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  1. Hi All, I currently have a Sailor Professional EF (aka XF?) in which I use Sailor Black Ink. My writing is very small, so I'm very happy with this pen! Recently I've been doing 'bullet journaling' and I'd like another FP loaded with a contrasting but highly readable ink, so I can add notes etc. Partly due to the price, I'm seriously considering a TWSBI 700VAC, with an EF nib. From reviews, I'm expecting this to write more broadly than the Sailor EF, but I'm hoping it will still go well enough with my handwriting (currently, to write contrast notes, I'm using a Platinum Preppy 02 FP with blue ink - this actually isn't horrible, but it would be nice to step up to something that doesn't feel quite so disposable). I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a rich purple, or perhaps brown, ink that works well with a TWSBI EF nib and suits EF lines? Many thanks! pt
  2. TWSBI Diamond 580 Rose Gold Edition in Fine Writing Performance Review If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here!
  3. Last night, I was dreaming-up unique ideas for TWSBI designs, and I hit upon a concept that merges two of my favorite pen designs into one, while remaining truly TWSBI. I would love to see a skeletonized TWSBI fountain pen. What do I mean? Contemplate for a moment the Montblanc Skeleton 333: http://40.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kynrh6gLt31qbndmho1_1280.jpg Now contemplate how the TWSBI Diamond 580 or Diamond 580 AL would look with latticework like that, wrapped around perhaps a round (not necessarily Diamond-pattern) barrel, of the same chrome metal as the furniture on other TWSBI pens. http://www.stilografica.it/writable/Penne/TWSBI/TWSBI%20Diamond%20580%20AL%20Clear%20Demo%20Fountain%20Pen%20-%20Penna%20Stilografica.jpg Certainly, it would make the barrel thicker, but perhaps no thicker than a TWSBI Micarta barrel. Thoughts? I would love to see a render, if someone has the technical know-how to put one together.
  4. It's time for a new pen! I'm looking for a pen in ~$200 price range. I'm quite fascinated by the Pelikan Souveran line, Pilot Custom Heritage Line, Omas pens, and the Sailor PG/1911 line, but I'm not sure as to what pen would be the best. However, I'm certainly not limiting myself to just these brands; I'm open to any new ideas too. I'm looking for a nib that, while not labeled as semiflex, will give a little. A nice, springy nib. If any of you have experience with pens in this range, any advice would be greatly Thanks, CJ
  5. All in the title, but a few more details. Tight on budget, but I do want a pen and a 580 is around the ballpark on the maximum I want to spend this moment. I've seen some glowing reviews for the 580 and the Al Star, so I really can't decide myself. I'm leaning more to the Al Star but the major factor is smoothness. I've had a Safari and I know the nib was smooth, but can the 580 bring something different and enjoyable too? Edit: Nib preference would F or M. Also the writing angle would be a bit low, but pretty sure both pens are lax on the angle.
  6. Z500

    580 Vs 580Al ? Build Quality ?

    I have read so much about the TWSBI's having problems. Yet there are many people who just love these pens. I have formed the idea that the 580AL is less problem prone since it has an aluminum section. Am I correct in this assumption ? Or is the difference in build quality not worth worrying about ? I actually prefer the looks of the 580 (non-AL version).
  7. mrzas

    Nib Choice

    Hi everyone, You guys have already helped me buy a Pilot Metropolitan (fine) and a Kaweco Classic (fine), now I need your help again. My older brother is buying me a Twsbi 580 in Rose Gold (for my birthday woo) but i'm not sure what nib size is should get. I do like my fine nibs but this time I want something that is really smooth, so I was just wondering what your opinions are on the fine and medium Twsbi nibs. Thanks
  8. I am really enjoying the TWSBI Micarta 2 that I bought with a fine nib. I don't usually buy fine nibs but after having medium nibs in all my other TWSBI pens, I decided to shake things up a bit. The first ink that went into this pen was Pelikan Brilliant Brown. I bought the ink to match the pen and I was really lucky to have found an ink that works perfectly with this pen. When the Brilliant Brown ran out, I filled the pen with Edelstein Amber. Now the pen writes poorly. The ink just does not suit the pen and it is no longer a pleasure to use. If I wasn't traveling and way from my ink stash I would probably empty the pen and refill it with something else. So, my question is...other than the Brilliant Brown that is absolutely fabulous in this pen...what other ink has worked for you? I really want to know!
  9. fountainpenlady

