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  1. white_lotus

    Visconti Brown/sepia

    This is a hand-written review of Visconti Brown/Sepia. In actuality the ink doesn't look quite as black as it does in the first scan. Visconti Brown004.pdf
  2. yogalarva

    Maruzen Athena Sepia

    This is another one of those reviews that has been hard for me to write. Not because it didn’t live up to my expectations, but because it exceeded them so far… This ink sample was sent to me by same kind soul as the Tsuki-yo. It’s a very hard ink to get here in the States, and so far I’ve only found one online retailer who carries it (I’ll get to that later). Maruzen Athena ink is sold in Japan and that’s about the extent of what I know about the brand as a whole. I do know that this ink is a deep, rich brown that is dark enough to be a reliable daily user but just interesting enough to set yourself apart from black and blue users. Because it’s so dark there’s not much for shading, but there is a little bit. Otherwise the behavior is everything I could ask for and more - no feathering, little bleeding, great flow, and some really fantastic water resistance. Alright, here’s the only problem with this ink - you can’t really buy it here. The only place I’ve found is Nanami Paper and you can expect to pay roughly $1/mL to get your hands on a bottle of the good stuff. Is it worth it? That is a question only you can answer. To me it definitely is and as soon as I free up some cash I’m going to buy a bottle. I’m sure that if you try really hard you can find a similar color but probably not the wonderful behavior. If you do find a match, please let me know. :-) This ink was provided to me for the review and I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions expressed above are my own and you are free to disagree with them if you like.
  3. write to me often

    Sailor Kobe No:3 Sepia

    Dear Fellow FPN's, I recently had chance to try Sailor Kobe inks with the grace of a friend. No:3 Sepia was one of them. It is a cold under-toned brown. In general terms, it is highly saturated, lubricated and with nearly no shadowing, no sheen and behaves well with all kind of pens. I hope you like it.
  4. yogalarva

    Private Reserve Sepia

    I mentioned in my last ink review that I am looking for a nice ink that comes in standard international carts and this is another contender in that quest. I love the color, but I’m not super excited about some of the other behavior here. This is one of those colors that is so strange and ugly that it’s beautiful, likeDiamine Salamander. It shades like crazy, which is really fun. I also didn’t notice any troubles with bleeding or feathering even on cheaper papers, so that’s always a nice change. I also think that this color better embodies the label “sepia” than some others I’ve seen, since I see sepia as being a golden brown vs a chocolate brown. What kills me about this ink is that it has zero water resistance and it seemed to be pretty dry, even in the normally wet medium nib on my Vac 700. I’ve also heard that it is not the easiest ink to clean out of a pen, but since I still have it inked up I can’t comment on that yet. Overall, I would recommend this ink based on the color, but probably only in wetter pens to combat the low flow. And if you want something waterproof, you’ll need to keep looking. Like all PR inks it runs pretty cheap, at ~$11/66 mL here in the States or a bit less than fifty cents a cart, so the price is very good for a conventional ink. If I do ever get that Al-Sport (the whole reason I’m looking for nice cartridges) you can bet I’ll keep a couple of these carts around. :-) This ink was purchased with my own money and I am not being compensated in any way for this review. All opinions expressed above are my own and you are free to disagree with them if you like.
  5. amberleadavis

    Informal Review - Stipula - Musk Green

    http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_020.jpg http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_020b.jpg
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows any similar color to Noodler's El Lawrence. I am a big fan of murky/earthy ink colors (fervent user of Zhivago, R&K Sepia and Herbin Lie de The) and would really like to try out El Lawrence, but I can't find it in any EU store (although it's part of the UK series?!). From what I saw in writing samples, the color seems pretty similar to R&K Sepia, albeit a bit greener. What do you think? Thanks! Cheers, Dragos
  7. SirBagel_V

    What Is A Good Brown Ink?

