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  1. justaninker

    Noodler's Whaleman's Sepia (2016)

    I received my bottle of Whaleman's Sepia a few days ago, and I'm like a rabbit now - very hoppy! This ink looks like reddish brown muddy sludge in the bottle. Not surprisingly it's a bit thick and dry, but its reputation as a nearly unusable ink is exaaaaaagerated. It behaves relatively well for me in a Pilot Petit1 and a preppy, both with fine nibs. If I pause for more than 10sec when writing the first stroke would be a bit hard, but that's it. I'm going to "tame" this bad boy with some decyl glucoside, a non-ionic surfactant similar to the surfactant in Photo-Flo. Will follow up with resul
  2. Hello, I always get anxious before buying a new fountain pen! Despite all those pre-buy "researches", sometimes, the nib turns out to be not that smooth or the flow does not have that feeling. However, today, just after trying out the new one, I could pretty much confirm that it would become one of my go-to fountain pens. I bought Jinhao 606 for Rs. 250 (about US$ 3.7) from a local store. It is a moderately heavy, full metal pen with fine hooded nib. The body has a silver matte texture. The finishing is pretty fancy considering the price range. The flow was smooth and crisp from the beginnin
  3. Here is a brief overview of the pen, with a link to the full review at the end of this post. Appearance and Design: 9 While this model (the Chuzzelwit being based on the Magna Classic) is under a decade old, appearance wise there is something very classically British about the pens. The core model unashamedly harks back to a time of old and is still hand made. The odd sized nib helps give an illusion that this pen is smaller than it really is, as if it were the same pen Winston Churchill apparently asked his wife to obtain after he lost his in the Number 10 bunker. http://i.imgur.com/dQKgU
  4. The Woodshed Pen Co - Fountain Pen Review Having used fountain regularly for most of my life, I ought to know a thing or two I guess. It's become a serious obsession over the last ten years, since I started losing my mobility and ending up in a wheelchair. During this time I've refined my tastes in pens, inks and discovered I spend more time online researching fountain pens than perhaps maybe considered normal. But every now and then I come across that ticks all the right boxes, like this for example: Mr Mike Allen of The Woodshed Pen Co, manufactures unique acrylic fountain pens. Eac
  5. *comes in a 3 oz glass bottle * it's definitely pink *more of a blue-pink than an orange-pink (the third photo looks the most accurate to me, but your monitor may show it differently) *dries pretty fast, under 5 seconds *highlights over a variety of inks without smearing *not water resistant (that's not a surprise!) The first sheet is the 32 lb HP laser paper - the only part that really shows (obviously) is where I shot the paper with a syringe full of ink! The second sheet is cheap 20 lb copy paper, and I (personally) wouldn't have any trouble highlighting on both sides of the paper. You
  6. Cross Peerless 125 Every Cross fountain pen I've ever used thus far was a disappointment. Cross makes good ballpoints and mechanical pencils, but their fountain pens are not for me (though many people love them, so it might have been just bad luck). On the other hand, every Sailor fountain pen I've ever used wrote like a dream. I have two Sailors and they're my favourite pens. Really great, but cosmetically they're rather boring black cigars. Enter the Cross Peerless 125: a magnificent 18k Sailor nib (and Sailor feed) in a classy Cross design. I tried this one today, fell in love with i
  7. Jinhao 993 - Also knows as the shark pen .. Cartridge converter - screw on cap . The first time I wrote with this pen I was shocked at just how butter smooth it was . Unfortunately the 993 lets you down quickly as you change your writing position and maybe cant or tilt the pen at a slightly different angle . It very quickly becomes scratchy and dries up ( does not put ink on paper ) .. No leaks - No burps .. No starting issues .. Did not like canting 45 degrees Left or Right - Did not like being inverted .. Same deal after resting horizontally for 24 hours - started ok but sam
  8. Chromo's are different , but they come pretty close
  9. This review is dedicated to the city of Paris, its people, its spirit. Half way through this review is when the massacre happened, peace be on all of us. The tragic co-incidence is that the pen under review is marked – Paris. Warning – This review contains bad puns, parody, snowflakes, mud-slinging, dodgy English, terrible grammar, digressions, ostentatious use of langue française , immoral pictures and a certain dragon. If you are one of those with sensitive tastes, or are easily offended by any of the above, please refrain from reading/looking any further. You have been warned! Taking
