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  1. Hi guys. I love this pen. The nib is just awesome, especially the line variations, but unfortunately, it is giving me a headache. It is hardstarting. I have to shake the pen,, and after a page of writing, the ink flow would just stop, and i have to twist the filler knob a bit before it would start writing again. I flushed the pen with warm water and refilled it again with Edelatein Topaz ink but the problem would recur. I brought it to Scribe where Ever, the best calligrapher that i have seen in action, said that the tines were misaligned which maybe a result of my writing angle. After the nib was realigned and a few writing tips, it was behaving well only recur when i got home. Yesterday, the nib was replaced but again the problem recurred. I tried using a different ink, this time i used Jentle ink by sailor but it would still skip occasionally, although it just would require a few seconds of continues pressure on the nib against the paper and it would write again. This is just a one month old pen, and maybe i'm just on my 4th refill, and it is giving me problems. In fact it is the only pen in my collection that is behaving like this. Is there a breathing port somewhere that won't let air in causing a vacuum which prevents the ink from flowing? Or is there even such a thing? Any inputs would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Can anyone identify this Pelikan M600 Souverän please. The barrel is dark mother of pearl with red striations (clearly not a brown tortoise). The dimensions of the pen are M600 and the nib is 14C-585. The cap is black. Cap dome is gold coloured (not black) and the top of the cap dome has a beige medaillon with a shiny gold coloured Pelikan logo: this is > 2010 according to what I find on www.rothemel.de or www.thepelikansperch.com. I however do not see this model listed on these websites.
  3. Hello, I am pretty new in the fountain pen collection although I am using fountain pen since I am 15. I recently bought Pelikan Souveran M 600 with a fine nib but as far as I see on the reviews all the series up to M 800 have 14C nibs. And I am pretty suprised when I realized my nib is actually 18C-750. I am not sure if the nibs of M800 or M100 is interchangable with M600. Should I feel lucky on that? Thanks for replies!
  4. We just created a new infographic about Pelikan Souveran Fountain Pens. Hopefully it helps fountain pen users better understand the Pelikan Souveran pens. Let me know what you think.
  5. Mercian

