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  1. I'm a college student that got hooked or you could say got hit by the curiosity with fountain pens. The last several years I've been studying and since money was tight was satisfied with writing with the pens I already obtained. I already have a thread going on over in the nibs and tines section regarding my hunt for a flexy pen, but also am thinking about a different next pen as well. I should say I haven't decided which pen I will get first and there will be a significant amount of time in-between purchases. I will list the pens I already own as a jumping off point into a discussion of sorts I'm seeking surrounding my hunt for that "next" pen. Pens I own: Lamy 2000 - Fine Lamy Safari - Medium and 1.1 Stub Twsbi Eco - Broad and 1.1 Stub Pilot Metro - Medium, Fine, and 1.0 Stub Faber Castell Loom - Medium Jinhao x450 - Medium Goulet Churchmans Prescriptor - 1.1 Stub Conklin Crescent Filler Demo - 1.1 Stub My last pen purchase was the Lamy 2000 back in 2017. Actually the bulk of my pen purchases occurred at the start of my addiction to pens lol. Anyways the Lamy 2000 was my first big purchase and it really solidified how great it feels to write with a pen that truly speaks to you. I've learned as I grow in the hobby and learn more about pens that one pen isn't necessarily better than another pen; they just provide different experiences. I write with each one of my pens more so than others but nonetheless I reach for each one of my pens when I want to experience that unique experience that only that specific pen can offer. I'll admit my Lamy 2000 gets the most use, it's my favorite among all my pens. Time has passed and I'm starting to get that affinity again and looking at what else I can expose myself too. Here are some possibilities that I'm looking towards for my next possible pen in no particular order. Platinum 3776 Pelikan M200 / M400 Pilot Vanishing Point / Custom 823 / Custom 74 / Custom 912 Edison Collier Franklin Christoph Model 19, 20, 02, Parker 51 Waterman Caréne Diplomat Aero Sailor 1911 / Sailor Pro Gear I'll also admit price is a factor in that the ones I'm leaning towards seem to be easier to find deals, the Platinum's, Pilots, and Sailors especially. I think you can tell I'm honing in on sub $300 in terms of price. I'm leaning towards one of the pens listed with a gold nib, because I enjoyed the gold nib on my lamy 2000 and would like to experience other pens with gold nibs. At some point I probably will own all those pens listed, but for time being I'm leaning towards: Sailor 1911 or Pro Gear Platinum 3776 Pilot Vanishing Point / Custom 823 / Custom 74 / Custom 912 Pelkian m400 Waterman Caréne. Feel free to suggest other pens that you think I should definitely consider. So the discussion I'm hoping to generate is whats that gold nib pen that you think someone who hasn't experienced should definitely take a look at?
  2. Autiflip

    Identifying Some Waterman Pens

    Hello there, I have found a couple of "old" Waterman pens and I would really like to know the model names and if possible the age. Many thanks in advance!
  3. KiltedKrafts