  10. Introduction I had always wanted a Bamboo/Sugarcane shaped pen and had stocked up on materials that represent the colour of green and ripened sugarcane material. When fellow FPNer Sanjay Ramaswamy (@Sanjay13leo) got to know of my desire, he proactively reached out to Mr.Kandan of Ranga Pens to commission two pens – one for each of us. I had never dealt with Mr. Kandan before while Sanjay already had their standard bamboo pen. A big thank you to him for having made this pen possible. Design The design of the pen is supposed to mimic a small section of the sugarcane stem. Sugarcane belongs to
  11. In my quest for a fountain pen/stylus combo, I ran down the Online Icone, and ordered one from Germany. This was delivered promptly, in its presentation box. So far, I'm completely satisfied with the order. The Online Icone is a very sleek aluminium design, with a choice of colours for the brushed metal cap. Obviously, the style won't suit everyone - you could describe it as Art Deco - but I'm perfectly happy with it. Plus, build quality is high: materials feel good quality, and the cap clicks firmly onto the barrel. This may be a heavier pen for some tastes, especially with the cap on whil
  12. Hello! I just recently posted a long (and very picture heavy) review of the Arc notebook system from Staples on my blog. If you would like to read it, you can find it here. However, in case you don't have time to head over there and read the full post, here's my closing thoughts: Overall, I highly recommend this notebook system if you are looking for something more polished than a binder but that has all the same wonderful features and conveniences. They aren’t cheap, at ~$25 for the basic leather notebook, $3+ per accessory and refill pack, and ~$45 got the punch. On the other hand, I’v
  13. Review of the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze 1.3mm stub Note: Higher-res photos available here This week I finally gave in and purchased a Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze with a 1.3mm stub nib. Ever since I first saw photos of this stunning pen, I've been wanting to own one. Lava, bronze, palladium and titanium? Yes, please! This is my second fountain pen. This January I got myself a Waterman Carène with a fine nib, followed by a stub nib about two months later. While it is a very nice pen, I just couldn't resist the even wider nib, the unusual look and materials, and the supposedly very smooth
  14. Hiya there, I fell out of the hobby for a while, but I recently got interested again. I started back in 2012, and my first pens were a Jinhao and a Parker Sonnet. Since then, I've traded here and there, added cool pens. 6 years later, I have a small collection of pens I truly love. Had the day off today so I had a BBQ with my brother. It was so relaxing, and, to add the experience, I decided to write with each of my favorite pens. Wrote with Montblanc Shakespeare LE ink, though I did find out the Omas had some green in it The pens: 1. Montblanc 146 Transitional with 14C KBB nib. I love thi
  15. I'd been looking for some time for a combination fountain pen and stylus. Via Google, I ran down a German manufacturer, ONLINE (https://www.online-pen.de), and a stockist in Switzerland. On a recent trip to Geneva, I picked up one of the ONLINE Switch Plus stylus/fountain pen combinations (https://www.online-pen.de/shop/catalogsearch/result/?q=switch+plus). Here are my impressions. For one thing, ONLINE seems to be targeting the youth market with the Switch Plus - specifically the schools market that is also learning handwriting and calligraphy (at least in Germany and elsewhere in Europe).
  16. Hello, all! We just wrote out some thoughts on the new Visconti Vertigo fountain pens. We would love to help you out and help make one of these your own! Let us know your feedback, or if you have any questions! Visconti Vertigo Fountain Pens Visconti: A Modern Classic Brands from the 1980s usually have a certain stigma attached to them: dated, maybe a little flashy or excessive, and certainly possessing a very distinctive appeal. These companies also typically lack the experience of having decades worth of trial and error to perfect their craft. Yet somehow, Visconti has escaped all the
  17. Sailor Reglus Fountain Pen Review: A Lengthy-ish Introduction: The Sailor Reglus was my first "expensive" fountain pen, i.e., my first fountain pen over 100 dollars. I bought it at the Fountain Pen Hospital, and I wasn't sure what I wanted, but the friendly folks at FPH recommended the Reglus to me based on my criteria (relatively light, very fine, very smooth and under $125). Before, I had used some low end Pilots here and there, and I liked them well enough. However, when I got my first Reglus I was blown away. At the time it completely changed what a fountain pen could be. I admired th
  18. I had to try the Jinhao X450 , I could wait no longer . It does have some weight to it , it writes smoothly . And the cap does not post , not on mine ! No leaks , no burps , no funny stuff . Canting the pen 45 deg left made no difference to the way the pen wrote .. Canting the pen 45 deg right made a large difference to the way the pen wrote . It became scratchy and the NIB started to catch on the paper , as well as run dry at times . ( Not happy ) Inverted it was very scratchy . The pen did write wet ... 24 hours later . Pen started fine , no leaks or issues .. Pen wrote just
  19. truphae_inc

