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  1. If there is already a section for this, please let me know. I have yet to find one though on Storage and Organization for fine writing tools and materials. It would be nice to have a section for this for people to ask questions in reference to storage and organization, pose ideas, tips, or tricks, post photos of how they organize and store things, and attach instructional files, such as a word document, to their post if they should wish to do so. Just a thought Again, please let me know if a section such as this exists. Thanks! ~gracefulpen
  2. The Ghoul Caligrapher

    Caligraphy Pen Recommendetions

    So have you guys got any recommendations of good caligraphy pens. I would prefer non dip ones as I write out and about. Any price range but not over £100
  3. Muggle13

    Pen Sale!

    On the event of my father's passing two months ago Mom and I have been going through his pens and have decided to have a post-Black Friday sale. The sale is Buy One get One half off, the second pen must be of equal or lesser value. You can see our inventory and prices here -> http://www.myfavoritepen.com/ I am actually not interested in the one Mak-ee-ay finish (I used phonetic-ish spelling because I don't have the faintest idea of how to spell it) pen, and was wondering if anyone on here was an expert or knew anything about them so we could attempt to assertain it's value so that we may sell it at a later date. Also we are in the process of going through both his personal collection (Consisting of mostly Parker 51's) and my own (a mish mash of styles and brands) and we have also stumbled upon MANY MANY books on the subject of fountain pens, if you be interested in any of these books please message me, I will try to be on more often. After we finish deciding on prices for his personal collection we will post pictures of the pens along with prices on the My Favorite Pen website. Thank you all, both old customer and perhaps prospective new ones, your business is much appreciated in these tough economic times. ~ Mari, 14
  4. Hello everyone, I used to shop at a pen store in Kansas City, so I get their monthly emails. They're starting a new website: http://www.shoppenplace.com. To celebrate their opening, they are offering a 25% discount on all of their products using the following coupon code: newwebsite25% $45.45 for TWSBI mini (with cheapest shipping) isn't bad. Anyone know of a better deal? Tom
  5. There is a great discussion going on at Sales Of Fountain Pens X Mechanical Watches. The question concerns the relative growth rates of fountain pen collecting v mechanical watch collecting. Over fifty interesting responses so far with insights into specific rewards and emotional satisfactions of each obsession. The discussion raises a question in my mind that probably isn't germane to the active discussion, and that may be inappropriate to this particular venue. If not appropriate, I hope the editor will sinply not put up this post as I don't want to be a troll. Here goes. I am as many may be, overwhelmed with opportunities to both absorb and disperse measages. And the means of both have decome increasingly pure digital. And, if not digital than new forms of mechanical that have nearly replaced the ollder forms of expression. Hand-written communication in analog format - instrument on -paper- is the point of this wonderful site. The meta questions become very particular, ink, FPs, BPs, RBs, paper and the pros and cons of the many offerings. Yet within analog. Watches have their many charms and attractions to express time. From decoration to accuracy to mechanical v battery movements, the opportunirty for expression is enormous. But what is the person/user/collector looking for beyond the depth of collection, fun of the search, care and maintenance of the objects? I think that it is a need for authenticity. the real, at a time when reality becomes more and more virtual. OK. My very peculiar experiences that raises this point. I'm an old guy, Williamsin the '50s, a working career in communications. I've seen and experienceda a number of the changeovers at first hand in printing, design, photography, television, radio, writing techniques, and reproduction. And now I have this reaction to virtual reality. I want more authentic experiences. I'm not talking about children, marriage, career, and all of the experiences that come along with living the life. There is no doubt that they are authentic. I simply find myself needing to write with a pen and ink, rather than a BP or RB, because the pen and ink goes back to my first experiences of real and authentic in writing and reading messages from people I knew. I have bought mechanical watches because I want to wind then to know that Time can indeed 'wind down'. I've just dusted off my film camera and equipment because I want the feel of capturing an image mechanically that I will see as an analog print on paper. I am starting to stop and sketch scenes i pen and ink rather than pull out my phone. I am not trying to be a Luddite. I believe that the new technical achievements have opened our world beyond our imagination. I need, however, to be able to have some small physical portion of my surroundings that I can define as 'real' in other and older terms.
  6. Dear friends it’s my pleasure announce you the out printing of my book, The Secrets of writing instruments - History, design, materials, production. A depth research on the topic of writing instruments, with a new and dynamic ways of reading with historical curiosities, information on the materials and methods of production, research supported with the laboratory analysis whose the methodology it’s explain to appendix . you can find it online and in the bookshop. http://bupress.unibz.it/it/i-segreti-degli-strumenti-di-scrittura.html faithfully A. Titone http://bupress.unibz.it/media/catalog/product/cache/2/small_image/290x/040ec09b1e35df139433887a97daa66f/i/m/image_101.jpg
  7. wacko1128

