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  1. queerspaceman

    Stupid Question

    hey y'all, this is probably quite a dumb question, but what does EDC stand for? Thanks!
  2. I recently bought this pen as my interest in fountain pens got more profound. I found this online and bought it as it seemed cheap for its appearance. Can anyone help me identify this Parker pen??? On the nib, it says "14K PO U.S.A" and the nib seemed to be flat and slanted. thank you
  3. Hello. I apologize if this is the wrong location to post this question. I have a Pilot Vanishing point with a Medium nib. I like to work in locations that would make refilling my pen from a bottle difficult and messy. Unfortunately by the mid afternoon my pen has run dry. I have an extra Con-50 converter and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for transporting this extra converter filled with ink (so that it doesn't leak everywhere). Any thoughts or additional ideas will be warmly received! If this is the incorrect place to post (I'm a newbie) please point me to the right location. Thanks!
  4. Although I have tried numerous plastic propelling pencils over the last few years at various price-points (including some from good brands like Faber-Castell), I have been unable to find a decent, reliable pencil that I enjoy using. I hope you may be able to help me in my search. Having done some homework, I'm now looking to buy a pencil for all-round use, to live with my fountain pens in my pen-case and be available both at my desk and when I'm travelling. Specifically, I'm looking for a metal mechanical pencil for writing and occasionally sketching - don't foresee needing to use the pencil for precise drafting or technical drawing. The following three products seem to be my best options: * TWSBI mechanical pencil (0.5 or 0.7 lead) * Rotring 800 (0.5 or 0.7) * Rotring 600 Japan spec (0.3) I have no experience at all with Rotring, and I know (and like) TWSBI's fountain pens. The Rotring 800 costs nearly twice as much as the TWSBI. But I'm looking to get something that I'll use regularly for many years, so I know that if I were to choose the 800 and be happy with it, the extra price paid would seem insignificant compared with the greater ongoing utility it got from its use. But I don't want to pay more for features that won't appeal. All else being equal, I have a preference for a uniform colour, and black rather than silver (otherwise I might also consider the Pilot Automatic). A couple of further points. First, I can't stand pencils with a soft, cushioned writing experience; for me, the lead needs to hit the paper and stay where I want it, not partially disappear back into the pen at the slightest pressure. Second, though I can happily use pens in the Pelikan 200/400 size, my ideal FP size is something like the Pelikan M800 - a skinny little pencil will really not do it for me if I'm going to be sketching or writing more than a few words. I'm not sure of the best lead width for me. I've used 0.7 before, and although that's perfectly unobjectionable, I am wondering whether a thinner line might not suit me better. I'll probably end up going for a 0.5 line, but I've put the 0.3 Japanese spec model in because the idea of being able to write with a really thin line appeals (provided it is easily-visible on the page). I would be very grateful for help in deciding which to go for.
  5. There have been many Sheaffer re-issues all the way from PFMs to Balances. Which is the best and why ?
  6. Howdy FPN! I hope everyone's having a good day, recovering from Christmas. I have a new (to me) Parker 61 in black with a gold-filled cap coming my way for a late Christmas present to myself; and I was wondering how often is "often enough" to use it and keep the ink from drying up. So P61 users, please chime in, does it need to be used every day? Is not using it over a weekend enough time to dry one up?
  7. ScottyRobotic

    Name That Sheaffer!

    I have been ubable to identify this pen. It is dark brown, with a screw cap. I believe it is vintage. I am afraid that is all I know. Any assistance is appreciated.
  8. ScottyRobotic

    Name That Waterman!

    Can someone please help me identify this pen? Any info is helpful. Thanks!
  9. Hello FPN, I'm a beginning penman who seeks to improve his handwriting. I've chosen to learn Spencerian in an effort to achieve this. I have some questions regarding the script and other relating topics. I currently use a Pelikan M200 Piston Fountain Pen to write, is it any good for Spencerian? What kind of nib or pen is recommended to write this script? As a lefty, how should I grip the pen and what would be the technique to use? I'm sorry, but I'm extremely new to the scene of the art of penmanship so I do not know much. I'm extremely grateful for any and all help anyone can afford to me.
  10. Hello, I just bought a Vintage Montblanc No. 38 ballpoint pen from Germany. The problem is that I also bought a refill which doesn't fit. I did my homework of figuring out what refill would fit the pen. I bought a Montblanc refill 901L M with a blue adapter at end of the refill. I found pictures of the very refill used on this pen. What is wrong? Please help me find a refill that will fit. Found a picture of the exact pen and refill here on the forum (not my pen but exact what it looks like) http://images55.fotosik.pl/3/c745b0321b7fdd23.jpg Thanks Kristian in Norway
  11. AshleyMillard