    Review: Montegrappa Revolver

    Hi, everyone! New here, and just did a brief introduction yesterday. Wanted to share a review we did on the upcoming Montegrappa Revolver (limited edition) from the Cult Collection. This is a truly amazing pen with some super unique features - acts like a real revolver without any of the dangers! Feel free to check out our review here: https://www.truphaeinc.com/blogs/truphae-news-and-stories/montegrappa-limited-edition-revolver-stainless-steel-fountain-pen Would love to hear others' thoughts on Montegrappa - one of our favorite brands for the best metalwork!
  20. ManofKent

    Namisu Nova - Brass

    Namisu Nova - Brass Whilst I don’t mind using plastic/resin pens, my preference is for a well-balanced metal bodied pen. I like my tools to feel solid – give me a metal-bodied camera over a plastic one, give me a metal watch etc. I don’t mind weightier pens and find a badly balanced pen will be tiring to use even if lighter than a well-balanced pen, but I don’t write at great length anyway – generally it’s short letters, and at most a couple of hours of intermittent note taking. I had tried a Tactile-Turn Gist in Stainless Steel and liked it apart from its unposted length, and posted balance
  21. Hi, everyone! We just wrote a review of the Aurora Minerali series demonstrators - tried to provide some advice as to why we like them so much (all their nibs are made in-house!). These are definitely some of our favorite demonstrators out there! Let us know what you think or if there's another demonstrator you like more! https://www.truphaeinc.com/blogs/truphae-news-and-stories/aurora-88-limited-edition-minerali-fountain-pens
  22. jacobgmusic

    Noodler's Polar Blue

    Noodler's Polar Blue A Newbie's Perspective In my last review I mentioned that my favorite color is Green. If I had to choose a second favorite color, I would choose blue. I like this blue, yet, I wish it had shading. I really like inks that have nice shading properties. Anyways...
  23. Wing Sung 6359 Just arrived a few days ago . Arrived this morning was some Sheaffer Blue Black .. Obviously had to ink something . 1) The Wing 6359 was surprisingly smooth 2) Only when I canted Right did the pen get scratchy 3) Inverted the pen was very scratchy - but still wrote . 4) The 6359 puts ink on paper really well 5) Easy starter , no problems like leaks or burps . 6) Writes on the wet side of moist Over all a positive experience as the pen was surprisingly smooth . ( If only all budget pens were this good ) Currently have no desire to polish the NIB , would be nice if

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