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  1. Denizzz

    Have 3 Snorkels, Worth Restoring?

    Hello Everybody! i would be very thankful if you would advise. i have 3 snorkels: Snorkel Sentinel Black, Snorkel Admiral Pastel Green, Snorkel Admiral Burgundy. These need to be restored, but i am not sure what exactly the restoration with include. I am only sure that the inside mechanism needs to be fixed as the filling mechanism works but doesnt fill. The pen body will need to be polished. I am not sure whether it is a good idea, and how much the restoration could cost? probably it would be easier to sell the unrestored ones and buy already restored? Plus i am not 100% sure i will
  2. Nathaniel Harter

    Removing Cotton From Sac Holder?

    Hello! I recently got a snorkel and am going to repair it. I was cleaning out the sac holder to remove and little pieces of dried-up sac before putting a new one in. I, not really thinking about it, decided to cut 2 strips of cotton and shove them into it, instead of using a cotton swab instead. Now, the cotton is stuck in there and I can't get it out. I already stabbed myself with the nib, so I would like to ask here before screwing it up more. I considered trying to burn the cotton, but could that ruin it?
  3. FredRydr

    Sheaffer Snorkel Desk-Pen Deco Set

    I thought I should share this set with you. These were bought separately; the rocker blotter was first. I was attending the Columbus pen show several years ago when Tom Heath and I decided to take a break Saturday afternoon and go pen hunting in the antique shops south of the city. In an antiques co-op in a big old house, I spotted the deco rocker blotter, having no idea what it was. I just liked it, and it was in gorgeous condition with that huge block of celluloid. I bought it, saving it from the pen turners/repairmen who would cut it up just for that celluloid! By sheer happenstan
  4. WilsonLaidaw

    Remove Price "chalk Marks" From Snorkel

    I have recently re-acquired a Statesman Snorkel in pastel blue after a gap of over 50 years. My last one which was a present from my parents on getting a scholarship to senior school in Edinburgh, was used as a dart by the school bully. I had been looking for a good one with a broad nib for some time but at a reasonable price. My "new" one is in lovely condition, has just been serviced and has had so little use that it is still showing the sales price of 5 pounds 7 shillings and sixpence (including purchase tax). As the lettering is half worn, I would prefer to remove it completely (unless tha
  5. kanaka

    Cleaning Out A Snorkel

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to snorkels, and so far I really like what they have offered me. I'm wondering about cleaning and flushing, though. It seems like cycling the water out of the sac cleans that, but I read somewhere that it's not good to immerse the front end of the pen. How does one clean the feed? Is there a way that you'd recommend to prepare the pen for a new ink? Thanks!
  6. I'm somewhat new to non-student fountain pens, so I had done a bit of research before hand before picking a 'vintage' pen to go with, and as per the recommendation of two friends of mine (one of which being the one that restored mine) I went with a Sheaffer Snorkel. It's a nice American made pen that's older than either of my parents. The one I got here is a Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral (circa 1953 based on some of the insides), won it for $41 when there was only a minute left and I was already annoyed at being out bidded for all the other snorkels (I wanted to get something like the burgundy r
  7. Manalto

    "writes As Smoothly As Thought"

    A charming advertisement from 1952. James
  8. I have an open nib Sheaffer's Snorkel and there is a small crack in the section. So far the crack hasn't had any functional consequenses as would be expected of a snorkel. I was wondering if anyone had advice on how I can prevent the crack from becoming something significant.
  9. I'm attempting my first restoration of a Snorkel an I have managed to damage the sac guard - perhaps terminally. I picked up the pen quite cheaply, so it's no great drama if I've ruined it, but I'd still like to get it working if I can. The guard is of the variety which is pinched in all the way around the hard rubber plug. I got the sac out cleanly through the hole in the end of the guard, and proceeded to heat the guard around the plug and try to push the plug out. In the process, my push rod slipped between the guard and plug and out through the end a couple of times, and I think this was
  10. Arkanabar

