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  1. I am bummed. Was organizing my (formerly my father's) pen collection and one of the Wahl Eversharp pens broke off in many pieces on the end. The pen is in lovely condition otherwise. Thinking maybe somebody out there would have use for the cap or nib...I was thinking like $30.00 or $40.00. Please let me know if that seems outrageous for parts or any thoughts about what else I can do with this pen. I am kicking myself for my carelessness. It was such a pretty pen.
  2. mortisd28

    Waterman Stalwart Feed Question

    Does anyone know where I can get a feed for a Waterman Stalwart? I'm not sure what part number to look for, dimensions, etc. I'm a complete noob when it comes to fountain pen repair, so any advice is appreciated!
  3. rtrinkner

    Need A Black Skyline Cap Derby

    Hello, I'm restoring a standard-sized Skyline (silver moire color) and need a black derby to complete the cap. Does anybody have one to sell me? (To be clear: I don't need the whole cap, just the mushroom-shaped plastic derby portion of the cap. It needs to be black.) Thanks! Richard
  4. sidthecat

    What Nib For A Model 52?

    Some months ago I bought a Model 52 with a Moore Maniflex nib. It's somewhat crumpled and a bit too wet, so I was thinking of replacing it with a proper Waterman nib. I wonder if the collective wisdom of the forum can advise me what I should look out for, and perhaps someone can explain why one nib is worth 30 bucks and another worth 900?
  5. sidthecat

    Anyone Have A Ringtop Escape?

    I work at a job where I sometimes have to take physical notes or draw pictures away from my desk, so I've gotten into the habit of wearing a ringtop fp on a lanyard. It's distressing, therefore, to notice how easily my 52 1/2 v unscrews itself from its cap and drops off. I lost a very valuable pen of another make some months ago and it makes me wonder if this has happened to anyone else? Judging from the large number of caps on ebay, I suspect this happens a lot, but I also notice that pens from the 30s and 40s seem a bit less prone to the problem. Experiences, anyone? Please share your pain, or any methods you have for keeping cap and pen together.
  6. kircher

    Nibs, Clips, Etc.

    Hello! Is there a section of the forum where people offer spare parts of pens like extra nibs, clips, etc. and where we can post our request to the other members of the community?
  7. Hi all, I have one little Esterbrook pen and to me it looks like multiple pens. Can someone kindly tell me what I have purchased? It was purchased from a dealer, not on ebay. What is it? How old is it? Best nib? My concern is that the jewel caps seem wrong for the pen and match the grip. I knew the grip didn't match the barrel when i purchased, but thought it was okay because the jewels matched. Did someone just cobble this together? Also... I recently purchased an unopened box of Esterbrook dip nibs, Assortment #11. I cannot find anywhere what the contents are. Is it worth more to leave intact or should I open the box and use some and sell/trade the others?? Seems to be the latest version of box. Thanks all for ANY help!!
  8. mannyboy2680

    Please Help Me Find The Missing Pieces

    Hi guys! In one of my most recent trips to my grandpa's house, he noticed the fountain pens I was carrying, and to my delight he used to have some himself! He looked around the house, and could only find this, which he gave to me: http://imgur.com/zsf3suq It is an unidentified Sheaffer 14k gold nib, possibly extra fine, which writes beautifully and takes Sheaffer cartridges. That's about all the information I have on it though. I would really really REALLY love to find replacements to the missing parts, so that I can have this beautiful pen up and running again as one of my daily writers. This holds tremendous sentimental value for me due to the fact that my grandpa gave it to me, and I'd love to fully restore it to usable condition. Any help in pointing to the right direction will be GREATLY appreciated. thanks in advance guys!
  9. grainweevil

    Snorkel - Missing Cap

    Folks, I've recently acquired a black Snorkel missing its cap for a couple of quid. I bought it with the view that it'd be a good hands-on education on a filling system that was new to me, but now I've got it working and cleaned up, it seems a shame to consign it to a life sporting an ill-fitting Hero 616 cap (being the only thing I have handy to protect it). The nib is a Triumph style with "M4" faintly visible on the rear, which research leads me to believe means it's a medium in Palladium Silver and would have been found on a Statesman or a Clipper. Is it worth trying to find a correct cap for it, or at least "a" Snorkel cap? And if yes, any suggestions of from whom? I'm not an eBayer - I fear once I start I'll never stop, so I've never started. As you may have guessed, I know next to nothing of these pens and their place in the pen world - never expected to see one, never mind own one. Any advice up to and including "chuck it in the parts bin" is gratefully received. I'm aware that I have a tendency to want to make working tools out of pens that sensible people would discard as a worthless cause and need to be gently lead away by kind people. Cheers, Al
  10. wvbeetlebug

    Sheaffer Compact Missing Part?

