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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmsbLPMDecg
  2. Whether you are waiting for someone to repair your pen, or you have some you will be repairing yourself, or you have something you know you should fix, what pens are you waiting for on the bench (rather than in the mail)? It does not matter how small the repair, or even whether you are using the pen while knowing it needs repair. To kick off, here are mine, representing about 10-12% of all the pens I own. Montblanc 149 - needs lubrication, waiting on making a disassembly tool, after which it should be routine. Waterman Edson - ink spotting below section - Endemic problem for emeralds? Crack? Converter? Waterman 452 1/2V - clean, re-sac, possible tine work; routine. Onoto 6233 - recalcitrant pins, need parts for overhaul. For what pen repair or fix are you waiting?
  3. Why you sold it does not matter unless you want to add that. I am simply curious, given how much we talk about pens coming in, to hear about pens going out. I have none up for sale right now although I have a couple which I now see as surplus, not to keep everything. Most likely they will go on Gumtree because the auction market for pens is not big here, and shipping cost from Oz makes sale of lower price items diffiicult on FPN or ebay. Still, I thought we could start the thread right now, only for the last pen or two you have sold. Claiming you are about to sell something does not count until it happens.
  4. Hi guys! I've recently bought a Hero 372-2 and 382 for a friend. As I'm giving it as a gift, I intend to give her an ink cartridge as well. However, I've been searching for a while and can't seem to figure out what cartridges should work Does anyone know what cartridges fit these pens, and will I be able to purchase them in shops in Singapore? Thanks a ton!
  5. Hi all, I'm a fan of fountain pens (my current favorites are light thin pens, like the Parker Rialtos, possibly because I have small hands). For regular writing, I use fine nibs. I'm interested in calligraphy but my first goal is to improve my handwriting. I've read posts here and I see that the Getty & Dubay book, "Write Now," would be a good place to start. But I'm wondering about pens. Is there a best pen or best style of pen that might be best for a beginner? I see pens with all kinds of different interchangeable nibs and I'm not sure if that's what I should be looking at, or if I should just be working with the pens I have (all round-tipped fountain pens). Suggestion? Thanks, Tery
  6. Inferno2Inferno

