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Found 18 results

  1. SaintPat

    Visconti Rembrandt

    The Visconti Rembrandt fountain pen is appropriately named. It is truly a work of art. The variegated resin is a deep black with ominous swirls of silver. Every time I hold it in my hand, it reminds me of a dark and stormy night. The end caps, clip and center ring are all chrome plated metal. It came well presented in a rigid, two piece box with a carton board sleeve. Aside from the pen, the box also contained the warranty fold-out sheet and a single ink cartridge. The standard international converter needed to be purchased separately. The pen has some weight to it, over an ounce. The sing
  2. Visconti just produced the GIARDINO DELL'EDEN, a new Limited Edition (only 100 pieces each color worldwide), based on the Rembrandt model, but fully decorated with the Scrimshaw technique. Two colors: Cloudy Black: Petrol Blue: The decoration represents the Tree of Life of the Eden Garden, with branches, leaves, apples to be picked, and a small snake to be found, well hidden among curls and leaves. Converter/cartridge filled, steel nib in EF, F, M, B, ST.
  3. Hi all. How do you adjust a very springy steel nib that resists adjustment? I'm trying to make my Visconti Rembrandt nib wetter but any effect I get is temporary as the nib eventually goes back to its original condition. Best regards
  4. Hello all! Short version If anyone knows a steel #5 nib and feed that I can buy to replace my Visconti Rembrandt's I would be grateful. I am particularly interested in JoWo, but can be talked into something else. My TWSBI 580 nib fits, but not the feed. (feed is 44 mm long, nib/feed holder is ~22 mm). Long version I have a lovely Visconti Rembrandt, but it has some problems. I have played around with it, and I am pretty sure it's a feed or converter/feed starvation issue plus a dodgy nib. The nib looks like this under a 10x loupe (I know narrowing towards the tip is not a bad thing): htt
  5. penzel_washinkton

    Thoughts On The Visconti Rembrandt

    Hey ladies & gents, Recently I am pining for a European based manufactured fountain pens and am really digging the modes that Visconti has to offer. However I have limited budget and can only look at the Rembrandt lines, I really like the Dark Forest color scheme but would like to ask, is the Rembrandt a decent competitor towards its Eastern counterparts? I have the Platinum and Sailor with the same price range and would like to know the main difference between those pens. I am going to get the EF if I order the Rembrandt since I am comfortable with a Japanese F. Thanks!
  6. While supplies last we have discounted the Visconti Rembrandt. Choose from either the Special Ops ballpoint or Silver Shadow fountain pen: Visconti Rembrandt Ballpoint PensRetail: $165.00Sale: $99.00 Visconti Rembrandt Fountain PensRetail: $175.00Sale: $122.50
  7. I've been using Visconti's Turquoise in my Rembrandt and the pen is struggling with it - it is as if the ink is too dry for the pen. I've tried different papers - and the feed just isn't very generous. I switched to Waterman's South Seas and the flow is excellent, and the pen is working fine. Has anyone else had a problem with this ink in this pen?
  8. I bought a Visconti Rembrandt and I'm loving it, but sadly it has come without a converter. I will definitely get one, but I'm wondering whether the original Visconti converter (A05) is worth the extra money because it seems that Rembrandt takes standard international converter. What would you choose, original or a generic one? Thanks!
  9. ProfessorB

    Seeking Visconti Advice

    Background: Thinking about adding my first Visconti to a small (medium?) sized collection of five or six dozen higher-end Parkers, Pilots, Montblancs, Lamys, and Pelikans. Mostly post-WWII, but a few older classics. I write with virtually all of my pens. Imagine that! WRITING with good fountain pens. I'm just odd that way. I also make telephone calls with my iPhone. This isn't a good time for me to purchase an Opera, or any gold nabbed Visconti, unless I run into a "can't walk away" bargain, so I'm thinking about beginning with a van Gough. I like the looks of the red and blue resins in the
  10. Hi FPN! So my parents just got back from vacation in Italy and while they were there they had a chance to stop by the Visconti store in Florence and get me a Rembrandt as a belated birthday present. The pen looks very nice, but I as I took a closer look at the nib under a loupe I noticed that the right tine has just a little bit more tipping material than the left. The results are a mildly scratchy writing experience and depending on how I rotate the pen, different ink flow. The nib is broad, but doesn't always write like a broad should. Is this normal with Visconti steel nibs? And what
  11. We have the Visconti Rembrandt Calligraphy Set Fountain Pens discounted at 50% in the black color. The set comes complete with the Visconti Rembrandt Fountain Pen, booklet, ink, and 2 nibs. https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/visconti_rembrant_calligraphy_fountain_pen.html
  12. PenBoutique

    Visconti Rembrandt Special Ops!

