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  1. Hi, After researching for my next fountain pen for long time, I have decided to get Pilot Decimo Dark Grey EX. However, one of the Japanese sellers that I contacted said that there is no Dark Grey with EX nib. I wonder if this is true. Is there anyone who knows a seller who sells Pilot Decimo Dark Grey with EX nib? I have checked Amazon, eBay, jetpens, and other websites but couldn't find it. Also, I see that some posts say Pilot VP nib and Pilot Decimo nib are interchangeable, and some other posts say that some adjustment should be done for Pilot VP nib to be used in Pilot Decimo. I wond
  2. So here is my second pen review, again hand written. Summary: Pros - Impressive box, light weight, well engineered design and smooth. Cons - Pen does not look or feel high end, and it may not initially be apparent why the pen costs as much as it does, can be too wet leading to bleed through. http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=rk77k&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=yypgp&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/image.php?id=mjg68&f=1 Click to view full size! http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/ima
  3. I had mixed feelings about this one originally. I really liked the idea of a vanishing point and the hood feature, but I was unsure about the clip being placed where I hold the instrument. I was afraid it would feel awkward but instead it ended up allowing me to hold it with a little more control. Aesthetics: I like the look of this pen even though it seems reversed with the clip being where it is. In this case the metallic copper red with the black trim definitely drew my attention. An 8 out of 10 Build: The construction of this writing instrument seems very sleek, sound, and the ho
  4. [Cross-posted from Nibs and Tines forum - with apologies to anyone reading this twice! I have a question for those of you who have a longer history with the Pilot Vanishing Point - please excuse me if I'm posting this in the wrong place! I bought a matte black Pilot Vanishing Point sometime last year (back when the Australian dollar was worth something ), with a black-coated gold Fine nib. The pen wrote really smoothly, but laid a finer, drier line than is my preference. To cut a long story short, the pen took a 'nosedive' off my son's lap about a month ago, and landed n
  5. I have a question for those of you who have a longer history with the Pilot Vanishing Point - please excuse me if I'm posting this in the wrong place! I bought a matte black Pilot Vanishing Point sometime last year (back when the Australian dollar was worth something ), with a black-coated gold Fine nib. The pen wrote really smoothly, but laid a finer, drier line than is my preference. To cut a long story short, the pen took a 'nosedive' off my son's lap about a month ago, and landed nib first on a wooden floor. The two Aussie nib technicians I've spoken to feel it wouldn't be worth m
  6. Hello everyone, This is my first thread after having stalked the forum anonymously for quite some time. I'm buying a Pilot VP Decimo for note-taking in classes, and in the near future, at work. It will be an upgrade from a Sheaffer 100 with M nib as my second, more serious pen. (No grip problem for me) The questions are: 1. M or F nib: a line comparison from someone with Sheaffer M is appreciated, I will be writing a lot of mathematical equations on normal to poor quality paper. I'm leaning to F. 2. How glossy is the gray one: I prefer matted texture but if the glossiness is not really
  7. Last year Brian Goulet received a question for his Q&A Blog asking how can spare nibs for the Pilot Vanishing Point be kept inked without drying out so the user can switch back and forth between nibs quickly. This got me to thinking. I found some people who used empty Pilot cartridges as caps. I tried this, it works, but the empty cartridge makes the capped nib assembly longer than I like. My Pilot cartridges have internal ribs that keep them from sealing on the nib assembly if more than 1/4 inch is cut off them. I worked out a simple hack to seal up my spare Vanishing Point nibs airti
  8. Hello all! I have a forest green Namiki Vanishing point pen. (the older, thinner , faceted barrel type) My push-button top has a crack and I need a new top. Anyone know where I can get one. Pen writes beautifully and would hate to have it rendered useless. Thanks, John B
  9. After discussions with a fellow fountain pen enthusiast about the problems with loose and spare nib units for Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point/Capless pens a solution has been found. I was asked to assist with the design and testing of a custom made cap to fit over the end of the nib unit to protect it from damage, make them easier to transport, and keep them from rolling off tables. Many prototypes have been tested and now a final working product is available. Here are those caps in use: http://i.imgur.com/oDkM3hW.jpg They are available through my friend's Shapeways store: http://www.shapeway
  10. I'm the very happy owner of a VP that came with a twist-style converter, and I've been using it for some months. When I got the pen, the converter was very firmly fastened in to the end of the nib and didn't want to come out, so I left it alone and have been writing and refilling with no problems. I recently had a reason to temporary put the converter on another Pilot pen, and to my surprise, it removed easily from the VP with just a light tug. It worked great in the Pilot, and now it's time to go back... ...except I can't figure out how to do it. There's something preventing the converter
  11. I am a new fountain pen user with only about two months of experience using fountain pens. I am looking to replace my Pilot Metropolitan whose nib was damaged beyond my ability to repair after it was dropped (capped, but the snap-cap was knocked loose by the impact). As I am very much enjoying fountain pen use, my indulgent side naturally saw this as an opportunity for an upgrade. The Pilot Vanishing Point seemed to fit my needs perfectly. My question to you, therefore, is, is [sic?] the Vanishing Point so much better a pen (nib, convenience, feel) than the Metropolitan that it is worth a pric
  12. meilinpo