    Waterman Taperite Nibs

    Hi all, first post here. I bought a taperite citation with the hooded nib that needs restoring, but the nib needs replacing. I have been scouring the web for months trying to find a replacement with no success. Having to guess at the nib description as all the engraving says is ‘made in england’ or some such. I have bought other taperites with the intention of nicking their nibs, but they are always in good condition and very saleable, so it would simply leave me with yet another pen needing a nib. Can anyone point me to a nib or provide an accurate description of the nib model so i can continue my search without going bald too quickly? i apologies if i am in the forum, feel free to moderate me. many desperate thanks in advance, Dave C.
  4. Hello, I am wondering how rare is that pen, becouse it has been hard to find information, and the pen itself, apart from the history that I guess all waterman lovers know about it which is that the Waterman 13 Stanhope is a legendary rarity; made to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Waterman factory and produced exclusively for friends and personal customers of Frank D.Waterman's owner. The small viewer made with a magnifying glass and a microscopic photo shows the Waterman building in New York. I would like to know whether that is just a legend or there are any information about that, and I would like to know how many of that model were made, and whether if the model was only produced exclusively for friend and personal customers of Frank D. Waterman as the history tells. Anyone knows why to commemorate the 35th anniversary? Here there are some pics of the actually pen. Thank you in advance for your answers. Happy New year.
  5. Hello, My handle is Doc13. I have my grandmothers Waterman “Skywriter” made in Canada. It has a pump lever for the bladder/reservoir, so I would like to restore it to working order. I also came across a bottle of Scripts ink she used and it was sealed enough that it is still half full of ink. I feel blessed with this find and want to treat the family treasure with the respect it deserves. Any advice would be appreciated. Doc13
  6. Hi there, A few weeks ago I bought a set of Waterman Exception on eBay. According to the seller they were new and never been used. He is not a pen seller and does not know a lot about the pens. Now time to time I have the problem that the nib section comes loose when I try to remove the cap. When I slightly apply downwards or upwards pressure to the barrel and then pull the barrel to remove the cap, the it is OK, but if I pull the barrel directly, most of the time half of the nib section is staying in the cap. I have a photo of it. As you can see in the photo; the black part of the nib section is stucking inside the cap and the golden ring section is coming loose. I have to push it back and then apply downwards or upwards pressure to the barrel and applying pressure pull it back. Anyone any idea how to fix this problem? kind regards, Byte
  7. KingRoach

    Waterman Model And Nib Removal

    Hi all. What precise model and year is this pen, and which direction should the feed be knocked out? I suppose you knock it from the back so it comes out from the nib-side? I'm asking because I have some unfinished business with this nib and I need to settle the score with it outside. Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards
  8. Waltz For Zizi

    The Better One

    If anyone has both pens Between the Parker Premier (the modern one, with a push cap) and the Waterman l'etalon, which one has the better built quality? (since both have similar nibs and feeds) I heard something about the Premier that the clip breaks easy on them. Which would you recommend as build quality goes?
  9. sidthecat

    Ringtop Waterman Dripping

    I was writing with one of my Watermans: a 52 1/2v with a Medium nib, when ink started to POUR out of the nib. I looked around on the repair forum for a cause, and the best suggestion was a catastrophic sac failure. A peculiarity of Los Angeles air is that its corrosive to rubber, so this is a plausible idea. But I thought Id throw it out to the knowledge base: any other ideas? Many thanks.
  10. I happened upon some new-old-stock bottles of "Waterman's Permanent Blue Black" ink. They were in pristine condition, and the cap sealing was good such that no ink appears to have evaporated. I see no precipitate or any other issues. The ink has a chemical scent I can't quite identify accurately, but it makes me think of paint and art supplies, for the lack of better description. I don't know if this ink has any amount of iron gall or not, but I suspect it has a small amount. If anyone wishes to contribute to this ink's description and dating, it would be great. The bottle has the following embossed on the underside: There are no visible dates on the bottle or the carton, but the following is stamped on the inner side of one of the carton flaps in black ink with silver shimmer--and it's difficult to read. Box #1: Box #2: The ink itself goes down on the page in a cool-toned (with a very slight purple tinge) hue of medium saturation and then dries to a muted very slightly teal-tinted blue. The color change is gradual over the next day or so to what you see on the photographs. The final color of the ink is quite consistent with the bottle cap. I can't explain why that is, but, subjectively, the color of this ink feels just right to me -- a classic. The water resistance test was a wash under running water, 3 days after the writing was done. I really like the look of the paper towel "chromatography" -- medium blue fading to slightly more cyan vintage light blue to almost cream. The more ink is concentrated, the more the blue is shifted toward green, as can be seen on the Col-o-Ring card. There is some red-magenta sheen. Not sure if I am going to hold on to both bottles yet--I got them out of curiosity, but it turned out that the ink inside was surprisingly good. And the bottle, along with the carton, look great on my desk. That "19 cents" printed price
  11. theodore94

