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  1. Was watching Question Time (A political Debate show in the UK) and I noticed a Fountain Pen Spot It is Peter Hitchens, brother of the fantastic Christopher Hitchens (RIP) The pic doesnt make it too obvious, but he had a black nib on a red Safari. As far as I know the red Safari doesn't come with a black nib, which means he ordered the extra nib. I can't stand the man's politics or the rag he writes for, but thought people might want to see the spot. Ren
  2. So I've had a problem with one Lamy Vista for some time, tried all the useful advice I could find here on FPN, to no avail, but finally managed, maybe this will help others, the vista is a transparent safari. The problem: the pen would write for a paragraph or two, and then stop dead in its tracks. I tried the usual soaking overnight in water, soaking overnight with a drop of dish soap, dismantling the pen... Nothing would work. In desperation I tried fiddling with the nib, bending it in the process, I even bought another converter... Nothing. The solution: the feed is made of two parts, there's a top section that comes off easily, and lo and behold, there was gunk made up of fibers and dried ink inside. Cleaned this and it's been three days with no problems - except for the battered nib but that's my fault. Please excuse the photo, it's the best my phone can do.
  3. For my first fountain pen, I am debating between a lamy vista (F/EF) or a Jinhao X450/X750 with a Goulet #6 (F or EF) nib. I like the looks of both pens, so it is a matter of performance. I will be using this pen mainly for school notes. How do the two pens compare in terms of performance, comfort, etc.? Also, how does the stock jinhao nib compare to the goulet nib? -Thanks
  4. popmahn

    Lamy: L19We Vs L19Wt

    I'm planning on buying a Lamy Safari white fountain pen (extra-fine nib). However, during my shopping on the web, I've noticed that there are two model numbers mentioned on varying websites. Does anybody know the difference between the "L19WE" and "L19WT" model numbers? Your help is much appreciated!
  5. Hi all, I'm new to fountain pens and new here... I started with a Safari F nib, then quickly bought another, then an Al-Star. I've been doing some BulletJournal stuff in a moleskine and quickly found out how bad that paper is for FPs. Being honest, I spend a lot of my time with substandard paper, so I decided to get a Lamy Vista with an EF nib. First the set-up, then the questions: The Al-Star is a F nib, loaded with Noodler's Liberty Elysium, and writes fatter than all the others by a noticeable amount The 2 Safari Fines are pretty close to the Vista EF The Vista EF line is just a shade less than the fines, but just puts down less ink, although is a shade more scratchy. 1) I've heard that the Lamy EF and F can often be the same or even swapped due to consistency. Part of me wants to buy new nibs and make all my pens EF, but that consistency scares me that it might be a waste of money - thoughts? 2) How much effect can the ink have on the line/amount of ink? Is that what they mean by "wet" ink"? This Liberty Elysium is WET, evidently... 3) I do like the feel of the F nibs a bit more. Are there notebooks that are similar to moleskines that are more friendly so it just won't be an issue? I could maybe then use my EF when I'm around bad paper and use the other 3 F in my journals, too. I'm guessing a lot of you will say Rhodia Webnotebooks... are they THAT much better? I read about them all the time but DAGGONE $25 each is STEEP. Thanks for any help you can offer! Brody
  6. Hi ! I recently purchased two white Lamy Safari with red clip and dot cap (for Japan) from two different sellers (both of them are in Japan). After I got the pens, I noticed that one of them has a little bit darker red clip and the pen itself as well. The one with the brighter red clip also a little bit brighter on the white. Is it because it was made in a different year? Would that be possible? Or is one of them a fake? Everything else looks pretty much the same. Please help! Thank you so much! http://imageshack.com/a/img577/2944/4rmd.jpg These are the boxes and everything. http://imageshack.com/a/img196/104/lrfl.jpg The other slight different is the barcode sticker. One of them has the code for this model while the other doesn't. http://imageshack.com/a/img577/4097/kqbl.jpg Now, for the clip, as you can see that the clip on the left is a little bit darker than the one on the right. It might not be so obvious here but it actually tells in the natural light that it's a different color. http://imageshack.com/a/img30/6896/ka0k.jpg It's a little bit more obvious in this picture that the one on the left has a darker red clip. http://imageshack.com/a/img691/6365/5uu3.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img822/7689/q5yc.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img89/6615/iasy.jpg Also the pen itself. If look closely, the one with the brighter red also brighter on the white.
  7. TheAkwardNinja

