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  1. Federalist Pens

    It's "back To School" Time!

    It's that time of year again! Time to "stock up" on your Back to School needs! We offer Notebooks and Journals from Clairefontaine: http://www.federalistpensonline.com/-Clairfontaine-Products_c_81.html Rhodia Pads in all types (Lined, Plain, Grid, Dot): http://www.federalistpensonline.com/-Rhodia-Pads_c_32.html Filofax Refillable Notebooks: http://www.federalistpensonline.com/Fiolofax-A5-Model-Notebook_p_52.html Check Out Our "Pens for Under $25" Tab under Pen Specials! FP Models from Regal, Diplomat, and J. Herbin! http://www.federalistpensonline.com/Pens-25-and-Under_c_105.html
  2. Moleskine has great form, but the paper has left much to be desired. While it still has a bleed-through problem with some inks, the spidery feathering is absent in the squared notebook I purchased last week. To avoid a cross-posting violation, I will only put up the one image, but there are a few more at my blog if this comparison isn't enough to convince you that Moleskine is a little better than it used to be. New Moleskine on the upper left, Rhodia on the upper right. The two Moleskine journals in the lower row were purchased several years ago. Original version of the image is here.
  3. Rhodia is now officially available in India. Rhodia products are available on flipkart.com and amazon.in Alternatively, you can also contact us at info@abhimanintl.in directly for placing an order or to inquire for bulk/ corporate orders. Regards, AbhimanIntl
  4. A short while ago, the very nice people at Cult Pens suggested I'd like to have some new inks to play with. Who am I to refuse an offer like that? http://writerlywitterings.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/dsc_0001.jpg?w=640 Lots of inks side-by-sideA year ago I started to use Cult Pens' own Deep Dark Blue ink. This was a colour they designed to match their own logo, and it was made by Diamine in the UK (a brilliant firm with the best range of fountain pen inks, I think). I love Deep Dark Blue, and in fact it took over as my mainstay. I tend to have two or three pens with me while working, and
  5. Hello all, Firstly, I really like my Rhodia webbies. That said, I'm finding that the most recent one I got (orange cover, lined, v3.0) has led to some feathering and bleedthrough that has not occured before. I've only used four colours on the new one, but one of them---Diamine Imperial Blue (Ahab)---gets both problems. I double checked with the same combo in my previous webbie (black cover, lined, v3.0), and no problems with that one. Same room and time of day. For info, the other two inks didn't have the same problems: - Diamine Grey in an Ahab: fine, but less smooth letter edges - Di
  6. I'm thinking of making some Tomoe River pads and/or notebooks? What would you like to see here in the UK and in Europe. Open to suggestion. A4? A5? Pads? Bound notepad? Let me know your thoughts..
  7. rhymingisfun

    Rhodia Price Hike?

    Maybe this is old news, but has anyone notice a big price hike on Rhodia paper, specifically the pads? I remember I used to be able to find them for under $6 two years ago, and now on Amazon I can't find it sub $10. Even at Goulet it is now as expensive as the Clairefontaine Triomphe paper.
  8. Yesterday, I started writing on a Rhodia 80gsm 5x5 quadrille mouse pad that was kindly PIFfed to me by mrtx2aggie. It is a 30 sheet pad of 9"x7.5" paper, gumbound on two sides. The backing is rather soft and flexible paperboard and has enough tack to prevent it from sliding about on my particle-board keyboard tray. Here, so far, are my impressions. The squares are about half X-height for my hand, which is all well and good. Second, I got no feathering with any of the pens in current rotation: Parker Vector Broad (2mm or so) Calligraphy Pen:Parker Quink blue cartridge Pelikan M200 Fine:4/
  9. Hi - For years I have been using the Rhodia Weekly Planner. However in the last couple years they have stopped making them with the ribbon bookmark. I really miss this, I used it. I was wondering if there is anything else out there like the 6x9 Rhodia Weekly Planner, but that does have the ribbon bookmark. Everything else I like about the planner, the layout of dates to the left notes to the right, the paper quality, etc. Price not really a concern, I would be open to something more expensive if it was cool... Thanks! Joe
  10. I love Rhodia products, but I really wish they would make them in popular US sizes rather than just European (metric) sizes. Two examples are composition books and 3.5“ x 5.5” side-stitched notebooks (like the Moleskine Cahier and Field Notes Brand notebooks). Neither of these sizes is available from Rhodia (although its parent company, Clairefontaine, offers some 3.5“ x 5.5” notebooks that aren’t as easy to find). And Rhodia does have a smallish 7.5 x 12 cm 48 page notebook that would be just perfect if it was a bit larger. I have nice leather covers that fit these two sizes
  11. Does anyone know where you can buy A5 or Letter sized paper blank, similar to Rhodia or Leuchtturm in 25pk or 50pks? I want to design a nice layout and print off a few sheets to use for reviews. Before I go buy a pad of paper and dismantle it, I wondered if anyone had any recommendations for buying stationery as sheets vs book/pad form. A5 would be preferred, probably get a decent review done on that size... I like the Rhodia dot grid pads I have which is why after paper that's similar, but will look at other options. Just figured for a review, a commonly used/found paper like Rhodia would
  12. Massdrop offering Rhodia 6 Pack Staplebound Notebook bundle. They are offering all the forms in both orange and black versions. Graph, lined, blank, dot grid, etc. Here is the direct link: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/rhodia-staplebound-notepads?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Massdrop%20-%20Master%20-%20Writing&utm_campaign=Writing%20Product%20Announcement%202015-03-18&mode=guest_open
  13. Which paper shows the best sheen in your experience?
  14. I love the little Rhodia pads...I have a cover for the size 11, and wondered if anyone knows of a smaller cover to fit the size 10? Doesn't have to be the same brand....just a wee cover/holder for size 2" x 2"(5.2cm x 7.5cm) Alex
  15. Hi to all ! I've decided today to share mu review of my new Rhodia Weekly Planner 2015 with you. First of all, I had (almost) a hard time to find it here in Montreal. This is because according to Rhodia (or QuoVadis) web site, this weekly planner is not distributed in Canada. I was indeed looking for a new agenda, surfing here and there to may be identify something to change my Prenote. Not that I was bored with it, but, who know... lurking for something new I began to look at the Note 27, but the lines where buging me... and Tadaa! The Rhodia Weekly Planner seemed to be the O
  16. -This review is an adapted version of the one that can be found on my personal blog (www.pencilcaseblog.com). Visit my blog for more pictures, a copy of the written review and of course many other pen, pencil, paper and ink reviews. Enjoy the review! (Rhodia Webnotebook review: http://www.pencilcaseblog.com/2014/06/rhodia-webnotebook.html )- Here's a review of one of my all time favourite notebooks: the Rhodia Webnotebook. These notebooks are available in a few sizes (I think A4 all the way through A7, in orange or black cover), mine's A6 sized (same as a field notes notebook) which mak
  17. Does anyone know of a commercially available leather pad cover that will fit a Rhodia no 12 dot pad? I just moved up to the Sacramento area, and I am super happy to have Rhodia available to me now. I use my small no12 everyday, as well as larger notebooks, and it would be perfect if I could only find a leather cover! Thanks in advance guys!
  18. FitzadociousAtrocious

