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  1. During an internet outage this evening, I went out to one of my local Walmarts and came away with triplets. A set of Norcom composition books, one each from the US, Mexico, and Vietnam... http://i.imgur.com/qFkKf7S.jpg Mexico top left, Vietnam top right. I put them through their paces with different pens, inks, and nibs. The results speak for themselves, I think... http://i.imgur.com/bO1mX62.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oGnWhHj.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/tIXdXWt.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/DWmcLXp.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/5uaWfXm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xUax6ZE.jpg The Vietnamese book far outperformed the American and the Mexican books. At 88 cents US, the Made in Vietnam Norcom composition book is an absolute bargain. (And it's a bit obvious what album I was listening to while doing these tests, hmm? )
  2. While perusing Badger and Blade yesterday (as it seems a number of us do), I found a running thread with this title and wondered if it could be adapted to FPs. So to break the ice, here's my starter for 10: Pen - Conway Stewart 58 - UK Ink - Pilot - Japan Paper - HP 32lb Letter - US (Yes, I did carry a ream back in hand luggage !) Notebook - Clairefontaine A5 - France Diary - W H Smiths mini leather A6 6-hole refillable - UK Is it a goer?
  3. I meant to do this back at the end of October but I forgot about it and a post on Facebook reminded me to do it. When I first bought an Oberon book cover it came with an insert that was easily the worst paper I'd ever used. It was like writing on tissue paper. It feathered everywhere, often spreading out into the paper like nothing I've ever seen and the bleed through meant the reverse side of the page was completely unusable, sometimes bleeding through two pages. I fixed it with a Tomoe insert curtesy of Gatzbon here on FPN (still using it!). Essentially though I bought Oberon for the cover not for the insert. I'd heard about the poor quality paper of the inserts but had no idea it was quite so terrible. The quality of the covers are second to none - very high quality, beautifully finished, robust and tough. So, I found it hard to resist another one when the opportunity presented itself. It came again with the large black covered insert. However, it does seem like they have improved the paper considerably. It's not perfect by any means, but it isn't like tissue paper. Some inks will feather a tiny bit but not greatly so, and I'm glad to report there is no excessive bleed through. I'm presuming they 'upped' the quality at some point and I may have missed the announcement, but thought I better post here to let folks know, or have you correct me if I'm wrong and I just got a freak insert!
  4. Where can I buy a case of Tomoe River paper? I don't mind importing from Japan!
  5. What's the verdict on Shinola notebooks? I saw a display for them at my local Barnes & Noble. Are they more fountain pen friendly than Moleskine? Bennett
  6. Voodoo463

    Paper In Germany

    Hello, I recently made a post earlier, but I think I might have put it in the wrong section. I have moved to Aachen, Germany and am dipping my feet into fountain pens. I have acquired a Fabri Castel writink with a B nib, and am in the process of looking for quality paper to use for it. Cost is negligible, I would rather gather my options now and narrow them later. I was advised that: Clairfontaine would be an excellent paper to choose from, but I was wondering if there were any others people had in mind? I'm thinking specifically German and European manufactures that are not easily obtained in the U.S. (as well as some options that might be). Thanks!
  7. I recently picked up my first fountain pen. Actually, it is my second, but my first was nearly 4 years ago, and I never used it to its full potential. I'm trying to adapt to a Faber Castell WRITink with a B nib. The papers I am writing with however, seem to have a decent amount of feathering. I currently live in Aachen Germany, and as germans usually have a german equivalent of everything non german, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for good quality paper of all price ranges (all I care about is quality) the price I will decide on. I know 32lb hp premium choice paper is a constant recommendation, what would be the german equivalent of this? I know many german companies are hesitant to sell online or ship oversees, but are available through domestic distributors, any advice would be great. I'm running blind!
