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  1. (The thread on ultrasonic cleaners has morphed into a thread on pressing nibs into the section. I thought I'd start a new thread for the discussion.) What's the preferred method for returning a nib/feed to its section after cleaning or nib work? I've generally used a folded cloth to help my fingers grasp the nib/feed and then to press it manually into the section. I often use a little sheet of rubber to help hold on to the section. My technique feels like there must be a better way. I'm afraid of using pliers to hold the nib because I fear they might damage the comb of the feed or scratch the nib. On the other hand, I can't fully see what's happening when i use the folded cloth to protect the nib/feed. Often I feel like I could push the nib a bit further into the section if I had a better method or used a dedicated tool, because I can't get enough grip or channel enough force to the nib/feed. In some few instances, I've needed to slightly sand down the girth of the feed so that I can return the nib to its proper depth. I'd prefer not to sand, if there were a better way. So: 1. What's the preferred method? 2. What tools should be used? 3. Where are these tools available? Thanks, Richard
  2. I recently got started with fountain pens and I am enjoying them. My grandfather had some old ones and gave them to me. I haven't been able to identify them yet. I was wondering if I could get some help identifying them and tips to repair them. I know only the esterbrook has a sac that works. The black sheaffers sac was crumbled when I opened it up. The silver sheaffer I was wondering if the converter that they make would work in it. The silver and the white one both had cartridges in them. Thanks in advance Andrew Edit: I can take more pictures if needed, or clearer.
  3. Thanman

    Bit Of A Backstory...

    Dear Monsieurs and Madames, I have been collecting fountain pens since the age of 7 or thereabouts. Today during the midst of a clear out I found this Mentmore Supreme that I spent the vast majority of my pocket money on when I was 9. I found it at a car boot sale and believe I paid around £3 for it. It has remained lost since then only to be rediscovered today. I have very few vintage pens in my collection and certainly profess to have no expertise when it comes to repairing fountain pens. I would love to get this pen working purely on the basis that it has a memory attached to it. I have taken it apart and believe that everything is present that should be. It is a button filler but the ink sac has largely perished. It does appear to move a little water when the button is pressed though. I have dipped it and the 14ct gold medium nib has a lovely flex to it. I really enjoyed writing with it despite the fact it is a little scratchy. The rest of the pen has some cosmetic wear that does not bother me a great deal. I think that the pen needs a little TLC to get it back to its best, a replacement of the sac and a bit of work on the nib and then some cleaning and what not. I would really appreciate it if anyone knows of someone who would be able to carry this out for me and a rough estimate of costs. Here are some pictures! Many thanks in advance for any help that can be offered. Thanman
  4. Jagarpether

    Broken Nib, Waterman 511D

    Hi, i got this pen of an action and the nib is broken. It's a Waterman pen i think the model is 511D, with a Edel chromstahl 1 qual nib. Is that a #2 nib? And does someone know any other nib that fits this pen? /Pether
  5. FundFacts

    Montblanc 242 Piston Leaking

    Hello FP Masterminds, I recently purchased a Montblanc 242 that is in overall good shape. However a few hours after inking I started to write and noticed my hands were covered in ink. It appears to be leaking from the piston knob. I got a partial refund and now I'm looking into the best way to have the pen repaired. It is quite old so I'm not sure if Montblanc will take it for repairs. I was wondering if there was an easy repair someone inexperienced like me could do or if there was someone in the US who could repair it for a fair price. The pen only ended up costing $100 so obviously I don't want to spend more than that to repair it. Thanks
  6. Smothier

    This Pen Worth A Repair?

