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  1. Hi fellow Australian FPN members, I just wanted to let you know in case you aren't aware, that Officeworks now carry A4 and A5 Rhodia pads (I saw dot pads, ruled, plain, graph, yellow w/margin) and notebooks, as well as Clairefontaine Clothbound notebooks in various sizes. I have just been to Officeworks Dee Why in Sydney and they had a really good selection there. The price was the same as what Notemaker offers without their volume or VIP discount. In the past I have bought my Rhodia/CF notebooks from Notemaker or Nation State online, but it is great to know that in an emergency I can just pop into a physical store in the next suburb to pick up my favourite fountain pen friendly notebooks and pads. Just a heads up that these wonderful notebooks are now available in many suburbs. (I am not affiliated with any of the stores mentioned above, just a happy customer.) SNAK P.S. I also saw some Moleskine notebooks on the shelf too, but I don't bother with them any more so I didn't check them out very carefully.
  2. My wife bought me a Lamy 2000 F nib for my birthday - AWESOME! I have been journaling for my kids and recently decided I would switch from Piccadilly journals over to Rhodia Webnotebooks because I want the journals to hold up well over years. LOVE the Rhodia paper, but sometimes the LAMY 2000 squeaks on it, has some hard starts, and some skipping. It doesn't seem to have that problem on other good-but-not-Rhodia paper. Is this perhaps something that is ALMOST a problem with the pen, but the sizing on the Rhodia exacerbates the condition of the pen? Does the LAMY have a sweet spot that is more finicky than other pens? Maybe the flow isn't wet enough. I have tried my Vanishing Point M in the Rhodia.... and the line width is about the same, but it looks more wet and feels less squeaky. Thoughts on the effect of the Rhodia sizing? Thanks, Brody
  3. I just got the new Limited Edition Rhodia 80th Anniversary Rhodia No 80 pad, which is a No#16 pad with a custom cover and upgraded 90g ivory paper inside. Not sure if I want to use it or keep it NIB. Go to your local Authorized Dealer and pick one up! http://rhodiadrive.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/rhodia-80.jpg This came from Phidon Pens in Cambridge Ontario Canada, best AD in the area!
  4. Brian Goulet just made an awesome video on "Back to School", a guide for using fountain pens in school. It's something that I've been looking for and this summer I just got into fountain pens. The video is very informative. http://www.inknouveau.com/2014/08/fp101-back-to-school-shopping.html One thing I want to point out, everyone says that if you write in cursive it will improve your memory because you have to concentrate more on what you're writing, I disagree with this. I write everything in cursive and I have done so for years now, so writing in cursive is effortless for me, no it's not gorgeous, but I do not concentrate very hard on this. The concept is that you have to be concentrating harder, the study was also conducted with people who don't normally write in cursive. So if you're like me and write in cursive all the time, switch to writing in print, I find I concentrate harder when doing so and I remember things better when I switch to print because I'm not used to forming the letters in print. I could be entirely wrong here so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong I don't mind. =) Also, today I picked up four cheap Composition notebooks from Wal-Mart. Three were made in Brazil, the other was made in Vietnam.....Holy....Cow. I am shocked at the differences. The one from Vietnam threhad more tooth and wasn't smooth, it was more absorbent and feathered badly. The three from Brazil feathered VERY little, and there was hardly any bleed through. Like none. A few spots here and there from where I started the stroke or ended it. The paper was very smooth, more tooth than Rhodia, but still very smooth. The pens stayed truer to their marked size. I wrote with three pens. 1. Monteverde Impressa with Fine nib, the ink was Diamine Ancient Copper 2. Noodler's Ahab with flex nib, the ink was Diamine Ancient Copper 3. Pilot Metropolitan with M nib, the ink was Diamine Grey The Grey had the overall least amount of bleed through. These notebooks were on sale for $.50! I did find several ones made in Brazil that had more tooth to them, I didn't purchase them so I don't know how they perform, the three from Brazil that I bought had very smooth paper. So be aware, it seems as if even the ones from Brazil aren't made as consistently as one might think.