    Twsbi 580Usa Like A Duracell

    Wow! TWSBI holds ink like a Duracell battery lasts! I am only now getting low on ink Iroshizuku Kon-Peki. Filled this pen last Thursday. I still have several more pages to go before needing to flush & fill with another color. Do you use this as your workhorse writing instrument? Or do you not fill this pen to capacity? Or is this pen the one you routinely load ink into and let it flow? Inquiring new TWSBI 580 owner's mind wants to know.
  10. mehandiratta

    Twsbi India

    Does anyone knows about TWSBI plans for INDIA. Do they currently sell in india??
  11. fountainpenlady

    Twsbi 580 Diamond Usa Fountain Pen Purchase

    Well, I did it! I have only moments ago purchased my first TWSBI. Ordered the TWSBI 580 USA Fountain Pen version.It is the one with the American flag on the cap. It was almost an easy decision. It will be the first fountain pen I will try not to post; I am a pen poster usually. It will begin its journey to me tomorrow. Thanks to Vanness. I am so excited and can hardly wait. I am so excited! Touted as the first of my several gifts to self for my birthday next month. I am going to try to not open it or the accompanying bottles of Iroshizuku inks until then, 36 days away. Can I do it? We shall see, we shall indeed see if I am up to the challenge; XF point nib of course. Many years ago, spent time in the military, husband was a soldier, now residing near a base; it will be my wonderful sort of tribute, reminder, source of solidarity when I travel on base and write with my TWSBI 580. Showing my own version of Military Pride. What color ink will be filled in it first?
  12. I'm waiting for my TWSBI 580, and in the meantime I thought adding a lamy 2000 or pilot VP to my collection wouldn't be such a bad idea. The local pen store I have is selling them for the following: Lamy 2000 Steel: $329.00 (canadian monies) Pilot VP Black: $175.00 (canadian monies) The TWSBI is supposed to be $67 Which of the above does FPN recommend as a reasonable addition to the TWSBI?
  13. stoof2010

    Twsbi Mini Question!

    So I think I broke some fins, and still can't get the nib and feed out of the nib unit!!! It still functions perfectly, but wanted to know if anyone has had any success with removing the nib and feed from the unit. Thanks!!
  14. I've been bitten by the fountain pen bug. It started when I lost my parker Jotter, and bought a Parker IM to replace it, and then continued to search for that perfect pen with the perfect feel. During my journey into the world of pens, I became convinced that if I find the right pen (Pelikan or TWSBI), the right paper (Rhodia or Ampad Gold Fiber), the right ink (J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage or Waterman Green), and right nib (still unknown), I'll become proficient in any foreign language I intend to study, maybe I'll even become a famous author....therefore I have a vested interest in finding the right answer to the following question: What nibs can I use on a TWSBI 580? I've noticed some people used nibs from Pelikan but there are no confirmed reports on the 580. I am not qualified to say whether I prefer gold nibs or not, but it'll be nice to know if TWSBI allows me to have options. The whole reason I like this pen is because it reminds me of a Honda CRX in "swappability".
  15. canadian

    Pelikan Vs. [The World]

