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  1. Does anyone know anything about this multi-pencils existence? http://davesmechanicalpencils.blogspot.com/2007/04/rotring-trio-pencil.html Been scouring the internet and decided to stop here. If anyone has one that they would part with that would be immensely appreciated
  2. Hi, this post might not seem suitable for this section but it actually is. Alright, i used to have a cursive handwriting and everyone in my life criticized it because it was HELL ugly. I found this forum and ordered a William Mitchell Calligraphy pen, learnt a new handwriting font (Chancery Italic Hand). It is still super beautiful and mesmerizes everyone for some seconds at a first glance but the problem is that I have to re-grind my pen every week because it wears out and slowly becomes a normal round pen. Secondly, as it is a calligraphic font, it takes time to write and isn't as fast as my
  3. Dromgoole's is having a pen event featuring Mark Cole, the U.S. distributor for Visconti, this Thursday June 22nd and Saturday June 24th. Please come on in and enjoy food and drinks, while seeing Visconti's newest and most beautiful pieces. The Thursday event will run from 5PM-7PM, and the Saturday event will be from 10AM-4PM. We will have a limited supply of the new pieces including the Medici and the Chiantishire, so do not miss out on this great opportunity! We will also be running specials on many of Visconti's other pieces, so now is the time to bite. Please feel free to call us with any
  4. This weekend, June 18, 2017 Dromgoole's is hosting a pen event with David Oscarson! He will be showcasing his newest pen the Koi. We expect him to have a few colors and this is a beautiful pen! On top of this, we are also having a vintage pen event with Dr. Bob Nisbet. He has a large collection of vintage pens, and we also got in a large allotment of others in recently! Please come on buy to see these beautiful pieces and enjoy food and drinks. The event will run from 10 A.M. and will end at 4 P.M. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 713-526-4651.
  5. I recently received a Meisterstuck Montblanc pen with 925 on the pen. Can anyone inform me on what this pen actually is, there doesn't seem to be any identification on the case. Also how much would this used one go for (estimate is fine). Finally how would one go about selling a pen like this safely and for the greatest amount of capital possible. Thank you in advance.
  6. nora_ciel

    A.w. Faber 992 Ef Grey And Gold

    Good morning everybody! I'm new to this community and first i want to write a few things about me. My name is Nora and i study architecture in cologne (germany). Maybe that's the reason why writing instruments have always fascinated me! A few weeks ago i inherited some pens, pencils and other wonderful old things by a good friend of my grandpa (he was a technical drawer)! There are also some 1950s Rotring Rapidograph in their original packaging! But now i will come to my original question. Among the items was also a "old looking" pen by A.W. Faber in a beautiful grey with gold details (i w
  7. Chushev

    Hello From Los Angeles

    Hey FPN, We are Chavdar and Alex Chushev. We make fine handcrafted pens and we’re excited to finally join this awesome community. Here's some of our work:
  8. mrncboy

    Lamy Lx Broken Clip!

    Hey guys. Just joined. I had my lamy lx in my pocket today and i bumped into a couch causing the clip to somewhat pop out on the left side of the clip. It is loose and doesn't clip now. For the past few hours i've been breaking my hand trying to do what people suggest and both stick a pencil in the cap and push it hard, and also the same but unscrew the finial screw with a coin. Neither have worked. The cap pulls out just a bit and scewing does nothing much. It is metal so idk if it's different than other lamy's. Does anyone know what i can do, or how i can replace it if needed? Thanks guys
  9. PenChalet

    Pen To Be Extinct In A Decade?

    According the Microsoft CEO the pen will be extinct in a decade. What do you think? I am sure none of you feel this way, right. Or will the pen outlast Microsoft? You can read the article here: http://www.cnet.com/news/microsofts-ceo-expects-pen-to-be-extinct-in-a-decade/
  10. Hello there, For a while, I was lazy about arranging photos of our new pens.. Thanks for watching.. http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/FPN00005_zpse1ussbfk.jpg http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/FPN00007_zps4t66yahx.jpg http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/FPN00006_zpsk1vminbx.jpg http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/FPN00002_zpssfsoy6jq.jpg http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/FPN00003_zpsalbvfq6q.jpg http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/FPN00004_zpsz0oc09wh.jpg http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/FP
  11. inkohesive

    Write It Down

    Take a picture of something you wrote! I usually look for a random quote or excerpt I can put down in writing, in most cases it ends up being tossed to the trash, I guess i just enjoy the writing process itself... Montblanc 146, MB Midnight Blue
  12. Hello FPN Members, I am a student who is currently looking for a budget fountain pen under Rs. 250. What would be the best choice? I am located in Delhi and I have looked through all online stores but alas, every budget pen is either unavailable or over priced. Can anyone tell me where to find one? Thanks
  13. inkohesive

    Hello From Sunny California!

