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  1. Hello everybody its Michael here at Dromgooles. If you are in Houston on Friday April 26th I have got the place for you to be! We are having a social/meet and greet with Cary Yeager aka Fountain Pen Day at 6pm at Saint Arnolds brewery. This is a casual hangout to meet with other like minded people, and show off your favorite inks, pens, papers etc. We are also going to be doing door prizes and giveaways of some new exciting stuff with high odds to win! Cary, isn't in town often so please stop on by to meet and hangout with him, he is a real pleasure. The "event" will run until it all fades out, so even if you only have a little bit of time, we would love to see you. Also, for those interested, we are having a pen show at the store Saturday April 27 with Anuj Poddar of AP Limited Editions and some of his new pens including the amazing bulkfiller in some, also featuring Cary, so there should be a fun crowd hanging around (10am-4pm). Snacks and drinks will be provided! If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out and we will be glad to help!
  2. I wasnt sure where to post this so move it if you need to. This week I discovered that Moleskine have brought out Passion Journals with various topics like travel and wine. I contacted them and suggested that they bring out a journal for fountain pen collectors, on fp friendly paper. So I thought that if they got more requests they might actually do it. Here is the reply I got:- Thank you for contacting us. We are very pleased to receive your suggestion for our brand. It inspires us to continue providing high quality objects and pursue the satisfaction of our customers with renewed passion. Please consider that your feedback has already been forwarded to our department in charge, since we always want to offer the best experience ever to all our customers. We remain at your complete disposal for any future needs.
  3. RudraDev

    Most Durable Bottles

    Hi, I'll be going to college in a few weeks and I want to keep using my fountain pens; but I don't want to bring the easy to break fragile glass bottles that most inks come in into the chaos of college life. Is there a more durable way to store my ink?
  4. I started thinking about this when I read a listing for a German pen made in the 40s. And I thought: "I can't have a Nazi pen!" For entirely different reasons I don't buy pens with clips because I don't wear shirts with pockets. And I don't much like modern, inflexible nibs. Otherwise I'd have a million damn pens - even with these constraints I have too many, but that's a job for my therapist. So, what's your line in the sand?
  5. Hi, is there anyone in India who is willing to sell the TWSBI diamond 580 or Vac 700r? I'm in for buying some Twsbi pens and wasn't sure where to look for them. I want to try them out. If you're interested in selling yours, message me:)
  6. In the previous poll topic I posted, I asked what people say to you when you use your fountain pen in the public. The reasoning for asking this was because I wanted to see the public's reaction to fountain pens and their users. The common perception is "posh", but what do people think of them, personally? Do they even care? A responder to the forum, jetsam, wrote as a response that this made him ask himself why he uses fountain pens, since we are bombarded with alternative choices, and then suggested I put this pseudo-existential question as a poll as well. I'm sure there are about as many reasons as there are users, but I figured it's worth thinking about it. Fountain pens are high maintenance (compared to alternatives anyway) and are often luxury items, since it's not really necessary to carry out your day-to-day tasks. It's not just for older generations either, since we have teenagers on here. My main reason is because I have very weak writing pressure, and I need ink to flow upon contact, not upon pressure. Not only that, I appreciate the variety of nibs and the colours a fountain pen can bring as options. What are your reasons?
  7. Just like it says in the title, how many do you keep inked? I have 7 inked at the moment but only really use 3 of them. The others are inked because I love the pens, but they dont get a lot of mileage on a daily basis.
  8. Anyone else take Goulet Pens new quiz to find the fountain pen that matches your personality? Even though some of the answer choices in the quiz would have been "none of the above" if I had been honest, the response was eerily accurate. It said I would like Pilots. I have a bunch of Pilots, as well as a Sailor I really like but that Goulet doesn't carry. Good quiz!
  9. I am not an addictive person. I own 11 fountain pens. Does a Pilot Kakuno count? I think I covered the major countries: Japan, Germany, Italy When is enough? Is it a number? Is it a gut feeling (like when your spouse reminds you in the love handles) Is it a limit on brand/model acquisition? My collection ranges from stinky Ahab to brightly sweet Aurora 88 I don't intend to sell my pens and all bought with hard earned dough. I'd say there's no irresponsible spending and yet some start a pause because they cost more than a laptop. Yet every time I think this is the last, very last, final, ultimate, "one", some thing else pops up. Are you sated yet?
  10. I've decided to impose a limit of ten pens on myself, in an effort to ensure that all of my pens are used, and not just sitting there. What's your pen limit? Why do you have one? Why don't you have one? I've also made myself promise never to spend too much on any one pen - do you have a top limit? What is it?
  11. https://federalistpens.com/blogs/news/holidays-blog-fed-papers-23 End of Year/Holidays Newsletter (Federalist Papers(Pens)#23 -Philly Pen Show Update (2 weeks away)! -New Pop-Up Store for Fed Pens coming in February! -New Products/Brands! -Happy 2019! Thank You! Frank Federalist Pens 866-746-4900 http://www.federalistpens.com
  12. I've run across the Penbbs store. The 309 looks like an Aurora Optima copy. My Optimas are some of my best. I find some of the colors attractive. What has been your experience? Thanks!
  13. Hello everybody, just wanted to let you all know we have some fun things going on this weekend at Dromgooles. Saturday 10AM-5PM Brian Tighe will be here showing off his custom knives as well as displaying his son Grayson Tighe's pens.(WOWWWW) Shu-Jen Lin will be here featuring Taccia's newest products including Maki-e, inks, regular product line Ryan Sirignano will be here with Montegrappa, Aurora, and Esterbrook including the Montegrappa Samurai and others David Oscarson will be here with his new Golden Spike as well as artist proofs and short run limited edition colors. After the day event, we will be hosting a meeting for the Usual Suspects Network (knife group) guest are welcome. Featuring Brian Tighe Sunday- We are open Sundays during December up until Christmas Ryan Sirignano will be here from 12pm-4pm continuing event from previous day!
  14. Lifehacker, which is happy to tell you that whatever you're doing, you're doing it wrong, has asked its editors: "So, Mr. Pruitt went out and bought these spendy fountain pens, but what pen do you use to get actual work done?" The answers will be found below: https://lifehacker.com/the-lifehacker-staffs-very-correct-pen-opinions-1826497301
  15. jchch1950

