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  1. Cole_Phelps

    Lamy Safari Nib Lifespan

    Hello dear FPN-Members! I have a Lamy Safari in daily use as a school pen since 11 years. I didn't notice it before, but when I compared the nib with another nib on my newer safaris I noticed that the old nib bends much more, while the new nib doesn't bend at all. This made me wonder: does anyone have long-term experience with the f18 nibs? Do they have a rather short or long lifespan? Is it normal that old nibs tend to bend more? What I forgot to mention: I never changed the nibs, it's still running on its original nib. I also never dropped the pen, the nib does look fine, no dents and the tines seem to be perfectly adjusted also. C. P.
  2. Hello! I looked through a lot of posts about ink recommendation on fountainpennetwork.com but most of the threads were posted and answered several years ago (early 2000s) so I wanted to see some new updated responses about few inks that I assume would be good with my Lamy Safari fountain pen. (I read all the ink reviews on the giant Index - Ink Review collection post and also watched tons of youtube videos, visited various fountain pen websites, etc.) Information about my pen: Lamy Safari (2015) with Fine nibList of characteristics I would like in the ink: Blue-black ink, more of a "black with a touch of blue" kind of ink. Or very dark blue color inks are good too.Does not bleed through cheap paper. (As a student I would like to use my fountain pen to take notes. I use Mead FiveStar notebooks and I read on few posts that this notebook's paper quality is not so terrible.)Doesn't have to be absolutely bulletproof or waterproof. Partially is fine. As long as the ink does not completely disappear or becomes completely illegible when coming in contact with water.Good for almost every day usage (note taking, writing journals, essays, letters, etc.)Affordable on a student budget (Preferably under or around $15)List of Inks that I think would be good: Noodler's 54th Massachusetts (Beautiful and the ideal blue-black color I am looking for. But how does this behave on a cheap paper? Does it bleed through? Is it good with Lamy Safari pens?)Noodler's Blue-Black (Another great color and overall very positive reviews. Will it behave well on a cheap paper and with my Lamy Safari pen?) Noodler's Bulletproof Black (Heard lots of good things about this ink. I am a bit concerned though because I read reviews and posts that said nib creeping were issues. However I also read great comments that said this ink is a perfect workhorse type of ink and works well on cheap papers. It's really too bad this is a black ink. I would love to write in blue-black ink. Will this be a good fit for my Lamy Safari w. Fine nib?)Noodler's X-Feather (This one is a good ink from what I've seen and read. However it does not dry as quickly. I tend to write very quickly and I'm afraid I will smudge my notes constantly. Feathering, to me at least, is not much of a big problem compared to bleeding through papers and clogging the pen)Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Black (Saw this one appear frequently on other ink recommendation posts. However I also read some water resistant issues with this ink.Waterman Blue/ Waterman Black/ Waterman Blue-Black (Waterman inks were also very frequently recommended. So same questions: Does it behave well on cheap papers and with Lamy Safari pens?) Personal note: I found Noodler's Air Corp Blue Black too green and Noodler's Navy too blue for my taste. Noodler's Eel ink series are too lubricated for me. Thank you for your help!
  3. THRobinson