    Choosing Between M60X & M80X

    Hi all, I've owned an M205 for a few years now, and although I love it I do think that it's slightly small for the furry ape-paws that I have for hands. So, I am thinking of treating myself to either an M605 or an M805, but I would like to get some advice from those of you who have these pens before I go out and buy one. (Especially as either would cost me a sum that I can't really afford to be spending.) Obviously, apart from the different plating on their trim, the M605 & M805 are the same pens as the M600 & M800, so the answers to my questions would also apply to the differences between the M600 & M800. I would like answers to the specific questions listed below, but I would also welcome any other information that you think that I ought to know, and also any advice/hints/tips that you think that I ought to consider. My specific questions: 1) Does an M80x feel noticeably heavier than an M60x - i.e. might its weight become tiring in long sessions of writing? 2) Does an M80x feel ‘unwieldy’ compared to an M60x? 3) Does either model only feel ‘right’ if you write with its cap posted (or, for that matter, with its cap not posted)? 4) Is there any difference between the feel/responsiveness/springiness/performance of the 18K gold nib on an M80x and that of the 14K gold nib on an M60x? 5) How do these nibs compare to the feel/responsiveness/springiness/performance of the steel nib in an M20x? 6) does the longer nib of the M80x substantially alter the feel or ease of writing with one, and if it does, does the longer nib make it ‘more comfortable‘ to use than an M60x, or ‘less comfortable’? I do recognise that the best way to find out which of the two pens will better-suit my own, personal, taste is to try both of them out in a store, so; 7) can any of you let me know of any shops in my vicinity (the Midlands of England) that stocks both of these models of the Souverän? My thanks to you in advance for your answers to those questions, and also for any other information that you feel that I ought to know before spending my money. Cheers, M.
  6. Dear all, I have just received my new Pelikan Souveran M800, Black & Green which I ordered via Amazon.de. My excitement and antcipation was crushed when I saw how this fine writing piece was delivered. I made a picture of te package that arrived with my mobile phone, but I cannot upload it because it's size is 2,24 MB, whereas the maximum allowable size of upload files is 1,95MB No documentation, no box, nothing except the bare pen fell into my mail box. Can any of you who own such a pen give me some feedback? I cannot imagine that this is normal... Should I be worried about the authenticity of this product? I look forward to your feedback. RSEN
  7. My holidays rarely match with others’ in the family. So, last afternoon, while I was staring at the chessboard to play yet another game, I thought of putting the board to a better use than just moving the pieces against myself. So, why not take three big nibs out of their temporary resting places and give them a try. In this fast-paced world, fountain pens have most certainly embarked the sail of luxury, consistent with properties of both time and money. These days, keyboards – physical, on-screen or speech-engine ones have taken over a Pen’s traditional space-time. Thankfully, notebooks and writing pads are still there to keep them alive, even if people have started to take notes in their tablets, phones or phablets. Not being a fan of very big pens, I usually go for the minus-1 flagship models. They seem to be appealing from both perspectives of cost and convenience. Rather than writing everything down, I have left it to the reader to decide the verse through pictures, mostly. The pictures lose resolution with time, as I am using a free service. Please feel free to navigate to the same topic in my blog : Tale of the lesser flagships A briefer history in time http://s25.postimg.org/5h2xulkiz/image.jpgMONT BLANC I came across a real Montblanc pretty much later in life, though used to love a pen called Camlin Premier during school days. It came with a 1-pen leather pouch, an additional screw-fit nib and it did have the striped ink windows. I say I loved it, but never wrote with it since it belonged to my dad and I was a kid. Back in 1999-2000, it cost around USD 5.00 and it was a hefty price tag for a locally made fountain pen . Later I did realize that it was yet another MB 146 inspiration, when I went to a pen store in Calcutta. As most of you would know, Montblanc was started in 1906 a Hamburg banker, Alfred Nehemias, and a Berlin engineer, August Eberstein as Simplizissimus-Füllhalter which means Simplistic Fountain pens, after they learnt about fountain pens with ink tanks from the US. By 1908, three other people by the name of Wilhelm Dziambor, Christian Lausen and later Claus Johannes Voss had taken over the business and the company took the name “Simplo Filler Pen Co.” which referred to a fountain pen design with a built-in ink-tank. In 1909, a safety fountain pen made up of hard rubber called “Rouge et Noir” was launched, which actually means Red and Black. The pen consisted of a red cap and a black body, perhaps inspired from a card-game. You can also find a limited edition of the same. In 1910, the company became Mont Blanc, inspired by the highest peak of the Alps (4810 m) and a pen called Montblanc was introduced with a white tip (which would later evolve into a white star in 1913). In 1926, the Meisterstück was launched. By 1929, the nibs were engraved with 4810, the official height of Mont Blanc peak, as an allusion to supreme quality and craftsmanship. The flagship Meisterstück 149 was launched in 1952, evolving from celluloid & brass mechanism to resin & plastic mechanism over the years. For the Meisterstück 146, the ink windows were modified to striped version somewhere around the 1970s from clear blue window and the the two-tone nib was introduced in 1993-94. You can find a brief history of Pelikan here and Pilot here. 146in Pictures http://s25.postimg.org/vuzqt8oj3/DSC_1786.jpg http://s25.postimg.org/vd4lddyy7/DSC_1801.jpg With m805, Custom 823in Pictures http://s25.postimg.org/cm2o384dr/DSC_1803.jpg http://s25.postimg.org/9c6bx63ov/DSC_1805_1.jpg http://s25.postimg.org/aeyffaz3j/DSC_1809.jpg Dimensions http://s25.postimg.org/zc1sw7nlb/DSC_1819.jpg http://s25.postimg.org/3ly2j18a7/DSC_1819_1.jpg http://s25.postimg.org/a0x3fpezz/DSC_1819_2.jpg WritingThe writing experience is simply superlative although I do find the pilot custom 823 and m805 equally good when it comes to non-flex nibs. Custom 823 with a medium nib & a wet-ink, is still able to draw a line, tad thinner than both 146 and m805 with fine points. Personally, I prefer the widths of 146 and m805. http://s25.postimg.org/comjq281b/DSC_1825.jpg Ratings With my own biases* http://s25.postimg.org/xigz8aptb/146_FP_rating_scale.jpg References http://www.montblanc.com/en-us/discover/history.html http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/montblanc-meisterstuck-fountain-pen/ http://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonydemarco/2013/05/08/leadership-changes-at-montblanc-and-jaeger-lecoultre/ Thank you for your time; hope you like the chessboard too , Sonik
  8. SujiCorp12345

    My First Bird!