    Hello FPN community! Been an outside viewer on FPN (yep, went down the rabbit hole...) for over a year now while building my pen and ink collection (and confidence). Looking forward to becoming more active in forum discussions. ink!
  14. Today on TWSBI's FB & Instagram pages they announced a Lime green Eco will be available from mid October. Looks pretty nice, although I'll believe it when I see it, considering how long the clear caps took to come to market....
  15. phillieskjk

    Domain Lion Fountain Pen

    This is a review of a new pen I got recently, it was a complete impulse purchase but I was pleasantly surprised. First Impressions (6/10) This pen isn’t exactly a looker, but I wasn’t expecting that for $1.25. It came in a packaged envelope, and the pen was directly inside. (No box) It is made entirely of plastic (except the nib, obviously), and feels light in the hand. It did, however, come with a convertor, which helped my first impression of it. Appearance (4/10) Like I said before, the pen doesn’t look all that great (In my opinion). It is beige colored, and the cap has little
  16. asegier

    Help Identifying A Vintage Pen

    I'm having trouble identifying a pen that was found in an estate. The seller says the cap band only says "Montblanc" and "Germany". When I asked if there are any engravings at the tail, he said he could not find any. My familiarity only goes so far as to some pens in the 1950's, but I can't seem to figure out what this one is. Any thoughts? http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/Zu8AAOSwDmBY4Drn/$_58.JPG http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/kAYAAOSwSlBY4Drd/$_58.JPG http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/6UAAAOSwTM5Y4Dry/$_58.JPG http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/JRo
  17. I was cleaning the nib, when it slipped and stabbed the top of my hand. I jerked it away and it went flying. When it landed it stabbed me AGAIN an inch from the first stab wound! Don't ask me how that even happened, but it did. Now there are two tattoos on the top of my hand visible to everyone everywhere. I have my eternal shame tattoo'd to the top of my hand! Is there any way to get rid of the marks??? I was thinking about making a very small incision around it with a knife, cleaning it, and wrapping it as I do with splinters, but what else could I do that doesn't hurt like heck? Thanks! -
  18. PEN REVIEW - JINHAO 156 This review is probably late for a a pen which i procured 3 months back. I bought this pen the moment i took a look at it. It looks fabulous as you can see from the image below. Its a beautiful looking shiny silver chrome plated metal pen with a slim and slender profile. Design : The pen is quite sleek which is rounded at the bottom and the cap is fitted with metal clip which is finished in the matte silver finish. The pen comes in two finished stainless steel finish and black shiny finish. The grip section is finished in the matte sliver finish with the rings
  19. Leon_Extint

    Question About The Visconti Hs

    Hello people =) this is my first post and sadly a not pleasant one, and here it comes, i just bought my visconti homo sapiens dark age, last week, first day worked (or it seem to) properly, afterwards when i uncaped it i got ink leak, cleaned the nib, cleaned the pen, the feed and everything and tried to use it again, but it again got some leak, ive read post about people getting leak issues with this fountain pen, however most of them (not to say all ive read) have leak from the union of the nib unit to the pen, my leakage is from the feed.. i clean the feed again and i get more leak just aft
  20. farmkiti

    Ruby-Red Pelikan M320

    I just bought a brand-new Ruby Red M320 and I couldn't be happier with a pen. Now, I must preface my totally subjective remarks by saying I have very small hands and I love miniature anything, especially mini fountain pens. But when I ordered it, I had no idea it was such a teeny-tiny, adorable slip of a pen! I opened the box and was totally floored by how cute it looked, lying there in its full-size Pelikan container. At the same time, the classic beauty of this pen took my breath away. The finish on this pen is GORGEOUS. (I'm trying to attach photos to this review.) When I hold the p
  21. Is there any reasonable cheap alternative to silicone grease for sealing in eyedropper pens? I am trying to convert my Pilot Parallel into an eyedropper but can't find any silicone grease anywhere (in my home at least). Are there any household products I could use as an alternative? Vaseline?
  22. I found Montblanc Meisterstuck fountain pen on local "Buy and Sell" web site. I'm planing to buy this pen for my collection. I new to fountain pen collecting and don't know much about Montblanc pens, but I know that there are lot of fake MB pens out there. Can someone tell which model this is and can you tell from photos is it genuine? I saw that it has engraved "Germany" and serial number on pin. Does this model have engraved "Pix" on back of the pin? These are the photos that seller sent to me. Thank you.
  23. This is a place to gush about or express disappointment about a new pen or ink you tried, that might or might not have lived up to your expectations, or even surpassed it! I put 2017 because I wanted it to be only pens you tried this year, so that we will have fresh impressions Feel free to discuss (opinions) too! (Post pictures if you can too!) For example, yesterday I went to a Penfriends outlet (which is closing for good) near the Temple station, and tried GvFC wood pen, Viscounti Divina Springs, and Sailor Profit 1911. I loved the GvFC because of the hefty weight (unposted) and thick se
  24. I was given a Goldring fountain pen along a couple of years ago with a bunch of other FPs and didn't think too much about it. It looked like a cheap tacky pen that I usually toss to the bottom of a drawer. Anyway, I decided to go through the drawer and clean the pen - it had ink in the cap and all over the section etc. There are no markings on the pen itself. The cap is marked "Goldring" and "W. Germany". The nib is marked "Iridium Point". The pen appears to be a cartridge/converter style pen. It is quite weighty, feeling metal not plastic barrel and cap, but the section is plastic. The fini
  25. Graf Von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2017 Admired as daring masters of wind and wave, feared as ruthless invaders and valued as merchants, the Vikings set up a trading network that span across continents. The revolutionary construction of the Viking longboats, the mystic force of the runes and the curly birch as one of the characteristic trees of the Nordic world inspired us in designing the Pen of the Year 2017. Both editions come with an 18-carat gold nib that is run in by hand. An end-cap protects the rotary knob of the plunger mechanism of the plunger-type fountain pen. rchants, the Vi

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