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  1. glowy01

    Are These Good Inks?

    I had a question on a few inks: Are the Pilot Irushuzi (or whatever they are) worth the price? Are the J. Herbin 1670 inks as awesome as they look? Is the Alexander Hamilton ink any good? link below http://www.andersonpens.com/De-Atramentis-Alexander-Hamilton-35ml-Bottle-p/da-1126.htm
  2. Does anyone know of any pen clubs in Central to Upper NY State?
  3. northstar

    Esterbrook Dollar Pen Clip

    Hello, How do I disassemble the clip of a esterbrook dollar pen? Thank you in advance.
  4. chickenfloss

    Is My Konrad Flex Pen Broken?

    Pen: Noodler's Konrad Appalachian Pearl Flex Pen Ink: J. Herbin Rouge Opera I bought this pen from Goulet Pens via 65daigou (mail forwarder) and it came in a crushed box. While using it, I encountered endless problems; the pen perpetually railroaded, no matter how slowly I wrote and in which orientation. It railroaded at the slightest amount of encouragement! I have flushed this pen before and it only barely improved the situation. ' Upon taking a closer look, I noticed the tines and nib shape were weird-looking... for those of you who also own Konrad Flexes, is this a normal thing or do I
  5. We have all seen the dozens of books telling the story of the Waterman fountain pen beginnings and we all know about the L.E. Waterman and A. A. Waterman problems,, but... ...have many seen and read this tidbit of information? It's a fascinating read and actually makes one wonder if the details are genuine or if some of the Waterman historical facts could be erroneous?! Because I love history and things that are old (although my hubby is younger), I found this a very interesting read. Just wanted to share...thoughts? The missing pieces? (With thanks to Daniel Kirchheimer).
  6. I know what you're going to say... what is a story about using a stylus on a tablet doing here? I thought the following article was an interesting discussion on a tech site. BTW, this comes after a rumor that Apple might be developing an Apple stylus. Stylus on tablet vs pen on paper. You know what you would use, right? :-) http://www.imore.com/core-my-ipad-sketchbook-dilemma
  7. Around 2005 or so, I had first noticed the Pilot desk pen lineup on the online Pilot Catalog, the prices were good but the problem was availability. No one on ebay carried them. Recently, I established a good rapport with a Japan based Pilot dealer and I was able to order these pens. This review is my attempt to document the top and middle pens of the Pilot deskpen range. This review covers the Models: DP-500-B-M and DPN-200-R-M The DP-500 is the top of the line model available in Black or Red resin with 14K gold nib in EF/F/M. The DPN-200 is the next model with an inset GP steel nib(EF/
  8. rochester21

    Waterman Charleston Review

    The Charleston is the least expensive fountain pen offered today by Waterman which has a gold nib, and it`s placed in the middle of the range. The question is: is the Charleston a compromise or a universal soldier? Let`s find out. 1. Design and appearance: 4/5. They say that the Charleston design was inspired by an 1930s model, therefore having some art-deco design features, most noticeable being that middle metallic ring. I personally would have placed it near the cap ring, but nonetheless, it does offer a note of distinction to the pen. What I like more about it is the clip design and t
  9. This ASMR YouTuber I watched has a video where he mentions a pen that was given to him and he does not know what refill fits in it. Please, if anyone knows write here and I will pass on information to him or you can give him a comment on YouTube. Thanks! https://youtu.be/xC0AA_BVncE?t=19m30s
  10. Hello everyone! I am Jarwolf! I saw a fountain pen online browsing for something to purchase for a hobby. I saw an advertisement saying "Fountain Pen's 60% off" I thought to myself.."Hmm, what in the world could a fountain pen be?" *click link* I saw an odd looking tip. Okay...I think I will buy it and see what it does! Sadly to say, it did not come with any ink at all, just the pen! Here is a little story why I got this and why I am here today needing help! Okay, so I made up the name Jarwolf, because my first name is Jared, also..well...hehe, I LOVE WOLVES WITH A PASSION!!! awhoooo
  11. So just thought I'd ask other users, since I find myself using very cheap pens more and more. What is your favorite low budget fountain pen? My collection consists almost completely of Jinhao's Baoers, and free noodlers pens. I find myself using them more than my pilot metro, ahab(though it leaks and replacement is on the way) and others. So, please post what your favorite or favorites are in the low end of the price spectrum, what nib, and why they're your favorite cheap pens or even favorite pens. If you can post pictures that's even better.
  12. Hello! So, I have used the following writing fountain pens: Lamy Safari Pilot Varsity Monteverde Invincia Of these three, I definitely prefer the pilot varsity and invincia. Don't kill me for not liking the Lamy as much as many others do, but in my writing experience it tended to be a bit scratchy feeling and, believe it or not, glided too much for my taste. The Pilot Varsity was an absolutely amazing pen to start with and I'm glad it is the first one I picked up. I love the smoothness of the pen and it was not too wet which was fairly nice since when I got it I was mostly using standa
  13. If you have any inks that you would recommend for an expensive or a vintage fountain pen, what would it be? If you have a list of them, I would love to see that. Feel free to also say what inks you would specifically stay away from when using expensive pens. Currently I only have 2 inks, one is a black Parker Quink which I like a little bit. Not a huge fan, but if I need a black, it gets the job done. The other one is Noodler's Liberty's Elysium, which I love so very much. It's the nicest blue I have ever seen by far. However, I did notice that it stained the feed of my Metropolitan blue
  14. Bighow1100

