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  1. Pentaloons Luxury Pen Wraps is now offering "Penties." single pen snap purses made of the same luxury fabrics as their wraps. http://www.etsy.com/shop/Pentaloons?ref=hdr_shop_menu&section_id=20669504" Why forfeit luxury for your pens when they are on the go? Thanks for looking.
  2. PenChalet

    Vox Pen Display Case Sale

    For a very short time the Vox 60 Pen Display case is on sale: Retail: $799.00Sale: $ 499.00 This case can hold up to 60 pens and has 4 removable trays https://www.penchalet.com/pen_accessories/desktop_pen_holders/vox_luxury_60_pen_case.html
  3. I looked in the last weeks for a non-USA pen display cabinet, because the shipping cost to Europe and the EU taxes make too expensive to order it from USA. Geoff’s 5-drawer pen cases (pencase.co.uk) look great indeed, despite their prices increased with over 40 % in the last three years and the shipping cost (35 pounds, in my case). Finally, my option was a ready-made Spanish pen display case produced by Maestrorelojero Prasvalnet S.L. located in Ribarroja, near Valencia (no affiliation). I had seen their pen and watch display cabinets for collectors and sellers on many distributors’ sites from Italy, Spain and Portugal. The model I ordered directly from the manufacturer was a 78-pen case cherry. Here are my first impressions: 1. Packing. The case came in just a few days wrapped in an air-bubble sheet and packed in a solid cardboard box, protected with EPS. A second box helps the first one not to suffer damages during the transport. 2. Dimensions and weight The case seems to me very compact: 37 cm (L) x 21,5 cm (H) x 20 cm (D). It has six drawers (with 11 pen slots each one) and a display compartment with an acrylic windows lid (12 slots). Therefore, the cabinet can lodge 78 pens, which is very competitive for its gauge. It weighs 4.7 kg. 3. Construction I am not an expert in wooden works, but it seems the frames of the drawers are made from solid wood, while the drawer bottoms are made from plywood. The case is made from MDF with cherry (it's rather mahogany) veneer. The lid has two chromed hinges and it firmly closes due to a magnetic system. All the compartments are covered with a fine gray velvet. I like this color as it is neutral and renders evident the fountain pens. The back of each drawer is covered with velvet too, so the pens are completely protected against scratches. The dimension of a pen slot is 18 x 2,5 cm. This is very important for me because my ‘giants’ could they also fit in the slot (i.e. Denitrio Genkai or Varuna Gajendra, both of them being over 17 cm long – but they can fit only into the display compartment). I introduced even a Mabie, Todd & Co FP in its original box. 4. Conclusions This is a nice compact cherry wooden display cabinet that can take almost all the fountain pens of my collection. I can place it easily in any space at hand in my study. The quality/price ratio is excellent and, last but not the least, the price paid included the free shipping in EU - in my case the parcel travelling across the whole Europe. A black color variant is also offered by the manufacturer.
  4. I've been a happy repeat customer of Fountain Pen Revolution for a couple of years now, and wanted to post a quick 'first-look' review of their latest new release: a 2-pen case made of leather. These are currently for sale on their website (www.fountainpenrevolution) for US$24 plus postage. In honor of the launch, they're including a FPR 'Indus' fountain pen, valued at US$17, for free - in a randomly-selected colour and nib size. I purchased two - one to keep, and one to give away. Onto the case itself, though - which conforms to a fairly standard design. The front of the pouch is made of fairly stiff, double-layered leather, with some kind of stiffening material inserted between the layers. The back of the pouch is roughly twice the length of the front - with a sizeable flap that folds over and tucks into the loop that holds the case closed. The sides of the pouch are thinner - just a single layer of leather, allowing the case to expand slightly as needed to accommodate larger-diameter pens. http://i.imgur.com/rQLI2MU.jpg The leather is a warm, chocolatey-brown colour, with the FPR logo prominently emblazoned on the front of the flap: http://i.imgur.com/2czaglp.jpg http://i.imgur.com/pfWZTnb.jpg The dimensions of the pen case are roughly 15cm tall x 4.5cm wide x 2cm deep - though the flap is long enough to accommodate taller pens. I found that my Diplomat pens (the Aero and the Diplomat Excellence A) were a very good fit; my 'girthiest' pen, a black Jinhao 159, took up a little more than half the width of the pouch, but could also be accommodated. The interior of the pouch has a 'divider' running down the middle, that ensures the two pens inside don't bump or scrape in transit: http://i.imgur.com/14v5kgk.jpg I have to say I'm very impressed with these cases: they look great, the stitching is neat and even, and they seem very sturdily constructed. I'm looking forward to carrying one around with me - and am pretty sure that the recipient of the second case will appreciate the gift. That's about all I can think to say - feel free to ask any questions if you'd like to know more!