  8. Hi All, First time posting on here. I have recently become fascinated with the fountain pen and paper realm. Curious if anyone has seen my dream notebook? !!WANTED!! B5 Threadbound Hardcover 90+ sheets FP Friendly paper (obvious no?) Dot Grid Multiple ribbons Numbered pages 81 - 100 gsm 10-20 perforated pages If not? How do I find a manufacturer to create this unicorn notebook? I appreciate all your advice in advance. Best, Oscar
  9. It appears that everyone here hates the old Moleskine. I have noticed that they advertise quite a bit on this site. So someone here must be buying them. I would like to hear from the people that like them. What have you been doing with them? Have you customized them? I personally mostly use fine point nibs so I have never had a problem with them. Of course you need to buy them on sale. This is a lot easier to do with something you can pick up at Staples. I have put pen loops, pockets and extra book markers on them. This one is a book that I am working on at the moment. It is pictured here up side down to show the additions better. It has cap from a Pilot Varsity attacked to the top of the book. I use that as a holder for my red pen. The sleeve attached to the side of the book can accommodate you average size fountain pen. In general I have a Nemosine Singularity on the pocket. My singularity always had a fine point nib.I have never had bleed through ghosting or feathering.
  10. Hi all: My job is often filled with details I can't remember so I want to get a notebook I can write things down in and hopefully, remember them. I have read good things about the Leuchtturm 1917 in the that is about 5 x 8. I saw them in a store tonight but they are in plastic so I was unable to feel the paper. Any thoughts on this brand of notebook? I tend to write with broad nibs and use Noodlers ink. I do not mind a touch of bleed through but I am hoping it is held to a minimum. Any opinions on this for a notebook to use to jot down ideas and things to get done? If you do not like this one, I would love to hear what you do like in a similar size. Only other things I want in this grail notebook is that it folds flat when I write and it is a soft cover type. Also, as aside, it seem a bit strange to me to write on both sides of the paper. Do most people use both sides? Any help really appreciated. Best to all!
  11. Alright, I've got a search challenge related to several practical limitations. I'm a hook handed lefty that has been using ef to med nib fountain pens for everything, but I've recently run into a problem where I can't find notebooks that fit my needs. The following preferences for the notebook are in order of relative necessity. The notebook has to be bound, glued, or otherwise spiral free (because spirals are murder). It has to be either grid or dot graph. Preferably 3 mm-4 mm I'm not opposed to it being a nonstandard graph such as isometric graph, because, why not. I have to be able to fit a regular set of lectures in it. e.g. it needs to hold approx 100 pages of notes and have fp friendly paper. I want it to be somewhere between B5 and A5 although a little bigger or smaller isn't a deal breaker. I prefer it to be a simple cover... nothing too fancy: simple softback or hardback are fine.I usually can find something that meets 2 of these specifications at once, but rarely can I find something that meets 3-4 of them, and I have yet to have found something that meets all 5. I would be deeply impressed if someone found something that met all of these things. May your bandwidth be wide, Alexander O.
  12. burf


    I have received a few A4 sized sheets of excellent (FP friendly, lightweight, off-white) paper. In fact I like them so much that I want to have them bound but there are no good-quality paper binding services in my neighbourhood. Can someone please give me some ideas about how I could use these lovely sheets of paper? Thank you.
  13. So this is a bit odd being on an international forum, but as a South African, I am truly unaware as to where to purchase proper, decent quality journals or paper. The best 'name-brand' I have found is moleskine, but the quality is a hit and miss with their work due to them sourcing from different places. Then if I had to import myself, I end up paying $60-$90 for a $18-$24 notebook. (quo vadis, Rhodia). Are there any South Africans on the forum that would be able to assist me in trying to find anything that comes close to the Rhodia, Quo Vadis, etc? No stationary shops I can find stocks anything. Went as far as getting my friend in book distribution to call all her suppliers and her customers...nothing. No clairefontein, nudda. They have not even heard of the names. Any help would be appreciated. Or any place overseas which offers free shipping to this side of the world would suffice. Customs+shipping comes to $40 o.O
  14. Uncial

    Angled Lines

    I've been trying to brush up on some calligraphy - it's been a while, but I'm enjoying trying. I've noticed a few demo's online that use an angled lined paper as a guide for Copperplate and such scripts. It is gridded but with angled lines running down the whole page which make it particularly useful for judging spacing and symmetry. Does anyone know a supplier? (preferably European)
  15. Hello! I am new to calligraphy (I started in June 2016). I practice quite a bit, and hope to eventually use the skill as a side business addressing and designing invitations / cards. When you do work for clients, where do you buy your paper? Do you buy it online, if so which websites are best? Or can I find good stationary at a store like Michaels? I appreciate any help. Thank you!