    Info On Solid Gold Waterman C/f

    I have my eye on a solid gold Waterman C/F, but the seller doesn't have much information. Does anyone know when they were made, if there's anything special about the solid gold ones, how much they tend to go for?
  12. sidthecat

    Puzzle Pen

    Heres a little oddity: this little ringtop has a detachable cap that fits over the cap - it pulls off to reveal a ringless top. Perhaps the owner wished to cover all the bases, whatever those bases were. Anyone seen this thing in the catalogues, or is it a one-off?
  13. Ignore the pen at the top of the picture, it was an easy one to figure out. The quill at the bottom has a number 2 nib, double bands top and bottom, and the extension at the opposite end as the nib screws in and out. For a basic test, I dipped it, but did not flex too hard because the nib is untuned and is a bit toothy yet. Unsurprisingly, the sac is toast, it is very hard. The body (the length between the section and the screw in extension) is 3 and 5/16th long. The length from nib tip to tapered end is 8 inches long. The base is gold veined black marble with green felt underneath with the Waterman label.
  14. Hello! I purchased a Gothic gold Waterman 52 1/2V from Ebay some time back. Upon opening the package, I was greeted with a strong smell similar to paint thinner. I sighed and immediately checked the section and barrel. Sure enough, I saw a clear ring of some sort of sealant between the two. The smell has not dissipated much a few months later, and I am still unsure whether it is the sealant or someone has tried to soak the section in a solvent. The hard rubber still has its black sheen, so it couldn't have been something that would cause it to go dull. After reading a bit on this forum and some other pen restoration websites, I tried carefully heating the barrel with a hairdryer (I am fairly new to fountain pens and do not yet have a heat gun). The section still wouldn't pull out of the barrel. I do not know whether I am not applying enough heat or whether the sealant has a higher melting temp than the hard rubber. Anyone have other ideas for what the sealant could be or what to do? Should I try again with heat and not be so skittish this time? Just send it to a professional?
  15. Hi, I'll be going on my monthly pen hunt in a few days and I wanted to try out the world of vintage pens. Which vintage pen would you recommend to a first time vintage user?
  16. Stitchpunk

    Any Idea Of Value On This?