    I learnt about Pelikan through a blog post titled "A Lawyer and his Pen", in which a monsieur avocat understood that Mont Blanc does not offer the same quality of service as TWSBI. Someone replied to his post and recommended a Pelikan. I thus researched this company and thereupon tried a few pens at my local store. Although I didn't spend much time on the pens, I felt little difference between a M200/600 and Pilot (forgot the model) or Lamy 2000 -- all using the same ink. The store owner told me with a smile that Pelikan is a writer's pen, and he has many customers who write for a living, and actually use a Pelikan to make a living. (The only reason I didn't buy a Pelikan is due to its price in Canada. I've settled on a TWSBI and am waiting for its delivery.) So although this topic has been discussed to death, for people who have owned a few other brands, how does Pelikan compare service/durability wise to others?
  16. fountainpenlady

    Twsbi 580 Nib

    I am thinking about purchasing a red TWSBI 580. I was wondering how to select the right nib. I usually write with an extra fine nib. I have Pelikans with extra fine nibs and a couple of Lamys also with extra fine nibs. I purchased a Pilot Decimo with an extra fine nib, but found it to be too thin in lterms of line. Can you tell me whether an Extra Fine nib would be equivalent to that of US Extra fine?
  17. Timbo999

    Lamy Mini?

    Hey all, has anyone ever heard of or seen a mini Lamy? Like a short version of a Safari or Al-Star? Has anyone ever wanted one? I think a pocket length Safari would be pretty sweet! Similar in size and use to a Kaweco. What do YOU think? Tim
  18. Hello guys, Im thinking about getting a twsbi 580 and as I like medium nibs, I would like to know if this pen has an asian medium, which is almost a fine for US or if it has the standard US size. For example, the Pilot Metropolitan medium, is way to fine for me. I hope I was clear, best!
  19. Eclectica

    Twsbi Diamond 580 'o's ?

    Hi there, Apologies in advance for such a silly question! I have had a TWSBI diamond 580 for a while and was giving it a good clean the other day - you know, nib/section unscrewed and shaking the water out of the piston etc. - when I had a horrible thought that there might have been an 'O' ring in there somewhere. I looked on the floor but found nothing - if it was there, it could have gone down the plughole in sink, bath or worse! Now looking at the updated diagram of the 580 as supplied clearly shows 3 'o'-rings. http://www.peggysparlour.co.uk/pubpics/twsbi580-1.jpg Mine now does not have an 'o' ring immediately behind the feed where it connects to the piston reservoir. This is most likely 'o'-ring 3 in the diagram, albeit when in working position, it is to the left of 'o'-ring 7 on the inside. (It has the other 2 'o'-rings though; on the body and under the metal nib ring). http://www.peggysparlour.co.uk/pubpics/twsbi580.jpg My question is - Is the 'o'-ring at the union of the end of the black feed to the clear plastic piston body actually necessary or actually ever present? (If I need one where can I get one?) Clearly, I do not want to be in the situation where everything starts leaking all over the place in an important meeting etc! Happy New Year all. Eclectica
  20. Sorry about the sub-par pictures. It appears I scuffed up the lens on my iPhone and that is my only camera, so I’m doing my best. This is not meant to be a formal review, but rather an overview of a pen that I’m really enjoying. The ink shown in all of these pictures is Noodler’s Upper Ganges Blue, which I have become quite fond of and is great for a demonstrator because it doesn’t look like just black in in the barrel. Overall I think this pen is wonderful and I would gladly buy it again. But, it’s not for everyone… Appearance The Vac is a goofy looking pen, no doubt about that. The cap and filling knob have facets while the barrel does not, the clip is brushed and all other metal parts are shiny, there’s a strange bulbous bit in the middle, etc. But somehow it all winds up just working for me. While some may be annoyed that it is only available in various shades of demonstrator, I am too distracted by watching my ink slosh around to be bothered… Filling Admittedly, the vacuum filling mechanism was a major reason I got this pen. I’m still getting used to it, but it is effective and a fun little novelty. Also, if you want to fill from a small sample it is easy to fill with a blunt tipped syringe without any mess. The pen is also really easy to take apart so that you can thoroughly clean all the little parts out when you change inks. It’s so slick and makes me want to start taking apart other pens… Nib I bought this pen with a 1.1 mm stub which was buttah smooth and very wet. And a bit too broad for my daily writing so I switched to a M. Still very smooth and no flow problems at all except for Salix, which seems to just be a bad fit for this pen. I’m glad that, at least in my limited sample size of N = 2, I have not experienced the horrible flow issues that other people report with TWSBIs. General writing experience I think this is so far my favorite pen to write with. It fits my hand very well (no hint of the issues I feared with step from section to barrel), good weight, nice nibs that are easy to swap, and a big ink capacity. Not sure what else I could ask for! This pen was purchased with my own money and I am not being compensated for this review in any way. All opinions expressed above are my own and you are free to disagree with them if you want.
  21. 23Larsen