    Hi all, I opened my mail today and was delighted to find my very first Pelikan M800 Tortoise that I purchased from John Mottishaw. Just wanted to share some photos! It's a broad stub. (My first broad, and my first stub!) -Best regards, Suji
  9. hankas

    Justification For M800

    Hi, The other day I went to a small local bookstore, and discovered that they have a Pelikan Souveran M800 with "Made in W. Germany" engraving on its band and a 14c EF nib. They didn't put any price tag on it. They had price tags for other everyday items, but they didn't put any on the M800. It's one of those shops where you can haggle to get a bit of discount. The pen is brand new. It's green striated. It's probably the most expensive item they have in the shop. The store clerk said it is an old item that has been around since before he works there, and it's the only one the shop has. I may be wrong about this, but to the best of my knowledge the pen should be manufactured some time between 1987-1989 before the reunification and it is one of the sought after pens. What I would like to know are: Is there any justification to buying this pen? I am well aware that M800 isn't an entry level fountain pen. Compared to other competing brands in its price range, the materials used on the M800 seem cheap. With other brands, you may get pens with metallic shaft with lots of bling bling. On the other hand, the Pelikan Souveran M800 is made of plastic resin. The piston barrel may be made of brass, but the piston mechanism inside is made of plastic. So what makes this pen worth the price? Or should I spend my money elsewhere? What would be a fair price for this early edition of M800? Is there anything else that I need to be aware of about this pen? Thanks. Henry
  10. http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/15/de/97/15de9734c8d4fb9be730838d8ac2beb4.jpg Pelikan M805 capped http://media-cache-cd0.pinimg.com/originals/37/3d/4c/373d4c8b9d9d018e565d5f384dad1485.jpg Uncapped ... http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/69/5d/a7/695da7756c1c98b7c8ebe34b12d9c81f.jpg Please excuse the scrabbly writing Oh, and I know the pics are kind of dark but I was working with quickly fading sunlight and a rubbish camera phone... I just wanted to share my joy at finally getting the fountain pen I've been wanting for the best part of 4 or 5 years. The only other expensive fountain pen I own is a Montblanc and that was a gift from my grandfather. My other fountain pens are quite cheap in comparison. The other pen that was my 'grail pen' for some time (and in the back of my mind still is really), was the Pelikan M400 white tortoise - that thing is sooo beautiful. Maybe one day I'll get that. Oh, and if you can't read my writing, the pen is a Pelikan M805 in blue/black with a broad nib. The ink is Diamine Teal. The paper is Kokuyo College notebook. The quote is the opening sentence of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I originally got the fine nib, which while very smooth I found to be skippy, and I don't think I liked the line it created so much so I exchanged the nib for a broad, which I think suits my writing better. It's a very smooth, wet writer with minimal skipping. I'm happy with the line variation it gives and the shading it adds to the more vibrant ink colours I sometimes use. I also find the nib to be quite springy - when I press harder on the page I get a much broader line and that's nice when I want to write really large curly letters. All in all, I'm very happy with this pen and look forward to using it in my notebooks at home and at work.
  11. http://www.iguanasell-pics.com/photos/logos/fpn_logo_45_45.png See all our items @ FPN Pelikan Fountain Pen Souverän M805 Series - Black/BlueBrand New in Box - Warranty by authorised Dealer - Free Shipping CHARACTERISTICS: Brand Pelikan Description Pelikan fountain pen Nib 18K/750 solid gold nib with rhodium trim Finish High quality resin & gold plated trims Closure System Screw-on Filling System Piston Filler Dimensions (capped/uncapped) 14cm (5.51in) / 12,5cm (4.92in) Warranty (years) 2 Line Souverän Reference 933481 Special features:Diamond-ground surface.Silver plated trims and pelikan beak shape clip.Hand-crafted, finely engraved 14 carat gold nib with rhodium decoration.Silver plated ring at the ink-handle and small decorative ring in the front section.Classic plunger mechanism. CONDITIONS:The item is brand new in original box and comes with all papers and warranty stamped at the moment of the purchase by authorised dealerPrice: 320€ / $415 Payment Methods: PayPalCredit cardGoogle CheckoutMoney Order (We have Bank accounts in the US as well as in Europe)Cash on Delivery (Euro Countries) Free Expedited Shipping (UPS or Fedex) to the US, Canada and European Union. Other countries, $18 (shared shipping costs) ABOUT US: We are an international company with more than three (3) years of experience in e-commerce, duly registered in the US and Europe. We are present on the most important Marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, ecommerce sites: shopping.com, yahoo shopping... and our own website You can take a look at our eBay feedback here or read the opinions of other forum members: 1 , 2, or 3 CONTACT:To contact us, just write us a pm, orsend us an email to info@iguanasell.com http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/C421/Pelikan-Fountain-Pen-Souveran-M805-Series-Black-Blue-933481-1.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/C421/Pelikan-Fountain-Pen-Souveran-M805-Series-Black-Blue-933481-2.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/C421/Pelikan-Fountain-Pen-Souveran-M805-Series-Black-Blue-933481-3.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/C421/Pelikan-Fountain-Pen-Souveran-M805-Series-Black-Blue-933481-4.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/C421/Pelikan-Fountain-Pen-Souveran-M805-Series-Black-Blue-933481-5.jpg CONDITIONS:The item is brand new in original box and comes with all papers and warranty stamped at the moment of the purchase by authorised dealerPrice: 320€ / $415 Payment Methods:PayPalCredit cardGoogle CheckoutMoney Order (We have Bank accounts in the US as well as in Europe)Cash on Delivery (Euro Countries) Free Expedited Shipping (UPS or Fedex) to the US, Canada and European Union. Other countries, $18 (shared shipping costs) ABOUT US: We are an international company with more than three (3) years of experience in e-commerce, duly registered in the US and Europe. We are present on the most important Marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, ecommerce sites: shopping.com, yahoo shopping... and our own website You can take a look at our eBay feedback here or read the opinions of other forum members: 1 , 2, or 3 CONTACT:To contact us, just write us a pm, orsend us an email to info@iguanasell.com More Pelikan pens on our website Thanks for looking!----------------------------- Website: www.iguanasell.comJoin our newsletter for special promotions and news http://static.anuncios.ebay.es/images/dailydeals/dm/icon_facebook_24.png Follow us on Facebookhttp://static.anuncios.ebay.es/images/dailydeals/dm/icon_twitter_24.png Follow us on Twitter: @Iguana_sell
