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  1. All, I bought a stub as a spare nib for my Pilot Vanishing point. But it seems to me that it wants to write at pretty much a 90-degree angle - nearly perpendicular to the paper. Is this how they're supposed to be? Below are pictures, if a different angle will help, please let me know. (Sorry, they're not all the greatest... I could take pictures of my other stubs to show their more-rounded bottom-to-tip areas...) My questions: 1) Is this normal? Is it really supposed to be used at basically 90-degrees? Or is that little sliver of the edge (see a couple pics below, with comment) real
  2. Thought I'd share the result of stripping down a matte black Pilot Vanishing Point and setting to work on creating an aged, vintage brass look.
  3. phillieskjk

    Domain Lion Fountain Pen

    This is a review of a new pen I got recently, it was a complete impulse purchase but I was pleasantly surprised. First Impressions (6/10) This pen isn’t exactly a looker, but I wasn’t expecting that for $1.25. It came in a packaged envelope, and the pen was directly inside. (No box) It is made entirely of plastic (except the nib, obviously), and feels light in the hand. It did, however, come with a convertor, which helped my first impression of it. Appearance (4/10) Like I said before, the pen doesn’t look all that great (In my opinion). It is beige colored, and the cap has little
  4. I just wanted to throw it out there and ask -- does anyone have a white Pilot Vanishing Point? And if so, do you find that the barrel stains easily? I like this color but I'm worried about it getting messy. Thanks!
  5. All; I've recently started collecting a set of Pilot Vanishing Point Limited Editions and trying to figure out which ones I'm missing. Please fill in the blanks below: Limited Editions (Barrel Marked Limited Edition" and cap ring is numbered) 2003 Mandarin Yellow (LE of 1500) 2003 Red Kasuri (Carbonesque) (LE of 1500, possibly for Japan) (Not sure how to distinguish this from current production Kasuri) 2004 ? 2005 ? 2006 Ice Blue (LE of 1235) (unique w/ice blue plastic oval clamshell shaped case) 2007 Orange (LE of 2007) 2008 Purple (LE of 2008) 2009 Vivid
  6. I have an old-style, faceted Namiki Vanishing Point and wanted a factory stub nib for it. I made the mistake of buying one from Amazon that is like this one from Goulet Pens. Pilot Vanishing Point Nib Unit, Black 1.0 mm Stubhttp://www.gouletpens.com/pilot-vanishing-point-nib-unit-black-stub/p/PN71133 I was able to install and use the nib unit, but the pen leaked. After some research, I realized that the CON-50 converter won't work in my old-style pen. I tried to pull the converter from the unit, but it wouldn't budge. Additional research leads me to believe that a nib unit purchased with a
  7. As some of you may already know, there was a new stub nib released for the Pilot vanishing point sometime late last year. I did a cursory search around the web and the best price I can find is from Carmen Rivera. You can buy a vanishing point pen with the stub nib for about $60 more ($135 is the cheapest I've found @ Jet Pens). But if you've already got a few vanishing point pens, why bother with the extra expense (if it was $30~40 more, it would be a no-brainer). My question is... how does this 1.0mm stub nib compare to the Mottishaw and Binder customized stubs? I have a Binder example
  8. Hello, to all good people outrhere! I am new member of the forum, and I will introduce myself in proper section, just a lill bit later. Here is my question. I decided I want to buy Pilot Capless/ Vanishing Point. I have trouble deciding between fine and medium nib. I have been browsing the web a lot lately, and I figured out that medium is more like western mediums, and fine is like usual Japaneese fine. However I do now have Pilot Metropolitan in Medium nib, and I find its width perfect. Does anyone have both Pilot Metropolitan Medium and Vanishing Point in Fine. And if anyone does,
  9. platinumlotus

    Shopping For Pilot Vanishing Point

    Hi guys, I am looking for a Pilot Vanishing Point as my next investment. Gonna get a B nib and send it to indy-pen-dance for a custom CI grind. I've checked across some sellers (engeika, goulet, amazon...) and the price is usually around ~$125. Could you guys recommend me some sellers that have better prices, or share some experience on your VP purchase? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I was wondering whether anyone has taken the time to compare the Platinum #3776 CENTURY fine/xf, and Vanishing point fine/xf. Things like writing experience, paper and ink handling, etc Those are two highly recommended pens, but beyond all the gushing of members, I don't know of a compelling reason to get the century if I am reasonably satisfied with my VPs, hence my question. If this has been covered somewhere, a link would be helpful, thanks.
  11. NOTE: this will not be a full-blown review like most others. There are countless reviews of the Pilot VP already, so I was aiming for more of a brief review of the nib itself, because I never could find much info on it prior to this purchase. I just received my Pilot Vanishing Point from Indy-Pen-Dance. I ordered it with their .8mm "DailyItalic" customization. I've been wanting to try a VP for a while to use as a notetaker during court/conferences/church. I tried to find some review and/or writing samples of this particular grind, but didn't really turn up much. However, I decided to roll th
  12. Does anyone feel that some pens aren't worth their price? I own a matte black Vanishing Point and I'm waiting for a piano black Dialog 3 in the mail, and they both are superb pens, but I don't feel that their prices match what I get. The Vanishing Point feels much too utilitarian to be over $100, and I think that the Dialog should only cost $200 max - enough to factor in the beautiful design but also not too high to be unreasonable. On the other hand, the Safari family of pens (or the majority of their swappable-nib pens, really) offers just enough to be worth the $25 threshold with practical
  13. Today I received my first and long awaited vanishing point :-) I suppose curiosity got the better of me and I started inspecting how the mechanism works I know that the feed makes contact with the door first and then the nib but as I was watching and pressing the clicker slowly I noticed that after the nib makes contact the tipping material presses forward and scrapes against the door (there's noticeable uncomfortable friction) is this normal? Perhaps I'm a tad sentimental but I do see rightly or wrongly my fountain pens as forever items, Faithfull companions that lend permanence to the
  14. Took a chipped matte black Pilot Vanishing Point and refinished it...
  15. trulylefty

    Pilot Vp (Capless) Stub!