  5. Hey does anyone know of a pen case that will hold both a Pelikan M1000 and a MB 149? Ideally it would be a leather case and not a pen roll or kimono. I have a few cases (Pelikan, Pilot X SOMES, and a couple generic) and none of them will even come close to fitting these two oversize pens. Thanks for your help.
  6. Okay so I finally got a sewing machine which meant I could bring some of my pen-carrying thoughts to life. I designed & made a couple of these for christmas (and a couple for myself) and I just have to share - I'm particularly proud of hiding the partition stitching on the back both beneath the band that holds the flap in place and under the pocket into which you can slip the field notes. I wonder if I could sell these? And a couple of fandom ones (I made the tardis one for my dad for christmas - shhh!)
  7. On Black Friday, or around that time, Kohl's was selling a Bey-Berk Pen Case for around $50 (Originally $98). So I figured why not? I have room on my bookshelf in my office might as well show off some of my pens rather than storing them in their original boxes in my desk drawer. Here is my review of the overall transaction and of course the case itself. 1. Shipping/Packaging: Although this has nothing to do with the product itself or likely even the manufacturer, I thought it was odd enough to discuss in my review. First, it took about 2 weeks for this product to actually be delivered. That's a lengthy shipping process if you ask me considering I've ordered items from outside the country that have shown up in half the time. Second, and the reason I am posting this was the packaging that it arrived in. When, I got home there were two boxes in front of my door. One said Kohl's on the outside and said FRAGILE on the top and the side of the box. The other box was smaller and had no writing on it whatsoever. Assuming the larger box that said fragile on it was going to be the the pen case I opened it first. To my surprise the only thing in the box was a bathmat that someone ordered for my new place since I moved into a 3 bath. In the smaller box was an additional smaller box and some of those styrofoam packing peanuts. They did a good job of protecting the case, but it was certainly not what I was expecting. 2. Dimensions/Capacity: The case is angled for display and overall is 4.25"H x 8.5"W x 7"D, but the front is about 3.25"H. The top level is enclosed by a hinged a glass cover to display up to 10 pens and below it is a pull out drawer that holds 9 pens. Although it only displays 10 pens, I think that the size and shape of it is great for placing on a shelf. However, they could have done a little bit better when measuring the depth of the pen slots. If a larger pen is in an outer slot the glass cover will not close. For some perspective, I used a Lamy AL Star to figure this out. 4. Quality of Construction: As mentioned above the case does not close entirely when a large pen is in the outer slot. That is not the only component where you can see an apparent lack of craftsmanship. One thing that was not immediately noticeable, and can be fixed with a simple adjustment is that the way the hinges were put on it is not entirely aligned when closed. It appears to close a little towards the left, between a 16th and 8th of an inch. Another thing that can be considered both positive and negative is that there is no stop to the bottom drawer. What I mean is, when you pull the bottom drawer out it will come all the way out. This is bad if you pull it out too far by mistake and it results in dropping your pens. But good in the sense that you can take it out and use it as a tray to carry your pens or even rest your pens in while working at your desk so they don't roll off. Also relating to the drawer there are no slides or padding to prevent it from rubbing against itself when you open it or even protect your shelf from the edges as it angles down when you get past a certain point. My final concern with the case is that there is no felt/protection in either the drawer or the display. So if you are not comfortable putting your pens directly on the wood that it is made with than this product is not for you. 5. Appearance: The cases simple styling is perfect for what I wanted. Its small size allows me to put it anywhere. Its walnut color looks great, and does a great job of show casing my pens. I also like the brass drawer handle. Its certainly nothing fancy but it looks good overall. It does have a little bit of a glare when its not on my shelf. I took the case off the shelf to get better lighting for the following photos so you'll be able to see it better. (You might be able to notice the hinge alignment in the first photo) 5. Conclusion: I'll start by saying I am not going to return it. I think that for what I paid and the purpose I had in mind for it that it is between good and great. Sure there are somethings I would change about it, but nothing is perfect and I am happy with how this displays my pens and how it looks on it's. However, I would not recommend purchasing this product if you can't get it for less than the original price. I am sure that there are far better options if you are searching for cases with a $100 budget, but I think that it serves its purposes of storage, and displaying my pens perfectly fine for only $50.
  8. DnzUlc