    First time poster here, hopefully here to be for a long time. i just purchased this lovely Conway Stewart 759 lever filler from eBay. Known issues with the pen 1. The tines are slightly misaligned 2. The feed looks quite dirty and solidified from bits of ink towards the bottom of the feed. 3. The pen body (presumably casein) has faded and has given the pen a more of a gray/green color 4. The tip of the cap has lost its black color completely 5. The plastic that holds the feed has faded slightly, going towards a yellow-ish color. 6. Internally, the sac has solidified and requires replacement 7. The nib is missing a tip and has become quite scratchy Edit: 8. There is a crack at the bottom part of the pen cap,visible in the album The pen is a bit of a mess in all honesty and I'm a bit unsure as to whether or not to keep it. The images aren't exactly the best quality so I'll try to include as much detail as possible. I was considering sending this pen for repairs, however I feel it might be too costly and end up spending more restoring it than its value. What do you guys think?
  7. I would very much like to try to learn the basics of how to restore, look after, and nurture fountain pens....I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of suitable websites ( very much a beginner) or books. Alex
  8. Dear all, I'm new to the forum. This is my first post. I hope I'm posting this inquiry to the correct board. I have a Waterman Edson fountain pen with a broad nib. It is in perfect condition and is rarely used. Unfortunately, I discovered that the nib "creeps", when the pen is held vertically. The leakage can be substantial if I ink the pen and hold it in a vertical position; ink would slowly gather at the tip of the nib, and even form a tiny drop and fall from it. If I slightly tilt the pen to its normal writing position, this problem is alleviated. However, the nib would then become excessively wet when inked up freshly and used for normal writing. Also, I noted that when I use a converter to ink up the pen, as I turn the knob of the converter, the ink is not being drawn up as it is supposed to. Thus, I cannot fill the ink up to the converter's full capacity, but can only fill to less than one third of the converter's visible capacity. I'm not sure if any of you have encountered this problem before with a Waterman Edson and if there is an easy fix. Or would you recommend that I send it back to Waterman for repair or nib exchange. Although the warranty card says "lifetime warranty", this is an old pen (looks brand new), and I'm not sure if Waterman would honor that. I've read online that years ago Waterman changed its policy and annulled the lifetime warranty on its pens. Any input would be appreciated, as I really would like to start using this pen instead of just putting it away in my collection. Thank you.
  9. I would like to dip my toe into the realm of restoration/repair....just for me, hobby, not to make any money: I'm very fond of the 51, and wondered how good - or not - a subject it would be? Any opinions very gratefully received Alex PS am posting this on the repair forum - hope its ok to do that
  10. I have an open nib Sheaffer's Snorkel and there is a small crack in the section. So far the crack hasn't had any functional consequenses as would be expected of a snorkel. I was wondering if anyone had advice on how I can prevent the crack from becoming something significant.
  11. Today we had some snow, and it hasn’t stopped yet so we can’t go out and clear it quite yet. That gave me the chance to finish up an essay about replacing the pocket clips on Esterbrook push pencils. It’s a little long-winded. So fill up your coffee mug, sit back in your chair, and enjoy the ride. (Note that this is a companion article to an earlier essay about “Replacing Pocket Clips” on Esterbrook fountain pens. See that thread for additional details about some of these steps, and more helpful pictures.) - - - Jim
  12. Is it normal for the Imperial VI touchdown to not have a sack protector? Everything I have read suggests that there should be a sack protector so I'm currious. I'd also like to know if replacing the sack protector, if it is in fact missing, is necessary. Thanks
  13. ChickenScratch

    How To Fix The Piston On My Ahab

    Recently my Noodler's Ahab fountain pen developed a leak, and I found out it's because the piston piece is not screwed tightly onto the part of the barrel that holds the nib and feed. When I try to screw it on tightly, the piston piece just skips over the spot on the screw thread where it's supposed to stop and just keeps on turning. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? There is an O-ring at this junction, so would changing that out or adding more O-rings help keep a tight seal?
  14. sidthecat

    Disintegrating Pen!