    Pilot/ Namiki Nib

    I own a beautiful Pilot/ Namiki "Capless" Vanishing Point pen- it's a Decimo, which is slightly slimmer and lighter than the regular VP pens, but takes the same nib- and I LOVE it. I have heard that the nibs for these pens are not well standardized. A few weeks after getting my pen, I broke the nib and had to replace it (rather a costly accident, but nevertheless). The nib size of my pen was, and is, a Fine; but I notice the new nib does not write quite as fine a 'Fine' line as the previous, original nib did. I liked the thinner line (didn't want to go to "Extra Fine", because I thought an
  13. I was browsing Engeika and while trying to figure out the reasons for varied prices, I noticed the site was emphasizing that some particular models are "Made in Japan" and others [sold over here, I assume] aren't... which then led me to notice that the one's I'd been looking at via Amazon aren't marked Pilot Japan AFAIK. While it's not really a deal breaker by any means, I was wondering where are Vanishing Points sold here in the US manufactured...? Could it be that the barrels and/or nibs and feeds are being manufactured across various places and assembled somewhere else? Also, I heard som
  14. Tom Traubert

    Another Vp/capless Question

    Hi all. Me again. Had my Capless for a couple of days now and I've got a question about its appearance. The body is a dark yellow, stainless steel trim but the nib is gold. Is this combination normal? Also, the nib doesn't mention 18k anywhere, just Pilot <M> which looks legit and the number 612. I'm sure everything's kosher because it writes like a dream, just wanted to check.
  15. Aetheric Continua

    Pilot Vanishing Point <M> Vs Custom 823 <M>

    I've done some searching but couldn't quite find what I'm looking for. I recently purchased a VP with a Fine nib and it's just finer than I would like, so I'm planning on getting a Medium nib unit later in the month. Later in the year I'm hoping to get my hands on a Custom 823. Before I got my VP I was thinking about getting the 823 in a Fine but now I'm likely to go with the medium. Only thing is, from what I've read on the forums, Pilot's VP Medium writes rather similarly to a Western Medium and that there's no real happy medium. Is this the case with the 823? How does a VP Medium comp
  16. CherryNubCakes

    What's Happening To My Black Vp Nib?