  16. Hi, I am planning to import Tomoe River paper from Japan. In case any of you are interested, let me know and i can perhaps order for you as well. Specifications: Size: A4 Colour: White/Cream (as majority decides) Thickness: 68gsm (normal is 52gsm, this is more expensive and has less showthrough as compared to 52gsm) Expected Price: INR 11-12 per sheet I will only place the order once i have confirmation of people taking 4000 sheets. Edit: To avoid any confusion, this group buy is only for Indians living in India. I don't have Paypal to accept money from abroad and neither do i want to fill customs forms for it Any postage cost incurred for postage inside India would be borne by you. If you are in Delhi or Mumbai, you can collect it at any of the meets.
  17. Hi all, I know I'm at fault for not doing too much of my own research on this one, but masters applications leave me with no time. I've been doing pen and ink doodles for years now, but I always used paper that I found in basements and garages, regardless of quality. A friend has asked me to help him design a logo for his company. I was thinking about a dip pen and maybe India ink to do something like copperplate text, but I need paper that won't bleed and feather. Anyone have suggestions for something moderately priced? I'll take loose leaf or pads-- don't care. Would love an ink recommendation too if anyone has one. I've just been using Quink black this whole time, but maybe something else will also help to stop bleeding and feathering. Thanks!
  18. Here I leave you some of the notebooks, "Venvstas Bohéme Montmartre" made in Paris, in our atelier in Montmartre. Crude leather and carbon fiber. http://www.venvstas.com/copy-of-accessories
  19. Hi, I am currently a student in college. I would like to share this notebook that I recently bought. This is the MUJI Notebook B5 with 6mm ruling. http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x187/sofia819/IMG_0765.jpg http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x187/sofia819/Front.jpg http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x187/sofia819/Back.jpg http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x187/sofia819/IMG_0766.jpg http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x187/sofia819/IMG_0767.jpg http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x187/sofia819/IMG_0769.jpg Pros: Relatively cheap, about $11-$12 for five notebooks right now. However, I bought it with a cheaper price. Reasonable size for note taking (B5), similar to a composition notebook. No bleed-through, at least I don't see any. Minimal show-through, writing on both sides is possible. Simple design, no logos or markings on the notebook cover. Cons: Some feathering with certain inks. In my case, the Nemosine Singularity with Noodler's La Couleur Royale. The corners of the notebook may bend easily. Things to be aware of: The color and texture of the notebook feel like Fabriano EcoQua, cream colored and with some texture. It's a lined notebook. The drying time depends on the ink and pen. My Pilot Cavalier F dried more slowly than my Pilot 78G B did. This is a bound notebook. It will lay flat as the binding breaks in, or you can just exert some force to make it lay flat. The 6mm ruling could be too narrow for some people. There are only 30 sheets/60 pages in one notebook. I recommend using drier inks with a fine nib, although the Pilot 78G B with Noodler's Kiowa Pecan performed well, but I don't think a broad nib is suitable for such narrow ruling. Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I6XY068 I hope you find this useful! Sofia
  20. Hi, I am normally a fan of Rhodia paper and have used them without any problem. Anyway, I heard good things about Leuchtturm and decide to give it a try and bought an A5 hard cover dotted notebook from them. With great expectation, I tried the notebook with my wet noodle swan and here is the result. Is it normal for this brand? Here is the same pen and ink on Rhodia notebook
  21. Anybody know of any nice printed stationary that is fountain pen friendly? Not cards, but sheets of paper? I'm tired of using the same old blank Tomoe River on EVERY LETTER. (I love T.R. but enough already lol) The more specific you are about the name of it, the easier my googling will be. Extra points for customizable stationary.
