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  1. gibbs

    Parker 45 Z Vs Y Nibs

    I own a number of parker 45 nibs and while looking on ebay to try and track down the missing ones I came across a Y nib I have however been unable to find any information on then although it does look kind of similar to the Z nib and wondered if anyone knew abit more about them
  2. I have a Parker 45 Flighter with a black tail that has deep bite marks on it. They are too deep to polish out. Already tried that. I wondered about buying a cheap Flighter, hopefully with perfect black tail, but first please can anyone let me know how easy is it to unscrew these black tail end pieces? Are they all the same size and fitting method whether they are English or USA made? Are they glued in as well as being screwed in? If there are differences that I need to know before I start, how can I tell them apart? Thanks.
  3. Hello! This is technically my second topic, but I only just found out about this introduction forum. I've been pretty active on reddit.com/r/fountainpens (my username is the same as on here) these past couple months, but I thought I'd join this forum as well! I've been using fountain pens since I was 13 I think, but around sometime last year I kind of started collecting more pens. Up to that moment I had written with a cheap (around 3 euros) fountain pen from a Dutch store. That one had been used and abused a lot, so I wanted to buy a new pen. At this point I didn't know much about fountain pens, so I got a Parker Jotter, thinking it would be a good pen (because it was a Parker). I also just really love Parker's arrow clip and have pretty small hands, so I thought I'd like it. I didn't, and started using my old pen again, mostly. Then later I got a Jinhao x750 (white) and a Lamy Safari (Petrol, F) and I really liked those. I started buying more inks, and ended up with a couple more Chinese pens, including a black matte x750, a Jinhao 992 and a Jinhao 911. A few days ago I got a Parker 45 CT Flighter with a 14K nib (a Fine, I'm pretty sure), which is my first "serious" pen, I suppose. I recently got a bottle of Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrün. I'm usually not a fan of bright colours, but this one is such a joy to use. Other than that I've been using Lamy Petrol, Pelikan Brilliant Brown and Waterman Absolute Brown a lot. I'm planning on ordering some iron gall ink and other permanent ink soon, I'm currently looking at KWZ Mandarin, Turquoise and Noodler's Black. The latter not being too exciting, but the only black I currently own is Waterman Intense Black and it's not permanent and not, well, intense enough for me. I'm planning on buying a black Pilot 91 with a SFM, FM or SF nib this month. I actually have a question about that to anyone who owns a Pilot soft nib: would you say it's suitable for quick, daily note taking? Or would I be better off with a stiffer, regular nib? Also, would you say a SFM would be too wet to use on cheap paper? I'm a college student, so being able to use it on cheap paper would definitely help. Sincerely, thespyingdutchman
  4. Hello, I recently got a Parker 45 Flighter with a 14K gold nib. I really love it, it has been a great writer so far. I'm really interested in trying some iron gall inks, because I like the permanence aspect to them, as well as the fact that they darken the longer they are on the page. I just really like the idea of them and would like to try some out. I was thinking of trying KWZ Turquoise and Mandarin in particular, because I love the colours and they're supposedly really wet inks, which I think would go well with the pretty dry, fine nib I have on the 45. I want to use them in the 45 because it doesn't seem to have any metal parts that could corrode, has a gold nib and is easy to take apart and clean. Anyway, are there any parts that could corrode that I might be missing? Or are there any other reasons why you'd advice against using iron gall in this particular pen? I know the risks of iron gall inks. I clean my pens very often and use them daily, so I think I'd be fine. I just don't want to ruin my pen because I missed something. Thanks.
  5. Hi FPN! I'm new on this forum (I usually browse reddit.com/r/fountainpens), so I'm still learning how all this works. This seems to be the right place to ask my questions. I just ordered a vintage Parker pen from a seller in my country (The Netherlands). Here are some pictures the seller provided. It looks like a Parker 45 Flighter to me, but I'm not sure and by no means an expert. I paid 20 euros for it, which is around $25. Can you help me identify the model of the pen? And is 20 euros a good deal? I think I read somewhere $20-$30 is a normal price for this pen. The seller said it does have a date engraved on the barrel, but as long as it's just a date I think it's actually pretty cool. And to anyone who owns this pen, would you recommend it as a daily carry for a college student? Thanks in advance! EDIT: I had a question about what converter this pen takes, but I've edited this out because I've found my answer.
  6. gibbs

