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  1. So if you know me, I have been iching for a new pen, but instead of getting a cheap pen, I want to save for the higher end pens from Pilot. There are so many from Pilot. Can anyone give me an idea of what pen I should get, and the pros and cons of them. Thanks!!!!!
  2. I posted a few days ago that I bought my first Pilot VP on Ebay. Well, I actually bought TWO Pilot VPs… both fine nibs. One blue with rhodium accents, one red with rhodium accents. I inked up the blue one right away and have been using it non-stop. It's an absolute dream. I haven't used another pen since I inked it. Well, today I thought "I'm going to ink up my new red VP" with a sample of Noodler's Antietam that I got from Goulet a while back. I inked it up, started writing, and immediately thought "Oh, that's not quite right." The nib is very smooth when moving down, or to the left, but when moving to the right it's very clearly scratchy. I can feel it catching on the paper (slightly but consistently) and it makes a scratching sound. I imagine that the tines might be misaligned, but I do not own a loupe, and the fine is so tiny I can't tell with the naked eye. So, I've got two options: 1) Buy a loupe, try to determine the problem, and attempt to fix it myself. (Gasp!) or 2) Send it off to a professional for a tuning. I've been using FPs for a few years, but have never attempted to mess with (I mean, fix) a nib. Thoughts? (One last thought…it seems that if I'm going to get into messing with nibs, perhaps I should practice on a less expensive and bigger nib than the VP fine?)
  3. I just wanted to throw it out there and ask -- does anyone have a white Pilot Vanishing Point? And if so, do you find that the barrel stains easily? I like this color but I'm worried about it getting messy. Thanks!
  4. Are the differences between the Pilot Vaishing Point and the Pilot Capless Decimo enough to justify the extra $100 for the Decimo?
  5. A question pertaining to Vanishing Point nib sizes: Has anyone else experienced a significant difference between the fine and medium VP nibs (the silver looking gold nib rather than the black-coated gold nib)? I have both a fine and a medium. The fine is almost like writing with a needle and the medium lays down a much larger, wetter line. I'm pretty experienced with fountain pens, so made sure to use the same ink and paper combinations when experimenting in order to reduce the variables. I used Iroshizuku take-sumi and standard Rhodia graph paper as well as cheaper steno pad paper in a separate test. I also understand the differences between Western and Japanese nibs, i.e. a Western fine in more like a Japanese medium, Japanese nibs running approximately one size smaller than it's Western counterpart. I love the idea and ease of the VP, but have been unhappy with both these nibs, either too fine or too broad for my tastes. It just seems like there is such a jump between the fine and medium... Was curious if anyone else had a similar experience or additional thoughts/comments or if I happened to get into some quality control issues. Cheers, RO
  6. I've been using fountain pens actively only for few months and i quite much like the stiffness of non-gold nibs. I quite like my Pilot 78G F nib. It is quite stiff compared to my Sailor Profit 14K F nib. I might later come to appreciate the extra smoothness gold nibs give but at the moment i quite much enjoy to not having to feel the "OMG am i going to beak it" feeling that i associate with gold nibs. I have two questions that i have been trying to find information about but not succeeded. If you are in possession / have tried special alloy nib i would greatly appreciate more information. How would you compare the nibs of Pilot 78G F and special alloy Vanishing point F? I have read that Vanishing Point with special alloy is rather dry. If possible can you verbally compere it to 78G? HAve you experience in adjusting it to be more wet? Another option to VP with special alloy nib would be to order smoothed EF nib from Pendleton Brown to my TWSBI 580.
  7. Celebrating 50 years of the Pilot Capless, the 2013 Jubilee Limited Edition Maple Wood Capless Fountain Pen is now in stock. Made from hollowed maple wood with gold accents and an 18k gold nib, the pen comes presented in an elegant matching gift case. Only 900 of these pens are available worldwide! http://www.cultpens.com/acatalog/Pilot-Capless-Maple-LE.jpg Find out more here.
  8. It's official, the Pilot Capless 2013 limited edition fountain pen will be available from November! All Capless limited editions are special, but what makes the 2013 version even more so, is that it's also the 50th anniversary of the Capless fountain pen in Japan! Made from Maple wood and gold trim, the 2013 Capless also comes stylishly packaged in a luxurious matching wooden box. The 2013 Capless will certainly live up to its limited edition title, as only 900 of these pens will be available worldwide, but don't worry you can pre-order yours from us today. The higher cost involved with producing a pen from Maple Wood and the smaller number of pens available increases the exclusive nature of this edition. http://www.cultpens.com/acatalog/Pilot-Capless-Maple-LE.jpg What do you think of the 2013 Limited Edition?