    Pen-Ink Bad Nib Creep Combos Compendium

    So safe to say, that a significant majority of us here on FPN have dealt with nib creep in some form or another. While looking through a lot of the posted content, there is a lot of healthy debate concerning causes and solutions. My purpose here is to simply operate within the popular definition -ink seepage on to the nib (regardless of understanding of cause)- and have people post which pens and inks in combination seem to do it the most as a guide for those who are particularly bothered it. My list is as follows thus far: Lamy Safari: Sailor Jentle Black, Diamine Oxblood, Waterman Intense Black Pilot Metropolitan: J. Herbin Perle Noire, Waterman Tender Purple Please share your results and compare them to others so we can get a grip on this phenomenon of fountain pen ownership.
  7. Hi, Indian Independence day is approaching (Aug 15). What are there fountain pens in this theme ? In tricolour or in the theme of the freedom struggle ? I can think of the Ratnam(sons) pens and the MB pen only. Is it time to create a custom pen in this theme ? thanks, Dinuraj
  8. Does anyone know exactly when this set is from? One is a fountain pen, the other a pencil. I haven't seen this exact set anywhere. Was hoping someone could ID it for me.
  9. Hello! My brother has recently gotten me interested in fountain pens after getting me a TWSBI. I do some leatherwork as a hobby so naturally the two will be going together . Just wanted to share some things I've made in the past. I've posted this on the FB group but I'll be posting here as well. New projects will be added as they are completed! http://i.imgur.com/hkHtuzd.jpg http://i.imgur.com/CeQCWBZ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/qnTF2ui.jpg http://i.imgur.com/z58Mudc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/EQI206f.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8MeHIgg.jpg
  10. Hello, I bought the pen shown here at the Sharper Image in 1993, and it has been in my pocket ever since. I know it is not a true high-end pen, but I enjoy using it and nobody can mistakenly claim it’s theirs. Now, 23 years after throwing away the packaging, I'm curious about it and am wondering if anyone can give me any clues about its maker. I've been looking for old Sharper Image catalogs to see if I can find it listed and have been searching with all types of keywords, but I have never seen a reference to anything like it. This morning I came across the following forum thread and, even though the pen discussed is distinct from mine, it is also remarkable similar in construction and hardware. So, any clues about this other person's pen might lead me to some answers about my own: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/307118-help-identifying-this-pen/ It would be helpful to know where I might find parts, like the spring clip that makes the cap snug, so any expert insights would be appreciated. Thanks for your consideration, James http://www.jamesburger.com/new/pen2.jpg
  11. Hello, I was wandering around ebay today and came across this pair of 1970s Pilot pens, 7701 was engraved into the nibs other than that the seller didn't wrote much about them. What do you think what modell are they? http://imgur.com/npF1Bbb http://imgur.com/dUyZBPx
  12. First of all, i would like to thank SnehSab for posting all my other "pen reviews" on my behalf. I have been very occupied with my work, and i am glad he did that for me. I really appreciate it And now, i would like to share with you the new review that i have just posted. Its of an amazing "Indian fountain pen" named the Glare T7. Here's the video review: Now, this pen is indeed the costliest Lamy Safari's lookalikes, but still for that price, it amazing value for money. Everything about this pen is amazing - its extremely solid build, premium transparent resin body, great looks, the way it sits in the hands and finally - the way it writes. Its an extremely good "Fine Nib" that lays down a SUPER SMOOTH, WET and DARK line.So, i think for $15, it's a great pen and I highly recommend it. P.S. The link of the pen is in the description box. Also, please do like the video if you find it useful
  13. Hi guys, it has been a long time that I am struggling for legible and good handwriting, I went through different types of handwriting, first I wrote in cursive but never became fluent with it then I tried separate words but were looking kind of childish writing, then I wrote on middle of the line then again I jumped back on the line with different techniques of writing, so I came to this form so that you good people can help me improve my handwriting. My one more problem is that I can write in more than 20 styles (2 of which are attached in the photo) this has became problem for me because which one style should I finalize and choose. My handwriting attached in this photo are 2 writings, open photo it will be named "1" and "2" in other photo attached (written in red colour on the photo) so you people can distinguish between two different handwritings of mine, my both handwritings in both pics are legible means I can write it fast and fluent but tell me by looking at the photo that is such writing acceptable or not and which one should I choose, thanks.
  14. Joe Q8

    Montblanc Middle East

    Hey guys, Just wanted to gather the Middle East and GCC region Collectors and what are you latest purchases for 2016 Montblanc Writing Instrument Cheers
  15. Oruc Gazi Kutluer

    Amethyst Fountain Pen (Kitless)

    Amethyst Two Tone Kitless Fountain Pen Here is the new member of Kilk Custom Pen Studio Alumilite Resin with two tones. Sterling silver bands, steel clip and Jowo #6 Ruthenium plated nib unit. Pour casted silver cap finial is Ottoman Pattern called Mudavver Rumi Naksh designed in our studio (Limited stock: 6pcs).Converter/cartridge filling system, cap is slightly postable (not recommended to post). With alumimite pen rest. Dimensions:Length: 141mm Capped, 130mm uncappedDia: 13mm barrel threads, 14,5mm thickest point of barrel, 16,2mm Cap http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/Amethyst/Ameth_8_zpszha7mdii.jpghttp://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/Amethyst/Ameth_7_zps9qm9fqoa.jpghttp://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/Amethyst/Ameth_12_zps96kzp3nh.jpghttp://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/Amethyst/Ameth_11_zpscdv81fla.jpg
  16. Lanep