    Lightfast Purple Ink For Pfm-Ii

    I'm looking for a well-behaved, lightfast purple for my PFM II. I'm the sort of person who'll ink a pen, and take as much as a couple of weeks to write it dry before cleaning it. I've been known to leave my M200 inked with red-black without cleaning for months, just so I can always have the combination ready. If I find a "forever" color for the PFM-II, it could easily get treated the same way. I had been considering Diamine Bilberry, but there have been rumors which now make me hesitant to use it. I am also considering Diamine Grape. The PFM was the last of the Snorkels, and the first of
  11. So, my sister was cleaning out boxes this morning and brought a Sheaffer Snorkel set. I don't know a lot about Sheaffers, but I was able to identify that it was a snorkel. What kind?! I know it's a 14k gold nib in fine width. The bands do not appear to be gold, but gold tone due to what appears to be tarnish. I was able to tell it had never been inked and it retains the band around the section with the words "Fine", clearly indicating the nib width. The size of the two barrels is pretty petite, perhaps about the same as an Estie or a little narrower gauge (I'm not home, so no calipers or such)
  12. Ernst Bitterman

    When They Say "don't Pull On That...."

    Three pens sent along for a refit, all of which are described by their new owner as highly resistant to opening ("I can't do it; I hope you can" if I may paraphrase). Apart from the gobs of rubber cement on the threads of one, opening them proved instructive. Check out the horror show: I don't suggest that EVERYTHING that's wrong here is down to a foolish yanking up on the filler tube; what possessed someone to shellack one of the mechanisms to the section and push the snorkel halfway inside it obviously doesn't stem from that. However, it certainly happened and it certainly didn't hel
  13. Well i went and screwed up >.< my ink sac broke(no idea how, it was fairly new i'm pretty sure) and i didn't get around to it, so somewhere along the line i managed to break the gold filler tube(the pen was a gold and black sheaffer snorkel... gold filler tube. i'm not sure what exact model it is, can't remember. i don't know where to get replacement parts however... they sell sacs on ebay, but at this point i'm looking for a new spring, sac protector, sac, sac plug, and (gold) tube :S i'm lost as of where to ask. this pen is setimental, and i want to get it back into working condition.
  14. I have an older Admiral (actually, it's two now) that I have replaced the sac, gasket and ring on, but I am getting no vacuum. Everything seems to right, but I have noticed one little detail. The very first snorkel I repaired was an early one, where all the metal ribs were the same width, as was the feeder and nib assembly. They lined up and fit perfectly. I've noticed on the two pens I have that the grooves in the feed seem to be the newer models (maybe I have the ages reversed) where there is a single groove/rib that is larger than the other three. The sac protectors on both pens are al
  15. carretera18

    Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant

    Some pictures of my Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-KYKGSjYxxf4/VEnKF6GeCiI/AAAAAAAAAsA/dvPGbeQVIC8/s1600/Sheaffer_Snorkel_Valian.jpg
  16. Hey guys, so i bought a TM snorkel of Ebay, and through a very silly mistake on my part, i used a aerosol can of silicone spray (big no no) to lubricate the plunger of which ate away the O - ring at the top of the barrel. after a good time of kicking myself i replaced the O - ring with the proper replacement, but now no air escapes on the up stroke. The end effect is a vacuum being made within the barrel which pulls the plunger back down with it. All seals have been replaced and sac is new, all vents are clear, but i'm stumped as to the cause. Any ideas? I did a search of the network and could
  17. Florida Blue

    1St Successful Snorkel Restoration!

    Hello fellow FPNers, I just finished my 1st (successful) restoration of a Sheaffer Snorkel fountain pen and since I was so proud of myself for accomplishing it I decided to post to pics of it. Hopefully you enjoy my work! I say "1st" because I tried restoring a couple Snorkels a few years ago, failed and gave up, but I really wanted to try it again. I bought the pen (along with a matching pencil) at an antique shop for $18, which I thought was a very fair price. The nib and feed was covered is green powdery stuff (mold?) and the pen was filled with brown ink. I disassembled the pen an
  18. Komitadjie

    Help Me Id Today's Finds?

