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  1. I've recently got a virtually new 149 medium nib off ebay, but the nib frequently skips. I can write with it fine, but as I say it skips and I get a lot of feedback, and if I wanted that I could have made do with a Jinhao 159. I wouldn't mind swapping the nob for a broad, but does anyone have any tips about how to make it write smoother as it is? Thanks
  2. Hello, I am seriously thinking of adding a Kaweco Sport xf to my stash of pens, and I had a concern about the fact that you can only use a cartridge with it (the little bladder they sell seems no improvement to me). I have recently discovered the joys of using a converter in my various pens (piston/slider, not the bladder type), and found that the usual problems of skipping, ink drying out, or the ink coming out too fast at times, and otherwise inconsistent performance when half full or less, are greatly reduced, seem to be mostly a thing of the past. My question is whether the Kaweco Sport suffers from the same cartridge issues as other brands, as described above, I do realize there is some variation in how bad it can get from pen to pen. Even the bladders on my Hero 329 and Pilot 78g don't seem to hold a candle to what happens when you can push the extra air out of the pen with a converter (if I could, I would replace the bladder on my Hero 329 pens with a converter, in all 4 of them!). Hopefully my question is not as clear as mud. Any and all personal opinions and observations appreciated.
  3. Lady P

    Why Rhodia?

    Rhodia seems to be very popular with fountain pen users, but my experience with it has been less than stellar. It makes even my Pelikans skip a bit, and my cheap Chinese pens don't get along with that paper at all. So why is Rhodia so popular with the fountain pen crowd? Are people using pens that don't skip on it (if so, which pens?), or is it that people like smooth paper so much that they are willing to overlook the fact that it induces skipping?
  4. Dear pen fans and experts, I recently ordered yet another Pelikan (my fifth), and it arrived in the mail today. It's an M200 with a broad nib. I tried three different inks (Diamine Syrah, Green/Black, and Rustic Brown), and each of those inks looked much lighter in this pen than in the other pens that I have used these inks in. The pen also skipped a bit. I grabbed my loupe, took a look, and saw that the tines were misaligned (weird, because the pen didn't feel scratchy, just dry and a bit skippy). I aligned the tines with my nails (well, I don't think they are perfectly aligned now either, but it's certainly better than before). Result? The pen got much skippier! Apart from that Hero that I have long given up on, this is by far the skippiest pen in my collection. So... Any thoughts/advice before I give up and just order an M400 nib for this pen? I'll buy a new nib if I need to, but then again, I'd kinda prefer saving my money... BTW, I have another M200, only with an M nib. I like that pen very much, but for some purposes, I wanted a broader nib: something comparable to the M400 medium, which is quite a bit broader than the M200 medium. Hence, I ordered another M200, but with a broad nib; and at the moment, this pen isn't doing its job at all... (Yes, I know, some of you will suggest contacting the seller. Well... The problem is that the seller is Amazon.de - the German Amazon - and I don't speak one word of German. Plus, the pen came without a warranty, just as the previous M2xx's that I ordered from Amazon did. So I'm not really sure how I'd go about returning the pen...)
  5. razr

    Feeding Problem?

    I've noticed lately that I've had skip/feed problems with my 149 (BB) and Noodler's Legal Lapis. The nib starts to skip like it's almost out of ink, but it's not. I've noticed that if I bleed off 1 drop of ink the FP writes fine. I've had to do this 2 times already on this one fill. Normally I only bleed off 1 drop when I fill my FPs. Do I need to change this? I've had this FP about 3 years and I've never had this problem before. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
  6. Lady P

    Pelikan M400 Skipping

    Dear fountain pen experts and amateurs alike, I was hoping someone might be able to help me figure out why my new pen skips and perhaps even find a cure for it. A few days ago, my brand new Pelikan M400 White Tortoise arrived in the mail. It looked gorgeous, and I was excited to fill it up with some Waterman Intense Black. I did so, and unfortunately, the pen skipped quite a bit. I thought the problem might be that the ink that I used came from a bottle that I opened a long time ago (about a year and a half ago), and so I emptied out the pen and inked it up again with the the same type of ink (Waterman Intense Black), but from a newer bottle (opened only about three months ago). The pen skipped less, but still enough to bother me. So yesterday evening, I emptied the pen again, meticulously flushed it three times (first with clean water, then with soapy water, then again with clean water), and inked it up again (still with Waterman Intense Black). Performance drastically improved, there was hardly any skipping. It still worked beautifully this morning, and then again this afternoon. But then an hour ago, it started skipping again! There's plenty of ink left (it's more than half-full, as can be seen through the translucent barrel), so it's not that. I also know that skipping can sometimes be due to a baby bottom. Unfortunately, I don't have a loupe (I ordered one, but it hasn't arrived yet), so I can't check. However, I used the pen fairly extensively for 24 hours with no trouble, which makes me think it's unlikely that the problem is caused by a baby bottom. Essentially, I have no idea why my pen might perform beautifully for 24 hours, and then suddenly go back to its old ways. Is it bothered by the full moon or something?? Any and all ideas are welcome.
  7. essyr