  9. Hello, Cult Pens here. We've just signed up to the Fountain Pen Network with a premium account to show our support and are very much looking forward to being part of community. For those of you that don't know us, we are based in the UK and stock the widest range of pens, pencils and refills on the planet! Our site is regularly updated with offers and new products, so there's always something new to check out. In fact, we are kicking off our activity on FPN by annoucing that the Pilot Capless (Vanishing Point) Fountain Pen in White Carbonesque is now available. Pure white with rhodium-plated trim and rhodium-plated 18k gold nib. Although known as the Carbonesque in Europe due to the similarity of the finish with (faux) carbon-fibre trim on some cars, this finish is actually known as the Kasuri in Japan. Kasuri is a textile dyed with a resist technique to create the simple patterns reflected in this pen. The Pilot Capless (Vanishing Point) Carbonesque White Fountain Pen is in stock for fast UK and worldwide delivery. http://www.cultpens.com/acatalog/Pilot-Capless-Carbonesque-wh-fp.jpg
  10. Hey guys! I'm relatively new to fountain pens, but I adore them already. I started using them as a product of a search for a finer line (messy, fast, small script required it), and now I continue my search. I am currently most interested in the Pilot Vanishing Point XF nib, which I have heard great things about. For context, I am a senior in high school (limited funds, and this will be used for note-taking), and I have been using a Lamy Safari XF for about five months now. How much thinner is the VP XF nib? How smoothly does it write? Is it useable for daily note-taking, as in fast note-taking? Could I use it with your typical 5-subject mead or staples notebook? ****If not, what's a good five-subject notebook for it?****** And, honestly, is $140 worth it? I'm saving up for it with lawn-mowing so it will take a few months (or longer if it snows early this year), but if it's really worth it I'm in. And one more thing, does anyone know if it's possible to test-drive one in a pen shop? It doesn't have to be any particular size nib, I just would like to know if the clip placement is a problem before I spend that amount of money. Thank you, to anyone who can help me out!
  11. Howdy folks! So I (finally!) found my beloved Pilot Vanishing Point (after about 5 years!) which got me rather excited... and then very disappointed as it seems to have dried up permanently and won't write anymore! I'm using standard Pilot ink cartridges and have tried everything to get the ink to flow again, but to no avail. Is this a common problem VP? Is there a way to get it writing again? Would appreciate some tips and tricks please!
  12. My friend John is a photographer and asked me if he could borrow a few fountain pens to shoot for his portfolio. I think he did a great job. http://static.squarespace.com/static/51c300c1e4b034c963afc8b8/t/51c48c43e4b0c5a944a39daa/1371835461423/20%20-%20Pennor0564.jpg Pilot Capless, TWSBI Diamond 540, Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo ink, Pilot Custom, Pilot MYU BS-500. http://static.squarespace.com/static/51c300c1e4b034c963afc8b8/t/51c48c2ce4b09ee48eb671cd/1371835437733/20%20-%20Pennor0531.jpg Montblanc Meisterstück 149, Waterman Carène, custom Nakaya, Iroshizuku Chiku-rin and Tsutsuji ink. Photos taken from my blog post. (Translated with Google.)
  13. Okay, so I was outbid on the Sheaffer I was going to get (damn ) and started looking around, and I noticed that a lot of the time, hooded nibs are recommended as an alternative to inlaid/inset nibs. With brings me to my actual question: which is better for me, a Sheaffer Imperial Triumph or a Vanishing Point? The criteria I have: The pen would be used for taking lecture notes, and I can refill every day if necessary. I usually carry my pens clipped to the folder I'm using, or tucked inside if the clip doesn't allow it (looking at you, Parker Vector) The pen needs to be blue (I know, this has no effect on the performance, but I'm OCD and it has to match!) I like a fine to medium nib.The gold nib on the VP interests me because it's a little different, and considering that people have said inlaid nibs can be difficult sometimes, I'm cautious, as I have no skill whatsoever at tweaking pens. So, what do you think? PS if I do get a Vanishing Point is it worth having it tweaked by Mr Binder first?
  14. tomkeb

    Storing A Pilot Vp

    Hello, a Pilot Vanishing Point (Capless) is on the way to my mailbox and I was thinking about this: I am storing all my capped pens with the nib upwards, both when I'm carrying them in my bag and when they're resting in a glass on my desk. I can see the VP placed nicely in a shirt pocket, however, I don't know what would I do if I wanted to put it in a case, or just store it on my desk. Wouldn't I wear the clicking mechanism if I placed it with the nib upwards; or wouldn't the ink leak from the nib if I did it the opposite way? Since many of you have VPs, how do you carry and store them? Thanks in advance for your tips!
  15. PenandDesign

    Vanishing Point Stops Writing...

    Hi FPN, I've encountered a rather unexpected problem with my Medium VP (modern) over the last few days. Sometimes, over the course of a page, the ink flow will dwindle until the pen stops writing. After retracting the nib and lightly shaking the pen a few times, it (quite literally) gushes back to life. I have Noodler's Black in the cartridge, and haven't yet heard of this ink being problematic to the VPs. I've flushed the pen in tap water for 12 hours, and filled it with MB ink, but I'm going to be needing a darker black (MB's is purplish) tomorrow onards. Any suggestions? Thanks! Pen&Design

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