    Pelikan Pen Case

    Anybody seen something like this? İt is for 24 pens, is it original and what is the average price for used condition?
  9. I am the creator of The Pen Rest and from the feedback about my design members of FPN love it or hate it... That's life! What I'd like to know is your description of the holy grail of all pen stands, pen rests, pen storage or displays. Please would you describe your ideal product?
  10. siddr90

    1 Pen Case For Mb Le's?

    Hi, I've been looking to buy a pen case for my Carlo Collodi edition & Gaius edition but I'm finding it difficult to get a case that suitable for such thick pens. My budget is 50$ as I've already spent money on the aston 2 pen case - but the pen doesn't go in smoothly and fits very tight (I'm scared it might discolour the pen) Would anyone have any recommendations? I was thinking of the Franklin-Christoph 1 pen case, but it says max diameter is 0.75" which is pretty much the same as the carlo collodi's width. http://www.franklin-christoph.com/1-2-3-pen-cases.html Thanks for your help!
  11. When I started buying nice pens and pencils, I wanted to protect them so that they would not be damaged or scratched. So, I looked around for pen cases in which to house my lovely pens and pencils. Many pen cases were little more than zippered sacks or zippered leather tubes into which multiple pens/pencils could be placed together. While this is not a problem for metal pens/pencils such as my Rotring 600 series pens and pencils since they cannot damage one another by being together, this is not the case for my pens/pencils with lacquer finishes such as my Elysee, Cartier, Waterman, and Montblanc Noblesse pens/pencils, for example, or those with resin parts such as my Parker Duofolds, Waterman Rhapsody, and Pelikan pens/pencils, for example. Having a case with a set form with separate sections for each pen/pencil provides additional protection for the pen/pencil, and its finish and that is what I wanted. While I had considered cigar cases, these have a size and form problem: large cigar-size pens fit the cigar case better than slim pens/pencils. Although I considered lining cigar cases so that they would fit my slimmer pens/pencils better, this made accessing the pen/pencil more difficult. In addition, I was not fond of the top of the cigar case's coming off so easily: I wanted an all-in-one-pen case with sections for each pen/pencil that would accomodate any of my pens/pencils no matter what their size/girth. Of course, this is a problem since there are no pen cases with variable-sized slots. Well, unless you make or modify one for yourself. The latter (modify) is what I chose. So, at this point you are wondering what pen cases I have modified and how. Well, my favorite pen cases are Montblanc pen cases since they provide structure and support. In particular, I like the Flip Flap Montblanc Pen Pouches. While Montblanc has discontinued this style of pen case, you can still find them (from time to time) on eBay. However, these Montblanc pen cases with their wide slots (three slot pen case picture below) are designed to accomodate, among others, the Le Grande size fountainballpoint/rollerball pens and pencils. An added problem is that the inner slots are not full-slots: these leather piece within the pen case do not provide protection for the full pen since they do not cover the full length of the case. While one might think of this as a problem, it is not as this is where the modifications are made. I cut out these leather slots and made my own divisions within the pen case: these divisions created using pieces of smooth cardboard cut to fit the length of the case and to fit on a diagonal within the case provide the desired variable slot-width for various pens and can easily be moved and removed. An example of such a cardboard slot-piece can be seen in the picture above. So, with the two small leather slot-pieces removed (see picture below), the cardboard slots can be inserted on the diagonal (my preference so that they stay in place when pens/pencils are removed for use) to accomodate pens/pencils of any size such as some Cartier pens/pencils with a Waterman pen and a Dunhil pen (below) or some of my namesake Elysee pens/pencils with a Caran D'Ache Hexagonal pen (below). I have done the same thing with the two-slot Flip Flap Montblanc pen cases as well. This one holds five Caran D'Ache Hexagonal series pens/pencils. I have modified Montblanc pen pouches without cutting out the leather slot pieces including the newer cases by inserting the cardboard slot pieces so that they match the leather slot pieces as well as subdivide the sections that they create (below). As you can tell from the pen tops, this case accomodates some of my namesake Elysee pens/pencils, two Cartier pens, a Caran D'Ache pen, and a Montblanc pen. So, through the modification of my great Montblanc pen cases, I have created even better (thus the topic's title) pen cases that protect my pens/pencils of a wide variety of sizes. Even better, I can create (and have created) groups of pens/pencils of various types and sizes that I can (and do) take with me for use to work or for travel to conferences. What I like the best is that these modified cases provide wonderful structure and full protection (the length of the case) for each pen/pencil so that they will not touch one another within the case thereby preventing scratches, dings, dents, and gouges that can occur when carrying a pen case within one's workbag, backpack, or suitcase. I especially like the Flip Flap Montblanc Pen Pouches since there is no way to actually leave the pen case open: when one lets go of the pouch top, it still covers the top of the pen case and will not allow the pens/pencils to escape. I have added cardboard slots to pen cases that have no sections such as Coach pen cases and to pen cases of other makers such as Parker. What I like best about this type of modification is that the cardboard slot inserts protect the pens from striking one another when the pen case is jostled and, when fit properly, the pens can be easily removed when desired but not slide out at random. Some of you may prefer the Montblanc finger-style (frequently referred to as glove) pen cases but I have not found these to modify as easily due to the manner in which each finger of the case is sewn at the end. I use a three-finger Montblanc (glove) pen case for my Pelikan transparent green 800-series demonstrator fountain pen, ballpoint pen, and pencil set since the cap of the fountain pen is too wide in diameter to comfortably fit into any of my Montblanc, Parker, or Coach pen cases.
  12. Hi Everyone, I have started creating some leather pens cases and I would love to get some feedback from the wonderful people at FPN. Here are some pics.
  13. PenChalet

    50% Off Aston Pen Cases

    Save 50% Off select Aston Leather pen cases while they last: Aston Leather Single Pen Carrying CasesRetail: $40.00Sale: $20.00 available in 3 colors view details... Aston Leather Double Pen Carrying CasesRetail: $50.00Sale: $25.00 available in 4 colors view details... Aston Leather Triple Pen Carrying CasesRetail: $65.00Sale: $32.50 available in 4 colors view details... Aston Leather Four Pen Carrying CasesRetail: $75.00Sale: $37.50 available in 4 colors view details...
  14. requiescat