    Stipula Pens.

    I have tried to get some pens repair. Most of them are Italian: Omas celluloid deteriorating, a crack of a of an Stipula barrel, Etc. But now some companies, like Delta or Omas are gone and others, like Stipula, don,t answer any inquiries. Does anyone have information about Stipula?
  16. Syahiindia

    Syahi Pens-India

    Hello FPN! This is only me second FPN post, so I am going to reintroduce myself- My name is Sanay Shah, and I am a 21 year old mechanical engineer and the co founder of a brand called Syahi, that handcrafts wooden fountain pens(from scratch-these are NOT kit pens. The brass parts, section, rings etc are all made in house). We are only a year old, and have released a few models in this year, taking feedback from customers each time and implementing the same. We have now arrived at a few models that we are very excited about.. there are no pictures anywhere though-they will be shown at the DC and SF pen shows this year! You can have a look at our website (www.syahiindia.com) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/syahiindia/?hl=en ) to look at some of our older models and get a basic idea of our pens. This is my first time to a pen show, and I am slightly disappointed about the fact that a lot of you are not too keen on the DC Supershow.. Anyhow, I will be at both DC and SF, with a full range of pens. Do keep an eye out for me and pay a visit
  17. Here is the next volume of the Dromgoole's podcast. We have an interview with Mark Cole from Coles of London who distributes Visconti. Also we show some cool used pens we got here at the store, and conclude a giveaway.
  18. Syahiindia