    Silver Bug

    Thanks to some members of this forum, I've been quite bitten by the sterling silver bug. Yard-o-Led has found a special place in my collection as you can see, but I've tried to branch out to other manufacturers. Most everything was bought second hand and I've been cycling through using each one (even the ballpoints sometimes). Anyone else found that silver writing instruments are a real joy to use? I didn't think I would like the pencils as much as I do. I'm sure part of that is the unique and novel YOL system of lead storage and replacement. Enough of my rambling and onto a picture.
  8. GoldNib

    Hello From Mexico

    Hello, I am very happy to join this network, sometimes my English could fail a little bit, because is not my native language, but I always try to do my best. I start buying fountain pens like 2 or 3 years ago, i don't have a huge collection, but i have some nice ones. I will try to start posting as soon as possible Thank you.
  9. The Good Captain

    Cult Pens/diamine 'deep Dark Brown'

    My bottle of this great ink arrived this morning so I've only had chance to get a simple scan up. Also, I've no inks to compare it with so I'll wait for others to do that. Water/soak test scans will follow later. It's quite a wet ink which is great in a way as I'd planned it to go in my Pilot Custom 823 F and I was really pleased as I think it makes it up to a MF thickness, which I've just got on a couple of Sailor 1911s (but more about those later.) So, another great ink from Cult Pens in conjunction with Diamine of course. Enjoy!
  10. Hey guys. I'm new to fountain pens, and I don't know who else has the problem of people ALWAYS wanting to borrow your pens. This one guy even pretty much took it right out of my hands to write down his number (jerk), and ended up leaving ink splotches all over the paper, he pressed down so hard. Ugh. Do you think this damaged the nib (Lamy Safari EF)? It writes kinda funny now; it just feels different than before, and I think the lines are thicker, which negates the EF nib bit. I might even get a new one, which is a shame because I've only had this one for about three months, even though I've used it loads. Do they typically last longer? Also, my friends are always curious about it, because nobody else really uses them, and want to borrow it. How do you all deal with this? Thanks bunches!
  11. Hi, Just wanted to inform all Indian members that Wancher pen has set up shop in India at Pune and the are selling Pilot, Hero abs Sailor pens and inks Also Linc pen is running promotion on Lamy , Lamy dialogue is 60% off
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new here and found your site while trying to figure out a pen I own. I was given it as a gift several years ago and recently came across it again in a box I unpacked. It's a black pen with silver and written on the cap is "Tsunami" with a little wave symbol on the clip. (See photo). I've searched all over the internet for information, but have found zip. I'd really like to use this pen, but don't have a cartridge for it and have no idea what type it would use. If anyone can give me any information or help, I'd be very grateful!
  13. I got asked this question by two people, a friend and a student, on the same day. "Are there fountain pens that are made to take the rigors of flying?" Considering we fly in lower atmospheric pressures and are exposed to a range of acceleration and deceleration, is there a fountain pen that will not leak while being used by a pilot? I didn't really have an answer for them, so it got me thinking. Anyone have any information regarding such a pen???
  14. rhodialover