    Parker 45 Clicking Nib

    I have a parker 45 fitted with an extra fine nib. While I was at work it rolled off my knee onto the floor, I am now starting to question whether its a rule that the rarer a nib is the more likely something is to go wrong as I've placed my TWSBI down in exactly the same way more time than I can count and it's never moved. The nib shifted slightly but with very gentle pressure from my thumbnail, it went back into place. Luckily I had brought my other 45 nibs into work with me to give them a dunk into some gold cleaner so I had something to compare it to. Even before I put it back into place it continued to write fine and still does after however, I noticed that it occasionally clicks if my angle changes past a certain point while writing. Now I am not 100% sure if it did click before the fall as I had only fitted the nib the day before and hadn't used it much. But I am wondering is it something that I should take steps to fix and if so what would be the best course of action. Or considering the fact that it writes fine should I just leave it be.
  7. H1N

    Parker 45

    Hello It's all about Parker 45! as a Pen, nib or any part... photos, links or even drawings will help us to know more about this mighty Pen and its variety models. Best regards H1N
  8. El Gordo

    What Does I7 On A Parker 45 Mean ?

    OK, it is weird, I own the P45 some 40-50 years and only noticed it today ... The pen has my name engraved (on the barrel), and when I look at my name, o vanity, I can not see the other engraving (on the section close to the barrel on the opposite side of my name. It reads I7 (or 17 sans-serif?) but this does not seem to be in the list of date codes for Parker ? Any idea ?
  9. I have found a Parker 45 propelling pencil. Can anyone advise if there's any lead that will fit it? Thank you
  10. chromantic

    P45 - Stampings On Caps

    I have four 45s, 3 US and 1 UK. All of the caps have "PARKER" stamped under the clip and "Made in US/UK" on the back. Two of them, 1 US and 1 UK, also have a large "45" stamped on each side between the front and back stamps. Might this indicate, approximately, when they were made? There are no yr/qtr stamps on them, like on my Frontiers.
  11. Any tips on tightening the clutch fingers on a Parker 45 to cure a loose fitting cap? I understand that taking the cap apart is the best method but I don't know if mine is held in place with a rivet or a screw-in jewell. (I do have a jewell top.) I have tried bending the clutch fingers by sticking a screw driver in the cap but can't seem to reliably "catch" on the fingers. Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  12. casualmerlinconstant

    Are Parker 45 Steel Nibs Prone To Corrosion?

    I bought a new (supposedly nos) Parker 45 nib assembly in gold trim recently. It writes nicely but when I disassembled it, lo and behold underneath the nib are little craters of varying size. What could've caused this? Is it corrosion? Should I be careful what inks to use? It writes nicely so I want to save it haha.
  13. Wondering how much this pen is worth, as I'm suspecting that I grossly overpaid for it. I recently got this Parker 45 at a pen show and was very happy with my purchase. It has a 14k gold nib and writes beautifully. I don't have a deep knowledge of fountain pens (only started collecting last year), so I just trusted the dealer's price. However, when I got home, I started doing some research, and discovered that the pen is being sold on ebay for much, much lower than what I had paid. The dealer said that it was a rare version of the pen because of the gold cap and the lighter red color, which is why it was double the price of the other Parker 45's. She also threw in a converter, a bottle of ink, and a leather pen case -- maybe she was feeling guilty? I don't want to say how much I paid until I get some responses first because I feel really dumb and depressed. Thoughts?
  14. Captivelight

    Red Parker 45 Flighter

    Can anyone please tell me anything about this Red Parker 45 Flighter - it's not something I have come across before with matching red section and end tip on a brushed steel Flighter body with gold trim. Pen was made in the US but I purchased it from Japan. Fine 14K Gold nib fitted when I got it. Was this a standard colour? Any idea of dates ... anything would be useful! Thank you. http://pencollect.co.uk/personal/45red.jpg
  15. Captivelight

