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  1. Hello! My mother dropped her Harley Davidson pen that was purchased for her in 1996 that was originally manufactured by "Stypen", and the nib broke off. I tried searching on eBay, but to be honest, I have no idea what the model number is and how to find discontinued nibs to purchase for her (if there are any). Here are the two photos I took of my mother's pen, and the box she has says the following at the back: HD RGE SUNG BR -- I believe this is French "HD Rge" = HD Rouge or HD Red RED BALL HD -- English name Made in France 385328 -- I am assuming this is the model number but I don't know what the model name is. If anyone could please help me try and find a new nib for her, I'd be forever grateful! Update: Goodness, I don't know what's wrong but the images are too large. My apologies! I don't know how to fix it.
  2. queerspaceman

    First Repair: Vacumatic!

    I've restored my first vintage pen! If I read the date code right, it's from the third quarter of 1940. Speedline filler, grey pearl, deb size. I know vacumatic aren't traditionally the right pen for a first restoration, but it went well! It writes wonderfully, and i'm using it as my EDC.
  3. sidthecat

    What Makes A Hard Starter?

    I've bought a number of vintage pens that the sellers have called "restored", but ink flows grudgingly from them. After a bit of encouragement they write well, but I can't help but think that the would-be restorers are neglecting something. Anyone like to pitch in with a suggestion on the phenomenon of hard starting?
  4. Cezza

    Lamy Service Turnaround Time

    Hey guys, Anyone know what their average wait time was for getting a nib exchanged at the Lamy repair centre in Heidelberg? I sent my Lamy 2000 from the UK (f) in September and got a confirmation email to say it was delivered around the 28th September. It's now towards the end of October but have not had anything in the post yet or an email to say it's on it's way. Is this a usual amount of time to wait for Lamy Germany to send a pen back for a nib exchange only? And what were your experiences with their customer service? The initial interaction I had was pleasant enough but I was just wondering if this was an exception to the otherwise efficient service?
  5. queerspaceman

    Vacumatic Lubricant Alternative?

    I really don't want to go buy another specialty product, especially because I don't know how many vacumatics i'll end up restoring, but I've read that vacumatic lubricant is necessary. Is there another option to use in its stead? I read that one could use "personal lubricant" (Which I may have spent my world religions class laughing about), but is there anything else I could use? thanks!
  6. I fell really sad(or even angry) to do my first post about how to save my pen from being stuck in the drawer, unused. What I have today to ask to the community(?) is about the repairs of the 'Lamy dialog 1 ballpoint pen'. Of course, It was an extremely expensive writing equipment for a high school student, and I was a very nice user, always afraid of even making a scratch on the surface. Anyway, one day when I had to refill my pen, I dropped the cap, and I soon realized that my dog nibbled the cap into pieces. Fortunately, nothing wrong happened to my dog, but I wasn't able to use my no.1 pen again. This pen is the only thing that I can remember my dad, who is always on business trips, and it means a lot of things that cannot be described through sentences. Leaving the price aside, I just want to know if Lamy or filofax(?) will be able to provide spare parts. It doesn't matter if it has to be paid. I just want know if it would be available. Sorry for the awful English.
  7. Pen Engineer

    Looks Like A Cp1

    ... but it is thicker, 9.4 mm in diameter and it has a Safari feed and nib. The rest is identical, with this solid clip. The barrel and cap is gently brushed stainless. Time of production: 1981 - 83. I need to know because the inner cap has crumbled and I need a replacement. Thanks
  8. queerspaceman

    Good Assortment Of Sac Sizes?

    Hi all, I've decided to learn to restore vintage pens, and i've got some lower end ones (so i can learn without breaking something priceless) coming in from ebay soon. i'm getting ready to order an assortment of sacs, what sizes would you suggest i get? i was thinking something like: 2x#12, 3x#14, 3x#16, 3x#18, 2x#20. does that sound about right?
  9. I recently found a vintage BCHR lever filler at an estate sale and decided to try to restore it (i posted earlier about this). The lever seemed to be stuck halfway in, and I couldn't get it out. I eventually got it- but now I'm even more confused. Any advice would be extremely appreciated. I got out what I thought was the lever- and I don't think that's what it was after all. I'm guessing the lever is missing altogether and what I thought was the lever is something else all together. http://imgur.com/mXegDCc you can see above what I thought was a lever and turned out not to be as well as the J-bar that I pulled out. Here are all of the parts: http://imgur.com/k623KQx And just because if anyone has any idea who may have made this pen, the nib and chasing pattern:http://imgur.com/hj7DpSphttp://imgur.com/uSrCgLLIf anyone has ideas about -who made the pen-what I need to do to restore it-what parts I need-where I can find them that would be much appreciated!
  10. I will be visiting Houston from Dec. 17th 2016 till Jan. 1st 2017. I have three pens I needed fixed. One is a Sheaffer student pen that was dropped on its tip and needs to be reground/adjusted, the next one is a Sheaffer Snorkel that needs to be restored, while the third is a Mont Blanc 221 with a cracked section. Mont Blanc service in Germany tells me they have no stock of replacement sections for this model. I would prefer a replacement section, but I am open to someone making a new section or pen just to be able to use the nib. The Snorkel has a Triumph nib, and the actual snorkel seems split down the middle, so the pen doesn't suck up ink. I live in China and would prefer to take the pens back to China rather than risk courier service. PM me if you are willing to repair these pens; otherwise feel free to leave names of people you recommend.
  11. queerspaceman