    A New Pen From India-Syahi

    Hello! My name is Sanay Shah, and I am the co founder of a brand called Syahi(urdu for 'ink') based out of Bombay, India. We handcraft pens using exotic hardwoods that have been seasoned for years at end. We haven't really launched yet-the past year, we made a bunch of pens, got feedback from our customers, and are trying to incorporate it in our new models. We will (hopefully) be launching at the DC Pen Supershow this year! We have been asked to make pens in acrylic etc but in the near future, we only see ourselves making wooden pens. Being a natural material, there are so many nuances to the wood- which part of the tree the wood comes from(we only use heartwood!), how it's cut(that affects the grain), how long it has been aged for, whether it is kiln/air dried.. The pens come with German nibs(available in F/M/B) and a Schmidt K5 converter. Along with each pen, you get a genuine leather case embossed with the Syahi logo, so you can safely keep the pen. All nibs are checked, and pens tuned before being sent out. A lot of people are worried about wood staining-we coat our pens with a proprietary blend of natural oils that makes it water resistant, and small ink stains can be wiped off! No lacquer has been used; all our pens have a matte finish. We believe this best brings out the grain of the wood. I have attached a few pictures of our pens.. let me know what you think! Please note, none of our pens are kit pens. All parts, including the brass threads we use(since wood cannot be threaded directly) are made in house.
  19. Hey everyone! I'm looking to moving up in the pen world to a nicer pen but I don't really know what I want. Right now though, I crave some perspective on what the FPN community likes best. If you would like to, please: Post a comment about your favorite sub $200 penPost a few reasons why you like the penPost what you have it inked withThanks!
  20. Hey everyone! Thanks to the success of my post asking about your favorite pens for less than $200 I've come very close to deciding on which pen I want. Two pens in my top three are from that list and the third is above budget but looks really nice. My current picks are: Sailor 1911L in black and silverLamy 2000Pelikan M605 Transparent whiteI've had a chance to hold all three of these pens in person after a nice day trip to Toronto. Out of those three my two favorites are the Lamy 2000 and the Pelikan M605. I do really like the Sailor 1911L but its boring and a fingerprint magnet, it also feels very warm to hold. It's about the size I like if a touch small. The Lamy 2000 is a very nice writer and large which fits my hands rather well. The price is right for it and its a piston filler which is never a downside, the aluminum grip is also cool in my hand which makes me like it more. However its not very unique being basically a rite of passage in the FPN community. The pen is also perfectly sized. The Pelikan M605 in Transparent White is gorgeous, $278 on Amazon (not prime and only in Medium) and the one I've had the least experience with. The one I held while I was at the pen store actually had a bad nib which combined with the price tag of $460 Canadian made me initially set it aside as an option. It also would be a bit wet and the medium nib would be more similar to a broad when compared to other brands which wouldn't make it ideal for my purposes as a daily writer but every time I look at a picture of it I immediately want one. It pushes my barrier on price, may stain, would be a broader than I might want, and is absolutely lovely. The pen is also a touch small but still feels nice in my hand. I'm really torn. I want a reliable daily writer for notes in class and recreational writing at home and the Lamy 2000 is a no-brainier for that yet I just don't feel compelled to buy it. Any advice? Also if my request wasn't convoluted enough anyone have a recommendation of a dark purple ink?
  21. Hey everyone! I'm currently in the market for a pen and the Pelikan M605 Translucent White has caught my eye. From what I understand however a white lacquer pen is a hard thing to keep clean. Does anyone have experience with how much of a commitment keeping a white pen white is? EDIT: My main concerns are with staining and yellowing. I've heard that red ink can stain the interior of a demonstrator before and I'm concerned about something similar but on the exterior of a white pen.
  22. I have just seen the review of the Rotring Surf pen on Youtube. It looks like a basic pen, with a smooth nib. Does anyone have this pen? If yes, then how cool is it? Here, have a look at the full review first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEM_gAsrMm4
  23. Are there any pen stores near Buffalo NY? I am really hoping to try a few pens but the only place I could find was an art supply store that carried overpriced Safari's and the uncomfortable Retro 51 fountain pens. They also had some pens in the $1000+ range but I really don't have that kind of cash to burn. I'm willing to travel across the border into Canada if that helps. Maybe anything around two hours out one way?
  24. Hello everyone! Just joined the forums. Still very new to nice pens and writing with them. I'm really enjoying it, struggling to find things worthy of being written. I started with a set of Pilot Metropolitans a few years ago, I think it was an impulse buy mostly, upon seeing them on amazon. I bought a medium nib black metro and a medium nib silver metro. (not sure why i bought the same nib) A bottle of parker quink to fill them and I was all set. I must have only used them a few times as I never realized even how to properly use them (writing angles, storage, refilling). They were sitting in my a drawer for the past few years and i just recently pulled them out to give them a go. Still working perfectly. You'll laugh, but until a few weeks ago i didn't understand how the converter works. The included con-20 is the one I have been using. I hadn't realized you dipped the nib and squeezed the converter. I had been removing the converter, filling it outside of the pen by dipping and squeezing it. Obviously this made a huge mess when the converter was installed back onto the body. It took a few weeks of regular use for me to figure it out! About a month ago i looked for a broad nib i could purchase and found the 78g. I'm a fan of the weight of the metro but having no broad nib available for it and also having two identical nib's i purchased the 78g solely to swap the broad nib onto the metro. It's worked out well and i thoroughly enjoy the embellished style brought on by the broad nib. Just forayed into the pilot con-40 and it has only been installed for a few hours, but it seems to work well, the rattling of the agitators aren't a concern to me. Happened upon the pilot vanishing point series and now have my first $150 pen on its way in an extra fine nib. Very excited to use it in the coming years. I'll be going to college and I plan on it being used in daily classroom writing. The various inks available are tempting but as I still have a half jar of black parker ink and an almost full jar of the red parker, it just wouldn't be practical (but then again, when talking about fountain pens, is any of this really about practicality?). The Pilot Iroshuzuku series of inks are so beautiful, but a full bottle isn't what I need right now, so I settled with a sampler of a few of the colors. Really excited to continue using these pens and collect more in the future. Didn't mean this introduction to turn into a memoire, but it saved me the effort of telling this story over and over slowly as i talk to others here. Not really even sure why I joined the forums, haven't been a part of a forum before so it shall be interesting. I look forward to talking with you all! -Daniel Heckman
  25. Hello everybody, Michael Dromgoole here again to talk about an event we have upcoming this weekend. On Saturday February 24th, we will be having a special pen event with two very special guests. The first guest we are extremely excited about is Dante Del Vecchio, founder of Visconti and also current designer of Pineider pens, he will be down here showing off some of his newest pens including our very own exclusive, and some new nibs Pineider is coming out with(VERY EXCITING). We also are welcoming Ken Jones, Vice President of Sales at Yafa (distributor of Conklin, Monteverde, Stipula, Pineider, etc.), and he will be here helping out with the event and showing off pens from all of their brands. This will be a bit different of an event than we have always had in the past, we will have some tables for gathering with snacks and good chatter. We hope anyone that can make it shows up and enjoys themselves. Both guests are great to talk to and have a lot of experience in the industry. I will also be doing an interview with Dante and hope to get a video up early next week. If anyone has any questions they would like me to ask, please shoot them my way! Its our first big event of 2018, and it will run from 10AM-4PM. We hope to see everybody here! Here is a link with a flyer about the event and a picture of our first Pineider Exclusive, what I like to call the "Midnight Shadows". It is limited to 37 pieces! https://instagram.com/p/BfYx5_MhEhV/

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