  5. My Oberon Design large journal cover arrived today. I originally ordered one of the Moleskine journal covers thinking it was the same size, but it turns out the spine of that cover is thinner/smaller which means any journal or filler that is thicker or wider than a Moleskine journal will not fit. I didn't find out until after the order had shipped. However, it ended up working out because Oberon allowed me to place another order for the large journal cover and I was able to get it in a color I thought was discontinued. It turns out they will be the chocolate color once again and they just happened to receive a shipment of the new color so I was able to place a custom color at no additional cost because of the mixup with Moleskin cover. I've had an Oberon cover before and the fit and finish is impeccable. The leatherwork is of the highest quality and is best appreciated in person. It fits my Rhodia Webnotebook perfectly. I can open the notebook completely flat with no issues. Here are some pictures for those interested in this cover/notebook combination. Enjoy. Front cover The full cover Spine Open flat
  6. My question is whether the combination of ink and paper have an effect on how the nibs, especially the really wide ones, perform? I am relatively new to the world of Montblanc oblique nibs. My OBBB in the 149 is my newest acquisition. After it returned from the nib swap, I filled it with what I had in the office, which was a single bottle of Organic Studios Join or Die sepia. It performed beautifully. I had absolutely no problems and the pen would write at the drop of a hat. Yes I had to make sure I held it at the right angle but it was not particularly finicky, and would write easily. I use Rhodia for my nice pens, primarily to enjoy the performance of the pen and also a little bit of nice writing. My second fill I tried Iroshizuku inks, both Yamaguri and Fuyugaki. Wow, the pen now has completely transformed. It just refuses to write on Rhodia. It would just glide along the paper, almost like there is little to no resistance. No ink would come out of the nib. I really have to struggle with the right angle to get the pen to write if at all. If it does, the ink appears very watered down, and diluted. Almost like it had sat in the sun for too long. At this point, I thought maybe I somehow damaged the nib during the cleaning process. Except the nib would write at the drop of a hat with more absorbent paper, like Moleskine with the same ink. I had the same problem with my OB nib on my Boheme. I originally thought I did not quite know how to use an oblique nib. Except that now the Boheme is filled with Noodlers Golder Brown, and it writes easily. Any one experience the same situation? Do these wider nibs require a much more saturated ink in order to operate optimally, so that there is resistance on very smooth paper?
  7. Can someone compare the dot grid on the Rhodia Dotpad No. 16 vs the dot grid on the Leuchtturm journals. Are the dot grids the same? Are the dots lighter or darker on one of them? Thanks.
  8. So I've been really struggling with finding a journal that works well for both me, and my fountain pens. Perhaps I'm being too picky, but I'm looking for a journal with the following characteristics: Lined Pages, 7mm or greater - For a journal, I need lines. And if the lines are too narrow I find I start to write very small and illegibly.A5 format - give or take. It needs to be large enough to write comfortably, and small enough to carry with me.Paper that won't bleed through. I don't mind some shadowing on the back, in fact, I find I somewhat appreciate it. Relatively white paperDurable - I carry this thing everywhere I realize that this is somewhat specific, but here's what I've tried so far that hasn't worked quite right. Moleskine Grid Notebook (5" x 8.25") - Loved the form factor. Hated the grid -- too narrow to write legibly. Also, all of my pens bled through Leuchtturm1917 A4 Thin Master - Great quality notebook. Love the page numbers. Thought I'd like the size, but find it a bit unwieldy. Lined rule (~6mm) is just slightly too narrow for me to write with anything but really fine nibs which limits my creativity a bit. Rhodia A5 Webnotebook - Got the lined version, and the lines are just a bit narrow again (~6mm). Paper is nice, but dry time for some of my pens & ink is long (could be fixed with blotting paper). Overall though, I just am not a fan of the yellowish paper. I'm currently looking at the Nanami Seven Seas Writer notebook. I've heard great things about Tomoe River paper, and these notebooks are supposed to be top quality. I also like the 7mm lines. I'm just worried it will be a bit too fragile to be chucked in my bag every day. What other notebooks should I consider! All suggestions are welcome!