    Scratchy And Skipping Nib

    Hi, so I'm fairly new at this. So I dropped my pen (a really cheap Chinese one) the other day and the tines got messed up. While trying to realign them, I think I accidentally broke off the ball-thing (I'm pretty sure the tip; again, I'm new, I don't know much, and I'm trying my best). The pen writes all right upside-down now, though it skips a bit and has trouble starting, but it's really scratchy and barely writes at all right-side-up. However, it writes fine both ways if I put the paper on something soft, like a pillow or something, so I guess it just can't write on hard surfaces (though that's a problem, too). I'd really appreciate any tips on how to fix this! PS, I am very limited when it comes to tools I can use, and so I only have really, really common things (and sometimes not even those).
  8. Ok... I'm seriously freaking out. Or not? Sometimes when I use some kinds of cheap copy paper in the office, I get the impression that my pens become more scratchy! I don't mean that they feel more scratchy on some kinds of paper, that's normal. I mean: they write fine on paper 1, then I use cheap copy paper 2 to write a couple of notes, then I go back to paper 1 and they feel scratchy, ink flow is poorer... This always happens with cheap, uncoated papers that have a kinda "chalky", "powdery" feeling. Has anyone ever experienced anything similar?? Is it possible that a paper alters the performance of a nib? I've read somewhere that some reams of cheap copy paper are advertised as having a low "powder content", which supposedly has an impact on the performance in printers and copy machines, but is this something that really exists or is it just a marketing tool? And does this have an effect on FPs? let me know if I should call the local mental hospital, or sell all my pens and retire to meditate on the meaning of life in a Tibetan monastery. cheers, Fabio
  9. Hello, I know this question must have been answered in a bazillion other places, but I'm really confused. I bought an Ahab a while ago and been fiddling with the feed position, but can't get it to run right. Some people say that if you get the tip of the feed closer to the tip of the nib you will have better flow. Others say it the other way around: if you take it farther from the tip of the nib, it will have better flow...Which one is true? Also, the pen exhibits occasional skipping, like when i do an 'o' or the start of a cursive letter (the oblique line from lower left do upper right), but sometimes it just floods the page (no ink blobs, but the flow increases substantially and unpredictably). Is there any way I can have a more constant flow? I don't use the flex, I just want to use it as a sturdy everyday writer. At the moment it's filled with Pelikan Blue Black, because my other inks are way too wet for this pen. Also, I've got a Konrad Demo on the way too (gonna have to deal with that one as well ). Thank you.
  10. I bought my pelikan m200 from a seller in Germany. I only got the pen (no case). I cleaned it and then I let it dry a bit. I inked it, and it started to skip! I tried to fix it and it sort of worked (doesn't skip anymore), but I may have grinded it a little too much and I turned it into a broad nib (from a medium nib). Now I'm not sure if I want to sell it or just buy a new nib. I sort of want to sell it because I don't really have any use for the broad nib, but I like the feel of the pelikan. Any recommendations? Here's a writing sample. Is my nib supposed to flex that much? Or did I just tamper with it too much. Would anyone actually buy this? The Rhodia pad is the before the grinding, and the nondescript paper is after the grinding. http://i.imgur.com/Mt6bJku.jpg
  11. What to do?! Problem: skips on start of words - arrrgh! This is a second hand pen recently bought off the eBay! Well - it wasn't overly expensive, but it is very annoying to take a look at the nib with a lens and find that the problem could very well be due to over-rounding of the nib bottom. It only occurs after 1/3 of a page of writing following a fill, but then occurs repeatedly. Ink flow appears good and the output is good and wet. Once the ink hits the paper, all is fine and the nib tip never actually loses the ink. A full turn on the piston convertor (just at the point where ink behind the nib and feed is really visible as an increasing blob) and the pen is writing again great - albeit very slightly wetter than after the 1/3 page point, but not much. I have drawn out what I believe to be wrong with the nib and some slightly disorganized ideas regarding the position of the ink in the nib tip and the distance of it from the paper, and possibly regrinding to bring the levels back to an 'ideal'. Also note that in the filled in cross section labelled 'actual' there is a slight twisting of one nib tine which may be making it wider at the wrong place. (Because it could also be at least partly due to starvation of ink, so I will try siphoning through 20L of water with detergent through the feed backwards to see if any grot can be dislodged) So far as I am aware, the nib/feed cannot be removed from this pen - rather annoyingly - without risking destruction of the feed. Anyways, I bet several here have come across this kind problem in the past, and might be able to offer valuable pearls of wisdom in this case. http://peggysparlour.co.uk/pubpics/watermanprobs.jpg

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