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  1. This is a custom hard rubber Shawn Newton pen with a vintage Waterman nib in it, configured as an eyedropper. Last year I dropped it and broke the section at the ink window, which Shawn mended for me. It wrote okay after that for awhile but not really. It had the common eyedropper problems of blorping but this wasn't when it was near empty but just say three quarters full. And then it started writing very poorly. As though ink could barely get through to the nib. Upon refilling it would not start without dipping it in ink, or shaking it until drops flew. And it grew steadily worse, writing
  2. Dear fellow FPNers My beloved Parker Duofold International has begun developing issues lately, after years of being the most reliable pen I have ever known. I am not as well versed in fountain pen mechanics as I would wish, and maybe I have done something that hurt it, and I just don't know. I was hoping that someone here with a lot more knowledge than me could help me out? I read a bit in the forums and thought it might be a feed issue, but I wanted to ask again to make sure I'm not jumping to conclusions. The issues are: - I first began noticing that ink would dry in if I didn't write wit
  3. I have two or three pens that skip severely, including a Pelikan M400. How do I address this issue? Thanks in advance.
  4. BVT

    Montblanc 149 Skipping

    Dear fellow fountain pen lovers, I was recently happy enough to find an early 90s Montblanc 149 online, great condition with the box, papers and original ink bottle for a very reasonable price from a reputable seller. The pen arrived the day after I ordered it and was as promised, except for a nib that seems to be a little quirky. It seems to really struggle with some ink starvation (some skipping but more often startup issues). The tines seem to be a tiny bit out of alignment, though not much because it doesn't feel terribly scratchy (a little perhaps, going left to right). Most of the ti
  5. Hi all I feel like throwing in the towel on my most expensive pen (a double reservoir fine nibbed Visconti Michelangelo Grande LE in beautiful green celluloid). By my standards, this pen cost me a fortune a few years ago, but it has been problematic since day one. I bought the pen second hand but was told it was uninked and in mint, unused condition. It certainly seemed to match that description when it arrived. It looked (and still does look) mint...it's a beautiful pen. However, regardless of how often I flush it, and regardless of what type of ink I try in it, I have a perennial p
  6. Nestorvass

    Parker 51 Dry

    I recently bought a Parker 51 Vacumatic. The pen was heavily used. However after, changing the filler unit, the diaphragm, cleaning the collector the breather tube and polishing, the pen looked like new. I was excited and all, filled it with Waterman Serenity Blue and begun writing with it. The line was very wet and the nib quite smooth (I did smooth it at a little). However after a few words the pen started to dry and then the inkflow stopped. I shook it a little, again wet line and after a few words dry. Does, anyone have any idea whats the problem and how can it be fixed. The nib has no bab
  7. Hello everyone, Today I just want to write an opinionated post about what I consider German fountain pens quality control. Please take note, this is my view, my opinion, and thus is highly subjective. I don't claim to write here about absolute truths, incontestable facts and scientific observations. Thanks. Over the years I have purchased dozens of nibs for Lamy as well as Kaweco and Pelikan. The rate of success was less than 20% overall. Maybe I am the most unlucky man on earth, but let me explain. I like EF nibs and not a single EF Lamy nib that I bought was smooth. They were all mor
  8. Hey everyone, About a month ago I purchased a Pilot Custom 74 SF. Right out of the box this pen worked perfectly, and was by far my best pen. I have since refilled the converter with it three times and also used a cartridge most recently, with no issues in the process. After cleaning it five days ago, it started skipping in the middle of writing or hard starting. This doesn't always happen every time I write, but it happens enough where I am getting very frustrated because I am having to fix a lot of empty spots in my writing. I have a few more experiments to try to pinpoint the problem,
  9. I hope you don't mind me copying and reposting the essence of a couple of posts from a Facebook group I belong to, but I wanted to reach a wider and more diverse audience with this. A few of us in the group have recently purchased Dante Del Vecchio's newest creation, the Pineider Le Grande Bellezza (which has also been reviewed in the Italy - Europe forum). As the reviewer there has indicated, OOTB it writes like a dream. The problems arise when one has only a small-ish amount of ink left in the cartridge converter - less than half, but not nearly empty. When one reaches that point, t
  10. I've added a comparison with my fine nib Metro which works and writes beautifully. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  11. I recently purchased a serviced Parker 51. However it skips terribly, and starts hard. Backstory: So I asserted that the seller had maybe mislead me about servicing it. So I decided to take it apart and fix it myself. The filler unit works well, so I didn't bother to take that apart. I took off the hood, but realized that the seller didn't lie about it, the collector and feed were completely clean. I re-aligned the nib and feed with the collector carefully, so that the wide air gap on the collector is now precisely over the top of the nib. Then I pushed the nib and feed into the collector as
  12. Yesterday I received a Pilot Custom 823 (Medium) from Amazon--my first fountain pen in quite a while. I loaded it with Diamine Monaco Red (which seems to be quite wet) and it wrote well in my first tests. I emptied it out, cleaned it, and loaded it with Diamine Woodland Green. The green ink seemed much drier than the red and had a lot of skipping. So I switched again to Waterman Serenity Blue. Seemed to be mid-way between the two. More skipping than with the wetter red, less than the drier green. Today I put the Diamine Monaco Red (the wettest of the three) back in. It still occasionally ski
  13. Hi guys, I have a fairly new Safari with fine nib and Noodler's Hear of Darkness ink that keeps drying out or clogging up and skipping. Not sure if the fault is in the pen, ink or combination of two. Any advise would be appreciated. p.s. I have other various other pens filled with noodlers ink and they seem fine.
  14. Hi, I have a problem that I am struggling to find a solution for on Google. I'm hoping someone here might be able to help! It seems I cannot use rollerball pens. Whenever I write with them the ink intermittently skips, and I find myself having to go over and over the same word in order to get the ink to flow at all. There are also times when not much ink comes out, so I have random lighter patches in my text. This has happened with every single rollerball I have ever tried, so it isn't any individual pen malfunctioning. I don't understand why this is. I have no problems at all using any
  15. Hello membersFPN, this is my first post here. I have been having some issues with my first fountain pen, a Scrikss honor 38. It writes extremely wet for the first few lines but the more I write the dryer it seems to get and becomes nearly unusable because of skipping. It skips even when writing wet but it gets worse the dryer it gets. I noticed that when I suck up only ink into the converter, the pen just dumps ink on the page and writes very wet but writes a decent amount dryer if I suck a bit of air into the converter. I already got a replacement pen, a Pilot Metropolitan, but was wondering
  16. Gday everyone, Long time lurker first time poster I'd like to jump straight into it and go ahead and say that I've been having problems (or should i say A problem) with my Noodlers Bulletproof black. It's an absolutely wonderful ink in pretty much every way, except one. My 'Online German: Event' Pen doesn't seem to agree with the Noodlers ink. (I have a Noodlers Flex pen inked up in Noodlers black which works perfectly fine) I've inked it up through a converter and for about, I would say the first page and a half of writing, it writes fine. It flows well with no skipping etc.
  17. HyperplaneMKB