    Made a run up to a local antique place today, and I stumbled over a booth that had a fair number of Shaeffers! I picked up four items that drew my attention, and I'm curious about ID on 'em! None of them fill, of course, but the pencil in the snorkel set works just fine. First, a pen-and-pencil set, open nib, snorkel filler. I think this is likely an Admiral or a Saratoga? The gunk on the barrel is just tape residue, it comes right off with a light rub of denatured alcohol, thank fully, leaving the barrels un-marked. I was a bit worried about that when I picked them up! http://i1158.p
  19. Who would you recommend to repair and refurbish a snorkel-style Tuckaway that leaks where the barrel joins the nib? Thanks, Laurie
  20. grainweevil

    Snorkel - Missing Cap

    Folks, I've recently acquired a black Snorkel missing its cap for a couple of quid. I bought it with the view that it'd be a good hands-on education on a filling system that was new to me, but now I've got it working and cleaned up, it seems a shame to consign it to a life sporting an ill-fitting Hero 616 cap (being the only thing I have handy to protect it). The nib is a Triumph style with "M4" faintly visible on the rear, which research leads me to believe means it's a medium in Palladium Silver and would have been found on a Statesman or a Clipper. Is it worth trying to find a correct cap f
  21. Elperraco

    Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral Doubts

    Hi everyone, I have a beatiful black sheaffer snorkel admiral that I havent treated as well as it deserve. The other day I soaked it in wate during to much time, trying to deep clean it. And as consequence some rust have appear into the spring, inside the body, inside the touchdonwn plunger tube and at the head of the screw that secures the piston knob. Right now I have the pen completely dissasemble. I want to do this. - Cleaning of rust the barrel and the plunger tube. What can I use to clean it? Some kind of brush? - I pretend to sand with very fine grade the head of the screw. Shoul
  22. Some shots of my restored black Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral (~1953), currently using Noodler's Black Eel in it. http://static.karlblessing.com/pens/black_snorkel_admiral/full.jpghttp://static.karlblessing.com/pens/black_snorkel_admiral/close.jpghttp://static.karlblessing.com/pens/black_snorkel_admiral/snorkel.jpg
  23. KBeezie

    Had One Sheaffer... Now Four :d

    Got three more Sheaffer pens today. 1951 Touchdown Admiral in Evergreen Green with a Feather Touch Nib (14K Gold + Platinum Plating) 1947-1949 Craftman in Persian Blue with a Sheafer #33 14K Nib Late 60s/Early 70s Student Pen with a "F" Steel Nib, using it eye-dropper style with Noodler's Upper Ganges Blue 1953 Snorkel Admiral in Black with a Medium 14K Gold Nib. The Touchdown and Snorkel were completely restored by Sean Nicholson (The Touchdown was sold to me by him). The Craftman I won off ebay has been polished and replaced with a new sac (and Talc'd... not sure why that's needed). Th
  24. I just restored my first Snorkel last night, a black Valiant? with a white dot and a fine open nib. After putting in a new sac and both seals, I couldn't get the pen to fill very much at all. I eventually found out my original barrel had a long crack in it near the section. I replaced the black barrel with a burgundy one, and the pen now works great. Is barrel cracking common in Snorkels? Can you fix this issue yourself, or is it easier just to get a new barrel? PS. (Warning - wanton props) Thank you Grandmia for the great Snorkel video... and Brian Anderson's shop for the resac kit
  25. Mafia Geek

    Sheaffer Snorkel Repair Help

    So I have some misc Sheaffer Snorkel parts on their way to me and I have a few questions about repairing snorkels. I have fully restored a snorkel, so I know how to safely take them apart and put them back together, but there are a few things I'm not sure about that I'd like to get sorted out before going to the pen show this weekend so I know what parts to get. The first is about the snorkel tubes. The pen I have has a triumph nib and tube but I'm getting a couple of open nibs and sections that won't have corresponding tubes. There is another triumph (angle cut) tube in with the parts that

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