    Lamy Safari - Clips

    I saw some older (2010) posts about dismantling a LAMY Safar and Al-Star, not sure if the same or not. Has anything changed for the Safari's over the years? I'm not sure the years of mine and I don't want to damage them trying to dismantle with non-applicable instructions. Also, I see you can buy replacement caps and nibs etc from the LAMY site, but, what I am after is just the clip, in black. I have a black LAMY Safari, and a red one... looking to buy the Al-Star Copper/Orange next, and I'd like to switch all the clips to black. So... just curious - Clips easy to swap? - Can I buy just black clips without the caps?
  4. Hello, this is my first post in the FPN (except the greeting post at the Introductions page)! I have recently bought a Matte Charcoal Lamy Safari with an EF nib and I am quite pleasant about the writing experience. I am still using the blue cartridge provided from the original box so I am considering to buy a few bottles of inks. My choices are J. Herbin Perle Noire, Noodler's Baystate Blue, Noodler's X-Feather and Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo. How are my choices? Are they good? I deeply understand that the BSB is notorious for staining the converter, corroding the feed, esp. Lamy Safari, but frankly I can't resist the vibrant blue of BSB. It's STUNNING! Therefore, I am thinking if I should buy an another cheap FP to use the BSB specifically. However, is that really necessary? I hope that some people who have his/her Lamy Safari loaded with BSB can share their experience and opinion. Moreover, I think that the EF nib of Lamy Safari is actually quite broad because I prefer the "width" (Is that the word?) of my frequently used gel ink pen, uni-ball Signo DX 0.38mm, more. Will the "width" of a Pilot Metropolitan with an F/EF nib be near to 0.38mm? I also know that I can change the nib of my FP, but I am quite unsure what nib I should use. Thank you for any opinion and experiences shared, Terrence
  5. So, unfortunately, I have confirmed that my Lamy Safari in Charcoal with an EF nib is, in fact, a counterfeit :-( it's not a total loss since the eBay seller apparently didn't know he has counterfeit goods and quickly issued me a full refund and did not require me to ship the fake pen back. My question is: What do I do with it now?? The build quality isn't terrible, but obviously not true Lamy quality. The nib is terrible, very thick and scratchy and practically pours ink onto the page, but at least it does write. Any ideas or suggestions?
  6. Hi all, first post here, long time reader/lurker. First off thanks for all of the great advice you all have, unknowingly, bestowed upon me over the many hours I have browsed FPN! My question is: What do you all think think I should do with my curious Lamy nib situation? My first fountain pen, like many, was a Lamy Safari, which I ordered with an F nib. Love it. But I always wanted it to be a little bit finer. I know the Lamy's are notorious for running thick, but I was trying to balance smoothness and thinness. Long story short, my new Lamy Safari showed up today with an EF nib and I was really excited to get it inked up! Imagine my disappointment when I discovered the EF nib is actually more broad than my original F nib! Same ink (Noodlers Zhivago) on the same paper and it is noticeably more bold :-(. In the picture the new EF nib is #1, the old F nib is #2, and my F Schmidt Kara's Kustoms Ink is #3. Is this highly unusual? A typical characteristic of Lamy? Should I try to return it? What do I?
  7. Greetings! Hoping to get some advice. I have a Safari Orange Flame (orange plastic with red clip & dot button) & I love this pen. However, I noticed that there are 2 hairline cracks at the nib end of the section. There is a scant amount of ink leakage & inky fingers; otherwise, the pen writes like a dream. I'm wondering if I should try to fix this or just deal with the issue. I've looked to see about either a replacement or parts, but pricing I've seen is upwards of $150-350 USD on fleabay and I can't seem to find a replacement section. I'm a bit leery of sending it to Germany or dealing with Lamy CS in TX, as I don't really want to lose this pen. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Jen.
  8. erica_483

    Help With Lamy Safari Bleeding

    Just ordered and received my White Lamy Safari with fine nib from Amazon.com I realised that it bleeds slightly on my POP Urban Kraft A4 Lecture Pad (PKT5) 70gsm paper. Using stock Lamy catridge. Can anyone advise if getting EF nib will solve the problem? Is there any inks (brands) that can be recommended to make the ink less wet(?)
  9. Hey all! I'm in need of a new rollerball. I love my fp's, but sometimes they just aren't the most practical thing to use in class. I've previously used the Pilot G2, but I'm looking for something a bit nicer, something not as disposable. I've been looking into the Lamy Safari or Al Star rollerballs, but I don't quite see how the price tag is justified. What makes a rollerball like the Safari so much better than a G2 that Lamy charges $25? Also does anyone know a better rollerball in a similar price range? Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  10. ink-syringe

    Special Edition Safari Parade

    I am sort of hoping to keep this as a running topic. There are a lot of unusual Safari pens out there. For example Safari pens that have logos or are specially made for an occasion or are just limited editions. This year in Korea, Lamy is making a special pen in conjunction with the company LINE. I thought it would be good if folks posted what they have or have seen up here. Here is the one due out next month for LINE. Which was not Green as I predicted (to match their cell phone app icon) and is nothing like what I imagined. It is seemingly aimed for folks younger than me (heh).
  11. Goldenfiredrake

    Lamy Safari Issues?