    Paper And "penemies"

    Greetings all, A quick question regarding FPs and their own individual "personalities". Do some FPs simply have some inveterate dislike toward certain types of paper? Even well-made paper? For instance, I have a relatively high-priced Visconti that writes like a dream on Rhodia but is scratchy and annoying on Clairefountaine (notebooks AND journals). Is this just some quirk of the pen? Is it a nib issue? Surely not, right? Thanks for any feedback or input. F
  19. I've recently become very interested in paper and pulp industries. My endless endeavours to finding the best FP paper really has taken me all over the globe. I've come to realise that the qualities that make a paper FP friendly, normally stem from the predominant use of hardwood pulps. When I initially came to learn, that some of the papers I very much preferred, sourced their pulp from Brazil, I became somewhat concerned. I didn't want to support any industry that was destroying the majestic Amazon rainforest. Later I learnt that this pulp was coming mostly from plantation Eucalyptus, whi
  20. Hi Everyone My name is Michael Marchesan. I am an engineering student who regularly uses fountain pens. I love doing almost all of my writing on engineering paper but found that it does not take to fountain pen inks very well. After doing some research, I did not find any Engineering Pads that were suited for fountain pen inks. But instead of stopping there, I decided to write to Rhodia proposing a new idea in product development and they took to my request well and created a post on their blog "Rhodia Drive" and the idea is a hit with viewers!! If they can get enough support from the pu
  21. Hi fellow Australian FPN members, I just wanted to let you know in case you aren't aware, that Officeworks now carry A4 and A5 Rhodia pads (I saw dot pads, ruled, plain, graph, yellow w/margin) and notebooks, as well as Clairefontaine Clothbound notebooks in various sizes. I have just been to Officeworks Dee Why in Sydney and they had a really good selection there. The price was the same as what Notemaker offers without their volume or VIP discount. In the past I have bought my Rhodia/CF notebooks from Notemaker or Nation State online, but it is great to know that in an emergency I ca
  22. My wife bought me a Lamy 2000 F nib for my birthday - AWESOME! I have been journaling for my kids and recently decided I would switch from Piccadilly journals over to Rhodia Webnotebooks because I want the journals to hold up well over years. LOVE the Rhodia paper, but sometimes the LAMY 2000 squeaks on it, has some hard starts, and some skipping. It doesn't seem to have that problem on other good-but-not-Rhodia paper. Is this perhaps something that is ALMOST a problem with the pen, but the sizing on the Rhodia exacerbates the condition of the pen? Does the LAMY have a sweet spot that is m
  23. I just got the new Limited Edition Rhodia 80th Anniversary Rhodia No 80 pad, which is a No#16 pad with a custom cover and upgraded 90g ivory paper inside. Not sure if I want to use it or keep it NIB. Go to your local Authorized Dealer and pick one up! http://rhodiadrive.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/rhodia-80.jpg This came from Phidon Pens in Cambridge Ontario Canada, best AD in the area!
  24. Brian Goulet just made an awesome video on "Back to School", a guide for using fountain pens in school. It's something that I've been looking for and this summer I just got into fountain pens. The video is very informative. http://www.inknouveau.com/2014/08/fp101-back-to-school-shopping.html One thing I want to point out, everyone says that if you write in cursive it will improve your memory because you have to concentrate more on what you're writing, I disagree with this. I write everything in cursive and I have done so for years now, so writing in cursive is effortless for me, no it's not
  25. My Oberon Design large journal cover arrived today. I originally ordered one of the Moleskine journal covers thinking it was the same size, but it turns out the spine of that cover is thinner/smaller which means any journal or filler that is thicker or wider than a Moleskine journal will not fit. I didn't find out until after the order had shipped. However, it ended up working out because Oberon allowed me to place another order for the large journal cover and I was able to get it in a color I thought was discontinued. It turns out they will be the chocolate color once again and they just

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