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  1. Finally, through no pre planning, I have wonderfully just finished cleaning 5 of my 8 writing beauties. Getting them ready for the next fill. Next step is to decide which ink will fill each pen. JOY! Two others were already waiting for the rest and have already been cleaned. There is only my Lamy still inked. Literally, standing at my kitchen sink, transfer pipette between finger tips, sink stopper in place so nothing crucial from any pen drops down to the abyss. While blissfully I cleaned out remnant of residual ink from each pen, thought, "wonder what others consider their most wonderful aspect of enjoying pens, paper, ink, etc.?" Having several, this one is one for me right now. The pleasure of the first alphabet letter written, once I have filled a favorite fountain pen with new ink; flow of the ink onto perfect paper; sound, feel when I open a new off white, unlined, quasi glossy, fountain pen friendly journal; sheer giddiness, when I open a brand new ink bottle. Well, as you can read, these are ones off the edges of my hat brim. What is your moment? What a way to begin, continue a new week, huh? Enjoy it and sharing your perfect blissful moment.
  2. Hi, as I sit here scribing out copious exam notes on a cheap blue paper A4 lined pad, I've come to realise how much good paper enhances the writing experience. No more 'ignorance is bliss'. Do any of the good paper manufacturers like Rhodia/Clairfontaine offer pale blue notepads/books/reams that are fountain pen friendly and have smooth writing surfaces? I'm happy to print lines on paper sheets. I have Irlen Syndrome and my preferred reading surface is pale blue. (I wear purple-lens glasses all day every day.)
  3. Hey all you brilliant paper fanatics out there... Has anyone tried the notebooks by the Productive Luddite that are listed on amazon? I would like to know more about them before I drop money on them. You all seem to be the best place in the world for info on paper, inks, pens, and the like... Any help would be appreciated. Paper quality - I do love my fountain pens, but I also use gel pens and different hardnesses of pencil leads so bleed through information would be great to have Paper weight estimate - not that I am that picky, but... Line width - for the paper with lines, I admit I do tend towards 6.5 to 6 mm line widths Grid or Dot width for the notebooks with those features, these have their place Binding type - perfect, thread, etc They look interesting, and I like the set-up for some of them, particularly the index and tagging concept. Thanks Kiryan
  4. Hi, there: Does anyone know what type of paper Leuchtturm uses in their standard 1917 notebooks? I'm rather fond of writing on the stuff -- which is very nib friendly and versatile -- and would ideally like to buy it in sheets and reams. A couple of queries logged on the Leuchtturm website have gone unanswered, and a bit of googling didn't bring enlightenment either. Much gratitude to anyone who knows! Thanks, in advance. --h
  5. Find attached my review of the Fabriano Accademia paper: Forgot to mention that Fabriano produces the Venezia Book (journal) with this paper, in the following sizes: 4x6, 6x9 and 9x12. A lovely journal! Some tests using other pens and inks: Back of the paper to show bleed-through/show-through: These are the pens I used for this review:
  6. Find attached my review of the Fabriano Disegno 4 paper: Some tests using other pens and inks: Back of the paper to show bleed-through/show-through: These are the pens I used for this review:
  7. Find attached my review of the Fabriano Disegno 4 paper: Some tests using other pens and inks: Back of the paper to show bleed-through/show-through: These are the pens I used for this review:
  8. mislav

    Letter Set

    Maybe it was discussed before, but I couldn't find it. Could you recommend me letter set (envelope and paper). I Google it, but most letter sets are for children, more suitable one does not have enough information about paper quality. What I am looking for is more "classic" set. Envelope should not be too big (9 x 13 cm would be ideal). Paper should be smooth and suitable for writing with fountain or dip pen. Thank you!