    I was cleaning out my matte black VP and I saw the shiny black metal plating has gone dull around the slit. Here are some pictures, in regular light and under an LED light. (Same images also attached to post) At first when the pen was inked, I just thought it was ink, but I couldn't wash or wipe it off. Is the finish/plating corroding/wearing off? Should I get the nib replaced?
  17. I own three VP's and love writing with them. They're just so ... practical. In my job as a consultant I do a lot of note taking/writing. Last week, after a busy day, my thumb felt a little sore: it felt almost as if a blister was beginning to form. I did not pay any attention to it and kind of wondered where this irritation (pain is too big a word) came from. On the second evening, my thumb was really hurting. Only then did I make the association with the writing I had been doing with the VP. I grabbed my pen and kind of checked out where this irritation came from. I found that it is not the c
  18. Evening all, I am getting two new bottles of ink (Diamine Apple Glory and the 150th Diamine Anniversary Blue Velvet) for Christmas so I only thought it right to get one new pen to put my favourite of the two in! (got the Rohrer and Klingner glass dip pen for the other ink!) There are four (relatively inexpensive) pens I am looking at to take up the next berth in my collection. The Pilot Vanishing Point in the Blue Carbonesque finish, the Lamy 2000 and a Waterman Carene in either the amber finish or the Blue Obsession colour. To give you an idea of my preferences I currently have a bla
  19. karlgozo

    Pilot Vanishing Point / Capless

    Hi, I have a Pilot Vanishing Point / Capless which I left on my work desk. Upon returning I found that the top part (basically the clip) was broken. I have been trying to find a replacement for this part, but I can't find online. Could anyone help me? Thanks Karl
  20. Hello Forum, I recently purchased a Pilot Vanishing Point. My initial impression has been positive from buttery smooth nib to convenience of retracting tip. I have one concern over this pen. It is, I continue to experience a leak behind the nib. Even after I clean the section out, the leak reappears every time I push the nib out to write. I am wondering if this is a normal behavior or something wrong with the pen. I am using Noodlers Blue ink and using the piston converter that came with the pen. I have attached the photo of the problem so you can help diagnose it further. Th
  21. Hey guys! I'm relatively new to fountain pens, but I adore them already. I started using them as a product of a search for a finer line (messy, fast, small script required it), and now I continue my search. I am currently most interested in the Pilot Vanishing Point XF nib, which I have heard great things about. For context, I am a senior in high school (limited funds, and this will be used for note-taking), and I have been using a Lamy Safari XF for about five months now. How much thinner is the VP XF nib? How smoothly does it write? Is it useable for daily note-taking, as in fast not
  22. Hi! I don't have any Japanese pens yet, and I'd like to change that! I like shiny, blingy things, and the Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point in the various Raden designs http://www.gouletpens.com/PN60590_p/pn60590.htm as well as the Platinum Galaxy Maki-e have all caught my eye http://nibs.com/PlatinumMakieGalaxy.html. The third pen I'm eying up is the Platinum Izumo Urushi (in Akatame red) http://nibs.com/Platinum-President-Izumo-Dark-Red.html (While not 'blingy', there is something about this pen that really grabs my attention. A subtle intensity I guess. I would love some input from those
  23. Hi all - I just got a CL300 and the trap door is not closing when the nib is retracted. Based on the diagram posted earlier here (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/271028-how-a-pilot-vanishing-point-works-w-diagrams/), I am assuming that the spring is broken or missing entirely - I haven't had a chance to investigate with anything other than room light and my eyes. Can anyone point me a reference on repairing the trap door, or to someone who performs such services? I can't imagine Pilot has the parts for a 50 year old pen in stock..... Thanks! -Redblur
  24. Hi all - I just got a hold of a Pilot CL300, which is an early vanishing Point. (it also says EI 21, (that's an i), but I haven't been able to find any reference to what that might mean.) Luckily, it came with two NOS cartridges, because these use the old-style small back to back cartridges that are long since out of production. I'll be able to refill them - they actually work - but I would like to get a converter, and I'm wondering what converter might fit this pen? Can anyone help? Thanks! -Redblur
  25. This post serves two purposes. Mostly, I would like to show some differences between the old and new versions of the Pilot Capless/Vanishing Point (which I'll call VP). But I would also like some advice about the converter on my old VP. I bought an old VP last year. I don't know how old it is, but the Japanese price-sticker is still attached - ¥2,000 - which at today's exchange rate is about US$20. I liked the pen so much that I recently bought a new version, in matte black. There are some clear differences between the two, most notably the following (and see pictures, below): • Material: pl

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