middle. It’s stiff but functional. Personally I never use clips and never post pens chances are you’ll enjoy this one. The chevron pattern on the barrel isn’t textured. It’s printed (?). It looks nice to my eyes. I think it’s one of better Expert finishes. Nib Text written with Diamine Sepia on Clairefontaine Triomphe paper. Quote comes from great fantasy (grimdark) book: Before they are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie. Stainless steel nib performs very well on variety of papers. The nib is marked as fine and I think it’ leaves finer line than Lamy or Pelikan fine nibs. City Line Expert nibs are less minimalistic than Expert III nibs – there’s a hexagon that surrounds the “W” on the nib and “Waterman” name underneath. Personally I don’t think it’s particularly nice nib. It delivers and that’s all that need to be said. Forget aboul line variation and softness, though. This one is rather rigid. Filling system Well, Waterman doesn’t experiment a lot with filling systems. Expert line, as most of their pens, uses converters and cartridges. Dimensions The pen weighs 30g. It’s 142 mm closed, 126 mm uncapped, 152 mm posted. Summary Waterman knows how to make a fountain pen. I’ll try to describe Waterman Expert in few words: balanced, with comfortable grip., not too heavy, not too light. Also reliable. I’m prety sure you’ll easily find better pens on the market. On the other hand I believe that Expert line, especially if you’ll find one on sale, offers very good price / what you get ratio. I like this pen. I don’t use is as often as I could but I have way too many fountain pens to play with and this one usually looses with Omas Ogiva Alba or Visconti Opera. Or Sailor Black Luster. It’s good pen, really. It’s just a little boring
  21. Right out of the gate, went to the Ohio Pen Show, my very first pen show, and I found my grail pen: a Waterman 100 Year in red. On top of that, it had the box and a pencil (which I didn't even know about). And at a great price! Had a BLAST! And now I wanna go to bigger shows and get more! But I just had to share my new baby with everyone. Now, need to find my next grail pen.....
  22. sidthecat

    A Prize From The L A Pen Show

    My specialty seems to be buying filthy, battered pens and keeping nibmeisters in provender. This one was lurking in a case next to something that turned out to be a very tarnished Mabie Todd. I bought that one, too, but that's another forum. It's a 452 1/2 V with a pattern I've never seen before, but it had a bad crack at the barrel end which my jeweler has skillfully repaired. Perhaps someone knows what this pattern's called? Pictures below:
  23. antichresis

    Waterman Kultur Cartridge Compatibility

    Hi guys, would you know if international long cartridges can fit the Kultur? Particularly Pelikan Giant cartridges? Only short Waterman cartridges are available where I live.
  24. Hi, I have a Waterman Expert II that I have been using as my main pen in the past 4-5 years for work. It is a very nice and smooth pen out of the box. One day I come and the nib was horribly bent. I'm not sure exactly how this happened.. perhaps I dropped it without noticing, but I think it's more likely that someone took it and bent it :/ I took it to repair it, but I got it back and while it works, it still feels very scratchy. I think at this point it's better if replace the nib entirely as it was really really badly bent. Now the nib has some gold on it, I think. I haven't actually bought the pen (it was a gift) so I wouldn't know, but that looks like gold to me on the nib. So I can't just replace it with some random nib. I would much rather get a new official Waterman nib. How can I go about doing that? What are my options? Is nib replacement something that any average joe can do, or should it be left to the experts? Also, what sort of prices am I supposed to expect? Also, since this pen is somewhat old (90s, I believe), can I still find nibs for it? Or do modern Waterman nibs work on this one? The other issue I'm having is that the UAE doesn't have a Waterman service center, but there are distributors, so if I need to send the pen for replacing the nib I'd probably have to send it all the way to France. As there isn't much of a fountain pen community here, I can't really ask anyone, so apologies if this is a giant newbie question.
  25. Hello there!! Hopefully some might be able to help me with an ID of my Waterman My mother bought it YEARS ago, and I just found it after going through storage. I know it's worth something, but I'm having a problem identifying the *exact* model. There are similar pens around, but they are much thinner and shorter because they've all got #2 nibs, and this one has a #10. I've written to Waterman, but have yet to hear anything. I have seen other eyedroppers, but they do not have the overlay. Apparently, according to one guy, there were only 3 made in this era? Who knows if that's correct. Sincerely can't find any information on this one- or maybe I just don't know/can't find where to look? Here are the characteristics: - Thick/fat body and cap - 6.5" long - Warn off "20" with a circle on the base of the body - Hard Rubber body and cap (probably black before, now looks dark chocolate) - Sterling Silver overlay - Trefoil Vine pattern (1907-1923) - "Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen" and "Sterling." engraved (crookedly) on silver - Clip Cap on lower half of cap (not in middle like on other, shorter similar pens) - "Clip-Cap; Sterling; IDEAL; PAT Sep. 26.05" engraved - Nib #10 - "Waterman's; IDEAL; Reg US; Pat. Off.; 10; Made In; USA" engraved If anyone could help me regarding this model of pen, it would be greatly appreciated!

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