  9. There used to be a little bit of snobbishness( just from my own experience in the distant past) about using ruled paper for writing letters(this was long before the advent of computers, and email) So, I'd be really interested if anyone else had had that experience, and also what your own preference for letter writing is....lined, or unlined? I use lined in all my own writing, but feel more drawn to(no pun intended) unlined for letters, and Im not sure if that's a throwback for me, to when it was 'not the done thing'. If it is, I want to get rid of it.... Alex
  10. I've been reading this forum for about a year and felt like it would be appropriate to finally contribute. Specs: I recently bought this journal on a whim. It's 9x14cm, 70gsm, stitched binding, ecru colored, ruled with a soft pleather cover. It feels like hot press, but the paper has a bit of a tooth. The pages open flat, which I love. According to their website they are made in Hong Kong. Nice little features: Dedicated space at the top for date. Bookmark. Overall impression: I've had the journal for a week now and I'm really pleased. My other journal is a Tomo River and lovely to write in, but for whatever reason I've become partial towards the Victora's journal. I've had very little trouble with bleeding or smudging, but the ink and pen I use are on the drier end of things. My only complaint is that the paper doesn't show a ton of shading, but that may be in part the ink itself. I have the feeling this is not a great notebook for wet noodles and flex pens, but I'll check once I receive my Namiki Falcon. Cost: $6.00 in store. Pictures, sorry about the quality I took them on my iPotato4: Cover, note the rounded spine http://i.imgur.com/S3K3fuml.jpg?1 Writing sample (close up), TWISBI Italic with PR ebony purple ink. http://i.imgur.com/pFq0qZil.jpg Small ink test: (top to bottom) 1 sec. 10 sec. 30 sec. http://i.imgur.com/h3N6hYTm.jpg
  11. Gambol 5 Subjects notebook (from Kokuyo) My Subjective Rating: 2/5 My Objective Rating: -1 Pros: cheap (+2)easily available (+1)wire-bound (+3)good value (page per dollar) (+2)divider every 40 pages (+1)rounded corners (+1)Cons:feathering is quite severe (-3)bleedthrough is quite severe (-3)only good for dry fountain pens/ballpoints/pencils (-3)single-wire binding (-1)soft cover is not durable (-1)Price: RM6.90 (1.90 USD/1.60/£1.30)Binding: single-wire binding Size: A5 Number of Pages: 200 Printing: 7mm lines (24 lines/page) Gsm: (not specified) Cover: Thick paper (soft) Page colour: white (slightly greenish discolouration) Additional Information : blank yellow paged divider every 40 pages.index pageBlank lines at the top of each page for number and dateNo marginRuling does not start and end at the end of the sheetsPhotos:
  12. Hi I've finally got everything I need to start making Tomoe River pads in the UK. I'll be making all the pads my self, to the same quality that I'd expect for my self. So question is, what would you like? I think making very ornate leatherbound notebooks will be beyond me, but factors such as number of sheets etc would be handy..!
  13. I've been browsing Goulet and my local pen store (Artlite here in Atlanta) for some stationary to write a particular letter, and it is of the utmost importance that it looks good, and coveys a sense of finality. In fact, I wish this letter to be a final one to the particular person(s) who will be receiving a variation of it. I have been wronged a great deal by several people in a position of power (and I will be leaving my vulnerable position before the letters have been posted), and I wish to convey, with the utmost formality, finality, and dignity, my extreme displeasure in having known them. I say this to give an overview of the content of the letters, so that the paper will match. I have been looking for something roughly A4 sized (it's going to be a long sort of letter) un-ruled, off white, and not unlike the Rhodia R line of paper, which people have come to recognize as mine, but is too thin and informal for my purposes, and perhaps a bit too yellow. Price is not an object, although I require only 10 or so sheets to accomplish what I wish to do. (However, low sheet count is not a requirement.) I've looked at G.Lalo and Original Crown Mill (cotton, not laid, and yes, I am aware of the texture of G.Lalo) and was wondering if something like Crane might be more suitable for the task, although I am shooting for something which they are not likely to see ever again, and Crane happens to be popular for letters of magnitude. I have no preference as to watermarked or not, so long as the paper is reserved and not flamboyant in tone. I especially like the color of G.Lalo Ivory, does anyone have this next to some of the Rhodia 90gsm or Clairefontaine regular white? I have tried and failed to like Triomphe, I just couldn't get myself to like it. I want something heavy-ish, but not cardstock. I have really grown to like the 90gsm Rhodia, but as this will be for one off letters and not repeats, I want the absolute best that I can get my hands on, although best is always relative to the person. Thanks in advance for any help one of you might be able to offer.
