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  1. Just in case anybody had $27,000 USD lying around and wanted a new pen, Porsche has unveiled a new, solid gold fountain pen. Here is a link to an article about it: http://www.forbes.com/sites/aliciaadamczyk/2015/04/01/porsche-design-unveils-27000-solid-gold-limited-edition-fountain-pen/ "The P’3135, for when a Montblanc just isn't flashy enough."
  2. It's time for a new pen! I'm looking for a pen in ~$200 price range. I'm quite fascinated by the Pelikan Souveran line, Pilot Custom Heritage Line, Omas pens, and the Sailor PG/1911 line, but I'm not sure as to what pen would be the best. However, I'm certainly not limiting myself to just these brands; I'm open to any new ideas too. I'm looking for a nib that, while not labeled as semiflex, will give a little. A nice, springy nib. If any of you have experience with pens in this range, any advice would be greatly Thanks, CJ
  3. I'm looking for suggestions(online, UK) as to which pen to get, with £55. To explain....my dear husband, who beamed up to heaven some months ago, had a very old car, which has been sitting in it's space behind our building.....it's been unusable for years, an ancient Clio, but last week so done smashed a window, broke in, tried to steal it, with no luck. Anyway, I knew I needed it to go....and it was incredibly difficult to arrange, as the entrance to the parking spaces behind the building is a limited height access. The nearest I had managed to get was so done who would charge me £100 to
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Fountain Pen Network, As a side effect of the recent re-shuffle of forums (December 2014), which has more or less been concluded now, a list of all pen brands worldwide, as far as any information could be found on these brands, was compiled. Please find below the list of pens, other than the regular subjects , which are discussed specifically in this forum. For a complete list of all known pen brands, check here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/281024-pen-brands-worldwide-by-country/ The idea is to try and keep this list up to date, a
  5. khop

    Crest Triumph Question

    Hey guys I have an oversized crest triumph and I was wondering, for future reference replacing the sac, how is the section affixed?
  6. I was messing around yesterday, using my phone and tablet's LCD screens for lighting. I put a white image on them and used a black hoodie as a backdrop. The screens were the only sources of light. The original images were 14MP, but they were resized to fit this post. I have no clue about photography, and would appreciate some advice and feedback. Here are 4 photos: I have a lot of other photos taken, but I like these best.
  7. cassierm

    Product Confusion!

    Hello, This is my first post so I hope I have put it in the right place I'm just getting into calligraphy and am hoping to use it on our wedding invitation envelopes. I have bought a few products but I'm unsure if the combination I have is correct as it just doesn't seem to be working for me. I have purchased an oblique pen holder which I prefer much more than the straight one so far. Nib wise I have (don't know if these are the proper names) Nikkopen G, Speedball C6, Hunt Imperial 101 and Brause 66EF (snapped 1 tine already.) Ink I have an unlabelled black ink which seems to be very th
  8. danhere

    Which Pen

    HEll0 to all , i was planning to buy a jinhao 599 , but now i got some money and now i can afford up to $12 worth of pen keep in mind that in India this is a lot of money ,so i am planning to get a good fountain pen i do not want a Parker though ,and pilot pens over here go 25%more than the cost price ,so no to that too the pen should be light weight , and be easy to write with for long periods of time. as i do not know how to smoothen a nib ,it would be favorable if it comes smooth in pack QWNM ,tk
  9. phillieskjk

    Waterman Forum

    Hello! I was just wondering if anyone had experience with the Waterman Forum (pen model, not FPN subfourm). I was thinking about buying one, so I am curious as to how smooth it is? Is it worth buying? Also, if you do have experience with it, which inks work well with it? Thanks, -Phillieskjk
  10. Hi, all. I just moved to Los Angeles and was wondering if there are any pen shows/groups/meet-ups/shops in the area I should know about. Thanks!
  11. Gambol 5 Subjects notebook (from Kokuyo) My Subjective Rating: 2/5 My Objective Rating: -1 Pros: cheap (+2)easily available (+1)wire-bound (+3)good value (page per dollar) (+2)divider every 40 pages (+1)rounded corners (+1)Cons:feathering is quite severe (-3)bleedthrough is quite severe (-3)only good for dry fountain pens/ballpoints/pencils (-3)single-wire binding (-1)soft cover is not durable (-1)Price: RM6.90 (1.90 USD/1.60/£1.30)Binding: single-wire binding Size: A5 Number of Pages: 200 Printing: 7mm lines (24 lines/page) Gsm: (not specified) Cover: Thick paper (soft) Page colour: white (
  12. Alexcat