    I bought a Carter's ringtop about a month ago and I've been wearing it to the office. This morning, as I was walking to my office, the pen literally fell apart: the barrel broke at the threads and a large chip fell out of the cap - all at once. I can only assume that the plastic came very suddenly to the end of its natural span, but I really like the nib. Has anyone had this happen? I imagine that people dealing with early polymers encounter this sort of thing fairly often. I don't really think it's repairable, so I may try to find a modern pen to fit the nib. Any suggestions?
  15. lchechak

    Parker Im Cap Repair

    I have a Parker IM. I dropped it a while ago, and the cap now will not stay on. I believe that the sleeve inside the cap that produces the distinct click sound has broken. How would I fix this?
  16. Exile

    Leaking Rotring 600

    Hi, A year or two ago I bought a second hand Rotring 600 fountain pen with a fine nib. I LOVE this pen and do all of my creative writing with it. It writes like a dream, isn't too wet, flows perfectly across the page, has a nice weight, everything is perfect. Until about two months ago. The pen has always had a 'singing nib' that I learned to ignore, but then it seemed to spring a leak just underneath the grip. I always manage to get ink on my hands when I write but I would find the crease in between my thumb and forefinger absolutely black. Similarly, when leaving the pen with the cap on, the inside of the cap would be wet when I took it off. I sent it off to a repairman and he managed to fix the singing nib but, after several tries, could not fix the leak. He recommended I get a replacement part. However, as many of you will know, the Rotring 600 is no longer in production and replacement parts are extremely rare. I have contacted Rotring themselves and they gave me a list of repair guys, but I wanted to know if any of you wonderful people might know where I can get a replacement part. I've attached a photo to show where the leak is (just above the screw thread). If anybody can help it would be massively appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Okay, so it's partly my own fault, but... ...two years ago at the Dallas Pen Show, I purchased this beautiful little Majestic vest pen? I call it a vest pen as it's small. I did not take reading glasses along with me at that time and my eye sight wasn't perfect. So, I took the pen on good fait that all was well. (Perhaps the seller's eye sight was as bad as mine!) Long story short, I went to clean/use the pen for the first time tonight (don't start with me as this is the third tiny pen I had acquired) and I decided to look and see if the nib had any flex. I started to gently press the nib on my nail and suddenly, I felt it give! I had barely even touched it to the nail at this point! Horror upon horrors, I got out the magnifying glass and looked. There was a definite break line across the base of the nib, right before the collar. Ugh!!! You can see it in the photo. It has since broken completely when I gently put it back down on the feed. I decided to clean the pen to see if the vue window would become clear and it pretty much has, but I noticed the underside of the original nib was quite corroded. I have read in the small amount of info I could find, that these nibs were just average at best. Thus I must ask...can replacement nibs be found? And, if not, what size nib would work as a replacement? The nib (unless I can get the tiny part still sticking out of the collar out) doesn't tell what the nib is made of. I'm guessing steal as the color is silver (with gold in the groves up front). Any help on this would be fabulous!! It would also make me feel better, lol! Here are some photos. It's a beautiful little pen!! (The clip is different than all the photos I've seen thus far, so no clue on age.)
  18. Hello all! I have two Levenger True Writers that I got for a bargain, but both are lacking inner caps, which means that they dry up VEEEEERY quickly when not in use. Is there any way to replace the inner cap, or should I look for new caps altogether?
  19. FoszFay

    Pelikan M800 Nib Unit

    Hey all, I like to disassemble my pens to ensure they are always perfectly clean, and performing the best they can. All my pens can be disassembled easily, and have been, expect my Pelikan M800 nib unit. All until last night... I was flushing it out, and decided I would give it a go, with a nice gentle, but firm pull. Voila! The underside of the nib was pretty dirty, which made me glad that I got it apart. I wiped it with some ''pen flush'' on a cotton swab and it all came off easily. When re-assembling the unit, inside the "collar" there are two very faint lines, which look like where the nib had been. I'm guessing that this ''nib groove'' just develops over time, from the nib being pressed against it constantly, but I when I put it back together, I aligned the nib with it, and it slid in nice and smooth. When sliding the nib onto the feed also, there was a noticeable ''catch'' which aligned the feed perfectly with the nib. Good luck! Tom. Assembled unit The nib Soaking in water Collar and feed
  20. FitzadociousAtrocious

    What The "gap" Is This?!