  14. Alexcat

    White Ink On Black Paper

    I have some black paper, and would like to write out some favourite poems, in white.....I know that it's a no no for fountain pens, but I have a couple of dip pens.... Any suggestions for the whitest white ink on black paper? Alex PS I have heard of Noodlers White Whale, but am in UK
  15. I bought a couple of Tsubame cream fool's notebooks, which are lovely, but... The laid paper is great for writing, but ony if your nib is wet enough. The structure is useful for keeping your lines straight, but I thought my somewhat dry-writing little Waterman 52 1/2 v was going bad on me. I switched to a somewhat wetter ink (there's an oxymoron!) and a smoother paper and all was well again. The nib that works best on the Tsubame paper is a Pilot Prera with a medium nib, a really nice calligraphic writer, but if you want to do pointed-pen work, do not buy this notebook. It's remarkable how many variables there are if you're trying to write a decent-looking page of script.
  16. Which paper shows the best sheen in your experience?
  17. Hi guys, I'm in the market for paper of consistent stock that is suitable for both printing AND writing with a fountain pen (think marginalia, forms, and ink reviews). Since joining the forum I've heard lots of rave reviews for that HP laser paper, but unfortunately, that won't work because I can't get it: it's not available in local shops, and I can't seem to find it online unless maybe it's from the US, and that won't do because it's bound to cost a ton to ship (paper is heavy, maaan). So: what other papers with similar traits can you think of? (Double the points if you know for a fact they're available to the european market!) Here's what I need: - A4/letter - printable (inkjet - doesn't have to be fantastic, printing quality's where I can compromise) - FP frisky (there's FP friendly, and then there's FP frisky...geddit?) I like mine smooooth (don't care about drying...love Clairefontaine & Rhodia) and heavy (at least 80gsm) - white (for the odd ink review). No need to go OTT and make it blinding white, but still, white, not cream/ivory. Usual bribes refreshments and/or rewards available - cookies/bacon/booze, kittens/puppies/wabbits etc
  18. Pink Roses Floral Stationery Portfolio I discovered this lovely stationery folio at Barnes & Noble this weekend. I couldn't resist the beautiful roses in pink and purple; so entirely perfect, as though they were made just for me. http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/f8/a3/bc/f8a3bc5c40443c4920f9f1fc5cdf48a6.jpg This folio includes 10 cards and 10 envelopes. They are decorated with roses. Even the inside of the envelopes have the beautiful rose design on the inside. The folios were $9 each. http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/c2/dd/59/c2dd5911191a3786dc3056fec033c9f9.jpg There were only two of these sets at my local B&N, and I had to get them both. I asked one of the clerks if they had these restocked often, and he confirmed my suspicions that they are unique and the stock is infrequent. http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/6e/70/9f/6e709f8ef27cb4bf159a527100d00602.jpg I was so excited to bring them home and test it out, but at the same time knowing I only have 20, I also want to cherish them and to savor each precious card and envelope! I inked up my TWSBI Mini Rose Gold & White with a broad Pendleton Butter-Line-Stub with Mont Blanc Lavender Purple ink. I think the dark purple ink coordinates well to the darker colors in the rose design. http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/85/f0/34/85f0345e3cba7af006732ba830aacf24.jpg I wrote down verse one and verse three from an old hymn called "Jesus, I Am Resting, Resting." It is currently one of my favorite hymns and the words lift up my soul in beauty and peace! So I know the big question - Is it Fountain Pen Friendly? http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/3c/3b/30/3c3b3048e35e0b30eb3c71e31f3add6c.jpg And the answer is YES! I did notice a tiny bit of feathering where the ink was laid down really wet, but I had just freshly inked my pen so there was a lot of ink in the feed - more than in an ordinary writing session. No bleed through, no show through. The paper is a bit thick, I am not sure of the weight as none is listed, but by my guess it is thicker than 32lb but not as thick as 65 lb. Again just my guess! The ink color looked absolutely gorgeous on the cream colored paper! Swoon worthy! I don't know if this would