  9. For all you Australian readers out there (in case you didn't know this already!), I dropped in on my nearest Office Works store today (Wollongong NSW) and was amazed to discover that they had a reasonable selection of Rhodia and Clairefontaine notepads - at prices comparable to the online stores I've purchased them from before, but obviously minus the delivery costs and the delay in arrival from interstate... The checkout guy told me (in answer to my query) that these were a new entry in the system, but no indication that it's a short-term thing. So long as we make it worth their while to maintain a regular supply, I suppose... Check it out at your local branch, or online at http://www.officeworks.com.au
  10. So I thought I'd compare my newly purchased (for GBP 12) Ciak Paperchase and the Rhodia Webbie we all already know and love. Firstly is the Ciak Paperchase. I believe this is the new Ciak paper which is now dubbed environmental friendly as it is acid free (personally never read much into the whole environmental issues behind acid containing paper). I was initially hesitant to get it as I had at a time held a sample of the old Ciak paper, which we would recall was slightly toothy, fibrous, but oddly had a strange charm and texture to it. I never did manage to find another copy of the old Ciaks, as much as I tried with emails to various online Ciak sellers. So describing this paper, it not as smooth to touch as the Webbie's Clairefontaine. When I say that, the paper isn't rough like a tortoise's shell, it's just more, textured, but not to the point of say, a G Lalo Verde 100gsm paper with the embossed lines in them to guide writing. Your pen will not glide as smoothly on this paper as on the Webbie. You will not have that 'I'm writing on silk.'' sensation. (Ignore the logic for a second and just concentrate on silk being smooth...) But it will not stop, get tangled in fibres, or spew blobs of precious ink. But yes it is bettter than your average paper you find at work. Strangely, I used to hold Webbies as my gold standard, but I've found that this paper actually holds slightly better against broad pens with broad nibs. As you can see, there is a little more bleedthrough on the Webbies, evident by the tiny dark splotches ,whereas the ink patterns are relatively consistent throughout the Ciak's. The shading amount is the same. Not very well represented on this, but take my word for it. I think it's a good alternative for people who; 1) Have been using Webbies, love them, but just want to try something new. I'm one of them. I'd actually love a journal made completely out of G Lalo Verde pages.. 2) Dislike the sheen on the paper of webbies 3) Dislike the slower drying time of webbies 4) Don't need the extra pouch at the back to keep pieces of paper. 5) Like a horizontal strap. It is fountain pen friendly, which for me, means it is able to tolerate broad nibbed pens with highly saturated inks. I've no qualms recommending this as a reliable alternative to the Webbie.
  11. I've been wanting to get a fountain pen for a number of years, but never really got around to it. I decided to go ahead and take the plunge starting with a few Lamy pens and some Iroshizuku ink. While I was at it, I figured I'd take a few pictures of my humble beginnings into the world of fountain pens. My Lamy 2000 and some ink. Rhodia Webnotebook with my Lamy pens. Nomadic PD-03 pen case from Jetpens. Currently carrying my Lamy pens as well as a few Pilot V5's and Pigma Micron pens. It even stands up!