  12. http://kaffehauz.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/pen.png The Pelikan M1000 is the largest fountain pen in Souveran range. It is a distinguished signature pen which features a flexible 18 carat gold nib with rhodium decoration. The M1000 has a brass internal mechanism, 24 carat gold plated trim on the Pelikan clip and rings. This model is Pelikan's signature Green striations with black cap and filler knob - the Black stripes are actually transparent, so when the pen is held up to light, you can see the level of remaining ink. Also, you can just about see the mechanism moving through the stripes when you turn the filler knob. Weight - 33g Length (closed) - 14.5cm Length (cap posted) - 17.7cm Holds 2.0ml of ink (a standard short cartridge holds 0.75ml and a standard large cartridge holds 1.45ml) Guillaume’s Review How do you go about reviewing a top-of-the-line pen like the Pelikan M1000? This is the top (well, maybe not the very top but close enough anyway) and so, what?, are you going to be disappointed? Will you relish the job of finding faults with the thing? My M1000 came after a long saga involving countless email messages over 4, no 5, continents. It was meant as a present for my 40th birthday, a gift of the best fountain pen my wife could find (we discovered a shared lack of interest in the Mont Blanc company), and damn the consequences. Even my parents, not the wealthiest folks you’ll meet, decided to contribute to make it all happen. My job was to find an M1000 at a price that would still make it possible for us to send our children to university some day. I played the Malaysian roulette for a while; very nice people, no M1000 to be had in the striped green version. I then looked into North American options; how can anyone afford anything in Canada? And finally ended up in Old Blighty, where a decent price and a smiley email service made it a reality. After a few other juggling acts involving friends travelling to Canada and back for Christmas…the M1000 was mine. So, what do I make of it? It feels like the top. It’s big, it’s loud, and you wonder if your hand is large enough to hold it, and if what you’re going to write with it will be worthy enough of the thing. Somehow I feel it’s going to criticize me if all I do is doodle on cheap paper. Like a friend of mine would say, this thing is made to sign international agreements, not take notes during a staff meeting. He calls it my MOU Pen. First things first. It comes in a nice enough cardboard box, wrapped in a small vinyl pouch. It’s all a bit tacky, especially the white vinyl pouch (white?) and you’d think that, for the price, they could put the pen in a decent box (the Chinese will sell $19,99 pens on eBay that come in a large wooden box actually worth more than the pen inside). Anyway, this is not the point. The point is the pen. Listen, I like my fountain pens to be straightforward. I like basic marbled celluloid or solid colours. I don’t buy pens with Kabuki figures etched on them or a reproduction of Churchill’s signature in gold appliqué. So, to me, the M1000 in striped green is absolutely perfect. It’s the same damn look the pen had 200 years ago and that’s exactly what I want. The celluloid is smooth like butter on a picnic table on a sunny day and the finishing job is Teutonically perfect. The nib is the two-tone steel and gold, which I find nicer looking than the gold-filled one. The cap has a nice Pelikan logo at its end. The pen holds well in the hand although, it must be said, someone with longer fingers than mine would probably enjoy it even more. I can’t believe that anyone would seriously want to use this pen posted since you get dangerously close to one foot of writing gear in your hand if you put the cap at the end of the body. It’s like writing with a plastic tent peg. But now…how does it write? Well, for one thing it’s a flex nib. Not a wet noodle but flex it is. I’m too much of a dilettante to truly appreciate the power of the flex but it sure is an experience in itself. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I bought a medium size nib. Friends, medium for flex is like broad, XB even, for your regular hard-nibbed Lamy. And when your nib is about an inch long, that’s even broader stroke flex action for your writing pleasure. I was reading something on the net today where they were warning potential M1000 buyers that “most people prefer a fine-size nib given the flex nature of the nib”. Actually, the nib is excellent. Ink flow is superb, not a scratch will ever trouble your peace of mind as you are drafting your next MOU and, well, the pen is a foot long, what would you expect? XF? Chicken scratches, 500 words to a page? This is the M1000, for the love of God. The filling mechanism is the Pelikan trusted-and-loved pump action. I like the fact that you only unscrew the end of the body a bit and the piston inside goes all the way up. All inks I’ve tried have worked like a charm. Of course, with that much liquid squirting out on the paper, you’re bound to have some amount of feathering. Ink that takes ages to dry will obviously not improve after a ride in the M1000. Get a blotter. Altogether, the M1000 does exactly what it is supposed to do. It announces to the world that you wanted the top and someone loved you enough to give it to you. It pushes the other pens on the sidelines, turning your previous favourites into a bit of a disappointment: they’re too small, write too thinly, are just tepid. It’s like getting off the Harley and riding on the 125cc again. It was such a great little bike but now it’s so…pathetic. I wish I could say that, with the M1000, I’ve reached the end of my fountain pen obsession. It’s got everything and more. Nothing can top that. Nothing. And yet… Originally published at: http://kaffehauz.com/?p=205
  13. aon