    6-Slot Pen Cases

    The one I know about is the Penvelope 6 by Franklin Christoph, and I am wavering as to whether to buy one now for a trip I have soon so I can carry *six* fountain pens with me instead of *four* (my current case), but are there others I should be considering? I'm currently using a cheaper case I bought off eBay, but I've been pretty pleased with it other than longing for more capacity. The largest pens I'd be carrying are a Nakaya Naka-ai and an Edison Pearl.
  15. I've had some superlative PIFs this year; first an amazing 4 pen wrap from Adrienne, then a brand new Pilot 78G from Thuja. Pen people are the best! It's time to pay it forward. Up for grabs is a pen tube for a Parker 51. http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy19/flounder2009/FMT%20Hard%20-%20Soft%20Parker%2051%20Pen%20Tubes/FMTPenTubes004.jpg The outside is a rigid PET plastic preform (approx 3mm thick), which is an excellent hard barrier against crushing, bending, twisting, scratching and cutting forces. Hostile synonyms are no match! Shattering - pah! Smashing - pishaw! Spiflicating - pish tosh!The inside is lined with 3mm thick non-toxic, UV resistant closed cell soft foam (60 on the 00 shore scale), to absorb the stress of impact strikes and abrasion. To protect the 51's delicate celluloid jewels against the concentrated force of end on strikes, the top and bottom get 6mm of foam, lined in 100% silk.The screw cap is a repurposed Diamine ink bottle cap. If you're going to make a pen tube, you may as well do it in style! I wanted to make something that would be good protection for a daily carry pen, small enough to toss in a day bag with the rest of your gear, but strong enough to ward off damage. The inside of a day bag at walking pace can be a surprisingly hostile place, with jangling keys, spare change, and a heavy laptop all ready to do their worst. PM me with the subject line "Don't spiflicate me, bro!" for a chance to win this P51 tube, by Sunday 21st December, 8pm ish GMT. This is a worldwide PIF. Photos: http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy19/flounder2009/FMT%20Hard%20-%20Soft%20Parker%2051%20Pen%20Tubes/FMTPenTubessilklined6mmfoamcap.jpg http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy19/flounder2009/FMT%20Hard%20-%20Soft%20Parker%2051%20Pen%20Tubes/FMTPenTubes003.jpg http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy19/flounder2009/FMT%20Hard%20-%20Soft%20Parker%2051%20Pen%20Tubes/FMTPenTubesbarreldetail.jpg http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy19/flounder2009/FMT%20Hard%20-%20Soft%20Parker%2051%20Pen%20Tubes/FMTPenTubes005.jpg
  16. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside pen tubes! http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy19/flounder2009/FMT%20Hard%20-%20Soft%20Parker%2051%20Pen%20Tubes/FMTPenTubes003.jpg I love my 51s. We all do, right? About as much as we hate the idea of them getting jostled, bashed, and crushed. The inside of a day bag at walking pace can be a surprisingly hostile place, with jangling keys, spare change, and a heavy laptop all ready to do their worst. So I've made up a couple of pen tubes! They're rigid PET plastic (approx 3mm thick) on the outside, which is an excellent hard barrier against crushing, bending, twisting, scratching and cutting forces. Hostile synonyms are no match! Shattering - pah! Smashing - pishaw! Spiflicating - pish tosh! http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy19/flounder2009/FMT%20Hard%20-%20Soft%20Parker%2051%20Pen%20Tubes/FMTPenTubes005.jpg The inside of the tube is lined with 3mm thick non-toxic, UV resistant closed cell soft foam (60 on the 00 shore scale), to absorb the stress of impact strikes and abrasion. To protect the 51's delicate celluloid jewels against the concentrated force of end on strikes, the top and bottom get 6mm of foam, lined in 100% silk. http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy19/flounder2009/FMT%20Hard%20-%20Soft%20Parker%2051%20Pen%20Tubes/FMTPenTubessilklined6mmfoamcap.jpg The scew cap is a repurposed Diamine ink bottle cap. If you're going to make a pen tube, you may as well do it in style! ps - if this has caught your interest enough to reach the bottom, head over to the PIF area in a wee while! More photos on photobucket, here.
  17. Tom Traubert

    New Pen Case!