    I picked up this lovely gem from The Bay. I finally got around to cleaning it up which consisted of a simple flush and a quick buff. Sadly I believe that my Compact is missing a part. As compared to my Sheaffer Holly Pen it would appear that the Compact is missing the "collar" which would hold the cartridge in place. I tried it with a cartridge and it was hard to judge if the cartridge was dead on or not. The pen was writing very well and then the ink flowed stopped. I twisted open the barrel and sure enough the cartridge had dislodged from the nipple and was stuck up inside of the barrel. So that said. Where would I find such a part and what would it be called if it exists so that I may look for it?
  11. Centopar

    52 1/2 V Section

    I had an accident the other day when I was removing a perished sac from a very pretty (and otherwise intact) 452 1/2 V: the nipple part of the section where the sac attaches crumbled along with the remains of the sac itself when I started to scrape the sac rubber off gently, so there's no longer a complete nipple to attach a new sac to. I need to replace the section, but the only pens I have for parts are the wrong size: the closest I have is a 52 V, but the section on that has too large a diameter. Two questions: does anyone have both a 52 1/2 and a 52 1/2 V they can compare to let me know whether the sections are identical in size? (It makes shopping for a parts pen on eBay a bit easier if they are.) And is there anyone out there who sells parts only?
  12. First off, I hope that this is in the right part of the forums. For the last 4 years I've had a Platignum FP with a hooded nib (my memory, unreliable as it is, tells me it was a No. 4 (or maybe No. 5) but I could be wrong) as an "everyday" pen and I have really enjoyed using it - decent writer, metal body, nice "rubbery" grip, smart look (it's a white one with black detailing) overall it's been great value for money. It has sat inkless for a month or so while I sorted myself out getting cartridges (the only downside of the pen has to be that it's proprietary cartridges only, and that the cartridges aren't common enough to just grab a pack at the supermarket). New ones finally arrived yesterday, so I quickly flushed the nib, discovering that, yes, I had been lazy and left it all inky and so I left it soaking for an hour. Picked the nib out of the water and a tiny piece of plastic fell out (no I hadn't used boiling water or anything like that - blood temperature water and a tiny drop of fairy liquid was all). Turns out it was the tip of the feed that would pierce the end of a cartridge. I can replace the whole pen for around £10, but as I have a matching rollerball, and the pen looks brand new, I don't really want to, I just need a new nib section (or possibly just a new feed, though I'm wary of that, with it being hooded, scared if I try to take it apart I'll just break the whole thing). I'd definitely rather have the hooded version of the section, but the new version of this pen (the Platignum Studio - identical but for the nib) isn't hooded, so I haven't got my heart set on a hooded one. I know it's just as inexpensive, but not as common as a Lamy Safari or a Parker Vector, and if it was there would be tons of people on here who could tell me where to go for parts, but I was hoping there might still be someone who would know abou them. It may be a "low-end" pen, but I like it, which is, after all, what matters! Can anyone please help? I'll contact Platignum as well, but they don't sell any pens themselves, so I don't think they would be able to sell me parts, but they should be able to direct me to someone who stocks them - if anyone does. However, if other instances of contacting manufacturers directly, they will suggest that I buy a whole new pen instead of just a part. Of course it is a £10-12 pen, so there is a certain logic to regarding it as semi-disposable, but I don't like to think of any fountain pen (except for the ones made that way) as something to just be thrown away. Edit: NB - Duh! I finally thought to google for images and it definitely is not a No. 4, but a No. 5 with the hooded version of the nib.
  13. Bigeddie

    A Different 149 Or A Frankenpen?

    Hi all, I just picked up a 149 from (you've guessed it) eBay, It has a lot to answer for. Based on it's parts it is from around 1990-1991, but I haven't seen anything quite like it. This is exciting and worrying at the same time. Opinions please: Nib: 18K duotone (Left Oblique Medium) Threads: Brass Cap band: W. Germany Serial: EB100379 Feed: Ebonite I was particularly interested to know if the serial number had any significance. I know they came in around this time. I don't know if it's something of an anomaly, or if it is made up of odd parts. There is some damage to the threads, but I got a reasonable price and the nib is smooth (once I had worked out it was a left oblique!). I'm just wondering how it fits in with the production history. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3792/9293358824_ab3dce7531_z.jpgIMAGE_30B1380C-1018-408A-A6EE-408CDE7DC696.JPG by Bigeddie100, on Flickr http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5549/9293356758_235a554ddf_z.jpgIMAGE_74145632-E36D-47A1-BD3E-AFC0C5E8FDD2.JPG by Bigeddie100, on Flickr http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3673/9290578377_afd05faca2_z.jpgIMAGE_1886832A-C1E3-47A8-884B-0A3AF7BA898B.JPG by Bigeddie100, on Flickr http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7288/9293351536_a4450f2e43_z.jpgIMAGE_B0C01E75-1C58-4D2A-90DE-29D2BB2F1893.JPG by Bigeddie100, on Flickr http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2807/9290571883_d7dc37bd2e_z.jpgIMAGE_CB479AB7-48F5-4A47-88E5-5C17A56E1871.JPG by Bigeddie100, on Flickr http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7440/9290568795_a1aaaf6623_z.jpgIMAGE_2F21D3B9-8F0A-4285-8556-E9CA0D837307.JPG by Bigeddie100, on Flickr

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