    Visconti Homo Sapiens Questions

    Hi All, After much internal debate, I've decided to buy myself a rather expensive pen. But you see, I can't decide which one. I know that I want an Italian pen. I wanted to know which one you guys think is better, the Visconti Homo Sapiens or the OMAS Arte Italina Noir. I also wondered if you guys could provide pictures of these pens for size comparison. This is a large purchase for me, so I want to do it right the first time. I have the option of getting the Maxi or the Midi in the Visconti, and I am a bit worried about the nib size in the Midi as it is a number 4. The Arte Italina Noir is the Milord size, but I can't seem to find pictures of it anywhere at all. I know that they only made 331 of the Milord, but someone has to have one. Thanks!
  15. This has recently been posted by Project Gutenberg, which is digitizing everything in the public domain that they can get their hands on. Scientific American, Vol. XXXIX.—No. 6. [New Series.], August 10, 1878FOUNTAIN PENS. For several days we have had in use in our office examples of the Mackinnon Fountain Pen, and find it to be a very serviceable and effective instrument. This is a handsome looking pen, with a hollow handle, in which a supply of ink is carried, and the fluid flows from the point in the act of writing. The necessity of an inkstand is thus avoided. One of the difficulties heretofore with pens of this character has been to insure a free and certain delivery of the ink, and also to bring the instrument within the compass and weight of an ordinary pen. The inventor seems to have admirably succeeded in the example before us. The ink flows with certainty, and there is no scratching as with the ordinary pen; it writes with facility on either smooth or rough paper; writes even more smoothly than a lead pencil; may be carried in the pocket; is always ready for use; there is no spilling or blotting of ink. The construction is simple, durable, and the action effective. One filling lasts a week or more, according to the extent of use. These are some of the qualities that our use of the pen so far has seemed to demonstrate; and which made us think that whoever supplies himself with a Mackinnon Pen will possess a good thing. The sole agency is at No. 21 Park Row, New York city. I wish they'd stated the price, but it's nice to see this short review in the magazine.
  16. Hey guys, I'm going to China for a few months this coming year, and I can only take one suitcase and one carryon with me. I cannot, for obvious reasons, be without my trusty Lamy Safari for this long, and so how best to transport it? Is it safe to bring it filled onto the plane with me, so I can write during that 12 hour plane ride? Or will it get ink everywhere? Can I write with it while airborne, or will the air pressure make it go all wonky? Also, how do I travel with ink safely? How do you guys deal with planes and pens? Whats the best way to pack them? Thank you!
  17. I've seen a few "is this pen the right size for me?" questions. While everyone has his/her own preferences, I heard there is some correlation between hand size and preferred pen size, and it appears that the appropriate pen size for the hand is flummoxing quite a few of the new FP users. And since some of us can't just make a dash to the nearest brick-and-mortar pen shop, I thought to compile a comparison of hands against favoured pens. Here are the rules: Post a picture holding the pen you write the most with (the pen you feel the most comfortable writing with). There must be a picture of a hand, spread (this is for the purpose of comparing finger length and width to the pen ONLY). It is advisable to also have a picture holding the pen, as you'd write. The pen must be fairly well-known (even if your grandmother's maker-unknown pen is the best thing in the world, it'd help the rest of us if the picture had a pen we're all familiar with). PLEASE include the manufacturer and the model of the pen! If there are any characteristics to your hands for any reason (for example, my fingers curve this way and that, owing to long years of playing an instrument), please include them. Here are mine... Pen: Lamy Safari Demonstrator http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w614/GabrielleduVent/DSC_02591_zps75699550.jpg?t=1371191408 http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w614/GabrielleduVent/DSC_02561_zps6068984c.jpg?t=1371105195 http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w614/GabrielleduVent/DSC_02572_zps94b551ce.jpg?t=1371105512 I'm really hoping this would catch on (otherwise I have just revealed that I have man hands to the rest of the world for no good reason).
  18. elsa41

    Greetings From Hotlanta

    Greetings all! My name is Tracie Lee and I live in Buckhead, Georgia and I am a pen enthusiast and writer. I love everything to do with pens, paper, writing, ink, etc. I have a bunch of pens, but now I feel like I need to educate myself on the proper maintenance of my pens, the best papers to use for the different types, what inks are preferable, which nibs are better (fine, medium, broad), etc. I look forward to conversing with you on these and other topics.
  19. Shane b

    Sheaffer Identifcation

    Here are some more of the pens I bought I have already repaired these ones but I would like to know the names and the approximate years they were made the parts bag said snorkle so I think that's the name of them some aren't as complicated as the others internally and don't have the little extendable tube in them or the seal at the front and the second bunch I assume are just called lever fill sheaffers ?

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