do well with something extreme like an Ahab flex, but for finer nibs/drier inks to moderately wet it appears fine from my one sample. As I use more through time and try different inks and nibs I will get a better feel for what this paper can handle. Here is the photo from the B&N website: http://img1.imagesbn.com/p/9780641699634_p0_v2_s260x420.jpg Over all I am very well pleased! My only regret is that I may never be able to find it again. I did with some searching find it on the B&N website, although it is sold in stores only and all stores near me (within a 3 hour radius) are sold out. Here is the link to the product on B&N website: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/home-gift-pink-roses-floral-large-stationery-portfolio-s-10/12604445?ean=9780641699634&itm=1&usri=9780641699634 If I ever come across more of this gorgeousness I will definitely be indulging in purchasing more of it! Has anyone else tried any papers by the brand Kartos? The label also says San Lorenzo Italy. Please share your experiences and thoughts! And to leave us with a last image of those gorgeous roses... http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/cb/9e/c6/cb9ec6fc91109b4b441ea8cedb823e06.jpg
  19. Hello everyone! I'm new to the FP network (about 5 minutes ago) and am still learning the ropes of both the network and the fountain pen itself. I am a student in high school and just started using fountain pens this semester and am loving it. I own two Noodler's Ahabs and am looking to get something that will work better with cheap paper, as I cannot shell out money for Rodia, Clairefontaine and the like due to the fact that I take about 2-3 pages of notes a school day.I have been drawn to the TWSBI mini because of the modern design and because it seems to work well with cheap paper. Is this a good choice? If not what else? At the same time, I am looking for cheap paper that will bring out the best in my inks without feathering and such. Is Staplers Bagasse any good? And finally, if I do get the TWSBI mini, would Noodler's "Bad Blue Heron" be safe to use in it?
  20. Hey guys, Do any of you know any fountain pen-friendly paper similar to Clairefontaine that is easily obtainable in Malaysia? Paper will mainly be used as letter paper for mail so a notepad with perforations would be best. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hey guys, Do any of you know any fountain pen-friendly paper similar to Clairefontaine that is easily obtainable in Malaysia? Paper will mainly be used as letter paper for mail so a notepad with perforations would be best. Thanks in advance!
  22. *This is my first review, and I know my pictures and scans aren't up to par with some of the review heavy hitters on here. But I'll do my best. :-) I've been using the Seven Seas journal for a week now, and I figure that I've had enough time with it to write a bit of a review. Full disclosure: I bought this product with my own money and the review is entirely my opinions based on my experiences. I judged the notebook on 5 criteria - portability, durability, value, writing experience, and details. The details are all the little extra things that make a product extraordinary. An otherwise perfect notebook that has nothing special (no "soul," if I may) could only get, at best, a 20/25. And with that, onto the review! Scores: Portability 4/5 Durability 5/5 Value 4/5 Writing Experience 5/5 Details 3/5Total: 21/25 Portability A5 is a bit big for a notebook to be carried around all the time, but any smaller and it would probably not be as pleasant to write in. The slim thickness also helps to keep it from being unwieldy, so overall the size works for me. Durability After a week of being toted around with me everywhere it still looks brand new. No problems with pages crinkling/tearing. Currently using the cheap plastic cover, but I plan to buy the Gfeller leather cover once it comes back in stock. The thread binding seems like it can take a lot of abuse, but I'm babying it anyway. Value These journals are not cheap, but you get a lot pages, durable binding, and quality paper. For what you get, I would say the price is more than fair. Writing Experience It's Tomoe River paper, need I say more? Edit - there is significant ghosting (which you can see on the scans) and ink does take a bit longer to dry, but I have yet to have any bleeding or feathering and the ghosting doesn't bother me at all when it comes to actually writing in or reading from the notebook. Details I absolutely love the color of the paper