    I recently became the proud owner of a LE pen made by Visconti. However, I was dismayed that I got one of the (seemingly innumerable) pens that slipped passed their QC. I have a gap between the barrel and section - not large, not small - just big enough to be a visual blot on the landscape. You know the deal; a small imperfection that, once noticed, can never be forgotten. My question is: is there a filling material I could apply to fill in the space? Should I take it to a jeweler and see what they say? Should I send it back to Visconti and hope I get it back in the next year? Naturally I recognize it's a small thing but I paid a fair amount of doubloons for this thing, confound it! Any advice and info would be appreciated wholeheartedly. F
  21. A few months ago, I dropped my Hemisphere and it landed nib-down. Dropped a hint to my husband that a repair might make a good Christmas present. Yesterday morning, the package I unwrapped contained both my unrepaired old pen and a new Hemisphere. Apparently the people of the shop convinced him that a repair wasn't cost-effective and sold him a new Hemisphere, telling him I could just switch out the sections. (I can't - they are not interchangeable.) So now I have a lovely new Waterman, but I still long for use of my old one as well. So, questions: 1. Are they correct? or were they just practicing on my poor husband? 2. Any suggestions or options?
  22. DylanKeefe

    Esterbrook Section Problem

    I just purchased an Esterbrook off eBay, and when I went to ink it up I found that the section was free rotating. Upon further inspection, the section, with nib and sac attached, could be completely removed. Could I repair this with a bit of glue, or should I try something else??
  23. kircher

    Sheaffer's Plunger Fillers?

    I've recently bought these two pens, not knowing exactly what I was going to do with them. I suppose they are plunger fillers but I'm not sure, and I have no idea how to proceed. The plunger of the darker one moves quite freely (not much, though), while the plunger on the striped one is completely stuck and if i can only unscrew the blind cap. suggestions?
  24. stephanos

    Pelikan 100N: Repair Questions

    Many months ago, I bought two old Pelikan pens quite cheaply (they were worth it for the OB and Fine 14k nibs alone). Each pen is slightly different, but they seem to be variations on the 100N produced in the late 1940s or early 1950s (based on the nib, piston, and posts on FPN such as this one). These pens are pretty, and I'd like to be able to write with them. But I'm not prepared to invest a large amount of money in order to do so: the value to me is at least as much in the learning effect of trying to get them working again myself. So, with that in mind, I have some questions, and would be very grateful for any wisdom or tips. 1. Piston seals Each of the pens will need a new piston seal (synthetic, not cork), as they draw some water, only to leak from the back of the barrel (via the piston knob). I have been unable to find a supplier in the European Union. Can anyone point me in the right direction? (I know I can get parts from David Nishimura's site, but I want to buy from a seller based in the European Union: I am allergic to paying handling fees in addition to the inevitable P&P and taxes, plus having all the extra hassle of sorting out this additional payment.) 2. Cracked section One of the pens has two hairline cracks in the section, one on each side. It doesn't presently seem to be a huge problem - I can still screw the nib unit in and out and there is no indication that the cracks open up when I use the nib gently - but it can't be good for the pen. I'm tempted to use a little superglue, or to try some shellac. But perhaps there's a tried-and-trusted way that I have not turned up. Can anyone suggest a way of repairing the cracks? 3. Screwing the piston back in I was able to remove the piston on both pens without too much trouble. And in each case, I was lucky that the threads are still intact. But, weirdly, the piston seal on one of the pens now seems to be too big to be able to fit back into the barrel. That is, I have made no changes to the piston mechanism beyond cleaning it, but simply cannot screw it back in. I know it's a problem with the width of the seal, because when I remove the actual seal, I can reinstall the piston mechanism without any trouble. I have tried with the piston from the other pen and have had the same problem (both pistons can screw into one of the barrels, but not the other). Can anyone offer an explanation? (I don't have a good enough camera to take a photo down the barrel) 4. Going via Pelikan Finally, I saw somewhere on FPN (cannot remember where) that it is possible to send vintage pens to Pelikan and that they will repair them for a reasonable fee. That may be an option if I get nowhere on my own. Can anyone confirm that, and/or have any experience with doing so? Thank you! Edited for greater clarity in Q3.
  25. Not sure if this the right forum for the tip of a hat, but I sent Danny Fudge about a dozen pens that needed new sacks and clean up. I couldn't be happier with the turn around. He also brought back to life a Parkette and an Eversharp that were parental heirlooms. Well done! B

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