    Light Blue

    I'm looking for a light blue. Something that is not turquoise or at least doesn't have a green shade to it, but blue. Something like baby blue or sky blue, or just like blue. Any recommendations?
  8. thought i share about my experience comparing the 2 pens Correction: like the way the stainless steel shines. http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5525/12047066095_c2c280f39b_c.jpg
  9. I finished a cleaning of my Safari earlier this evening and upon reassembly realized that something wasn't quite right. The black plastic ring that separates the body and section was gone, presumably washed down the drain during my cleaning. In any case, I am left with a decidedly odd looking Safari. A review of the Lamy site shows they only sell the nib section, barrel, and cap individually, all for quite a premium price I might add. Anyone know where I can source a replacement?
  10. Hello FPN! I'm a 17 year old guy from Michigan and I've recently become enamored with fountain pens. I've mustered up enough money to buy two Lamy Safari's (one of which unfortunately someone decided to steal from me at school) and a Joy with a 1.5 italic for calligraphy as well as a bottle of Private Reserve Avacado. However, I'm looking to buy another ink or two (probably more later on), and some other pens once I eventually get some money. Since I picked up the first one a few months ago I haven't been able to stop writing. (An added benefit is that I'm writing more notes in class and actually enjoy doing so!) I always used to be that guy who had a ton of different pens, but I never really loved ballpoints because there was not too much special about them. Pens were a tool, that's it. A friend at school got a TWSBI mini as a gift for his birthday and he showed it to me and I have to say I thought it was one of the coolest things I'd seen in a while. I eventually gathered up enough to buy my first fountain pen (a Lamy Safari F for $20.) That's where it started. I bought another one which someone took, and a Lamy Joy for Calligraphy. As I mentioned, this is the only pen I use now. I am actually excited about writing things now because they are such a joy to write with. I haven't really been able to explore many inks yet, but I have been perusing the index of inks for hours at a time looking at the hundreds of options. From what I've seen, I love colors that are quite unique and rich. I guess I fall on the edge loving bold and subtle inks for every day use. I love Avacado because it's a really unique color I haven't really seen before, and don't see around often. I'm currently eyeballing J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche. Would anyone like to suggest some inks and pens for me to look into? I'm currently saving up for a TWSBI mini and I'm only about 1/10th of the way there (hah). (If any of you would be so kind, I would greatly appreciate it if you had any samples or anything you would be willing to send! If so, I would be absolutely ecstatic, if not, I won't be disappointed.) Thanks for reading! I am looking forward to reading your responses and towards reaching my goal! Best regards, John
  11. Call me weird but we all have our little OCD secrets, after all we're pen fanatics. I absolutely hate people touching my Lamy Safari because they always leave it feeling warm. It's a different warm feeling from leaving it in the car or picking it up right after putting it down. And it's even worst when I use my Parker Urban Ballpoint (because I can flick this pen without the fear of ink going splat). When I let other people use it, instead of telling them that I'm OCD over pens, I end up having a warm pen (sometimes even oily GRR). The warm and oiliness is worsened by the fact that it is a metal pen. Soo... How do you fanatics solve the warm pen issue for pens other than FP. I can solve the oily issue by using the cloth for my glasses but I can't seem to lug around liquid nitrogen. And this is a real annoyance because I start to drift off school work and onto the fact that my pen is warm... >
  12. At the beginning, I was not supposed to make a review of the safari. I thought there was too many already out there. But, after a long time, after buying a montblanc, a parker sonnet 18k nib, and many other pens, I decided to re-ink my safari, as a reminder of the good old times ! I almost fell off my chair. Now I was finally able to fully appreciate this pen, after using a lot more : 14k nibs, 18k nibs, cheap stainless steel nibs, good stainless steel nibs ect ect.... So finally I decided to make this review because this pen is just too good for the price. The look : Personnaly, I am not a huge fan of this design. But it is very special and original. Some like this some don't but the pen still have a very interesting look. The construction : Bullet proof. It is made of plastic, but nothing that will crack of break with "normal" use. Some will say that it is plastic.. and it is crackable ... and .. and .... But listen, I don't know what those people do with theirs pens and I don't want to know. I used and carried the safari around for a long time and it is still in very good shape. The nib : SMOOTH, it is very very very smooth for a pen in that price range ! I used a lot of pens and I can tell that it is a very good nib for a pen that I got for 22 $ on Amazon. The nib is very stiff, so don't expect any flex "play" with this but for a beginner and even an expert, is is very very enjoyable. Mine is also very wet. Shape, weight and