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  1. I'll be in NYC later this week and was wondering if any of you know some gems I can visit while there. I know Fountain Pen Hospital is downtown.... any other suggestions for either pens, inks or notebooks?
  2. I bought this little ringtop months ago and put it in my "to be repaired" drawer because one of the cap rings is a little bent. I came upon it last night while looking for something else, filled it and started writing. A nice little medium point, very flexy. I let a co-worker play with it and if they find me in the parking structure with a head wound and the pen gone, the cops should finger him. Here's a picture - it's a very dark blue:
  3. SergeantIC

    Glitter In Pens

    After buying a bottle of Diamine Sparkling Shadows, I had a quick thought before using it.. Before using inks like this with gold glitter, you are supposed to shake the bottle to evenly displace the glitter, but how does this apply to the ink when it's IN the pen? At some point the ink will settle once again in the pen, so will I need to somehow mix up the glitter again, or not? If so, how should I do it?
  4. Hi everyone, I've been lurking on FPN for a bit, but never really contributed to anything... until now. While walking around Central I discovered that Joint Publishing's branch stocks a good variety of calligraphy products! I'm so excited that I decided to create an account just to share here. The items they stock include J. Herbin pens, nibs and inks, including the 1670 editions, pen holders, Brause nibs, variety of Rhodia and Clairefontaine paper pads, gift sets, quills, some fountain pens. I don't know when they started stocking these, but the saleslady says they are probably adding more in the future. Really worth checking out especially if you're in the area!
  5. My boss has really taken to fountain pens, which is very pleasing, and he's scheming to apply a graphical look to a show he's developing. So he's lately much taken with the look of his Waterman Commando on cheap paper: feathery, bleedy paper. Newsprint! Of course, I'm a paper snob as well as a pen snob, so I'm less delighted with the look, but he's the boss, and I'm rather attached to the project (especially since one of the characters looks like me). If this goes anywhere it's going to be an interesting ride.
  6. I need help deciding! I have $380-400 (Canadian, that's about $300 US) to spend on a pen. I currently own and enjoy pens like the Lamy 2000, Pilot VP, Diplomat Aero, TWSBI 580, Pilot CH92, Lamy Studio, Edison Collier (steel nib), and Faber Castell Loom. Here's my question: Would you recommend the Pilot 823 or the Edison Nouveau Premier Arctic Currents with a gold nib? I like the look of the arctic currents, but am concerned that the grip section may be a little too small. Also, any other suggestions in that price range? Thanks!
  7. What's everyone's favorite pen/daily driver? I use a Dunhill Sidecar black resin ballpoint. Not the most popular pen out there, but sure is a beauty. Helps that I'm a huge fan of Dunhill! What do you all use on a daily basis??
  8. Just starting out with pens and am in the market for a nice fountain pen. What kind of features am I looking for? What should I ask? How do I know I'm not getting ripped off?? Tips and suggestions much appreciated!
  9. Pens & Pints meets the first Friday of the month (6pm - 9pm) every month. Sometimes we do re-schedule. This month (MARCH) we had two Pens&Pints. We hosted Ken Cavers on March 11 (Was so much fun!!) and our regulars Pens&Pints will be on March 18. We are meeting at the Union Social Eatery @Yonge-Sheppard. Everyone is welcome to drop by.. is good to have an idea of numbers so we can reserve a bigger table, so please leave a message here if you are planning to come. C.
  10. sidthecat

    What Makes A Hard Starter?

    I've bought a number of vintage pens that the sellers have called "restored", but ink flows grudgingly from them. After a bit of encouragement they write well, but I can't help but think that the would-be restorers are neglecting something. Anyone like to pitch in with a suggestion on the phenomenon of hard starting?
  11. fpupulin

    It's Time Again!

    Just spent my birthday, it is once again time to put my pens at work for Christmas cards. To have some hope that they could reach their destination on time, I'll have to put them in the mail before the weekend, so ... hand at work! The Christmas tree, which will go on the front of the card, is taken up from a process that experienced a great vogue at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, particularly in northern Europe. It was a type of decoration that became known as decoupage, from the French word decouper, cut, since it is performed, in fact, cutting out the figures with scissors to obtain a kind of lace. The technique was widely used and it was also employed as an economical way to produce small portraits, in silhouette form, especially in the first half of the eighteenth century. The silhouettes theater, derived from the Chinese "theater of shadows", was successful in France in the last quarter of the Enlightenment, until landing at the Palais Royale in 1784. I drew the decoupage profile with the lovely, really extra-fine nib, of my Omas New Paragon, using the ink that I have chosen as the most suitable for this pen, the Diamine "Anniversary Collection" Terracotta color. Then I filled in the blanks with a number 0 brush and with extra-fine nib (but a bit largest) of my Hemingway, dipped in Montblanc Hitchcock: it is the more "Christmas-red" ink that I know! For the back page I designed, with the Hemingway and Montblanc Toffee Brown ink, a Christmas wreath. The word "Christmas 2016" is made with a Lamy Al-Star fitted with a 1.1 mm nib, using the Lamy Copper Orange ink in cartridges. Finally, for the page that will be the inner right, I wrote the card with the Lamy 1.9 mm nib that my dear daughter Carlotta gave me last September, loading the pen converter with Hitchcock ink. I printed, with our home inkjet, some proofs of the card, on thin laid paper. In the coming days, however, I will have some twenty cards professionally printed on a better and heavier paper. The 7 x 5" envelopes, which I find locally, are produced in El Salvador by a company called Mivisa. They are of a beautiful ivory color paper, smooth but not too much, really perfect for the fountain pen. I wrote the names of the recipients with the Lamy 1.1 and 1.9 nibs, and the addresses with the medium italic nib of my Montblanc Dumas, loaded with Montblanc Royal Blue.
  12. willshung