  22. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say that for those of you looking for quality copy/looseleaf paper the Double A paper sold in Amazon is incredibly smooth and reasonably priced (35$ per case). As a student I needed a cheap solution for looseleaf so I printed the college ruled template (found on Incompetech website) on it and you can even print and write on both sides (very little shadow)
  23. I really do like sheen, I think that it and shading are the two most beautiful properties you can have in an ink, but after some research, it looks like the best way to get sheen is to use an ink resistant paper. Now, that wouldn't be a problem, but I'm left-handed! What kind of papers should I use to get sheen while not letting my hand blot the ink everywhere and ending up with a blue/purple/red left hand? If it helps, when I write, the pen will usually be about 3-4 cm away from my hand, long fingers (this might help with allowing a little more dry time). Thanks!
  24. I found this paper at my school and decided that I just had to share it here. It's SOL copy paper, made in Australia, suspiciously unavailable online, but there's tons at my school so I'm happy about that. Since I assume it's not readily commercially available, this'll just be a short blurb about the paper in case other people chance upon it. Specs: Brand: Australian Made (?) Name: SOL copy paper Recycled: 30% Size: 8.5x11 letter size but also available in A4 size Brightness: 96 ISO Weight: 20lb (74 gsm) Format: Loose leaf copy paper, 500 sheets/ream URL: http://www.australianmade.com.au/licensees/australian-paper/sol-copy-paper Summary of the review: Good shading, some sheen in a Japanese F nib, very little feathering, allows for a fine line that's a little rough around the edges. Fairly white and fairly light.This paper makes me happy. So the outside is very unassuming, to put it nicely. Here's a picture from the internet: http://www.eurobiuras.lt/media/dynamic/img/preke_319842/18135_large_po-dau-35573.jpg The paper's light like one would expect, and it's something I like in a paper. The pen and ink here is a Pilot Metropolitan F with Diamine Blue Velvet. "But Tea," you exclaim "Japanese fines don't hardly feather on ANYTHING!" Okay, kind of true, but they still do better on some papers than others, and I only have one pen with me, and some review is better than nothing. Enough talk, time for show and tell. The paper isn't slippery smooth but it's smoother than most copy papers. From my experience it feathers* a tiny bit, maintains a good line width, and shows shading and what little sheen I can expect from a Japanese F nib on something other than Tomoe River. No bleedthrough and barely any showthrough. http://i.imgur.com/mDKbwpTh.jpg yay shading yay thin lines! The two most important things to me tbh. The lines look fuzzy but trust me it's not spreading. I'm pretty sure it's cause the paper's not smooth enough so when the ink pools it settles in the weird cracks and dips on the paper's surface. When the ink comes down thicker it smooths out some. Close-up. http://i.imgur.com/BCnXzcUh.jpg Comparison with a Red Uniball Signo DX 0.38. http://i.imgur.com/mDKbwpTl.jpg If you look closely you can see sheen. Picture has been edited because the colors wouldn't come out right; the first pics are more accurate but this one shows the pinkish red sheen like it appears irl. It's not very obvious and looks kinda like jpg compression artifacts but it's there. http://i.imgur.com/mF7eCKWh.jpg Comparison to the same pen and ink in a Campus mid-grade notebook. yes, the line here is thicker than on the SOL paper. http://i.imgur.com/o3VM7pSh.jpg That's it! Anyone else have this paper and have opinions on it? Have you seen it in stores before? I sure haven't but I'd like to.
  25. Hello! Does anyone have any experience using the Anorak notebooks (such as these: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=anorak+notenook) with fountain pens? I see that they're made by Moleskine, which gives me pause right there, but wondered if their paper might be fountain-pen friendly nonetheless. I have been unable to find reviews that cover this topic; if I've missed something here on FPN and someone would like to point me toward it, I would be grateful. Thank you in advance for any input! Best to all, Susan/ArtPen

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