and lines, two page ribbons, rounded corners, and the line spacing. I hate the color of the cover (personal preference, so no points lost there). I wish it had numbered pages, options for blank/grid lines, and maybe a pocket in the back.Overall I really like this notebook. To the point that I've decided this is the only journal I ever want to use (at least for a while). I definitely plan to buy a few more soon, probably once I can get a cover too. :-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I highly recommend this product. I am one of those people who just couldn't find the perfect journal and now I've found it. Even though I just use it a bullet journal, the wonderful experience of writing on that paper keeps me coming back throughout the day. Also, Dave is awesome. My journal took a bit of a roundabout trip to get to me and got a bit lost for a few days, and he was very reassuring when I emailed him about it. Thankfully everything worked out ok (actually, later that day it resurfaced on the tracking info). And now, a few gratuitous, poorly lit pictures: Also, in case you were wondering, the pen/ink used to write the review is a Pilot VP broad, inked with R&K Scabiosa. :-)
  23. Levenger is having a semi-annual sale now. Lots of Circa stuff on sale if you're interested. http://www.levenger.com/SEMI-ANNUAL-SALE-18.aspx
  24. Hi Penfolk, I am going to attempt a review of two different journals that. I found today while searching for ones that would fit into my Oberon Design leather journal covers. Bear with me, it's the first real review I have written and I will probably miss something important. First up is a hardcover journal, very similar in look to the Strathmore sketchbook that comes with the large journal. The overall dimensions are a tad smaller, perhaps .25 inches in both length and width. (I don't know how to insert photos as I go along, so they will all appear at the end.) It's called the Essential Journal, and is a Punctuate/ Barnes and Noble product. Inside the paper is a fairly bright white tending toward grey rather than yellow. It has 224 pages. It is substantial paper, much like the sketchbook but much smoother. I have photos of the outside, and a test page with the inked pens that happened to be on my desk. The paper has a bit of tooth to it, not quite as smooth as Rhodia et al. But it is great for FPs in that it is very non-absorbent,the lines are incredibly clear with no feathering and no ghosting or bleed through to the back. A great paper for broad and stub nibs. As you can see the lines do not go all the way to the edge of the paper, that might bother some people. It also has a ribbon marker, but no elastic band to hold it shut. I think it's an excellent journal for the money, it cost $5.95. Next up is the Essential Notebook made by Picadilly. It is almost identical in size, shape, paper and cover to a hardcover Moleskine. The paper is much less substantial than that of the first journal, and as you can see from the picture the ink spreads out a lot more. If you take a magnifying glass to it you might see feathering, but it isn't really noticeable to me (it might be to others, I'm inexperienced.) This one would be better for fine or medium nibs, and probably drier inks as well. The paper shades yellow just like the Moleskine paper, and there is some ghosting but no bleed through. It has a back pocket just like the Moleskine, a ribbon marker, an elastic band. and an impressed "P" on the back cover. Again a very good value for $5.98. As you can see they both for into my large and Moleskine sized Oberon journal covers. The Picadilly notebook was a bit of a tighter fit, but I think that is due to the hard rather than soft cover. The size is fine otherwise. Well that's it! I hope it's helpful. Apologies for the not-great iPad photos. Drat! I had two more photos I wanted to attach but I have maxed out my photo allowance. I'll go delete some stuff.
  25. Guernseytim


    I noticed a market watch thread for Amazon, but that's US based. Therefore, thought I'd start a UK one :-) Recently I purchased 5 x Oxford Campus A4 wire bound notepads for £10.50, plus a parker duo fold demi for £65. Currently they have the A5 version of the Campus notepads at a good price - I find the paper to be very fountain pen friendly - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Oxford-Campus-Wirebound-Notebook-Assorted/dp/B00AUV70SE/ref=lp_5348989031_1_15?s=officeproduct&ie=UTF8&qid=1417788852&sr=1-15

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