    Best Value

    I was wondering what everyone's take is on good value fountain pens out there. Best pen under $50? What about best under $100? Am curious to know!
  13. There's a Swan 5B up for auction, and the seller disclosed a problem with the section. It could be replaced with another section, but the dealer wrote: "How often do you see a complete Swan 5B?" That got me thinking, because I just acquired a Waterman 42 that I bought for its exceptional nib. Thing is, I want to stick that nib into a ringtop so I can use it at work. Is this vandalism? How important is it to keep these artifacts intact? One sees many pens with replacement nibs, which suggests that these were functional objects, but it's decades later now and a different set of values takes over. What does anyone think?
  14. I found this hilarious old thing on eBay, which is just what the doctor (in my case, a hand surgeon) ordered. It's got a Conklin Cushion nib, but is it really a Conklin? I've seen a few of these, but they're mostly Japanese. Any clues?
  15. Kolyd

    Heya From The Uk :)

    Heya! Nice to meet you all I'm sort of new to fountain pens, I've been using them for maybe a year or so but was never really interested in them - I just used them. However after some life changes (Stopped gaming, it was a rather big addiction) I've started enjoying writing & pens a lot more. I've only ever had Lamy Safaris and I'm hoping to take a step up into the fountain pen world by acquiring a Kaweco AL Sport or something similar. I intend to work on my handwriting too, it's kinda bad at the moment - I'm still in secondary school so I have to have an utilitarian approach unfortunately. Although I do want to start up calligraphy (or just fancier writing) too soon. Apart from a developing interest in pens, I also enjoy cycling, hiking, running and rugby as well as computer programming. Here's my current pen as well as my attempt and neat handwriting http://i66.tinypic.com/epexwo.jpg Nice to be part of the community Thanks!
  16. The Good Captain

    Noodler's Monkey Hanger - Exclusive!

    Announcing one of the new Noodler's inks - Monkey Hanger! Also exclusive to Pure Pens in the UK. It's the first of the ones that I've seen 'in the flesh' but hope to get the others on due course. Ross and the team do a far better job of describing the reasons for the name than I could so here is what they say. New and exclusive Bright Blue Bulletproof Ink in 3 oz glass bottle (Approx 90ml) In October 2015, Ross and his father Ray, visited Nathan in Massachusetts to see where Noodler's is made and the man behind the brand. Over lunch, with Nathan's parents, who help with the ink production and packaging, we discussed a new Bulletproof Blue ink for the UK to compliment the best selling Bulletproof Black and exclusive Prime of the Commons Dark Blue ink. We tried colours that would give the right characteristics and loved the bright Blue that has become Monkey Hanger. The name... Nathan is a history buff and loves a story behind a name - You may have seen the great names behind some Noodler's inks and pens with a their historical, political and local links to his home town area. An unusal story came up, which occured in Hartlepool in the North East of England during the Napoleonic Wars. A french ship was wrecked off the coast and all the crew were lost (or fled). When the local fishermen boarded the ship, they found a monkey in a naval uniform, dressed as such for the amusement of the French crew. Because England was at war with France and because the fishermen had never seen a Frenchman, or a monkey apparently, they took the 'French Spy' into custody and arranged an impromptu criminal trial on the beach. Extremely unfortunately for the monkey, the locals found it guilty and sentenced it to... well, the name gives the end of the story away. A very sad casualty of war, but it is unfair to criticise the ignorant locals from a different time in history. The story is so unusal that it ignited Nathan's interest and he began imagining label designs almost immediately. A few short months later, the ink arrived and is available now! And here are my scans, in my usual, basic style. As you can see, a slightly finer line makes quite a difference, even though they are the same nib width - Fine - in theory, by the same manufacturer. Personally, I prefer the 580 F over the Vac 700, but that's by the by. There's a bit of feathering with the wider nib but as the back view shows; the only real bleed-through was from Baystate Blue. Now for the soak tests. Firstly; before. And now, after 30 minutes soaking and then a rinse. I was actually surprised at the excellent result from Diamine Asa Blue! Of course, Noodler's Midway Blue is not designated 'bulletproof' as such, but doesn't do too badly. All in all, a very satisfying ink and I'm sure I'll enjoy the Brexit and Britannia's Blue Waves, when I get some.
  17. sidthecat