    Parker 45 Coronet Set

    Happy days - today's post brought me the final pen that I needed to complete my set of Parker 45 Coronets http://pencollect.co.uk/personal/23.jpg The Coronets were introduced in around 1967 and featured a colored anodized aluminum body, a wider clutch ring then the regular 45 Flighters and a unique marking among the 45 family where the Parker logo is inscribed in line with the clip. Less easy to notice, they tend to be 1mm shorter in length then the 45 Flighter and are lighter in weight. Colors are Red, Blue, Grey, Green, Brown (often called Orange) and Black.
  16. Hi to all, can you help me in two points: Are the pens in the photos bellow Parker 45 Flighter model? (it looks like from what I've seen of pictures through Google-it) Is there a way to date them? (I search the web but the methods I've seen all talked about gold trims and these are all silver...) Here are the photos. It's a duo set, with two fountain pens in a box. One is a Medium Nib and the Other a Fine nib. One thing I noticed and found strange is that one says "Made in France" and the other "Made in England"... The box looks old and is not in very good condition as you can see bellow. But the pens are in great shape. To be honest the reason I would like to confirm the model and a date range, if possible, is just to sell them because I do not use them. I wanted to put them for sale somewhere like the eBay but at least I want to put the correct description on it. This being a Parker forum, please don't get me wrong these are good pens and both are smooth and wet writers but I have quite some fountain pens already and end up using other. Mainly because of the size. Your inputs will be very helpful and appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Armand.D

    Ink Flow Problem ? Parker 45

    Hello everyone, some months ago I received a parker 45 from a kindly member, and have a problem with one.. I decided to test it and found a deluxe converter to fit it, then filled it with usual BB ink but.. writing : it only puts down a very very fine line + I have to exerce a lot of pressure to see the ink properly. It was already cleaned before, does it means I have to use ammonia, or that the feed is damaged ? I've done nothing special with it and the member approved that he sent it nearly mint/carefully, the problem is not here so I have no ideas.. Your thoughts ? Thank you. (pictures of nib/etc below) EDIT : Actually works, but at a very uncomfortable angle for me.. (lefty over-writer) 2 solutions : - your method to increase the flow - type of nib not for me http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/11/1426343103-1-v2.jpg http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/11/1426343191-2-v2.jpg http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/11/1426343197-3-v2.jpg
  18. Lovely_Pen

    Parker 45 With Italic Nib?

    I recently bought a Parker 45 off the bay, which was described as having a "very broad nib." Little did I realize that it was a Broad Italic nib, marked by the "E" on the back of the section...I'm guessing the seller had little idea as to what he had offered. The pen wasn't in the best shape when it arrived, and required some TLC. While it's a lovely writer, the B nib is just a little too broad for my taste and handwriting style. Does anyone know if Parker made 45's with a Medium Italic nib? I do really love a good italic nib, and this one is lovely--I'm assuming any other italic nibs they made are similarly great.
  19. Runnin_Ute

    Parker 45 Desk Set

    Just got this Parker 45 desk set in a divided wood box. I won't have it for a few days or so, but it sure looks nice. Appears to be from the late 1960's. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Parker-45-Fountain-Pen-Desk-Set-on-Wooden-Divided-Box-/331416979084?_ilink=&_trkparms=gh1g%3DI331416979084.N9.S1.M-2451.R1.TR1&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=Tcfh0W%252FmV6LD7nQM49fbpbLUFwE%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
  20. casualmerlinconstant

    Parker 45 Nib Collar Is Misaligning The Nib?

    Hello FPN, I have a Parker 45 flighter that's got a case of tine alignment issue. The problem is, the nib is not actually mis-aligned, when I disassemble it, (ie. take the collar off the nib unit freeing the nib) the nib tines are perfectly aligned. However when I reassemble it, the collar seems to be pushing one tine downwards further than the other resulting in scratchiness . Is this a common problem with parker 45s? Is there a way to prevent the collar from pushing one tine down further than the other? I've tried rotating the collar a bit and jiggling it around as I slide it up the feed to no avail. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  21. h.farmawi

    Parker 45

    few days ago i got 3 nice pens a Sheaffer Imperial and 2 beautifully colored Parker 45 pens, both of them came with a Fine Nib one of them -the gold plated one- was very clean so i didnt do anything to it and the other one needed some service so i did it and im currently using it, such a nice pen very smooth, fantastic grip and decent ink flow even when im using cheap paper it writes perfectly without any problems. here is some pictures for both of them :http://imageshack.com/a/img534/3292/qyd7.jpghttp://imageshack.com/a/img822/6840/dsi0.jpghttp://imageshack.com/a/img850/2144/5qol.jpg
  22. EJKorvette

    Parker 45 Extra Fine Italic Nib

    I have searched high and low for one of these (the housing is not marked with an identifying code letter), and I'm beginning to think they may be unobtanium. Does anyone have an idea where I may be able to find one?
  23. poisonball

    Hi There From Singapore!

