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  1. Hi everyone, I just came into the possession of an Aurora 98 ballpoint pen. Unfortunately, it came with an empty mine and I have been having a hard time since then finding a refill for it. Do you guys here have any suggestions on how and where to find a refill? It can also be one from a third-party. There is AURORA - Dokumental - INOX and some unidentifiable numbers written on it. It is approximately 9.5 cm/3.74 inches long. I've attached some photos showing the pen and the refill. Thanks in advance!
  2. A year of travel with my regular brown MTN (Midori Traveler’s Notebook) has gone by and I could not resist an urge to get another, this time perhaps a more portable one. Not the ultra portable (thumb drive kind) 10th Anniversary Notebook Mini (below), which stupendously completes itself within a span of 5 centimetres. This one had to be a passport, possibly with the recent branding of Traveler’s Company, Japan. If you would prefer a blogger view and enjoy pictures, do click on the below link: The Traveler’s Notebook Review You can find a review of the regular sized MTN here. Or shoul
  3. Hello folks, I have already tried to find some help at my home country forum but without any effect. Couple years ago I got a really, really, really nice piece of this. I was very spared in using it but happend- input out of ink. Then I left this pen for a while and half year ago I started going to stationery shops for refill but only thing I only get is standard one, very thin, matching to most of the ballpens. But as you can see in the pictures I need one that kinda is the part of the pen itself (without the inset pen has big hole and standard refill just fall out of it). The biggest discour
  4. I have a cheap advertisment pen that I got from my tax guy. I love it becuase it has a great triangular grip that helps reduce pain when writing. Can anyone post a link to a reliable website to where I can buy more refills? I will post a picture of the pen and the refill. Thank you!
  5. Dear all, I have a Montblanc Rollerball that I want to refill with my own ink (for more color variety, and to use other inks besides Montblanc's inks, as well as use up my stock of ink.. I have too much). I looked online and saw tutorials on how to do so. Pop the tail cap off the Refill, pour ink in, pop cap back on. Easy right? However, my issue pertains to cleaning. Because I would like to change the ink color (originally black). I ran water through the cartridge and after a while it ran clear. But I left it for an hour or so to dry, came back, and flicked it, and got lots of ink
  6. I have found a Parker 45 propelling pencil. Can anyone advise if there's any lead that will fit it? Thank you
  7. mifsud

    Parker Refill

    Pardon me for not sticking to the main discussions as my question has to do with a Parker ballpen not a fountainpen. Some years back I was given a very small parker ballpen (see pic), measuring 10cm only. It has a refill (see pic too) some 8cm in length and it is extremely thin. Now I need to buy some refills but I have not found this type anywhere, and this type does not even feature in the official parker website. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me 1) identify the pen 2) identify the type of refill this is and possible 3) advise me where to buy it from. I do not live in the
  8. On Saturday I got the Limited Edition Dark Lilac Lamy Safari in Rollerball from the Atlanta Pen Show. I was wondering what refills besides the M63 fit in it? I heard that the Pilot G2 will fit in it. I got a replacement M63 for when I need it, but I wan't to try others that can fit in my pen. Thanks in advanced for all the help!
  9. walter_lam

    Montblanc M Refill

    Hello all, I am new to this group and I have a question that need some help. I brought the Montblanc M rollerball pen for my wife but she said the line is too bold for this pen, Then I go to the store and brought the only compatible refill - Art fineliner and this time she said it is not smooth . After I took her to MB store and try out the pens, she said she like the ballpoint. My local store do not accept return or exchange and therefore I am hoping anyone could advise me which MB ballpoint refill that I could buy to fit it this Montblanc M rollerball, I know the rollerball refill is
  10. This question may seem rather strange but can you refill a cartridge (Lamy specifically) with one of those tiny syringes you get from the vet or doctor to give liquid meds to small children/pets. Kinda like this one (image from Google) : it is the one on the right.
  11. Starwalkertexasranger

    How Full Is My Ballpoint Refill?

    Hi Guys, I rarely post on these forums, but when I do, I often have a question. This one is one that has been bugging me for a while. How do i know how much is left in my ballpoint refill? The obvious solution is not to think about it and accept that when it runs out it runs out, but it's not a satisfying solution. I use my starwalker carbon as a daily writer and often on poor paper quality, and on a few occasions it's appeared to run out when there actually was plenty left (I use the Barbados Blue, should that be of interest). Any tips and tricks would be appreciated. I'm sure I'm not
  12. This ASMR YouTuber I watched has a video where he mentions a pen that was given to him and he does not know what refill fits in it. Please, if anyone knows write here and I will pass on information to him or you can give him a comment on YouTube. Thanks! https://youtu.be/xC0AA_BVncE?t=19m30s
  13. Garrett