balence : The pen is well balenced, you can use it for a long without any pain. But I need to talk about the grip section, it is quite special. I personally find it awesome and incredibly conformable but it is not everybody's opinion. For example, my father tried it and he did not liked it. I would say it is a good thing to try it to figure it out. But I think it fits to a lot of people hand. RELIABILITY : It is one of the most reliable pen of my collection. I can let it inked on my desk for a month not using it and it will start up the first time. You know this pen is not gonna let you down. Conclusion : The Lamy Safari is a pen everybody should own. In my opinion, It is the best pen for beginners. So if you are looking for a first fountain pen : this one is the one you should get. Even if you are an expert or a collector, it is a great pen to own. *** English is not my first lenguage, please understand. Your comments are more than welcomed !
  13. I recently purchased a Lamy Safari fine nib as my re-introduction to the world of fountain pens. I have had a couple observations/issues, though: -The pen writes extremely broad lines, especially on cheaper paper. It is definitely not what I would consider a fine nib, it seems more like a full-fledged medium. On better paper the performance is finer, but it still seems rather broad. (I have used an admittedly small sample of inks: Lamy Blue, Noodler’s 54th and Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron (the Noodler’s were definitely worse for line width, and also terrible nib creep!) ). -The nib seems scratchy. There is a definite scratchy noise when writing, not matter on what type of paper. This is alleviated somewhat if I hold the pen at an extremely low angle, but if I write at what I would consider my normal angle (about 60 degrees or so) there is a sound, and also a feeling, that occurs when writing. My questions is, are those two conditions normal for this pen? I was made to understand that writing with a fountain pen should be smooth, which is how I remember it from years past. Having been using ballpoints for quite some time, coming back to fountain pens is indeed smoother, but not as smooth as I remember it, and I certainly don’t remember the scratchy noise and feedback. And, as a related aside, are gold nibs generally smoother than steel nibs? I know that might be a can of worms, and there indeed may be no actual consensus, but I was curious...
  14. This really happened. Suddenly I found myself at the local store, the kind of store that sells a bit of everything: toys, magazines, books, office supplies...You know the type. Despite selling allsorts, they tend to be well-sorted. Of the non-fountainpens they have a lot of Pilot and Pentel. That's allways a sign, to me at least it is. Well, there happened to be three ugly plastic baskets of "this-is-total-cleanup-sale" items, one of the baskets was with fountainpens. Sure, I had to look. Soon enough gleamed to my eyes one, two an a third Safaris. Obviously they were NOS, they looked like something mid-80's: primary colors, black nibs. I grabbed the the three brethren and tried to cool down. As casual as possible I asked the employee: "So... these don't cost much either, do they?" The employee asked the manager. Both turned out to be no part of the FP-loving family, charging me with 10,00 Euros, about 13 USD. Come to think of it, could it be they wanted to share the love, to make me happy with new-old Safaris, were they fellow-FPNers in disquise? Home I went, with a red, a yellow and a blue Lamy Safari, all black nibs. At home my wife, somewhat suspicious on my buying (it cost money), turned like a leaf upon hearing that here were three fountainpens. Somehow she spoke the magic words: I really always wanted to own my very own fountain pen. You do understand that I lovingly gave her the blue Safari. So I was left with yellow and red. Medium and fine, but the red fine proved to be scratchy. More than I liked, more than I could fix, since I'm not that much of a pen-tuner. Alas, but the yellow went to use, with joy. Untill... The top of the cap fell off, along with the clip. The platsic that connected the top with the rest of the cap just gave up. You have no idea how ugly a safari without top and clip looks. For me, there's only one option left. And a funky one, too. I now carry around a Yellof Lamy Safari with a red cap. Kind of makes me think of the china edition I once saw at the kmpn blog. Feeling funky, I proceed. kmpn blog link: http://kmpn.blogspot.nl/2012/08/lamy-safari-red-with-yellow-clip-2012.html
  15. Hi everyone, My name is Kevin and I'm new to fountain pens! I've just ordered my first fountain pen - Lamy Safari Medium nib with the converter, along with two bottled inks - J. Herbin Perle Noire and Pelikan Brilliant Black as I use black ink a lot. I'm a student so I undertake a lot of note writing. I was wondering if you knowledgeable experts think my purchase (safari and the two bottled inks) are a good combination and good starting point for my fountain pen experience. I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong section of the website - I just made my account 15 minutes ago. Also, how long would the J herbin 30mL and the Pelikan brilliant black 62.5ml last me (I do write a lot everyday)? Is the medium nib a good pick for the high volume writing I have to do as a student? Any recommendations/pointers for me? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks for all the help!
  16. yogalarva