    Hi there! I'm from Singapore, really into fountain pens but alas aren't really rich enough to buy the more drool worthy pens; I've just splurged on a vanishing point decimo on rakuten, and hopefully it willactually turn up.... So we're moving house, because the house is getting renovated, and we had to clean out all our junk to store it away for a year. The whole of last month we'd been packing and stuff -though OUR stuff, had been cleared out. My mother's stuff, is... well, still all over the place. So last weekend I had been clearing out some last bits of stationery and found what i thought was my mother's fountain pen. Now I don't really like my mother's fountain pens because I had had the impression that it was thick, heavy stuff that didn't write well for me. It was a stainless steel parker; I figured what the hell, might as well try andclean it up. I remember having vague memories of trying to clean up one of my mother's pens before (I think it was my mother's . It might be my sister's?) but it hadn't written very well. But now that I have found the Fountain Pen Network, I decided I could try and soak it in vinegar solution (about half a mug of water to 1 small cap of white vinegar) and see. This is when I discovered that it was a Parker 45, also known as a Flighter, because it's stainless steel body. It's vintage! The silver trimmed one is made in australia even! So I cleaned it out - in the lab because I have access to acetone and ethanol, I could clean off the rust and dust - the only thing left is the greenish corrosion on the clip which I suspect is chromium oxide. Not sure how to clean that off other than manual scraping. The bladder seemed to be busted though - split. So I was a bit disappointed, because it seemed like it was welded to the nib - it and its vintage ness! Then FPN said that 45s were one of the first models to be completely cartridge/convertors. ! One thing they said was to soak it for 30 mintues with warm water - so I did that. Practised guitar while it soaked. and then the busted convertor poppped right off! So I soaked it for 2 days in vinegar water solution, and then another half day of water, and then put it in a little baggie of silicon crystals to dry out . then when I pulled ito ut to test the ink, I discovered the feed din't quite fit into the barrel anymore. It had shrunk! D: (FPN now says that sometimes heat can shrink it. Damn I must have put it in too-warm water) Then I remembered - much earlier this year, I had found another buncha fountain pens from my brother's collection. He'd lost interest in fountain pens by then, and gave them to me .One of these pens was also my mother's parker (HSe must have had two) and it hadn't worked very well I remember. But i dug it out anyway, and lo and behold it was the SAME PEN. Except with gold trim! And then I realised - the pen I was cleaning now, had a gold coloured nib. The pen I just dug out had a steel coloured nib but the barrel had gold trim. it had been swapped over! Now i have TWO flighters Parker 45! Silver trimmed made in Australia, Gold made in the USA. So now this pens nib is being soaked too, just to make sure it's fully clean, and then I'll reassemble them and test them out later. :D :D http://delfinnium.dreamwidth.org/file/43091.jpg The silver/chrome cap's corrosion. http://delfinnium.dreamwidth.org/file/42817.jpg It came with the gold nib. (And actually the silver accent ring at the base of the pen, not the gold coloured one) http://delfinnium.dreamwidth.org/file/43436.jpg more corrosion. http://delfinnium.dreamwidth.org/file/43594.jpg split bladder of the Gold-nibbed, silver trimmed one. http://delfinnium.dreamwidth.org/file/42567.jpg Now both of them! anyone's got tips on how to remove the green corrosion on the silvery clip? ?
  24. Watermonkey314

    What's Going On Here?

    I'm new to the vintage pen thing. I've started with Parker 45s after reading OcalaFlGuy's enthusiastic praise of them), and I've recently acquired a few at excellent (to me) prices. (2 plastic GTs with steel nibs at ~$20 in excellent / mint condition, plus a NOS flighter, also steel-nibbed at ~$30 - I do realize I've missed out on a 14k nib, so I'm still fishing for a reasonably-priced one). But this baffles me - am I missing something that makes this 45 worth 4+ times more than any other? (Olive green 45 GT with a 14k XF nib, fully serviced, now at $105!!). Or did someone just get carried away?
  25. I would like to share my delight of acquiring some older fps : they are parker 45 , particularly shield pattern with green paint , a pattern unknown to me atleast before.A lady sheaffer in black color with golden overlay type pattern , has a 14 k medium nib , excelent writers . I still value these "oldies " and extremely happy to have these wonderful pens !

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