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  1. Daiso stationery products are all designed in Japan, but aren't all make there. The very best of their paper products, like the Kraft-bound notebooks, are made in Japan, and that paper is truly delightful. This note, however, is about the A4 loose-leaf binder refills. They come in a pack of 70 sheets, lined and unlined. The lined version is spaced at 60 mm, suitable for those, like me, with small handwriting and fine nibs. Others may wish to use the unlined version and either print their own lines or use a guide sheet. The paper seems to be about 70gsm, and is well-behaved with most inks.
  2. Lanbitou 3059 VS Wing Sung 3008 I thought I would test 2 piston filler pens at the same time , I had no idea they would be so equally disappointing . Both pens were hard starters , both pens were scratchy , both pens did not like CANTING left or right . Neither pen cared much for writing inverted .. Both pens would tear into the paper . The wing did put more ink down . Both pens BURPED , the Lanbitou more than the Wing . The Lanbitou has a functioning piston lock while the Wing Sung has a (?) broken piston lock ( Non functional ) I dare say I now would consider both pens as parts donors
  3. A few months ago, when Kevin from the JustWrite Pen Company (www.JustWrite.com.au) gave me the opportunity to review some of the pens in his line-up, I was expecting to receive a shipment of mostly inexpensive (but hopefully good value!) Chinese and Indian fountain pens – and to be sure, most of the pens I received fit that category precisely. Not this one, though: to my surprise, included in with the Jinhaos, Walitys etc, came the Diplomat Esteem. Compared to its stablemates, the Aero and (especially) the Excellence A range, you might call the Esteem a ‘midrange’ pen. Be that as it may, it
  4. It has been a very long time since my friend has actually posted any review on his channel. I would like to share with you the new review that he has just posted of a very premium "Indian fountain pen" called the Glare 71. Here's the video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gGDiLlv4dc As he himself is unable to access his FPN account, he has asked me to post it on his behalf. Anyways, talking about the pen, Glare 71 is an extremely premium fountain pen in every aspect. It is a head turner that has got premium looks, exceptional build, feels amazing in the hands and writes exceedi
  5. I have just seen the review of the Rotring Surf pen on Youtube. It looks like a basic pen, with a smooth nib. Does anyone have this pen? If yes, then how cool is it? Here, have a look at the full review first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEM_gAsrMm4
  6. Camlin 22 Eye Dropper from India Fine NIB Screw on Cap ( 1 and 1/4 turn ) I did put some silicone grease on my test pen to seal the threads .. ( No sign of leaking or ink creeping into the threads ) NIB was cleaned , Feed was cleaned and Dipped in really hot water for 30 seconds and then fitted to pen with NIB . Pen was a difficult starter on initial inking . After 24 hours resting horizontally it took a few strokes of the pen to get it to write .. Is a scratchy writer . Canted 45 degrees left the pen wrote ok Canted 45 deg right the pen tore into the paper Inverted
  7. The pen came the other day , and I really wanted to play with this pen before some others . So here we go : 660 Piston Filler - I think this is just the Ebay seller giving the pen a description (?) It is an unbranded piston filler . Piston - Love the piston lock - The piston seems to draw ink really well . NIB - Is it a .3 something ? Writes moist , cants 45 deg left ok but dries up quickly canting 45 deg right . Applying pressure to the NIB does not affect ink flow very much . Ink seems to flow well , there was no burping . For a $3 USD pen I can only say that I am reasonably impresse
  8. I recently purchased a few standard (60ml) ink pots of the camlin royal blue ink. As soon as i laid down the first line. I noticed that the colour has been changed. I had purchased a few ink pots from Mumbai and the other from Ahmedabad. I noticed that no matter the location, the colour now is different than the previous ink. (Both have manufacturing dates of around mid-late 2014) The change is ever so mild, but it is noticeable none the less. The newer colour has become more of a uniform blue which is a bit lighter in hue. The earlier colour had a purple-grey undertone to it which made it a
  9. It's just amazing that you can buy a 99 cent USD fountain pen . At this price point one would expect nothing short of garbage , especially if you are buying $25 to $50 fountain pens ( or even more highly priced ones ) . The 599 does feel very plastic'y , the cartridge converter also feels a little cheap ( 99c after all ) Here is the RUB ! - The pen writes smoothly and ever better it does so softly . Not harsh like trying to write with a concrete nail - No ! Soft like a felt tipped pen ( But not quite that soft ) ... With some NIB polishing this could be a serious writer competing way abo
  10. This ink is a really neat brown. It flows consistently well, has no problems with cleanup, and is decent on lubrication. It's a really good all-rounder ink if you don't mind it not being permanent. Or, for that matter, water resistant at all. On a ten-point system, 10 being the best: Flow: 8 Lubrication: 6 Dry Time on Tomoe River Paper : 20-25 sec Shading: 7 (Depends largely on the pen) Bleed: None. Ghosting: Just a bit, nothing too heavy. Color: 7 - I like it a lot, especially in my Monteverde Invincia with a Pendleton BLS Nib. Its a very nice brown with good shading in this pen. Overall:
  11. A very interesting pen . I was a little surprised it wrote as well as it did . ( A little scratchy ) Canting 45 deg Left made no difference Canting 45 deg Right and the pen became very scratchy but still wrote .. Also wrote inverted .. Writes a little wet . Started fine , no issues . I think a little polishing of the NIB could make this pen really smooth . I was able to write quickly with the pen as it did not grab the paper . After 24 hours ( rested horizontally ) Pen started fine No issues Still writes a little wet .