    Meisterstuck 149 Skipping?

    Hi Guys, I am pretty new to fountain pens and to the forum. But I wish I can have some of your opinions on a MB pen I recently acquired. It is a Meisterstuck 149 with an M-nib. The pen is pre-owned pen. The seller claims it is new. Though I think it has been inked before. What annoys me is that the pen tends to skip a bit on downward strokes---especially on the first few, but otherwise writes well. (You see the attached picture to see what I mean. The pen is filled with Edelstein Onyx ink, and it was on an ordinary writing pad.) I have flushed the pen throughoutly a few times, and the
  18. I recently got a Pelikan DF nib in the mail and found that it had some hard start/skipping issues. It was also a little scratchy. When I checked the tines they were indeed misaligned so I corrected them, which was not so easy with a DF nib. I then found, to my delight, that the hard start/skipping problem had vanished! I had no idea the two were related. Or are they? Was it coincidence or did I kill two birds with one stone? And while we're at it, does anyone know why this nib has two breather holes?
  19. Hi guys. I love this pen. The nib is just awesome, especially the line variations, but unfortunately, it is giving me a headache. It is hardstarting. I have to shake the pen,, and after a page of writing, the ink flow would just stop, and i have to twist the filler knob a bit before it would start writing again. I flushed the pen with warm water and refilled it again with Edelatein Topaz ink but the problem would recur. I brought it to Scribe where Ever, the best calligrapher that i have seen in action, said that the tines were misaligned which maybe a result of my writing angle. After the nib
  20. vishwaskrishna

    Twsbi Diamond 580

    My first review here at FPN. After reading a lot about the TWSBI pens on FPN, I was really tempted to try one of them. So, I purchased the recently released TWSBI Diamond 580 with a medium nib (and later on bought an EF nib too) directly from TWSBI. The pen cost me $80 ($50+$30 for shipping). An aside, noticed today that the TWSBI website has increased the shipping cost by $10, which means, you may have to shell out nearly as much as the pen if you are from India, like me. Edit: as pointed by hari317 below, the shipping rate is still $30 (when not logged in through a mobile) Coming back to
  21. Hi All: I bought a Dietrich fountain pen for my wife for Christmas (not the super exclusive one), gorgeous pen she really loves it. But there is a major problem as i keeps skipping so it's totally impossible to get a flow in your writing, as parts of the letter constantly is missing (down-strokes are particular problematic). I should be said that this pen is supposed to be "a writer" and not a show-piece. Immediately after Christmas the dealer was contacted, the pen went to Montblanc and was gone for 8 (eight) weeks. When the pen was picket up at the dealer the problem was not solved the p
  22. SotirisK

    Parker Im Skipping

    My new Parker I.M. is skipping... enough i could say.... i have tried to flush it (with water and stuff) but it skips again! What can i do? Please help! (I use a parker converter and quink black ink)
  23. snewman

    Skipping Rotring Initial

    As a new user let me first say hello to everyone on the Fountain Pen network. I have been a long time lurker and have finally decided to partake in your colorful and informative community. Now down to my problem, my wife bought me a beautiful Rotring Initial while on a trip to Portugal and aesthtically it is a real joy. However, it skips quite badly on the initial stroke requiring a slightly firm hand to start the flow. I have scoured the internet, including this forum, trying to diagnose the problem with no luck. If the problem I describe below has been documented I appologize. Sympto
  24. herschm

    Pilot Murex Skip Problem

    I have used and enjoyed Pilot Murex stainless steel pens, all with a fine nib since the early 1970s, buying several at later dates, including one inscribed H804. With three or four of them, I found a consistent problem. The pen skips, particularly with Waterman's Green or Brown inks as well as those from different manufacturers, notably on Steno pad paper, but on other types of paper as well. Taking them to my local pen store where the nib prongs were separated slightly to improve flow did little to solve the problem, save changing the line from fine to medium. This is not a difficulty I fo
  25. Hello my friends; it is ironic that the one pen I did not ask advice on and do research before purchasing is now skipping. I just purchased it last week and am finding it is skipping after a line or two, which seems to indicate in my unskilled opinion that it is the feed. I've tried my wettest inks in it, flushed the nib several times and it starts, writes fine for a bit, then skips. Very frustrating indeed! Given the choice, I can: 1: Send it back to the very reputable dealer I bought it last week from (Fook Hing) who assures me they can replace both nib and feed and get it quickly ba

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