    Jfdiberian Pens On Ebay

    This cunning nib-tinkerer has some nice pieces on eBay: he's taking old pens and making them into very special things. Dear God, he's got ringtops! I may have to bid. This one caught my eye: Waterson flat top fountain pen with over feed, WET NOODLE F-BBB
  18. Hello, Just wondering if anyone could tell me their personal preference for what to carry their fountain pens in? I'm looking for my boyfriend who uses fountain pens every day. He takes them to use at work and I'm thinking having some kind of carrying case would be a nice gift. I've looked at different types but I thought it best to ask those who use them what is the most practical or preferred way. Thanks for any input you have
  19. Hello, My current endeavor at the moment is finding a pen to carry daily that is durable and of quality. I am aware that sometimes the "tactical pens" and EDC (every day carry) pens are considered synonymous, but in this case might we explore outside of those pens please. I frequent professional meetings, but am also an avid hiker that likes to write outdoors. If you can help me by suggesting a pen that can fit the profile of both professional and sturdy I will be quite thankful.
  20. My boss is an artist and I let him play with my pens periodically. He recently inherited an MB 149 but it's in the shop. He said to me he should give me two bills and let me find him something that's big, with a broad flexy nib he can use like a brush. I told him that $200.00 was pathetic. Then I gave him a list of web sites to look at - the usual enablers - and told him he should go to the San Francisco show and handle a few pens...just to see what he likes to hold. But just for funsies, what pens meet his criteria? I use itty-bitty ringtops; he has big hands and wants something that could double as a baseball bat with a music nib. Does anyone have any suggestions I can pass along?
  21. Federalist Pens

    June Update At Federalist Pens!

    Our first year anniversary is here! Next month in July, we will be celebrating all month long with extra discounts! Most items in our online store are already discounted as much as 25% daily, but we will have a special discount that will be added at checkout! More on that next month...... New Items- we have added Edelstein Ink, and Clairfontaine "My Essentials" Bound Notebooks to our store! Other recent additions include Regal Pens, and Diplomat Pens! The current "Deal of The Day" is the Laban Galileo Model FP- Currently 25% Off! More at http://www.federalistpensonline.com/Laban-Galileo See you in August at The DC Supershow! We are in the same corner location in the small ballroom! Regards, Frank ("Federalist Frank") Federalist Pens and Paper
  22. First of all, i would like to thank SnehSab for posting all my other "pen reviews" on my behalf. I have been very occupied with my work, and i am glad he did that for me. I really appreciate it And now, i would like to share with you the new review that i have just posted. Its of an amazing "Indian fountain pen" named the Glare T7. Here's the video review: Now, this pen is indeed the costliest Lamy Safari's lookalikes, but still for that price, it amazing value for money. Everything about this pen is amazing - its extremely solid build, premium transparent resin body, great looks, the way it sits in the hands and finally - the way it writes. Its an extremely good "Fine Nib" that lays down a SUPER SMOOTH, WET and DARK line.So, i think for $15, it's a great pen and I highly recommend it. P.S. The link of the pen is in the description box. Also, please do like the video if you find it useful
  23. Looks like the t2mr guys have posted one more review, this time of a very popular pen called Noodlers Ahab. I just received it in my inbox. Didn't know Noodlers Ahab is made in India. Its called Kanwrite Heritage Flex Pen, it seems. I did check the seller's shop on ebay and he has this pen in a range of colors. Btw, here is the review: I don't understand one thing. These guys call themselves 'the two minute reviews', but this review is of 9 minutes . Nonetheless, i love their style of review .
  24. Hi, On the 20th May 2016 I am lucky to be going to Tokyo and Osaka. What would you contemplate buying that is interesting, different, you cannot buy elsewhere, (especially the United Kingdom) etc. and from where? I am into Urban Sketching so also want to visit there art supply shops It could be pens, strange nibs on pens, pencils, paper, inks, calligraphy (like), sharpeners or anything else pen, calligraphy or stationary related. All suggestions no matter how wild and wacky will be very welcome
  25. Hey there.... After a long time, the two minute reviews guy has come up with a new video introducing us to a new Indian Fountain Pen company called Glare Pens. The above video is a hands of review of the following 3 pens... Glare 71 - which, according to me, in one word looks amazing. Its nib reminded me of Jinhao 450 and i have seen him write with it in the video and i think it writes very well.. and its a medium nib (not broad like Jinhao 450). Glate T7 looks like Lamy Safari and similar Chinese pens by Jinhao and Hero. But, according to him this one feels richer than even the Safari. Now, thats a tall claim but he has great things to say about the way it writes. He has just been using the pen for a couple of days, and it is already his favourite writer.. I really want to order it now. There is also a fountain pen with roller ball nib i.e. called T7 ( C ) that accepts cartridges and converter. Its very interesting and he seems to enjoy writing with it too. But i will wait for him to do a full review of the pen before thinking about whether i will purchase it or not. Anyways, all 3 pens look very nice. I agree with him that they look too beautiful and more like German pens than Indian. Feels proud to see new age Indian Fountain Pen manufacturers are coming up such exciting pens.

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