  12. I purchased the large-size Webbie back in March. I’ve been hesitating to do a review because I just wasn’t sure what my final verdict was going to be, but now I think I know. In case you’ve been living under a rock or something, here’s a brief overview of the Webbie: Made by RhodiaContains 90g creamy Clairefontaine paperSewn binding, all encased in a soft-to-the-touch leatherette coverIncludes a ribbon bookmark and elastic closureAvailable in lined, dot-grid, and blankThis size sells for $22+ online, depending on retailer (I bought mine for $25 from Goulet Pens)That’s the infamous Webbie. Some people love them, some people hate them. I am going to do a bit different format today and list the things I like about this notebook, the things I don’t like but aren’t severe enough to keep me from using it, and the thing I didn’t like that ultimately delivered the death blow. Things I like: The hard cover is very sturdy and I enjoy the texture of it. Soft and supple to the touch but without seeming delicate - it’s a good balance of style and stability. The material also doesn’t seem to be prone to picking up an inappropriate amount of dirt, even when used as a daily carry. The paper is but-tah smooth. I started to say that it’s the smoothest paper I have ever used, but in reality it’s on the same level as the Tomoe River Paper in my Seven Seas journal and the Staples inkjet paper I write reviews on is of similar quality. There are different ruling styles available. Not all retailers seem to have all rulings, but they are out there and it nice to have choices. The only experience I have is with blank pages, but it’s nice to even have that option since a lot of notebooks seem to only be offered in lined and maybe grid.That might seem like a short list, but overall I have to say that the experience of using and writing in a Rhodia Webnotebook is very pleasant. The paper is some of the best you can buy and the build quality is excellent. If you are looking for a really nice notebook, I don’t think you can go wrong with trying out a Webbie. However, there are some things that I don’t like at all about the Webbie. Things I don’t like (minor): The notebook is only available in black and orange. While I do appreciate having choices, I only dislike the color orange slightly less than I dislike the color black, so there’s that. This is obviously a personal thing, so take it with a grain of salt. The Rhodia logo on the front cover is anything but discrete, at least on the orange version. I can see how it would be easier to miss on the black one, but the imprint is so deep that the shadows created on the orange cover means you will always be able to see the logo, unless of course it’s so dark that you probably won’t be doing much writing anyway. The paper, while fantastically smooth and able to handle most inks, is not perfect. I did have a few inks that started to bleed through the pages, which is something of a deal breaker for me. Granted, these were not the inks I used regularly, but I think I’ve been spoiled by Tomoe River Paper where nothing bleeds through the pages. I don’t mind a fair bit of ghosting, but bleeding is unacceptable. The elastic band is so tight that it leaves little indentations in the soft material of the cover. The flip side of that being that the elastic band starts off nice and tight, so the notebook is held closed very securely.All of those things are minor quibbles, and for the most part personal annoyances more than anything else. Not everyone has the same standards that I do, so these things might not bother you at all or they might be the ultimate deal breakers for you. For me, there was a single quality that has caused me to stop using the Webbie as my EDC: The paper is cream. It’s listed online as “ivory” but it’s darker than the color I consider ivory. It’s noticeably yellowed, and this will dramatically affect the appearance of your inks on the the page.Which is not a big deal unless you are using this as an ink journal. But, for me the color is too much. I absolutely love bright white paper. I like my writing to pop off the page. I’ve learned that I will probably not find a notebook with bright white paper that is also FP friendly, but the color of the paper in the Rhodia is too much for me. Thus, while the paper quality and build quality of the Rhodia Webnotebook is fantastic, it is ultimately not the notebook for me. I have recently shelved it and gone back to my Seven Seas journal, which is making me wonder why I ever left it. The issues that made me switch to the Webbie have turned out to not be something that I really took that much advantage of in the Webbie anyway, so I’m back to the wonderful Tomoe River Paper. Overall, I think the Webbie is a great notebook, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a classy looking notebook filled with FP friendly paper that will hold up to a daily beating. All of the objections above are personal criteria I have used in my quest for the one true notebook and are in no way meant to bash on Rhodia. Yes, the Webbie is pricy, but there are few other notebooks out there that boast such nice paper and a sewn binding with hardcover. The only thing I can say is try it out if you are curious, since the only person who can tell you if a notebook will work for you, is you. :-) This notebook was purchased with my own money and I am in no way affiliated with any companies mentioned above and am not being compensated for this review in any way. The opinions expressed are entirely my own and you are free to disagree with them if you like.