    Need Advice Regarding A Lamy Safari!

    (This is my first post on here - eep!) I ordered a Safari (neon yellow, EF nib) a few days ago on Amazon, and long story short, I wound up trying to cancel the order but it was too late and now I will be getting the pen and converter some time in the next week. My question is this - should I keep the pen or send it back? (Assuming money isn't the issue...) Some background that might be helpful: I already have a medium Platinum Preppy ED, an EF Nemosine Singularity (which doesn't seem to write very consistently, at least not with Noodler's Heart of Darkness), and a handmade pen I bought on Etsy that has a F nib but writes just like the M preppyI don't mind the thicker line when I'm journaling or just writing for my own pleasure, but I am a physics grad student and thus for my notes I really need something that lays down a pretty fine, smooth lineAlso, for a pen to be any use for me while taking notes, doing homework, or grading, I also need to be able to have it sit for a few minutes at a time without being capped and then start right away again - realize this is probably a combination of pen and inkI have plenty of ballpoint pens that are ok for taking notes and grading, so I don't need a fp for those purposes, but if the Safari will do it I might be inclined to keep it. If not, though, I don't need another pen laying around that doesn't put down a very thin line because I have plenty of those (and I really love the one from Etsy, so I plan to use that one as my main non-schoolwork pen). Thanks in advance! :-)
  17. Biology

    Show Your Lamy

    Show your LAMY off! I want to see differnt LAMYs, different years, different nibs, different inks! Sorry for bad pic, at lab, had idea.
  18. Hey, everybody, take a look at my first handwritten review:
  19. So I just bought a Lamy Safari and converter - first FP ever. The first ink up was with an ink sample I got from Goulet - Sargasso Sea. Beautiful! But, when filling the pen up I absolutely could not figure out how to get much ink in at all. In my attempts to do so I spilled a good bit down the ol' sink. I'm wondering if there is a "method" to filling these babies up from the sample vials. I did a forum search for this and there appears to be solutions,but not ones that work for my Lamy Safari. I don't believe I could do the eye dropper thing since it has to go through the little hole on the feed. I doubt I could be so accurate - I have a vision of it splattering everywhere!
  20. GoldNib