    Montblanc Rollerball Refill

    Does any one know if the MontBlanc Legrand Rollerball will take the standard Montblanc rollerball refill? Or if the Legrand refill can be "hacked" and made to use bottled ink? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Hello, I just bought a Vintage Montblanc No. 38 ballpoint pen from Germany. The problem is that I also bought a refill which doesn't fit. I did my homework of figuring out what refill would fit the pen. I bought a Montblanc refill 901L M with a blue adapter at end of the refill. I found pictures of the very refill used on this pen. What is wrong? Please help me find a refill that will fit. Found a picture of the exact pen and refill here on the forum (not my pen but exact what it looks like) http://images55.fotosik.pl/3/c745b0321b7fdd23.jpg Thanks Kristian in Norway
  15. Here we go with another poll. We all have to refill at some point! Do you have any preferences? Is refilling a pleasure or a messy moment you have to go through to enjoy your writing instrument? Edit : Obviously, you will refill "when needed". But in average, how often is this? I haven't put this choice on purpose. Have fun ! H-G
  16. I enjoy this forum for its diversity on why people participate and generally all points of view are accepted. Pens for vintage reasons, business aspects of why or why not an ink still exists, the elegance of the nib in the hand of an amateur or steady operator, and to me the interplay between paper>nib>feed>art/print/cursive>operators skill/hand and the pleasure achieved by that interplay are reasons to participate. While ink is not the most expensive part of the hobby (on a one-by-one basis) [not talking about those with armoires for their collection] finishing the final mls of
  17. dbcejc

    Stratford Converter

    I have what I believe is the Cross Stratford fountain pen. Will the standard green push in converter from Cross work with this. I have read some blogs complaining about these leaking. Anything to that?
  18. I have a parker rollerball pen, which can be refilled directly with the ink, without having a refill. I refilled this pen with Pelikan ink and it did not work. what can be the reason? am I using a wrong type of ink? Thanks
  19. I just send a new to FPN pen user some black ink samples and a pilot varsity in black. I told him how to do the refill, and drew this little instruction set. These instructions work great for your Montblanc fineliner (I've done it), or rollerball (done it too). I can't take credit for the bright idea, to quote Microsoft, I "embraced and enhanced" this little time saver. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_270b.jpg
  20. Does anyone know where I can purchase D1 size ballpoint pen refills with gel ink, preferably in North America (I am in Canada)? They seem to be extremely rare. The only place I've found that offers a reasonable selection that I've found is jetpens.com. Thanks for your help!
  21. TeaHive

    Refilling A Selectip Cartridge

    I tried searching for an answer to this and couldn't, so I hope this isn't a repeat thread. I was playing around with my Selectip RB, trying to decide if I could open up the cartridge and refill it myself with fountain pen ink. The gel ink is... not the best. It takes forever to dry, and seems to skip a lot when I use the pen. At any rate, I discovered you can pull the very tip of the refill off easily (and got covered in ink in the process), but I was wondering if anyone else has tried, and how exactly would you get the gel ink out of such a narrow opening? I've yet to get an ink syringe,
  22. HELP! A collectibles dealer friend needs a refill for a Bulgari pen he's trying to sell. It is 4.5 inches long with cap, 4 1/8 inch long barrel alone, 5/16 inches wide barrel, fluted barrel & cap, slip cap, silver color and the nozzle is marked BVLGARI and 925 and a couple of hallmarks I cannot read. Clip has crown at the top. I've tried a few ballpoint & rollerball refills I have on hand--nothing fits. Does anybody know what will work? Davis Rankin
  23. Hi all, I am hoping you can help me out. I am looking for a fine point (0.5mm) point blue gel/rollerball refill that will fit in a Parker Jotter. So far, I can only find black Parker fine point and they generally have poor reviews (short lasting). Any suggestions? It would be nice if it didn't cost as much as a whole new Jotter pen... Thanks.
  24. Uncial

    Oberon Help

    I have a very nice Oberon tooled leather cover with a green bark effect and a central red circle with a tooled dragonfly. I love the cover, and as I have stated elsewhere, I despise the paper refill which feathers and bleeds and....well, to be perfectly honest is quite possibly the worst paper I've ever tried. So, I'm looking for a suitable refill. The insert book is 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches and is an inch thick. Could anyone recommend a paper refill of this size that I could put in it? I love Rhodia paper, but all we can get here are the flip up pads, or the tear off ones which won't fit in t
  25. Hello all! I was just wondering what you all thought of refilling fountain pens by filling the converter alone, then inserting it into the pen, then twisting it to push a drop through the nib block? I ask because most of my nibs have tons of grooves on them which makes it difficult to wash out, then the extra ink dries and then is nearly impossible to get out. Thank you!

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