  13. Hi, I'm using mostly Clairefontaine notebooks for basically everything I write - 90g/m2 , white, very smooth and beautiful for fountain pens. With the large majority of my pens and inks I get no bleedthrough or feathering on this paper. Because I wanted something with a hard cover, which Clairefontaine don't seem to have in A4 size, I've acquired a Rhodia "webbie", which states to be using Clairefontaine paper, 90g/m2, but ivory instead of white. Both papers feel exactly the same and I feel no difference while writing. However, with a MB 146 M inked with J Herbin Bleu Ocean, on the Rhodia I see some bleedthrough, albeit minor, while I don't have this on the white Clairefontaine notebooks. The pen is wet but by no means are we talking BB, BBB or a full flex nib that gushes ink. I would have expected the papers to behave similarly in every way. Has anyone seen this before? And on a similar note, has anyone seen Clairefontaine notebooks with hard covers? Many thanks for your thoughts.
  14. Lady P

    Why Rhodia?

    Rhodia seems to be very popular with fountain pen users, but my experience with it has been less than stellar. It makes even my Pelikans skip a bit, and my cheap Chinese pens don't get along with that paper at all. So why is Rhodia so popular with the fountain pen crowd? Are people using pens that don't skip on it (if so, which pens?), or is it that people like smooth paper so much that they are willing to overlook the fact that it induces skipping?
  15. Folks, I did a search and found a lot of information on the Rhodia Webnotebook, except the answer to the question that started my search: Why is it called a "Webnotebook?" What exactly does that mean? Thanks for any insights anyone cares to share. Ben
  16. Intro: Last year, since the timing was right with and order from Goulet Pens, I tried a Rhodia Weekly planner with a grid. Up until then, I was using Moleskines that I bought from the local bookstore. I liked Rhodia pads, and I really liked the grid layout and hard-backed planner. I was very happy with my purchase. Unfortunately, I forgot to use my planner to order the next year's planner, and January arrived without a new agenda. So Rhodia: Nice feel, good build, excellent, fountain pen-friendly paper. Since January showed up and I was unprepared, I went down to the bookstore and bought a Moleskine planner. For quick notes, it hadn't bothered me yet. Now, I spend my weeknights away from my pens and other paraphernalia, only getting home on the weekends. I've started an online course: History of Renaissance Italian Architecture. I sat down to my first video lecture and realized that I had no notepaper on me. None whatsoever. I grabbed my Moleskine, and tried to use it to take notes. That's when I found how bad the bleeding was. The showthrough. The non writing-friendly soft-cover.\ http://i.imgur.com/RgCPODt.jpgijij With the note-taking this poor, I realized that I wouldn't be able to use the Moleskine. My school has cheap scribblers, definitely nothing FP friendly. Moleskine: Lousy paper, softcover and shape led to discomfort when writing. I went into an art supply store this weekend, and got a Leuchtterm 1917 pad. Tonight I recopied out my notes with a variety of different pens and inks, and am very satisfied with it. Although I don't think the quality of the paper is as good as the Rhodia, for note-taking and lecture notes it is far easier and better than the Moleskine. The price is much better too: I got the Leuchtterm for $15 on sale, while the Moleksine set me back around $20. Next year I will remember to buy a Rhodia planner, but this Leuchtterm will do just fine right now. I will continue to use it for any other courses, meetings, whatever I have coming to me. http://i.imgur.com/aFmflx0.jpg The Lecuhtterm http://i.imgur.com/9hOgyb9.jpg More of the Leuchtterm. The paper quality is much better. Although you can see that there is writing on either side, you can still read quite legibly, unlike the Moleskine. The inks work much better as well, only the BSB has feathered (which, honestly, is pretty common anyways). I've heard that the Leuchtterm can be inconsistent with the paper quality, but if this is the lower end, I'm pretty satisfied with it. Inks: Organics Studio Mendel Green, J. Herbin Cafe des Iles, Noodler's Operation Overlord Orange, Noodler's Bay State Blue, Mont Blanc Alfred Hitchcock
  17. I'm not getting very far in my quest to find the ideal plain laser paper suitable for use with a fountain pen! I know that rhodia is a coated paper, and that this coating is what gives it, its great properties when used with aqueous ink used in fountain pens. It never feather or bleeds through, even with my wettest nibs like the Visconti Homo sapiens stub. I realised that most colour laser papers are also coated but most seem to pale into insignificance when compared to rhodia paper. I've tried HP colour laser, staples laser, conqueror super smooth and conquerer bamboo, and mondi colour laser. Although all of these are coated as well, they all seem to feather mor than I would like. After hearing so many great things about HP colour laser, I bought a ream and was quite underwhelmed and disappointed with how badly it feathers and bled through. I've ordered some Clairfontaine DCP, but anticipate it to have similar problems. Any ides of what laser paper, available in bulk have a similar coating to that found on rhodia? Any idea of what rhodia is coated with?