    Fountain Pen Smell

    I have a Youth fountain pen (I think it's a Chinese knock off of a Parker pen). Anyway, I use it because it has sentimental value, but lately, and by lately I mean in the past year or so, I've always sensed a strange smell when writing with it. I wouldn't describe it as a rubber smell, but similar to it. It's that intense that I can smell it while writing (so my head is at least 20cm away from the pen). I think that the ink is smelly as well, but I don't know if it's from the rubber ink container in the pen, or something else. Does anyone have any remedies for this or should I stop using this pen in public?
  17. Hello! Ok, this is going to be a fairly long post (for me at least) with many words and several questions. If you can answer any of them, please do, any information is much appreciated. So, I was recently gifted a $50 Visa gift card for my birthday, and I have decided to use it on pens and inks. I don't want to spend more than fifty dollars total, and I'd like to ideally get more than just one item or pen. I have had my eye on a couple of potential options for a while. The first is a Lamy Safari in Dark Lilac, I think it looks amazing. My only concerns about the safari is that it would be too small, and that it is too much of a "beginner pen" and at this point I would be better off getting something that I can change to my liking, like a Noodler's Konrad. How large is the Lamy compared to a Jinhao 599 (The Knockoff)? Are they the same size? Also, is the Lamy still worth buying for someone who has passed the "beginner" stage of their fountain pen addiction? The next item that I am considering is a Noodler's Konrad. I have similar concerns about size, how big is it compared to a Pilot 78g? The final type of pen I'm considering (unless someone else has a tempting suggestion) is an handmade ebonite eyedropper from India. I already have a Ranga on order, and the one's from FPR seem marked up. I loooove matte black ebonite! What other Indian penmakers ship handmade pens to the US for reasonable prices? In Conclusion: Pens: Safari, Konrad, Eyedroppers Inks: Iroshizuku and anything else you think I should try If you have any information/thoughts on the pens I have listed above, please comment! I could ideally get 2 of the three, but I can't decide which!
  18. I have been researching and I cannot seem to find many reviews for the Sheaffer Sagaris, Prelude, or the Agio. Yes, I know, the Agio was discontinued a while back, but there are many people on Ebay that seem to have them NOS for around 30-40 dollars. They were supposedly super smooth writers according to some people. As for the Sagaris, not many people seem to talk about it much. Mainly what I want to ask is: How does the Sheaffer Sagaris compare with the Agio, Prelude, and the 300? I have heard the 300 tends to have a little more feedback than the others. The others I have not ever heard being compared before.
  19. Below is my review on my newly received Montblanc Agatha Christie fountain pen. A more detailed review and photo's are available on my blog www.manllectables.com How does one actually review a pen that is 23 years old, not for sale except for via dealers and ebay? After a few weeks of use I won't be reviewing this pen as if it were new, quite simply because you can't buy it new anymore for the recommended retail price. I will instead attempt to review the pen as a collectible with today's prices to determine whether it is worth handing over your hard earned money to a dealer or re seller. Name: Montblanc Agatha Christie Writers Edition Limited Edition Fountain Pen Colour: Black. Available as either a separate fountain pen (23,000 produced), ballpoint (18,000 produced) or as a set of the fountain pen, ballpoint and mechanical pencil (7,000 produced). A more exclusive Limited Edition 4810 fountain pen was also released (4,810 produced) which had a gold plated clip and sapphire eyes. Materials: Precious resin cap with ivory logo, serpent clip in 925 Sterling Silver, Ruby set as serpents eyes. Nib Size & Material: Fine. Rhodium plated 18 karat 750 gold nib with serpent head engraving. Filling Mechanism: Piston filler. Measurements: 140mm capped, 128mm uncapped, 168mm posted. Price: RRP $595 USD for the regular fountain pen back in 1993. Currently trend ~$1500+ USD for the FP and $750 USD for the ballpoint. Available: Fairly regularly available on eBay and via vintage pen dealers only. Make sure you are sitting down though when you see the price. What I Like Aesthetics. It's subjective I know, but those proportions scream quality, simplicity and elegance. The serpent clip, designed to reflect the tension in Christie's novels, flows perfectly against the deep black resin and the ruby eyes provide a lovely contrast and sparkle when they catch the light on certain angles. The 'worn' ivory star and tarnish of the sterling silver lend an old world charm to the Agatha Christie that just works. It is a glorious pen to behold in the flesh that is not flashy or garish, but full of character and subtlety. Size & Ergonomics. This pen will feel well balanced and natural in the hands of anyone other than those with smaller hands. The pen is based on the 146 and has a slightly heavier feel to it than the standard Meisterstuck of the time. Some people like to write