    In case you haven't seen this yet... http://blog.gouletpens.com/2015/06/pilot-vanishing-point-stub-nib-coming.html
  16. Vanishing point question: anybody tried/owns an extra fine 18k nib and fine special alloy nib? How do they compare in terns of small writing and scratchiness/smoothness? Some people discouraged me from getting an alloy pen as being too dry compared to the 18k, but the fine nib 18k seems a bit too wet for some uses, after initially being rather dry for a week or two. Since the alloy fine has been described as rather dry, I was wondering whether it might be better than an extra fine 18k for my purposes (smoother yet smaller writing is the goal). A wet writer defeats that purpose.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to the fountain pen life. I started with a Lamy Safari, and have since been using a Conklin Duragraph and Pilot Vanishing Point. I'm taking a weekend trip at the end of the month to visit Houston and I'm planning to stop by Dromgoole's and pick up a new pen and maybe some ink, paper, etc... My budget is somewhere around $300. I was looking at pens like the Sailor 1911 and Pelikan m400. Am I heading in the right direction? What are some other suggestions? Thanks!
  18. trulylefty

    Nibs Most Like A Vp?

    Hi. I have several pens, mostly Japanese. I find that I keep coming back to the Vanishing Point/Capless pens that I have, and I am trying to figure out what it is that I love so much about writing with them. I THINK the word I am looking for is "springy." I know that the shape and size of the nib are significant departures from most others, so I am wondering what other nibs are most similar from an experience perspective. FWIW, I also love my Sailor Pro Gear Slims (Sapporos). I use mostly F and XF nibs, but I look for smooth, not toothy. Thank you!
  19. Hey, all! I was lucky enough to secure an order today for Pilot's Twilight LE Vanishing Point (Goulet Pens just restocked, for those looking to get one). I have smaller hands, so it's really important that my pens be relatively slim and light (my Pilot Metropolitan is almost a bit too wide and heavy, especially when posted). Obviously, a VP is fairly hefty, but I've heard from various reviews that the weight seems to be centered more in the middle and bottom half where the clip's located, which makes it more manageable. Can anybody confirm this? I'm also curious to see whether people with sm
  20. I'm wondering if anyone has seen the VP in dark green + rhodium steel for sale online anywhere? I would prefer an EF nib but am open to another and just switching the nibs out myself, or sending off for a grind. It is really hard to find! I know of one in Australia but only with a fine nib, and that's still rather expensive given I'll want to switch out or grind the nib, so thought I'd just ask around as a last resort. I don't want the Fermo version, but am also open to Green Carbonesque, not that this would be any easier to find! http://static.shop033.com/UserFiles/3688-Files/Image/N
  21. Hi, I am looking to get a daily use pen. I want a pen which is lightweight and writes fine and smooth (preferably high ink capacity and nib dries slowly). I am a graduate student and will use the pen to write a lot of math symbols/proofs mostly on HP laserjet 24lb papers for long time. I have Pilot Decimo F, Lamy 2000 EF and Metropolitan F. I use VP when I take notes in class since it is retractable, but when I need to write for long time, I cannot use it since it is kind of heavy for me. Thus, I have recently bought Lamy 2000 EF for long time writing. I like the weight and the size of L
  22. SO, I am torn. I have a decent collection of nice pens to use at home for journals and letter writing. I will even occasionally take a Pelikan 805 or MB 149 to work as well. I use a Pilot 78G for my Waterman Blue ink, and it is always inked. I have a TWSBI 540 with PR Plum for grading. My question is this. Between a Pelikan m205 and a Pilot Vanishing Point which would you carry daily filled with black ink. I need black ink with some regularity, but I don't get excited about it, so I need a good pen that I can leave inked a bit longer than my normal rotation, and I don't mind using regul
  23. Now available at Pen Boutique the red and black bamboo vanishing points!
  24. Hi all, I wonder if one of the nibs is thinner than the other. I have VP with fine nib and Penmanship with extra fine nib. It seems the fine nib of VP is little a bit thicker than the extra fine nib of Penmanship. I like the nib size of extra fine in Penmanship and the retractable mechanism of VP. Thus, I am thinking to purchase extra fine nib for my VP, but I’m not sure if the nib size of VP ef is thinner, thicker, or same compared to the nib size of Penmanship ef. If anyone has both pens with ef nibs or experiences with these nibs, please give me some feedback. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi, I have some questions about the smoothness and fineness of nibs between Pilot Vanishing Point and Pilot Custom Heritage 92/Custom 74. I have Pilot Decimo with a fine nib and I like the smoothness and fineness of this nib, but it is little heavy for long writing. While I was searching for a smooth, lightweight, and fine fountain pen for long writing, someone has recommended me Pilot Custom Heritage 92. I see it has pretty good reputation in this forum. Thus, I would like to know more about the nibs of this pen. As I said, I like the fineness and smoothness of my Decimo fine nib. How i

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