    So, I got a pen case from easylivingus - a great, reliable seller who is based in China but ships from the UK. Not entirely sure how they manage it, but you get stuff within the week rather than the month! I'd previously ordered a 10 pack of Hero 616s that I use as competition prizes at school. Anyway, I wanted a new pen case and didn't want to pay through the nose, so I ordered one of these for £13.50 with free shipping. OK, so it's pleather and looks a little cheap (which it is) but it's sturdy on the outside and soft on the inside! Some pictures: http://i.imgur.com/IK1PACi.jpg http://i.imgur.com/AEcg7WM.jpg And, since you asked, from top left: Cross Apogee (medium), Italix Parson's Essential (broad stub), Jinhao X750 (broad, I think), Kaweco Skyline Sport (medium), Kaweco Classic Sport (BB), Lamy Safari (1.1mm italic), Noodler's Nib Creaper, Noodler's Ahab, Parker 45 ballpoint, Parker UK Duofold Junior (soft fine), Parker IM Premium (medium), Parker 51 (medium), Parker 45 (medium), Parker Sonnet (medium), Pelikan Souveran M600 (medium), Pelikan M200 (broad italic), Pilot MR (medium), Pilot Plumix, Platinum Plaisir (medium), Platinum Preppy (fine), Platinum Preppy highlighter, TWSBI Diamond 580 (1.1mm stub), TWSBI Diamond Mini (1.1mm stub), TWSBI Vac 700 (1.5mm stub).
  18. Hello, does anyone know the difference between the 2 types of Lamy pen cases? The A30x are a bit more expensive, but I can't figure out the difference...is it the ribbed flap? Thanks. Dragos
  19. Mardi13