with their cap posted and this pen really delivers for that crowd with a relatively secure posting action and a reasonable balance. I myself do not write with any pen posted so can't comment on the comfort of longer writing sessions. The serpent clip also has a reasonable length to it which means it securely fastens to your favourite shirt or carry case; super important I think when carrying around a $1500 vintage pen! Collectability & Investment Value. I'll be the first person to tell you that smart investing in vintage pens can net you a modest profit in the medium term, however, versus other investment options out there this is certainly not a good choice of asset for return. That being said, the key difference of pens as a collectible item is the ability to enjoy them carefully without impacting the resale value (unless of course the pen is in mint unused condition). On that front the Agatha Christie really makes quite a lot of sense. Looking at the initial outlay of this pen ($595) and inflation, you still come out in front in today's value of money. Of course collecting tastes change like the wind so the risk of the item losing its collectability is ever present. Have some fun and go for it I'd say! What I Don't Like High Buy In Price. It's fairly obvious that a used pen from only 23 years ago that costs ~$1,500USD is not within everyone's reach nor is it everyone's cup of tea. Some pens run for asking prices upwards of $2,000 and that is truly astounding given the relatively large supply this Writers Edition was produced in (there are 30,000 of these pens out there!). Nothing Else. For fear of looking like too much of a fan and therefore biased, I sat for a good 20 minutes when writing this post to think of some of the things that I didn't like after a few weeks of using this pen. I really cannot think of anything else significant as to mention. It is what is says on the box and executes it perfectly, I dare say it is near perfect. Overall As I settled in with the Montblanc Agatha Christie, I got to know its solid writing qualities and how beautiful it was to behold and use. The pen has a well deserved following in my opinion, it is a legend in the fountain pen world, no doubt about it. If you can find one at a reasonable price you won't look back.
  20. I recently bought this pen as my interest in fountain pens got more profound. I found this online and bought it as it seemed cheap for its appearance. Can anyone help me identify this Parker pen??? On the nib, it says "14K PO U.S.A" and the nib seemed to be flat and slanted. thank you
  21. Looking for a student, newbie, adventurer in the fountain pen world that would love to try this eyedropper. As you will see, it was used with a prple ink and I couldn't get the stain out of the cap and around the clip, but I am sure that with the proper solution you may be able to clean it properly. All other parts have been cleaned thoroughly. I will someone that: 1-lives in the mainland USA 2- can pay for shipping ($6.75) through PayPal I may decide promptly since I just want to give it away. As a matter of thanks for previous PIFs, i am looking for the pens I no longer use to give away. It's difficult, but here is one. It has its tricks and was fun to use , but it is not a keeper for me. http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i82/anangeli/PENS/INDIAN/IMG_0270_zpsgzngze50.jpg
  22. Hey guys. I'm getting a new fountain pen all my experience was with Lamy Vista. I like it very much. Yet I'm looking for a smoother experience. As a student, I don't have much budget and sheaffer 300 is probably the most I can do here. I asked a friend of mine which is the largest fountain pen collector and he said Lamy safari's experience is a very expensive one, but he also suggested Sheaffer 300 and Parker vector. What do you think? Is sheaffer as good writer as Lamy Safari is?
  23. Hello everyone! I've been reading this website for months but this is the first time I post. I wanted to ask you guys to recommend me which pen I should ask for as a gift for my college graduation, with a budget of max 400 dls. I have been considering the following options: Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night, Visconti Dali, Montegrappa Ducale and Espressione and Montblanc 145, but I am open to more suggestions. I have been into fountain pens for a couple of years and I currently own 2 Lamy Safaris and a Sheaffer 100. Which pen would you choose for this special occasion?
  24. Hello! My mother just showed me her old Lamy (ca. 1980) which has a broken nib, and asked me if it is worth repairing. I would like to know what Lamy model it is, and how much it is worth, can anybody help me out? Thanks!
  25. hey guys, my name is jamie and i am new to this network, and i was having difficulty finding some quality high GSM paper that wont bleed or feather when i write on them with wet pens like the jinhao x450. Are any og you guys having the same issue ? it seems to me that there isnt really enough places to get quality things for fountain pens, becuase officeworks doesnt carry any paper with a GSM high enough to not bleed like crazy, and they have a very very limited range of fountain pens. what sort of stuff are my australian mates having difficulty finding?

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