  12. Hero 616 , with ink bladder ... First - I didn't know if I was going to like the ink bladder = I don't . It is a cheap pen @ 99 cents .. And it sort of performs like a 99c pen .. Started of writing very very dry ... Scratchy - and just feels a little NQR ... ( ? ) Cant explain it , just not my type of pen I guess ? Did not like to cant 45 deg right Did not like to write inverted After 24 hours inked and rested ... Pen put more ink to paper .. No longer dried out .. But as I was writing I noticed a burp developing under the feed ... Tissue to the rescue , it was a fair bit
  13. Ever since I saw this pen I really liked the looks of it .. I also thought it might make for a decent eye dropper mod . ( Will try later ) The thing that strikes me the most , is just how hard this pen writes .. Like a steel rod - or more aptly a knitting needle ... It really feels rigid and hard .. Also it's some what scratchy - runs on the dry side and lays ink down like a ball point pen . ( ok maybe thats not all bad ) . The pen feels very unyielding and there is no sweet spot as such . ( Not that I found ) Will definitely hit the 5000 grit wet and dry when it gets here .. ( Haven'
  14. Romus Majestic Piston filler / Parker Quink Black 1) I like the piston filler - reliable and solid - and not easy to accidentally activate 2) Small but nice ( The pen ) 3) Scratchy writer 4) Perhaps on the dry side 5) Burps even after being warmed ( Is it a air pocket ? ) 6) Bone dry after burping - difficult to restart ink flow If you have to add it to your piston filler collection ( Go for it ) , it does feel like a decent build . How ever if your looking for a carry pen ? , then you may wish to look else where . I am at a loss to explain the burping ( limited knowledge ) ... But
  15. For a sub $2 USD pen I was relatively impressed The Pen is smoother than either the Jinhao 990 or the Romus Majestic . It does put ink down on the dry side and if you want more ink on paper you need to increase writing pressure . Also I did need to change out the cartridge converter for a tighter fitting one .
  16. This is Part 7 of my Mega Monster Review series on Pocket Notebooks. Here's my review for the Rosetta Notes pocket notebooks along with a few pictures. Below are links to the full review, the main Mega Monster page, and the master spreadsheet (still very light as I ramp up on this project). As this is a work in progress that will likely take me a couple months to complete (I'm not that fast), I'd love any feedback you have that could help me make these reviews more useful. Thanks & enjoy! Full Review Mega Monster Review - Pocket NotebooksSpreadsheet of specs & results Introducti
  17. This is a review of Birmingham Pen Co.'s "Pennsylvania Railorad Boiler Steam Blue/Black" ink. Another, earlier review of this ink: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/329493-birmingham-pennsylvania-railroad-boiler-steam-blue-black/ Birmingham Pen Company is a store in Pennsylvania with its own line of budget-friendly, mysteriously complex dark shades of inks: https://www.birminghampens.com/pages/about-us This particular ink is a classic "Blue-Black" that's more on the dirty grayed-navy side than teal--sure to please those who don't like their blue-blacks too green. The

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