    Trapped Lever In Bchr Lever Filler

    Hi all, I recently came across a no-name BCHR lever filler at an estate sale. It's the first pen I've attempted to restore, and I'm fairly confident on the sac replacement etc. However, the lever is stuck partially inside the barrel. It looks as though the whole lever was pushed in and then shoved backwards (away from the nib). The end that usually is visible is inside the barrel, and the end that's usually inside the barrel is visible, but because it gets wider than the slot, I can't get it out. Any advice? Please? Thank you!
  12. Jobesmirage

    Nib Tines Bent To The Right

    http://tinyimg.io/i/lbWcpng.JPGhttp://tinyimg.io/i/k3u6oBb.JPGhttp://tinyimg.io/i/ug0grHI.JPGhttp://tinyimg.io/i/KbWhGao.JPGhttp://tinyimg.io/i/DUaorGF.JPG Does anyone know if there is someone I cant send this pen to for repairs? Both tines are slanted to the left and I don't even know where to start on this or which nibmeister can handle this kind of damage on the nib
  13. penman_M

    Nib Full Of Ink

    Hi guys, I don't know whats wrong with my fountain pen. It's an ef nemosine that writes perfectly fine and when I start writing a bit dry what I prefer. But with time the ink starts to overflow the nib. Especially in the part that is the feed and not vivid. When I I out the nib it is full of Ink. Here a picture what I looks like. Please help, thx
  14. Hi All, I recently acquired an MB 334 1/2 that is missing the whole piston mechanism (including the knob). It does have the piston mounting, which, for this model I read, is welded to the barrel. So, I need a piston mechanism, and instructions for installing it in an existing mount. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi All, I recently acquired an MB 334 1/2 that is missing the whole piston mechanism (including the knob). It does have the piston mounting, which, for this model I read, is welded to the barrel. So, I need a piston mechanism, and instructions for installing it in an existing mount. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi everyone...I'm need your collective help (if possible). I recently purchased a beautiful Parker Jack Knife Safety 2 1/2 Button Filler. The exterior of the pen is fantastic and the nib is yummy, but... ..I was only allowed to dip the pen for testing at the show, but upon getting it home, the filling system doesn't work. A sac would be helpful, but the metal cage that goes around the sac has become brittle and broken. Is there anyone that works on these and do I need to buy another pen now just as a donor (if I can even find one)? I'm afraid I paid far to much, now that I know this piece is broken. Do you think the seller knew it was bad? What can be done, if anything, to fix my expensive little gem?! All help is appreciated.
  17. Hello all Parker pen nuts! Any one out there have a clue whether the Premier's nib screws out of the section (like the Sonnets) or is it friction fit?
  18. I bought a beautiful sterling Waterman Gentleman, medium nib, on eBay a couple months ago. I like the pen, but it skips badly. It turns out to be a display model, so has a special non-functioning dummy feed for pens that were not supposed to be sold. So I can get the pen working if I can locate a real feed - but where can I find one? I'd like to avoid spending a fortune simply to get a usable feed. I'd also like to avoid a long wait for a feed to show up on eBay. Is there any hope Waterman can supply one? Also, I'll bet the feed for a Gentleman is the same as for some other Waterman pens, but which pens are a match?
  19. stringsandpedals