    Hello, So I was interested in buying a nice brown ink or sepia ink. Any suggestions on which brands have great brown inks or any suggestions on brown inks with great shading?
  8. yogalarva

    Organics Studio - Join Or Die

    Time to give a bit of love to a small ink manufacturer, Organics Studio. From what I can tell, it’s a bit of a one man band, and I do so love supporting smaller businesses when I can. I tried another OS ink as well, but that was when my computer was broken and I didn’t get a scan before doing a water test and somehow I lost the picture I took of the original page, so I will have to just redo that one later. I think I still have enough left in my sample to fill a pen… Anyway, Join or Die is part of the “Sepia” line of inks, and I suppose I would be willing to call it a greenish sort of sepia. It reminds me of olive drab, which could be good or bad depending on how you feel about that color. I read somewhere that it only has like five ingredients, though I have no idea where I would have read that. You can find a little introduction from the maker here, as well as a bigger writing sample. That scan looks more yellow than mine did, but it could just be some variation between batches or image processing. This ink had great shading and flow, as well as a decent degree of water resistance. I had absolutely no trouble getting it cleaned out of my pen either. I really wish I could like the color of this ink! It’s so nice otherwise, but the color started to wear on me after about a day and I just couldn’t keep it in my pen. If you do not have my strange aversion to olive shades of ink, I highly recommend it. In the States it’s not too pricy (~$14/55 mL) and you get to support someone starting out in the pen world from the very bottom. What’s more fun than that? This ink was purchased with my own money and I am in no way being compensated for this review. All opinions expressed above are my own and you can feel free to disagree with them if you like.
  9. New delivery if around twenty colours from Cult Pens today. Thought I'd share first three that I've tested tonight!
  10. wnclee

    Detective Work

    Hello. I need a little help please, pinning-down a particular swap from a Diamine brown(ish). I found it in a general Diamine search. I want a lighter, almost dark amber vs. my beloved darker, MB Toffee Brown...Nothing with a reddish tone. Too many of these already. This color reminds me of old 19th century documents which is what I want.This swab was def. Diam., but had no tag. I've looked at other Diam. images I have and need to identify this one. Their swab is distinctive... I'm thinking this is the one for me. My guesses: Diamine-Ochre, sepia, golden brown, raw sienna ? Any thoughts please from more seasoned eyes would be most helpful. Thanks, LeRoy
  11. nomadhacker

    Private Reserve Black Cherry

    You think you're buying black cherry ink. But what you're really buying is...black cherry ink. You're probably expecting with a name like black cherry that this will look like that dark red color from the kool-aid packets or the soda can. But the thing is, this is the color of actual black cherries, if you've ever eaten them off the tree. So this is probably a bit more brown than you're thinking it'll be. This ink will vary, depending on the paper and on your pen. In a wet pen, or on more absorbent paper, the red color shows up a little stronger. Otherwise, you're looking at a sort of continuum up to a barely red-tinted brown. One thing to note, is as the ink ages on the paper, it will tend to brown a little bit, so that some of the red will disappear. I've seen this happen when looking at my scribblings months or weeks later. I have heard some reports about the actual bottles turning a little brown with time and age. This and Orange Crush. But I haven't seen anything too recent, so I'm thinking Private Reserve may have gotten it under control. Also, it seems if you do have this happen and contact them, they are pretty responsive. I really like this color, personally. It's unique and has character. I've been using this color for a while, one of my first inks, and I was honestly surprised at the amount of water resistance it had. I hadn't actually had any liquid disasters hit anything with this ink, fortunately, but it appears things would smear, but be readable if they did.
  12. Well, there comes a time in everyone's life when they are ready for some color. I have thus far played with black, black and ooh, you guessed it, black. My current pens are all fine nibs, non-flex. They tend to be dry. I have found some reasonably good paper, and mostly use my pens to sketch, though I'm starting to work on Chancery italic hand too. I think tones in the brownish, sepia, red, (maybe orangish, if not too orange) might be a nice alternative. I saw this one as a possibility: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php?/topic/222032-diamine-ochre/ One criteria that is important for my sketching is relatively fast drying time. I have a Waterman intense black that is too slow to dry, I find myself smearing it -- I sketch on my lunch hour would prefer not having to wait 20 seconds for the ink to dry so I can work a different part of the picture. Noodler's black doesn't have this problem. If you know off the top of your head of an ink that might be suitable, I'd be eternally grateful for a suggestion! Cheers, Jeff
  13. Hi all, Just got some Private Reserve Sepia through the post and I'm really impressed with the shading. It looks like tortoise shell, its delicious. I'm wondering if its the nib more than the ink thought. If you use it, does it look like this for you? http://www.flickr.com/photos/39505524@N02/9452708010/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/39505524@N02/9449913335/ Pen: TWSBI Vac 700 Nib: Noodlers Flex. Ink: As above!

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