  18. I decided that I would go through all of my paper and make a big review post. For me as usual I feel the most important part are the visuals which I will embed though the post, but are also all in my gallery here: Gallery The whole post is a little photo heavy and all of them you can click through to a larger photo on the blog. I ran out of steam as I was typing this up so I have not at this point added written commentary on feathering or a couple other attributes though you should get some idea from the photos. Eventually it might also be nice to get scans of all of them, but that would definitively be for another day. Here are all the books covered: http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-p8hzwLc/0/L/i-p8hzwLc-L.jpg Paper Size Weight Lines Sheets Cost Binding HP Premium Laserjet 32 lb Letter 120 GSM Blank 500 Sheets $16.54 @ Amazon Looseleaf Leuchtturm1917 Hard Cover Large Black A5 80 GSM Lined 5mm 1 Blank Sheet - 2 Contents Sheets - 8 Removable Sheets - 117 Sheets $16.54 @ Amazon Bound Hardcover Journal w/Extras Kokuyo Campus CYO-BO GC3A B5 100 GSM Lined 7mm 30 Sheets $3.35 @ Maido Sewn Softcover Rhodia Block Nº16 A5 80 GSM Lined 7mm 80 Sheets $5.50 @ Goulet Staple Bound Pad Clearprint Vellum - Grid - Pocket Size ~A7 60 GSM Grid 2.5mm 50 Sheets $4.45 @ Flax Art Glue Bound Notebook Miquelrius MR Flexible Journal ~A7 70 GSM Lined 7mm 64 Sheets $5.95 @ Flax Art Sewn Notebook w/ Leatheret Cover Maruman Boston Note A5 & B5 100 GSM Lined 8mm (A5) & Lined 9mm (B5) 65 Sheets $19.50 (A5) & $23.00 (B5) @ Jetpens Twin Ring Notebook Maruman Mnemosyne Inspiration A5 80 GSM Blank 70 Sheets $16.00 @ Jetpens Twin Ring Notebook w/Perforated Pages HP Premium Laserjet 32 lb http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-T6bTPbW/0/L/i-T6bTPbW-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-875PTLs/0/L/i-875PTLs-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-jnBFWWp/0/L/i-jnBFWWp-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-M9bn4km/0/L/i-M9bn4km-L.jpg Paper Size Weight Lines Sheets Cost Binding HP Premium Laserjet 32 lb Letter 120 GSM Blank 500 Sheets $16.54 @ Amazon Looseleaf Bleedthrough - Effectivly None -- Took 8 pass Figure 8 to cause it.Ghosting/Shadowing/Showthrough -- MinimalTexture -- Super Smooth & Kinda Glassy Maruman Boston Note http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-Rrq7K5V/0/L/i-Rrq7K5V-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-vsFRzbs/0/L/i-vsFRzbs-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-rCbBqDb/0/L/i-rCbBqDb-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-s8XHMGG/0/L/i-s8XHMGG-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-dmfFjCs/0/L/i-dmfFjCs-L.jpg Paper Size Weight Lines Sheets Cost Binding Maruman Boston Note A5 & B5 100 GSM Lined 8mm (A5) & Lined 9mm (B5) 65 Sheets $19.50 (A5) & $23.00 (B5) @ Jetpens Twin Ring Notebook Bleedthrough - Effectivly None -- Took 8 pass Figure 8 to cause it.Ghosting/Shadowing/Showthrough -- MinimalTexture -- Smooth but textured Rhodia Block Nº16 http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-N5HgB4s/0/L/i-N5HgB4s-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-LM6QdMJ/0/L/i-LM6QdMJ-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-V9LfpQR/0/L/i-V9LfpQR-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-HjN8rW7/0/L/i-HjN8rW7-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-PNV4zdX/0/L/i-PNV4zdX-L.jpg Paper Size Weight Lines Sheets Cost Binding Rhodia Block Nº16 A5 80 GSM Lined 7mm 80 Sheets $5.50 @ Goulet Staple Bound Pad Bleedthrough - Effectivly None -- Took 8 pass Figure 8 to cause