    I paid NZ$200 for this Canadian-made 92v (pocket sized) Waterman in brown lizard finish. It's in excellent condition with no scratches or damage and a nice semi-flex nib, and has been restored to full working order. I'd like to get an idea of value, mainly for insurance purposes, but also so that if I ever decide to sell it I have some idea of what price to set. I keep looking in the forums and on eBay, but have yet to see anything similar to offer me any guidance! Can anyone give me at least a vague idea?
  17. Dear Friends Kindly help in choosing one pen from below mentioned 2 fountain pens. Please note that its an appreciation award program hence I am not aware of Nib type etc. I have the option to see the pic and model name and that's all. A) CROSS AT0086-74MS Chrome Century Fountain PenB.) WATERMAN Hemisphere Deluxe Silk Black CT-Fountain Pen Kindly suggest which one I should choose. ThanksSarvesh Shekhar.
  18. I have recently started collecting vintage (and some more recent) fountain pens. I have snagged some Waterman, Montblanc, and Parkers. The prices on the Montblanc and Parker pens seem very predictable, almost as if the price is established by formula. Waterman Vintage pens seem to vary wildly, depending upon the time of day, and which way the wind is blowing. I have tried to figure out what colors are common, and which are harder to find. I have tried to train my eyes on how to tell the colors apart, depending upon the level of fading it has had. There are clearly some nib preferences which are showing in the prices, with the more plyable flex nibs garnering better prices. The silver clad versions of the pens are very odd. Many times they are going for scarcely more than a faded and mismatched celluloid-only verson of the same pen (and in a common color no less). Other times, I see the seller demanding prices for sterling overlays pens which make me wonder if it is silver plated over gold (humor attempted). Even after reviewing thousands of listings today, the focus has only slightly improved. But I did find a few which showed obvious signs they wanted to come home to me. I have been told that one of the reference books has prices which are highly dated, and not to be relied upon. Even the most basic question eludes me. General numbers in the industry indicate the sale of fountain pens have seen a gentle increase of the past few years. Is the same true of vintage pens? Or is it a case that older guys who want the vintage pens are dying off, and creating a glut on the used market for vintage pens... I clearly have no reference for this, as I am new to this game. If anyone could share their opinion or view on these questions, it would be greatly appreciated. For the moment, I am a bit stumped, and don't know if I am getting great deals, or playing a rube.
  19. Hello, Ive been lurking (and loving all the expertise) for a while but as a relative FP newbie, this is my first post, and I was motivated to overcome my reticence by desperation:-/ I recently snagged a decent Waterman Expert I off eBay, and it was actually one of my favorite writers, minimal corrosion on the nib and dreamily smooth and wet enough to keep up with my fast writing speed. THEN I lent it to a friend (a long time FP enthusiast!) who accidentally sprung the nib by mashing on it to see if it would flex :-/ The tines look tight to the naked eye, but under a loupe, you can see they are slightly sprung. I think the worse problem, however, is that the nib has lifted off the feed, creating a gap too large for the capillary action to work. If you prime it well, it will write a word or two and then totally stops. Ive tried gently coaxing the nib against the feed, but to no avail, and I dont want to make it worse. The feed and nib both feel tight relative to the section. I dont know if this is a friction fit or a threaded section... Anyway! I will attempt to post pictures now and any thoughts are very much appreciated! Thank you!! -Erica
  20. I recently acquired a nice set of Waterman products in a Waterman pouch. I know the fountain pen is a Waterman MAN 100, but wonder if the pencil and ballpoint accompanying the fountain pen are also MAN 100. The ballpoint and pencil are both slightly smaller than the fountain pen and the pencil has a black background with a gold W on the cap end, while the fountain pen and the ballpoint have a gold background with a black W. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  21. I use a number of Waterman inks, which I think are fairly unique and much beloved. But today at my B&M store I was told that they are going to phase out Waterman inks and I was shocked. Here is what they told me to be the reasons: 1.) They stock less and less Waterman pens. 2.) Customers complain that the ink is too thin and just runs through the feed too quickly. Well, in my experience Waterman inks belong to the most well-behaved in the business. I've never had any problems with them at all and I use a very wide range of pens from the 1920s to current. So, what's really behind it? Do you have similar experience? Do you have problems with Waterman inks when not writing with a Waterman pen? Could it be that the ink is too cheap compared to the insane prices of the other inks they carry (GvFC, Montblanc, Cd'A, Pelikan Edelstein)?
  22. I love writing with Waterman's mysterious blue ink and used it for years. But now it's increasingly difficult to find where I live and so I wonder if anybody here, knowing the original by Waterman, could suggest a good replacement. Is there anything similar by Diamine (a brand easy to find here)? Your suggestions are very much appreciated.