    I was using my Safari and I capped the pen put it down and accidentally bumped it off the table and when I uncapped the pen again I noticed a large amount of ink on the nib. After taking it to the sink, I discovered that I could shake the ink out of my pen. I am using a Lamy cartridge. I also noticed that the tines on my pen are rather far apart, relatively much larger then the gap between the tines on my Parker 75 and my Parker Urban. Another problem is when I'm writing the ink flow seems to stop for a little bit at certain times even when the angle and position hardly changed. Do these problems occur with all Safari's or is it just mine? I have a fine nib.
  12. prime.lens

    Lamy Safari With 1.9 Mm Nib

    I'd like to buy a Lamy Safari with a 1.9mm nib as a starter calligraphy pen. I know that the Lamy Joy usually comes with this nib which is also interchangeable with the Safari. I prefer the looks of the Safari over the Joy but I can't seem to find a US retailer who carries the Safari with this nib. Any recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Je déteste ma vie. The nib was supposed to be fine, but it writes thicker than the F-nib safari I tried at the store. I bought the turquoise cartridge to write on yellow paper from staples. Every word begins and ends with a thicker dot than the rest of the word. Now I have to find out what is wrong.
  14. Safari_Camo

    New Safari Al - Copper

    Hello: Just saw this ad: Is this going to be the 2015 new model?. It looks very interesting indeed. Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arte-Nostro-Chile/219453098213376?sk=timeline&ref=page_internal
  15. Ethereal Winter Wind

    Petition For A Purple Lamy Safari

    Well I've decided to start a petition requesting that Lamy makes a special edition purple Lamy safari. Every year when there speculation about what colour the next year's special edition Lamy safari will be and purple is always a popular request, and every year thus far Lamy has not made a purple one. Please help by signing this petition: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/purple-lamy-safari-edition It is not really a demand like normal petitions, but a request and something to show that there is a lot of support behind this colour, in the end it is Lamy's choice as a business to whether they think it is something viable to produce. If there is enough of us maybe Lamy will take notice.
  16. I recently acquired a Lamy Safari pen (Blue/ Red Clip) that was advertised as used but in good condition. Unfortunately for me, this wasn't the case. The pen shows some discolouration (specially if you compare the barrel/cap with the section), several blemishes and a slight yellowing/ grim on parts of the plastic. Since the pen arrived to my hands almost two months after it was purchased (I buy my pens in the US, then I have them shipped to an address in TX where a friend of mine picks them up and brings them to MX), I don't feel confident to raise a claim, notwithstanding I paid almost $120 for said pen. So after digging around the net, I've found people restore ABS plastic parts using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and Oxy. According to some claims, it does get back some of the colour and shine of the original item but am not entirely confident I really want to risk this pen further. What do you recommend? Has anyone ever restored a Safari pen? I'm attaching a pic of the pen (not very detailed, thou) and another from my collection so far.
  17. Armand.D

    Hello From France !