    Idea For Pen Cases

    I'm not sure that this is the proper place to put this, however...as a knitter it occurred to me that the cases we use for the short, double pointed needles (that are used to make socks and mittens and such) would make great pen cases. Same sort of pocket for each set of needles that would fit a pen, and usually pretty decent protection. Here's a link to a selection of handmade ones: https://www.etsy.com/search?q=Sock%20needle%20case&ship_to= and some photos of some of my pens in a very basic one that I have. Even my Collier (on the far left) and my Ranga Bamboo (far right) fit into it. Mine is isn't padded but I used it just for demo, many of those you will find are quilted and thus have more padding. Last is a link to a seller (whom I do not know) who makes different sizes, from 16 to 36 pockets. https://www.etsy.com/listing/170244666/xl-large-36-pocket-wzip-pouch?ref=shop_home_active_6
  20. Hi FPNers, I'd like to share something with all of ye today. After a lengthy search for the perfect 3 pen case, trolling through the cheaper junk, the more expensive but yet unsuitable due to size or other factors, I have finally obtained what I feel is the ultimate 3 pen case for me. Let me start by the requirements that I was looking for: 1. 3 pen case 2. Leather - good quality, preferably soft and supple (not stiff and unforgiving), black or brown. 3. Size - This is important to me as I carry it in my pants pocket, I was looking for one that wouldn't sit like a brick in my pocket, yet would fit larger pens like the MB 149. This put options like the MB Sienna 3 pen case and the recent newer Visconti 3 pen case (which is really nice too) somewhat out of the question. Due to some hype surrounding the Piquadro Nikolai pen cases, I looked high and low for this and only managed to find the Piquadro Tamponato, which turned out unsuitable as it only manages to fit the smaller pens and was tight even for a MB 146! Anyway, fast forward to today when I've finally got my hands on this baby, also made by Piquadro, but not in production anymore as confirmed by them in the email. Strangely enough, I can find no references to it online either.. Enter the box. A simple logo at the front and that's about it.. A little wrapping on the inside.. There it is, in all its glory, a magnificent piece of leather, subtle, supple, and sexy! A little close up for your viewing pleasure. 3 of my most frequently used babies (MB 146, MB Alexander Dumas (size of 149?), and my Pelikan M800 Tortoiseshell) sitting inside their new home. The leather actually will stretch to accomodate a larger pen. My MB 149 is away for service so I'll put in it and add another shot of it after to show you that it should fit when it gets back. There it is, stretched out in all its glory..This is what I like most about this pen case..in addition to everything else! Shot from the front.. And another.. The softness of this leather and how thin it is make it the perfect ideal pen case I have been searching high and low for.. Bendable softness..in fact the entire case will bend if you wish it to. This case isn't for heavy duty protection of your pens, not a case to dump into your back with keys and coin, oh no..It is for transporting it in your pocket for daily use, for your pens to have a nice and soft happy home, for your hands to feel the luxuriousness of this premium leather as you dig your hands into your pocket to grab your pen.. Well that is my review on this case, sorry if I gushed a little, when you finally find the thing that you have been searching for after such a long time and it exceeds your expectations, what else are you supposed to do? Cheers and have a Happy Christmas ladies and gentlemen. Julian. edited for spelling error.
  21. Almost 5 months ago I "designed" and had this pen case tailor-made for me: http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii33/mmmcosta/Watches/PenCase_zps27acfdc3.jpg Here's the story: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/245327-tailor-made-pen-case/ Earlier today the cartridge went empty - in the small side pocket, a spare was available for replacement. Best! Marcelo