    Kaweco Dia 803 08 Piston

    My dear FPN crew, I'm a little frustrated. I found this beautiful Kaweco Dia 803/08 on Shpok (online flea market app essentially). I first cleaned it and flushed, and soon noticed that the cork must've shrunk over the years. I sat it in water for a few days, which couldn't revive the cork's functionality. So I tried to look up how to change the piston, and found out through this video, how to actually screw out the piston unit. Timo also pointed out in the video (at around 3:48) that unscrewing this part would prove to be quite difficult, because it's quite small. I already saw that people might have attempted unscrewing it with pliers as it looks a little scratched. I've been trying to screw off the part with nylon pliers - but without success. Can anyone help me? Does anyone have a helpful piece of advice? Also, if anyone could help me out with the year of production, that would be amazing, too. http://66.media.tumblr.com/8984c5c4fcf2de732db5bbc24952ced8/tumblr_od2uo0kBwB1vo6rxoo1_1280.jpg
  20. Whether you are waiting for someone to repair your pen, or you have some you will be repairing yourself, or you have something you know you should fix, what pens are you waiting for on the bench (rather than in the mail)? It does not matter how small the repair, or even whether you are using the pen while knowing it needs repair. To kick off, here are mine, representing about 10-12% of all the pens I own. Montblanc 149 - needs lubrication, waiting on making a disassembly tool, after which it should be routine. Waterman Edson - ink spotting below section - Endemic problem for emeralds? Crack? Converter? Waterman 452 1/2V - clean, re-sac, possible tine work; routine. Onoto 6233 - recalcitrant pins, need parts for overhaul. For what pen repair or fix are you waiting?
  21. Hi, I have got two old Cross classic century gold fountain pens from my father. I'm not sure about the age. They are marked: 1/20 10KT GOLD FILLED with 14KT M nibs. They have problems with ink flow, dryness and scraping. The pens have now been cleaned in water for over 24 hours. No more ink is coming out. But, I have problems removing the nibs for further cleaning and adjustments. Is it possible to remove them at all or are they fixed? They are not moving at all when pulled. I'm trying with a rubber band between my fingers for better grip, but no :-( Hope you have som good solutions for me :-)
  22. Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I know others must have asked the same question before but please indulge me. About two days ago, I had to deposit my one month old yet sadly defective Meisterstück 149 at a Montblanc Boutique here in Paris in order for it to get serviced and repaired (under guarantee). Since I'm intending to also send it periodically for maintenance, as they recommend, I think this is as good time as any to ask the following questions: 1. How is the Montblanc Repair Service in general? Did any of you have to deal with the one here in Paris (in which case your feedback would be VERY valuable)? 2. Should I expect problems such as misaligned nib tines or scratches on the body of my pen (which was in perfect condition when I handed it to them) when it comes back? Any of you had this kind of situation happening? (if yes, how did you handle it?) P.S. I'm really a maniac when it comes to my valuable possessions. I obsess about very tiny micro-scratches on my pens and gold nibs that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to check them up!
  23. Ink_Stained_Soul

    I Just Got The Best Aftersales Experience, Ever

    Well, the subject says it all, but still... I always had this love to fountain pens since school in that early days of my life, I had no chances of having a really luxury pen but I always wanted one. Until one day I received a special gift set of two Parker Sonnets. During my student years, I managed to destroy or lose serious amount of pens, but these two remained by my side. With the start of my career, they started received less attention (you know, keyboards) but they were not forgotten. In the recent times, however, I realized that keeping a solid set of skills is fundamental way to ensure myself I'll stay current, this is why I started enrolling in various MOOCs and spend more time on my professional knowledge set. I had to take notes on a daily basis for which I relied on my favourite ballpoint trio Jotter, Vectors and my lovely Sonnet. Not that there aren't any other good pens from other brands to pick but A: I had those for a long time and they were the few that lasted and B: Parker is basically what you get from any bookstore around. So far so good until I foolishly injured my hand that made writing with a ballpoint pen painful at times. And this is where I rediscovered my love to fountain pens as they allowed me to write longer without a strain. Until the day I had my lovely fountain pen experienced a "malfunction". Yes, I needed this pen because it was comfortable and still, I had some other ones, but they were all lower-end models and this one was special for me. In a condition of an emotional breakdown, I contacted Parker without much hope. Contrary to my expectations, I got prompt response with a UPS label attached and instructions how to send my pen on the other end of Europe to have it fixed. The communication was absolutely smooth and fantastic. And in no time, I had my pen fixed and sent back to me, and even the packaging was amazing - they have put even a fresh convertor and an ink cartridge... You might receive the same attitude and attention to details from your favourite local seller but hey, I'm living in a small country with miserable market compared to the "west". So, for me, this is impressive. What is the takeaway? Well, being happy that I can count on good aftersales experience, I ended up with 8 new Parkers in about a month, including two new Sonnets, to be on the safe side. I also decided to try some other brands I had no experience with, like Lamy. And I sourced some monstrous amount of various inks cos I'll need to feed all these pens with something. And Parker is not the only one to blame for my extraordinary expenses, this great forum is as much guilty! (Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Parker in any way and I this post is based entirely on my personal experience)
  24. Hello guys, This is my first time here at FPN. Just entered this fountain pen world a few months ago. I'm looking for a repair shop and vintage fountain pen shop in Bangkok, Thailand. Thanks a lot.
  25. Kimi18h

    Diplomat Aero Spinning Cap

    My black diplomat aero which I bought in the netherands has a cap that starts spinning when I post it and I don't know if it is normal or if it is broken. If it is broken, does annyone know how to fix it or how to get a replacement. Thanks already.

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