it.Ghosting/Shadowing/Showthrough -- MinimalTexture -- Glassy but not as much as the Laserjet Clearprint Vellum - Grid - Pocket Size http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-G4BcKQW/0/L/i-G4BcKQW-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-Zrwh9LB/0/L/i-Zrwh9LB-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-MsQFnGM/0/L/i-MsQFnGM-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-Q6dsp3Z/0/L/i-Q6dsp3Z-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-SrVC4tG/0/L/i-SrVC4tG-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-BHjs9Hc/0/L/i-BHjs9Hc-L.jpg Paper Size Weight Lines Sheets Cost Binding Clearprint Vellum - Grid - Pocket Size ~A7 60 GSM Grid 2.5mm 50 Sheets $4.45 @ Flax Art Glue Bound Notebook Bleedthrough - Effectivly None -- Took 5 pass Figure 8 to cause it.Ghosting/Shadowing/Showthrough -- Very HighTexture -- Smooth(Not Shown in Photos) Grid is printed on backside of pages, doesn't accept ink Kokuyo Campus CYO-BO http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-Z673Xq8/0/L/i-Z673Xq8-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-LV6FrDb/0/L/i-LV6FrDb-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-jVhGBC8/0/L/i-jVhGBC8-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-N2MntX6/0/L/i-N2MntX6-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-2GPqwvr/0/L/i-2GPqwvr-L.jpg Paper Size Weight Lines Sheets Cost Binding Kokuyo Campus CYO-BO GC3A B5 100 GSM Lined 7mm 30 Sheets $3.35 @ Maido Sewn Softcover Bleedthrough - Effectivly None -- Barely Bleeding at 8 PassesGhosting/Shadowing/Showthrough -- SlightTexture -- Super Glassy Miquelrius MR Flexible Journal http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-qL7x7KN/0/L/i-qL7x7KN-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-KzLt9c4/0/L/i-KzLt9c4-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-Kf23hQz/0/L/i-Kf23hQz-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-mP6BHMb/0/L/i-mP6BHMb-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-khJzJPC/0/L/i-khJzJPC-L.jpg Paper Size Weight Lines Sheets Cost Binding Miquelrius MR Flexible Journal ~A7 70 GSM Lined 7mm 64 Sheets $5.95 @ Flax Art Sewn Notebook w/ Leatheret Cover Bleedthrough - Effectivly None -- ModerateGhosting/Shadowing/Showthrough -- ModerateTexture -- Smooth but more textured than the others Maruman Mnemosyne Inspiration http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-6CcpSKL/0/L/i-6CcpSKL-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-mFgbHDX/0/L/i-mFgbHDX-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-pThcPHz/0/L/i-pThcPHz-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-4f6qg3x/0/L/i-4f6qg3x-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-nvJkbxp/0/L/i-nvJkbxp-L.jpg Paper Size Weight Lines Sheets Cost Binding Maruman Mnemosyne Inspiration A5 80 GSM Blank 70 Sheets $16.00 @ Jetpens Twin Ring Notebook w/Perforated Pages Bleedthrough - Effectivly None -- Effectively NoneGhosting/Shadowing/Showthrough -- MinimalTexture -- Smoother than Rhodia but not as glassy Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Large http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-bz8kk8q/0/L/i-bz8kk8q-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-mFJ6F6G/0/L/i-mFJ6F6G-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-BdzpbVd/0/L/i-BdzpbVd-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-W2cksLj/0/L/i-W2cksLj-L.jpg http://photos.cpride.net/photos/i-DwL9Hv4/0/L/i-DwL9Hv4-L.jpg Paper Size Weight Lines Sheets Cost Binding Leuchtturm1917 Hard Cover Large Black A5 80 GSM Lined 5mm 1 Blank Sheet - 2 Contents Sheets - 8 Removable Sheets - 117 Sheets $16.54 @ Amazon Bound Hardcover Journal w/Extras Bleedthrough - Effectivly None -- Effectively NoneGhosting/Shadowing/Showthrough -- SomeTexture -- Smooth but with some grain