    Dipless Esterbrook Desk Set

    Im pretty new to fountain pens in general, and saw this, and wondered if anyone could give me a bit more detail....please pardon my ignorance in advance - I go by the notion that the only silly question is the one unasked, so, what exactly is a dipless desk pen? Are the pens filled, them kept in the desk set, rather like my Parker 51 in it's red glass Whitefriars ball? Or, are they actual inkwells, which one fills? Any words of wisdom much appreciated Thanks Alex
  13. Not sure if this should go in Inky Thoughts or here, so apologies in advance if I made the Wrong Choice I was having a flushing and filling session yesterday, and noticed that one pen and ink combination was virtually unflushable: Monteverde Impressa, with Iroshizuku momiji( which disappointed me by being much pinker than I expected) After about half an hour of repeated flushing with just water, it - the converter - was still very very pink. I gave up after that, and will have another try later, but it got me wondering.....are some inks just so "stainy"(not the correct word, I know, but
  14. Can anyone help me to identify what model this Waterman fountain pen is ? I've had it for quite a few years now and it is a lovely blue and speckled black colour although photographs don't show just how blue it is ... It is a lovely writer but a finer writing nib than you get with most Waterman medium nibs butI have no idea what model it might be....
  15. Hi. I got this pen for about $8 of an auction at Tradera (swedish eBay) I have tried to find som information about the pen without any luck. The thing i have found out is that the swan symbol should be the logo for Mabie Todd. Is that correct? The modell is a Standard Pen and is a piston filler with a nr. 4 Ero 14k F nib with some flex. Does anyone know something about this pen modell? Best regards Pether Olsson
  16. dodgertwin

    Ferocase 56 Pen Display Case

    So I've been on the hunt for a few years for a nice pen display case that matched my room's black wood furniture. Embarrassed to say I first filled up a 24 pen, then a 36 pen rosewood display case from Penn State Industries. Loved 'em but the brown wood and gold knobs clashed with my furniture. Finally got a beautiful, compact black display case from Ferocase on Ebay. I was nervous at first because of dneal's earlier review. (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/283326-ferocase-pen-chest/) The display case came in this week and it is awesome! It has a black finish and chrom
  17. Anyone know anything about this? Alex
  18. I got an old waterman's ideal #2 wetnoodle nib out of a fountain pen found on Ebay and put into mi Faber Castell E-Motion pearwood fountain pen! http://s26.postimg.org/yza9l4zex/10848813_10205690042309519_6753319126576676301_o.jpg Here's a video:
  19. Hello everyone, I was told to move my mod over here to discuss it. It is a Noodler's Konrad with a Hunt 56 nib in it. I had to heat set the feed for it and I may have accidentally heat up the grip section during the feed setting but I did squeeze that as well just in case. I say that the grip section may have been set as well because after the mod it appears not to be able to close in the cap as smoothly. That being said, I am very pleased with my work and I tried a few nibs but this one worked the best for this configuration.It flows well and you can see one railroad but I was going pretty
  20. Hello everyone, So I've been wanting for a while now get a Mont Blanc ballpoint or rollerball. Just because my line of work does not allow me to use fountain pens because of the bleed through on the paper. I currently have a montblanc 146 fountain pen that I would be willing to sell or even trade for a ballpoint. In your opinion, which one is better a ballpoint or rollerball. I love smooth gel like writing. What are your thoughts and is anyone willing to trade or something that.
  21. I've been into fountain pens for about a year now, and I'm looking to buy my first serious pen. Something around the 230-250 dollar range would be ideal. Any suggestions
  22. I feel weird promoting myself, but I think I've come up with a way to make a Quiver-style pen holder for a notebook cover out of duck tape and a piece of elastic. So I thought I'd share and maybe get some feedback. I'm going to the craft shop tomorrow; I'll get some elastic and try making one myself.
  23. Alexcat

    Could This Be Genuine?

    Saw this, and wondered..... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Montblanc-Generation-Fountain-Pen-/161567760465?pt=UK_Home_Garden_PensPencils_WritingEquipment_SM&hash=item259e306051
  24. Auctionator74

    How Much Is This Pen Worth?

    Hi Fountain Pen Network, I buy and sell second hand stuff, but more the collectible stuff and not just (bleep). So I recently bought this set of a fountain pen in a second hand shop for 8€. I am a total newbie to this sort of product and I would like to know how much I can sell it to collectors, on ebay or whatever. The trademark of the product is ''Senator regent''. In the set is: - Ink (Royal Blue-washable 1fl oz.) - Filler - Something I don't know - And a full brass bottle. It is unopened and unused, All the seals are unbroken as I can see it. But the packaging seems to be good
  25. I just won an auction for a nice vintage Easterbrook J. Before I pay for it I would like some advice from some more experienced people. I know nothing about replacing ink sacs and such so would buying this pen be a good idea? Are vintage ink sacs cheap? Are they easy to replace? The seller says he has never used it. Here ia a link to the pen: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271729930323

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