  22. New arrivals today! The MB 149 fits perfectly in both. Boot Brown for that 'used' look when they get nicely scuffed and taken out and about. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7292/11835382176_8bb89d23d2_b.jpghttp://farm6.staticflickr.com/5486/11834608825_274b8bd38a_b.jpg
  23. Fountain Pen users like choices. There are a dizzying number of pen types and models. There is every conceivable color of ink. A few years ago, as a fountain pen newbie, I tried to figure out what would be the best product for transporting pens in my pocket. I'm very careful when I take high value pens out of the house. Sticking a $300 fountain pen loose into a shirt pocket would be out of the question. Were it to dislodge and land on a sidewalk or brush against something, the pen or the clip could be damaged or scuffed up. That would, of course, detract from the beauty and value of the pen. So I started looking for pen cases and wraps. There were dozens of types and brands from which to choose. The wraps were beautiful and some were hand-made and unique. There were lots of choices for leather and fabric cases holding from one to six pens. Some had one or more pen pockets, others used elastic loops to secure the pens. Some were ersatz leather or fabric, some were real leather or, at the higher end, various premium and decorated leathers. Ultimately, I bought a fairly low-end leather case that looked something like this thinking it would serve for the moment and I could always trade up later: http://i332.photobucket.com/albums/m326/PatientType/3pencase_zpsee31410a.jpg It holds three pens, has a fold-over cover, and is somewhat stiff because the leather on the back of the pen holder is double the thickness of the pen pockets and because the sewn seams on three sides provide attitional support. It is esthetically simple but attractive enough for my tastes. It seems to be convenient for all kinds of pen transport when one just needs a few pens at hand. The pen count is large enought that I can take three inked pens on a trip and have ample writing capacity and a variety of pen types. The count is small enough that the case fits into a pants pocket or the inside pocket of a suit coat. Each pen is encased in its own sleeve so there can be no pen to pen rubbing or contact. Accessing the pens is very quick and all pens are displayed and available with a flip of the cover. Lastly, there are no metal or hard plastic componants that might damage my pens. A benefit I'd not anticipated in buying the case was that there is an advantage to the stiffness of it. When I carry pens in my pants pocket I will stand, walk about or sit in a car or at a table. A softer case would put pressure on the fountain pens as my body position changed. With this kind of a case, the pressure is on my pants pocket and the pens are protected. This kind of case might not be for everyone. But it seems to do the job very well at at a cost of around $15 to $25 I've had three years of fairly regular use and the case still looks new. Pen cases of similar design are made by prestigious companies and sometimes beautifully decorated with scrolling or other enhancements for a higher price. I'll not be trading up. The case I have does what I need. I'd recommend this kind of solution over a pen wrap or less-substantial pen case based on my own experience.
  24. Hello I am looking for single wooden pen presentation box with a white or cream interior for a single Fountain pen. I have looked at Alibaba and there some good cheap boxes but you need to purchase in bulk. But as I only need 2 boxes and Alibaba deal in bluk. I have everything else for my pens nibs 14kt & Sterling Silver clips and Cap bands en-route from Florida thanks to Mike Redburn Silver Pen Parts, very good person I got 2 pen clips and 2 plain 6.5mm the cost $15 per clip and $10 per band and total cost including delivery £38.01 excluding UK taxes. I am looking for a box like My limit is under £10. Any help appreciated. yours Farhan

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