    Hello From Mexico

    Hello, I am very happy to join this network, sometimes my English could fail a little bit, because is not my native language, but I always try to do my best. I start buying fountain pens like 2 or 3 years ago, i don't have a huge collection, but i have some nice ones. I will try to start posting as soon as possible Thank you.
  21. dgreenwood116

    1.9 Lamy Safari Nib Ajustment

    I'm fairly new to the forums, though i have poked around and have found quite a bit of information on here!. Though i need some help now! I have a Lamy Safari with a 1.9mm nib and i went about trying to make the nib more wet, i watched videos and consulted info on here to do so. I was coming near the end and thought i had did a quite good job, though after the pen set for a little bit, the ink will retract back further into the tines of the nib so much so that it will not start. The only way i can get the pen started from there is to twist the converter or shake the ink down, though once it gets to writing its perfect! I wouldn't suppose somebody would know if i have the nib spread out to far or what is happening? It would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  22. We all have one. That certain pen that we are going to get "one of these days". And then when we finally get around to it, too late! They are sold out, discontinued, etc. (Some of)Mine are: 1. Waterman Phileas - I really wanted one of the "early" red marble ones (before there was any white in the swirl) 2. Lamy Safari Orange - they were serious about "limited edition" 3. Mont Blanc Meisterstruck - yes, I know these are still available, but at a substantial premium over what they sold for a few years ago. So what are some of yours?
  23. Hi guys, Recently, my wife became interested in fountain pens after seeing me use them daily. I bought a large set of Lamy Safari and Al-Star Pens and she commandeered about 5 of them and she's been using them for a couple of months off-and-on. She started an internship with the city recently for her last year of graduate school and has started carrying her pens daily. She has a mix of Medium and Broad nibs on her pens. She was telling me that her pens were leaking and I looked at one of them and noticed some nib creep. I figured it was normal and explained it to her that it was just nib creep. She said it was worse than that, but that she cleaned it off. She sent me an image this morning of her Lime Green Safari inked with Kon Peki and the whole section and inside of the cap was covered in ink and when she uncapped it, the ink went all over her desk and hands. I noticed on another of her pens (a light gray Safari) that the back of the pen is covered in black ink where she posts the pen. Is it the ink or are her pens defective? Should I be looking to replace feeds or send them to Lamy for repair? She's quickly becoming discouraged from using fountain pens and actually said she might like for me just to sell them for parts or as-is just so she doesn't have to mess with them anymore. I hate that she's discouraged and would desperately love to hear your thoughts. I've changed inks multiple times and tried Sailor, Noodlers, Private Reserve, Iroshizuku and Lamy and they still leak. It's not all of the pens, just 3. It's rather annoying, regardless. Any thoughts? For what it's worth, this is what she sent me this morning after carrying her pen from her desk at home to her desk at work. Maybe a total of 10 minutes in her purse. She doesn't ride a horse to work anymore since we got the Gremlin so it couldn't be the jostling of horseback riding. And she doesn't do parkour in a skirt because it isn't ladylike. So I'm not sure how her pen could possibly leak this much in that short amount of time... http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2830/9687648520_3fb4a163cc_z.jpg
  24. fountainpenlady

    Can Anyone Identify This Safari Lime Green?

    Can anyone verify what this Safari fountain pen is in terms of year, version, whether limited edition or not? I know I did not purchase this pen last year and in doing a basic search for a Safari Lime Green, the version which comes up when doing an internet search as the crown of the cap being the same color and mine is black. Thanks
  25. Schoenberg

    Lamy Safari Medium Nib Vs Abc

    Does anyone have experience with Lamy Safari M nib and ABC nib? ABC has only one size of nib -- medium. So far it looks different from the Safari M nib, but is interchangeable with Safari. Any difference?Which is superior?

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