    Pelikan M600 From Niche Pens

    Hi all, This is my first post after lurking for a bit. I got my first fountain pen from Ross Adams of Niche Pens. I ordered a B nib and had it modified to a 1.1mm cursive italic. The only other fountain pen that I currently have is a vintage Waterman 52 with a flex nib. Comparing the two, I have to say the the M600 writes smoother. Here are some writing samples: http://i408.photobucket.com/albums/pp170/alex_ner/M600.jpg
  14. caric

    M600 Nibs Changed Material?

    I have a Pelikan M600 I bought new in late 2011. the nib is stamped with "14C 585": http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8401/8708408764_8772cdcb6e_b.jpgPelikan M600 by astrophoenix, on Flickr so I'm thinking it's a 14-karat gold nib. yet on the web, I'm seeing pelikan m600s for sale where the description says 18k nibs. have they changed the nibs recently?
  15. rrs

    Pelikan M800 Ib - Ink Choice

    Hi All My Pelikan M800 with IB nib turned up to in the post! Bringing a very large smile to my face upon seeing the pen and nib! Pure Class, Seduction and sultryness! (made up word/or spelt wrong) in a box! My dilemma now is which ink do I use: Aurora Black or J Herbin Perle Noire? Anyone with any experience's of using these inks with M800 range? Thanks rrs

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