  23. In this post I will review the Waterman Expert Deluxe Fountain Pen. The one which I have has a fine nib. Official Product Link of the pen Flipkart Link from where I bought the pen Background: I have been using the Waterman Expert for more than 3 years. It is my second waterman pen. Prior to this I had owned the Waterman Phileas and being really satisfied with that I decided to go in for another waterman. This pen also has the fine nib like my Phileas. This was also the most expensive pen in my collection at the time of purchase. In short I had a lot of expectations from this pen even before I had tried it out. Appearance & Design (1-10) - 8/10 - An appealing design. I went in for the deluxe version in black colour. It has a metallic cap with chrome finish. It has five horizontal bands and has a sloping top. The clip has a slit in the middle just like any other waterman. You can also find waterman and paris written at the base of the cap in white over a black band. The barrel is black lacquer over a metal body and has chrome bands to match the cap. It has a steel nib which also matches the cap colour. Overall the pen has only two colours - chrome and black and they are well-coordinated. As a whole the pen follows a cigar shape with it being wide at the middle and narrower at the ends. The grip section is comfortable to hold with the width increasing just above the nib to prevent your fingers from slipping. The pen looks upmarket and has a good design. Construction & Quality (1-10) - 8/10 - The pen is solidly built. The construction quality is good and the pen feels solidly built. There is nothing much to complain and the pen can handle some abuse. (I have never this pen so I don't know what would happen).Even after 3 years of fairly regular use this pen is in good condition. I am happy with the construction. Weight & Dimensions (1-10) - 9/10 - Balanced when unposted. The weight of the pen feels just right. It is neither very heavy nor can you call it light. I have fairly big hands and the pen fits in well posted as well as unposted. This pen is thicker than its sibling, the waterman hemisphere. Personally I find the thickness of the pen to be just right and the hemisphere is too slim for me. This pen has a very heavy cap so I prefer to write with the cap unposted. Having the cap posted seems to alter the balance for the worse and it feels as if you have to hold the pen in your its position rather than it naturally resting in your hand. Nib & Performance (1-10) - 10/10 - Wonderful Nib. The pen I have is with a Fine nib. The nib is made out of steel and there is nothing fancy about it. It is a relatively small in size. What you expect from a nib depends from person to person and this is subjective so one should always take this with a pinch of salt. Here is my opinion... Of all the fine nibs that I have ever tried this is the best. I bought this pen after using the Waterman phileas. That was also a fine nibbed pen and I went for this with similar expectations. The nib is smooth and fast. There have been no issues with any of the inks that I have used with this pen. Being a fine nib the inks are very quick to dry. However off the box the nib was not as smooth and you need to give it some time, write some pages with it and then it shows its true colours. Being a fast and a quick to dry nib it is ideal for note-taking applications or where writing speed is an important factor. I really love this nib and this pen has always remained in my circulation thanks to the nib. Filling System & Maintenance (1-10) - 9/10 - Classic reliable converter. The filling system design and the overall maintenance effort involved with the pen is same as that of any other converter based pen. The converter is the standard waterman converter which can be used across almost all their pens around this range. Since the nib is fine it does not use a lot of ink and a single top up can last a fairly long time. Cost & Value (1-10) - 7/10 I bought my pen online in India from flipkart.com. It cost me around Rs. 5400 that is around USD 80. Depending upon the other pens in your collections you may categorise it as average or an expensive pen. I don't think you can call it cheap in any way. At the time of purchase it was the most expensive pen in my collection. For what it costs it is a pretty simple device. It has the classic looks and performs well. Depending on what you expect from this price point you may either by happy or disappointed. Thus, this again is a very subjective score. In my opinion this pen was "expensive" at the time of purchase but after some years of use I feel that the money was well spend and I am satisfied with my investment. Conclusion (Final score [sUM/6]: X) - 8.5/10 It is a wonderful pen. It is not too fancy but has everything that it should have. Feels like a complete package. It is that sort of pen which very few people will dislike and you will need to put in some efforts to find any shortcomings. It is that pen which may not have many "fans" but which is liked by most of its owners. It is a safe bet to go with and I recommend this pen. Link to my blog where this review is posted
  24. I have a Waterman ballpoint and case given to me in the 1970’s. I ask for help in identifying the model and name they assigned to it. I do not see any comparable pens on various websites due to the 2 rings on the bottom portion of the barrel and its tapered curve. The cap snaps on vs. screw on. The widest part of the barrel is 14mm. I cannot find any model number or serial number on it. The top of the cap is at an angle and has the W logo imprinted on it. Anyone have any ideas? See photos please.

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