    Visconti Rembrandt: Special Ops We never thought we would use these two words in one sentence “Visconti” and “tactical”. Well there’s a first time for everything— Visconti is now mixing the classic body of the Rembrandt with a tactical, some might say militaristic, aesthetic. These pens are wonderful for the veteran or active duty officer in your life. They are also great for the outdoorsy pen-enthusiast (Birders, cartographers, beach-side journalers). The marbled green, resin barrel subtly evokes memories of lush green forests, sweaty hikes, and early morning bird calls. The black PVD st

    New Visconti Rembrandt Skips

    Hello, I just bought a Visconti Rembrandt I saw at a shop. Didnt feel like dishing out more for a van gogh i've been eyeing. Anyways, Immediately after inking it started to skip, and after awhile it would work again for a few strokes then stops again. I did notice when unscrewing the bottom cap, it was also closing the converter so a blotch of ink would fall out of the feed. I flushed the pen and its still doing the same thing. $3 f.pens are more reliable Im not sure what to do now. This pen is so beautiful, and I want to use it
  14. epscobeau

    Misaligned Visconti Tines

    I have a Visconti Rembrandt with a medium nib that I stupidly let some write with without asking him if he'd ever written with fountain pens before. When he had trouble writing with it he pressed harder and ended up damaging the nib quite a bit. I managed to get the nib back to the point that it will write again, but it writes very scratchy now and the right tine seems to be a bit higher than the left one. Is there anything I can do on my own to try and fix this? I thought about trying to purchase a replacement nib but the only thing I can find online is a broad and I'd prefer a medium or a fi
  15. I graduated from Rutgers Sunday. My parents gave me these as a gift, and I thought I would share a photo. This is a very nice thing to see when opening a gift. And this is a very nice mix of something old and something new. It's very nice that my parents understand my fountain pen hobby, this was a very thoughtful gift. I've been carrying around the Visconti for the last two days with black ink (it is a fine nib), and its been great. I soaked the skyline for a day and a half, and I'm going to have to replace the sac in it before I can fill it, but it looks very nice now.
  16. I am a new entrant in the fountain pen world and my knowledge is limited to what I have read online. I am thinking of buying a pen and the things that matter to me are: Writing quality (of course), solid build, and appearance. I have narrowed down to the following pens but am not able to decide because, besides the good comments, I have also heard some serious negative reviews about them - I am not sure how prevalent these issues are. Could someone please help me decide? 1. Visconti Rembrandt: I like the looks of it the most but I have read at some places (amazon) that there are issues with
  17. Lady P

    Visconti Steel Nibs

    Hello Visconti fans, I had a quick question: are all Visconti steel nibs the same? Basically, I'm trying to figure out if there's any difference between Rembrandt and Van Gogh in terms of writing performance, or if the only differences are aesthetic. (This is pretty important since Van Gogh is nearly twice as expensive as Rembrandt!) Just to be clear, I'm referring to the Van Gogh that's currently readily available in a number of online pen stores, and is (I think!) still in production. I believe Visconti has discontinued an older version of Van Gogh. I'm asking because, let's f
  18. Hi all, I've been lurking around here for a long time but finally get to post a question. For Christmas, I'm convincing my wife to get me a FP nicer than what I have (Lamy Vista & Waterman Kultur). I'm debating whether the Visconti Rembrandt (~ $150) that I hear writes wonderfully smooth (even though it comes with a steel nib) however, I've read that it has some rusting issues where the cap magnet touches the pen. On the other side of the ring, I'm considering spending twice as much for a Pelikan M400 (~ $300) which has great reviews and history, has a 14k gold nib, but from what I

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