    Dive Log

    I'm a long time stationary lover and a newly qualified diver. So imagine my disgust to have to fill out a historically significant document (my dive log) on shiny paper with a BIC. I was wondering if there are any divers who have some good recommendations for dive logs that are actually enjoyable to keep and review?
  12. Hi I'm new to the forum and fountain pens, very exciting!I am a lover of rollerball pens currently and looking for a new classy type of pen. (Fountain pens)I have ordered a Lamy safari with a broad nib as well as a converter. (Due to extensive reasearch on YouTube lol) I had a question, what are your favorite inks/pens/nib sizes for newbies? I'm looking to start a collection if I like them. (Probably will ^^) Happy writing! PenGal17♡
  13. I was wondering if Jinhao 159 owners could answer a rather niche question for me. The pen seems to have a faux blind cap at the end of the pen: can this be removed? I understand that it almost certainly isn't meant to (since it's a cartridge/converter), but if you exert a bit of pressure on it, is it possible to get it off? Or is the barrel all one piece, with the silver ring added to it? Thanks.
  14. Hello all, I just got myself into fountain pen. After seeing so many nice pens here, I think I am ready to get my first Pelikan. At the moment, I am picking between Pelikan M400 (Green stripe/Balck) and Pelikan M101N Brown Tortoise. The website I found, they are selling M400 around $210USD, M101N $360USD. I checked on ebay, most of the M101N is selling around 600USD. Is M101N a bargain at this price? Could anything go wrong? Cheers, icu29 http://www.nibs.com/www/WEBSITE%20PICS/Pelikan%20website%20pics/PelikanVintage_UnCapped.jpg
  15. I just won an auction for a nice vintage Easterbrook J. Before I pay for it I would like some advice from some more experienced people. I know nothing about replacing ink sacs and such so would buying this pen be a good idea? Are vintage ink sacs cheap? Are they easy to replace? The seller says he has never used it. Here ia a link to the pen: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271729930323
  16. Hello All, I wanted to post a question regarding what fountain pen would likely be bought by a young British Navy sailor/gunner whose ship was anchored in New York Harbor, during the Second World War. I know it is not really possible to know exactly. Here is my reason for asking. My grandfather, was the sailor referenced above, he bought my mother a fountain pen in New York the year was probably 1942 or 1943. My mother who is now in her eighties has told me the story many times over the years. She loved this pen, but one day she brought it to school and it was stolen. I was visiting her this past summer, and for some reason we were talking about this fountain pen. All these years later I can still see this memory is painful. I want to surprise her with a pen that is close to the one she received from her father. I don't know the color, I do know she described some sort of jewel on the top of the pen or cap. Thank you so much for reading my post and for any help you can provide.
  17. MSA

    Parker 51 Aerometric C 1949

    I have one perfectly restored example sold to me by Michael Mcneil about 5 years ago. It is burgundy in color and has a marking "Made in USA 9". The pen writes great. For some odd reason the Cap says "Made in Canada" and the filler says "Made in USA". Is this normal or this is simply a mismatched cap. Were 51's made in Canada ? Even if is a franken pen....I still love writing with it. I will appreciate some help. Thank you
  18. Hi guys - I'm trying to get an article written about the Aurora 88, and the client specifically wants a "famous person" who has used the pen mentioned. Any ideas about where I could find such info or any suggestions? thanks!
  19. perth

    Sheaffer Targa Converter

    Hello. I've just recently acquired a Sheaffer Targa from my grandmother, who had passed away. It came with an empty ink cartridge that seemed quite loose. My question is, would a modern Sheaffer piston converter work in place of the old ink cartridge ?
  20. I've been looking for a way to use the last drops of ink in bottles but other than a syringe I couldn't think of a way, for cartridge pens a syringe is fine but for piston pens I was stuck. I also wanted a safe way to take small amounts of ink out with me so I could refill if necessary without the hassle of carrying syringes etc. The other day I was watching a science programme on TV and saw the scientists using a centrifuge and putting little cone shaped tubes in the machine, I wondered if you could buy them and found that you there's loads available on ebay. You can even buy storage boxes for the tubes which hold 100 for under £5 The shape of the tubes makes me think that a pen nib would fit inside and as the tubes are plastic they shouldn't damage a nib, the only problem I can see is that the cones shaped tubes only seem to be available up to 1.5ml which is probably ok for one fill but ideally a capacity of 5ml would be better, having said that the 1.5ml tubes are so cheap(around £10 per 100) that you could just spread the ink into 3 tubes. I'm wondering if anyone has tried using centrifuge tubes for their ink?
  21. YeOlCaptain

    Question About Richard Binder's Nibs

    Hi all, I have a question of Richard binder's nibs. I wanted to buy a nib for my Pelikan m200, and was wondering if it would have extra flex and all if i were to buy a standard one from his website. Here is a screenshot of what I am looking at.
  22. lightless

    Fph Holiday Pen Expo?

    FPH is announcing a Holiday Pen Expo December 5th through 7th, 9 to 5. Though posting about it serves as re-announcement, I just wanted to know what I might expect from something like this (pen overload?), having never gone to a pen fair or show. I'm guessing there'll be special pricing? What's usually seen vs. MSRP at these events?
  23. I have a pen at hand, nemosine singularity with a stub nib (I think this is a production error and xfountainpens have been more than wonderful in helping me get a replacement, but I'd like to take it as a learning opportunity) problems: If I push the feed all the way down until it has no more to go, and twist the converter until ink flows into the section, the pen will write for a while, and in random intervals drop really big blobs of ink on the page, sometimes followed by a dry spell where the pen stops writing entirely. If I adjust the feed to be more forward, just clearing the sides of the tines so that it is not visible from the top-side of the pen, the pen will write super smoothly after I force some ink down from the converter, but it will stop and not write again at all until I force more ink. observations: I do not see any ink filling the combs of the feed in either situation, but there a pool of ink can be seen between the feed and the nib in situation 1 The nib itself, if you look at it from the tip as if you are going to poke your eye out, the tines are tilted invards, so instead of being a h ( τ ) , it is more of a ( ϒ ) *SUPERBLY EXAGGERATED* what I tried: Brushing the feed and the nib, along with the converter with mild dishwashing detergent Reseating everything about a million times Different Inks Very tight / Very loose nib clearance from feed Tight/Barely touching tine adjustments flossing the tines flossing the feed channel Thanks a bunch.
  24. Flameslicer

    Replacement Noodler's Nib?

    Recently bought an Ahab, loved it. Then I dropped it, nib tines were misaligned and I bent them back into shape as well as I can, and the tip is tilted in an annoying way. The tines on my nib refuse to realign completely, meaning the pen is a bit scratcher than I'd like, so I'll need a replacement nib. I need a noodlers nib to replace it, anyone know where I can get one? I can't get any photos, so sorry.

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