  19. Hi all, Artyfect, an online art supplies shop with a modest line in Rhodia pads, is discounting heavily at the moment. I'd indulge but my paper cupboard is full to the burping-point. Therefore it's churlish not to share... http://www.artyfect.com (No affiliation etc) All the best, David H
  20. airbender-ellyn

    A5 Or Semi-B5 For College?

    Would A5 or semi-B5 paper be better for note taking? I checked out the Kokuyo Systemic refillable notebook cover and they seem really great. But they only come in 2 sizes. I feel like it would be good to get the A5 size because there are more notebooks in that size available, whereas the semi-B5 notebooks are a bit more difficult to find. But, I feel like I would go through A5 notebooks really fast. I want the Systemic because I would be able to fit 3 notebooks in it and I wouldn't have to really worry about anything getting torn up too bad, but if there is a similar product, please share!
  21. Almost done with my Ecosystem journal, and I'm looking for something a bit nicer to continue. I'm debating between a Large Leuchtturm and a Large Rhodia Webnotebook. I'm looking at blank paper, and this new notebook needs to be of the best FP friendly paper I can get, and it needs to be able to handle flex nibs with minimal ghosting/show-through, also needs to open flat. Opinions? Anyone happen to have experience with both and would be willing to share your thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  22. Has anybody tried either the Clairefontaine or Rhodia 3 hole punch notebooks? I want to get some good loose leaf paper - not the stuff that you can practically see through whatever you are looking at. I have some from last year and it bleeds through like it's nobody's business. Or would I be better off getting a notepad and using a three hole punch?
  23. Gloucesterman

    Rhodia At A Discount...

    Just re-found this site - www.artistcraftsman.com/ and noticed that their Rhodia selection was offered at a 20% discount. In addition, shipping is flat rated at $7.00. Looked good to me as compared to some of the other prices (especially with a shipping charge added. No affiliation. Another attractive opportunity from your friendly pen, paper and ink bargain hunter
  24. I loaded up one of my pens (Homo Sapien F) with Noodler's Sequoia Green recently and noticed on Rhodia paper, it takes about 30 minutes to dry (yes, minutes). Dabbing it with blotting paper helps a bit, but still takes an crazy amount of time to dry. On photo-copy paper it dries within seconds. Is this normal??? My other pens I have inked today have include a TWSBI 580 with Lamy Blue and a GVFC Classic with De Atramentis Puccini. Both these inks dry relatively quickly. I'm wondering if I have a bad batch or do some inks simply take forever to dry.
  25. A couple of things those on the east of the Atlantic might be interested in. Rymans (at least the one in Tunbridge Wells) is selling Rhodia No.16 ruled pads at £1.99 which is far cheaper than I have seen elsewhere. When I don't venture into the big town I go to my local independent stationer who stocks "Initiative" products. They sell Initiative shorthand notebooks at 66p and the paper is really excellent. Perhaps the second side is not quite as good but you get a fountain pen friendly bargain whilst supporting your local independent - everyone's a winner! Martin

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