    Twsbi Pp019 And Pp025

    Forgive me if there already is a topic on this, i did a search and could not find any. I found it a little weird that there was no discussion on the recent update from TWSBI. On their Facebook page they came with some new pictures of the PP019 wood version, which they say is the same as the PP025 PMMA version. Furthermore they say it has a similar styling as the Micarta, except a little bigger and both pens would have a piston filler. I love the Micarta and i must admit i find these new pens interesting. The wooden version i think would be hard to resist if/when it is released. PP019 wooden version: https://www.facebook.com/TWSBI/photos/pcb.771403162901800/771402576235192/?type=1&theater https://www.facebook.com/TWSBI/photos/pcb.771403162901800/771402579568525/?type=1&theater PP025 PMMA version: https://www.facebook.com/TWSBI/photos/a.769572443084872.1073741844.117058861669570/769572503084866/?type=1&theater https://www.facebook.com/TWSBI/photos/a.769572443084872.1073741844.117058861669570/769572506418199/?type=1&theater
  22. Hello everyone! I'm new to the FP network (about 5 minutes ago) and am still learning the ropes of both the network and the fountain pen itself. I am a student in high school and just started using fountain pens this semester and am loving it. I own two Noodler's Ahabs and am looking to get something that will work better with cheap paper, as I cannot shell out money for Rodia, Clairefontaine and the like due to the fact that I take about 2-3 pages of notes a school day.I have been drawn to the TWSBI mini because of the modern design and because it seems to work well with cheap paper. Is this a good choice? If not what else? At the same time, I am looking for cheap paper that will bring out the best in my inks without feathering and such. Is Staplers Bagasse any good? And finally, if I do get the TWSBI mini, would Noodler's "Bad Blue Heron" be safe to use in it?
  23. migo984

    New Twsbi Classic

    What are opinions about the new TWSBI Classic? Has anyone seen it in real life? http://www.thewritingdesk.co.uk/showproduct.php?brand=TWSBI&range=Classic&cat=pens I'm ambivalent about its looks - what do you all think?
  24. Hello All, This was a test I did in preparation to potentially sell the 205 on reddit. Enjoy and get back to me with any questions. Advance apologies for my general noobishness. http://imgur.com/a/oyDPi#0
  25. dragos.mocanu

    580 Al Or Mini

    Hello beautiful people, I've been looking to get a TWSBI pen for a long time, but one problem has always kept me away: which model I should buy! I have small-medium hands and my biggest pen is Lamy 2000 (which is my favorite pen model ever!); my other daily users include a couple of P"51"s and a vintage Duofold Jr., which although short, fits my hand neatly even unposted (I NEVER post my pens). The Vac 700 is clearly out of question (it's really way too bulky), but I'm wondering if the 580 is also too big for me. I've tried comparing the Lamy 2000 with the 580 (pictures on the Internet), and the 580 AL somehow looks a lot bigger (perhaps because of the 2000's cigar shape). On the other hand, the Mini seems to be of similar size with the Duofold Jr. (which I like), capped or uncapped. So there's my dilemma, it would seem that both may fit the bill, but I'm looking to buy just one (directly from Mr. Pendleton Brown, with a nice B CI nib ). Cheers!

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