    Cross Disney Gold Pen@ 1990

    I'm trying to find a value on a cross gold pen with Mickey Mouse on the clip. I appreciate any assistance.
  15. Oortael

    Old Retractable Pen

    Hi all, First in wanted to thank you for the great advice I found in this forum when I purchased my new Montblanc 146P. As I’m new here I not sure if this fits in this section of the forum but I’ll give it a try. Unfortunately the reason for the new pen was the broken clip on my old ball pen. I got this one form my grandfather many years ago and it did great service to me. I hope you can help me to identify the type of this Montblanc pen. It is a retractable pen which button was integrated in the clip. Thank you a lot Stefan
  16. MikeyInDenver

    Hello From Denver! Lot's Of Pictures!

    Hello everyone! I'm Mike. I live in Denver, Colorado! About a year and a half ago I moved back to Denver (and the U.S. for that matter) from Australia. I am an engineer and was working in the field. Now that I have an office role I've dropped the field pencil and picked up the fountain pen...and I'm LOVING it! As engineers do, I've been researching to no end, learning as much as I can. I'm really glad I found FPN as it has been an incredible resource (unlike many forums out there...)! I also happen do be big into photography as a hobby! The Visconti Michelangelo rollerba
  17. Hello everyone, Any recommendations for cheap fountain pen-friendly journals? (Under 10USD) Just something that is not super soft cover, and will hold up well and doesn't look like a composition book/school notebook. Thanks!
  18. Deepak_Pandya

    Ink Stores In India?

    Hey hi! Thanks for taking interest. Could anyone help me out with ink stores in India? I would prefer the ones who give an option to order online. (Of course, I cannot travel all of India just for some ink bottles :/ ) I live in a small town & all that is available here is Camlin Blue & Red inks. If you are lucky, you may find Parker Quinky. I'm looking for inkwells up to INR 500 but cannot find stores. I have been swarming the internet since last week but to no good. I've been through pensavenvue.com, pensindia.com & of course snapdeal, flipkart, ebay and amazon. Here's wh
  19. Hello! I am hoping you good folks can fill me in on the history (or lack thereof) concerning this recent purchase. I am aware that the Osmiroid 35 nib was often used as a quick replacement on pens, but I am more interested in the body of this pen. I have been unable to find any reference to what appears to be a rubber body (?)....let alone a button filler. Any thoughts? Was this cute little thing someone's Frankenpen? Osmiroid_button_001 by Pira Urosevic, on Flickr Osmiroid_button_002 by Pira Urosevic, on Flickr Osmiroid_button_003 by Pira Urosevic, on Flickr Osmiroid_button_004 by P
  20. northstar


    Hello, Few days back I wrote a cheque and signed it and gave it to a lady to cash it, after about half an hour I got a call from the lady saying they refused to pay her, I started to play fool and asked her what was wrong, she said: they send me to the manager and she asked what kind of a cheque is this. Knowing I had written and signed the cheque using sheaffer turquoise ink 😶 told her to come back and I will give her another one. Was wondering if anyone had a similar story. TBH I don't understand why the color should be an issue. Best regards.
  21. Stocking Stuffer Sale It's time to stock up on stocking suffers. Shop these inexpensive ideas and save.
  22. Hello I'm just start with fountain pens few months ago ~ still fresh & new ~ I hv Pilot Kakuno F Nib, Pilot Metro M Nib, Platinium Preppy F Nib, Sheaffer 100 M nib, Lamy Safari M nib. The ink i hv now is Pelikan 4001, Diamine 80ml , Sheaffer Skrip ~ Almost the time i will writing in chinese. I'm planing to buy 1-2 higher price pens (< $100 ~ $150). Is it any pen suggestion for me ? And also the Ink .
  23. Nillermon

    Wat Sheaffer Pen Is Theis?

    I got this old Sheaffer from my mom. I cant find this pen anywhere om the webs. It is gold plated, the lower part is gold plated silver and top is gold plated brass. The ring says: SHEAFFER "Crown" U.S.A. D.L. My mom got about 40 years ago.
  24. amen_fountain_pen

    Hello From Florida!

    Hey! I'm new to the Fountain Pen Network but I'm sooooooo excited to join. I just think its so cool that we can all come here together and love fountain pens in camaraderie. I only have like one other friend that shares the same passion as me, so I can't wait to meet more people in the FPN! So pumped to get the ball rolling (lol but not like a ballpoint pen...ew) Pencerely, amen_fountain_pen
  25. I agree with the reviewer. Although, its good and fun to write with the medium nib Platinum preppy but i use it more to mark things in my journal than actually writing with it. Which one is your favorite Platinum Preppy: the medium one or the fine one?

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