    Presentation : Hello everyone, i'm here since 1 month and i'm just starting my journey into the pen habit It's like i'm more and more loving pens, inks etc searching the forums ,watching videos, it's very nice ! To begin with i purchased a dollar i717 unexpensive demonstrator pen, with a medium nib and i didn't like it, to be honest i used it one week because to my taste M-nibs are simply too big, i didn't know and now i have : A Charcoal Lamy Safari F-nib filled with Noodler's Qe3 + Montblanc Meisterstruck Classic (family pen) with blue-black i guess, it's a 18k nib. Here are pictures : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/46/1415810414-img-20141019-170055.jpg http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/46/1415810419-img-20141112-171841.jpg I want also to ask for choice advices : For Christmas, I plan on getting a new pen, and also probably a new ink (maybe before). About Pens : I looked for a good but not too expensive vintage pen (40-60s), and i really like the "softness" of the montblanc nib, it is because of the gold ? If yes, it would be better if i could find one with a similar feeling approach, on ebay because US sites are not possible because of shipping. I saw this thread : https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/165644-recommendation-vintage-pen-for-beginner/ So maybe the Shaeffer Snorkel is good choice, because of the nib ? My second favorite (of this thread) choice would be the Parker 21 as it's very unexpensive with a good avaibility (but don't know the filling systems of both). If you have classifieds, future offers or advices i'm in About inks : It would be more like in a few weeks (sooner!) I'm currently with Noodler's Qe3 as i'm a leftie, it dries fast but my problem is feathering.. With a fine nib i don't like it a lot when just filled, there is a wonderful flow but it's like the nib become Medium-Fine (too wet at first, mid-used is perfect). First were Diamines Majestic + Midnight, too wet = bad DT and feathering. I tried R&K Salix, feathering & dry-time were excellent, with the fine nib no problems but i didn't like the color, and i want to stay away from iron-gall inks as about cleaning it's probably not a good choice even if it's cheap. I'm writing a lot as a student (highschool). An ink : Available on UK sites/Ebay or wathever except US sitesFast Drying ( Salix)With minimal featheringCommon blue/black, or black if onlyNot too hard to clean Let's see what you have to say/propose/advice to me !
  18. Considering the ever expanding colors and editions of the Lamy Safari/ Al-Star lineup, I was wondering what colors are the most sought after here on FPN. Do you own that particular favorite or are you looking for it? In my personal case, it's got to be the Coffee Al-Star and the NK-edition Charcoal with red clip. What's yours?
  19. There's a guy offering me a couple of Safari's "Limited Edition" black and white pens that according to him were bought in 2008 or so. However, I just can quite find the difference between those and the current editions. Anyone knows what should I be looking for?
  20. Hello, this is my first post. Anywho, I think I might have found the perfect feed placement on an Ahab. Out of the box, it barely wrote at all. Tons of skipping. But after adjusting the feed and putting it a little lower, it was perfect. Here's a picture of writing before adjusting the feed and after, excuse my bad handwriting: http://i62.tinypic.com/27y8x2a.jpg Here's a picture of writing and playing with the flex after adjusting the feed. There's still some railroading when pushing the Ahab to its limits though: http://i61.tinypic.com/wmgv12.jpg Here's a writing comparison between the adjusted Ahab and a Lamy Safari with a medium nib. Both pens are using Noodler's Bulletproof Black ink. The Ahab's writing is noticeably darker and wetter: http://i61.tinypic.com/29c6t15.jpg Here's a signature comparison between the Safari and the Ahab. I like the Ahab's signature more, but that might be because the flex might have made it look a little better. But it is nicer looking and blacker than the Safari's. http://i57.tinypic.com/nmi3o3.jpg Finally, here is a picture of the feed placement on the Ahab. http://i59.tinypic.com/11wdm4k.jpg Thanks for reading.
  21. Hello Lamy fans, Just found a local source that has limited stock of Safari Apple Green ($70), Safari Neon Yellow ($60) and Al-Star black ($120). They had some Silvergreen and Pearl Al-Stars when I arrived there today, but I guy took them all just a minute after I came in. Arrrgggghhh!! Anyway, the store doesn't have an online venue but I offer myself to buy the pens for you and send them away in whatever mail carrier you prefer. BTW all pens are delivered in this gorgeous box, not the cardboard one, so its another plus!
  22. Does anyone here knows why there is so many different packaging versions for the Safari pens? I went to a local pen shop to buy some Safari pens and I was given this, rather nice, boxes for each one (see attachement). At first, I thought it was due to the fact that all are special editions, but turns out all the Safari, Vista, Al-Star pens they carry are sold like these! The couple of pens I've gotten from the US all came in small dark grey cardboard boxes and I've seen another package from a European FPN member that is only a cellophane bag. Is this determined by the export market?
  23. stephanos

    Lamy Safari, Red With Black Clip

    I was in a ramshackle old stationery shop in a small town in Germany recently and decided to buy a Lamy Safari for a friend. The seller had only the one model left, so I bought it, at the standard retail price. But earlier today I was in a different shop with a wide range of Safaris and noticed that the one I bought is unusual: it's a red model, with a clip that is black instead of silver, and it came fitted with a black nib. I guess it's a special issue of some sort, or perhaps an older model, and my search on FPN threads suggests it is not all that easy to find. Actually, given the age of a lot of the stock I saw lying around the shop, I'd be inclined to think it's an older model rather than a limited edition; but I just don't know. I don't really need to know, but it would be nice to be fully-informed: so, can anyone tell me anything more about it?
  24. Timbo999

    Lamy Mini?

    Hey all, has anyone ever heard of or seen a mini Lamy? Like a short version of a Safari or Al-Star? Has anyone ever wanted one? I think a pocket length Safari would be pretty sweet! Similar in size and use to a Kaweco. What do YOU think? Tim
  25. Great deal on the Lamy Safari fountain pen right now in the neon yellow color. Full retail is $37, on sale for $22.20. Great gift idea. http://www.penchalet.com/images/products/10895.jpg

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