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  1. I have an older leather DayTimer planner that is about 5x7 inches. The refills are now absolutely outrageously priced. I would love to find some good quality paper, book style, refills, blank as well as planner style, to use with this. It needs to be able to slip into the right side using the back cover. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi guys! I was at the markets on Saturday and I bought a very lovley handmade leather journal from a very nice lady. Unfortunately, the paper in it (handmade) is completely unsuitable for fountain pens. It's like trying to write on paper towel or toilet paper or something. Anyway, I've spent the evening watching and reading bookbinding tutorials and I think I have a handle on what I want to do, which is take out the paper that's in there and put in some lovely FP friendly something or other which I have not yet decided on (and would appreciate recommendations on papers to look at). The problem I'm having is that I'm really not a maths-y person and occasionally I will get embarrassingly confused by simple things like conversions and measurements. The journal seems to be non-standardly sized. It measures 7in x 5in on the cover and then the paper is 6 5/8ths x 4 5/8ths. or almost 19cm x almost 14cm cover and almost 18cm x 13cm paper. I have no idea what size paper I should be looking for to fold into signatures (I really don't want to fiddle around cutting paper). If anyone could help me with this, I would be eternally grateful! Also, places to find nice paper in/around Sydney CBD? Thank you!!
  3. So this was a bit or a surprise. I bought an Oberon journal - the one with the green tooled bark effect and the dragonfly in a round, red section on the front. It's a beautiful journal, nice weight, love the texture of the tooling and it looks pretty awesome. I had read that the paper in these journals wasn't the best, but I had also heard the same about other notebooks that I thought were ok - not brilliant, but ok. This however, took me totally by surprise. After having read that the paper wasn't fountain pen friendly I knew it wasn't going to be great, but I wasn't prepared for just how terrible it would be. I decided to christen it with Noodler's Navajo Turquoise in my Ahab. Initially the ink laid down on the paper just fine and the pen moved over the page smoothly; I finished the last letter of the second word, all looked fine....and then it happened. The paper suddenly became a tiny bit thirsty, the ink seemed to change a bit, then it got more thirsty, it started to feather like I've never seen ink feather on paper before. It bled through to the other side to a high degree and even stained the guide lined paper underneath! It looks like a tiny spider has crawled through my ink and then marked out two words. It really is a terrible shame, because this is a seriously nice product let down by something so simple. I know that I can go and insert another journal/notebook that will work, but it seems very odd that such a high end product would be let down by something so simple. Pity.
  4. Good morning everyone... I am new here, but certainlynot new to fountain pens. I'm trying to investigate papers and this is my trouble: the well-regarded Rhodia and Clairefontaine for me have 2 problems: 1. that brilliant/stark white is very aggressive 2. they feel very hard under the nib, with no softness whatsoever - meaning the ink line appears to just sit there rather than become one with the paper (waterman, diamine, whatever). Am I describing this right? I'd like a paper which feels softer under the pen, draws- the- nib- in kindda thing (and dodn't mean ink feathering dangers). Any thoughts? many thanks.
  5. I've been looking for the perfect journal for years and still have not come close. I was hoping you all could help me out. I used to use a Moleskine Sketchbook as my preferred journal, just because it could handle a variety of media. I like to travel and stick all my ticket-stubs and postcards in there and thanks to the thickness of the pages, it never caused bumps my writing. However, with only 100 pages, it was getting to be kind of a waste. I am looking for something lined with good paper quality of heavier weight. Preferably, the journal is bound nicely but that's not a huge priority. I really like the feel of Clairefontaine Triomphe paper. I would bind my own notebook with the Clairefontaine paper but the lines make it so I can't fold and then sew them together. Do any of you have any suggestions?
  6. So I have been reading and browsing looking for a quality leather notebook cover, while at the same time looking for quality paper to use with my FP. I have seen so many pictures, read into so many brands, that I have a general idea of what I want. However, I find myself now completely overwhelmed with the choices, sizes, etc. By now I've seen how to make your own covers as well as the enormous range of planner-styles. So yes, feeling a bit overwhelmed. Rather than just start buying and experimenting with what I've seen, I'd like my first purchase to be done with some input from you paraphernalia buffs. I use a Medium 14kt Montblanc nib with Diamine Green/Black quite often so lets assume that's what I will be writing with in this notebook. I make lists often, but this paper will mainly be used to write letters to my daughter. She is 2 and I write her a letter every day I can so when she gets older she can laugh at how awesome I was. I am looking for both a leather cover, and paper to fill it. Cover I would like to purchase the cover once, and replace the paper as necessary so it must have replaceable paper, to be used often. There must be a spot/pocket to fasten my pen. I'm a laser engraver and will be putting my own intricate designs into the leather if/when I feel like, so plain covers would be preferred. So far I have seen some nice-looking stuff, but like I said, overwhelmed. I liked the Midori's, is there something better to look at? LeatherReplaceable PaperPen SlotPaper I will only be using a FP with this notebook, so it must work well with FPs. Lined paper would be best, but I am open to other types if people have recommendations for letter writing paper. As I mean to pull the letters from the notebook, this means I will need lined paper, that can tear away clean (to be placed in a folder or book/scan). I would prefer the paper to not be hole-punched as well. I have read good thing about Rhodia, but didn't see if it would fit in covers or if it tore away clean. Lined PaperFP CapableTearaway Non Hole-punched So there ya have it, the method to my new notebook purchase madness. I really would appreciate some input on what pairing of cover and paper would fit my needs. Looking to spend under $100 but its its more... hey, I'm worth it. Just not $200 worth it Also, thanks for taking the time to read this novel, I know I can run on for a while.
  7. I've tried at least 20 different papers over the last two months. I can honestly say that THE VERY BEST is staples 120gsm, and if you tolerate a slighly heavier weight the 160gsm from staples as well. I've been on a bit of a quest lately, and I've tried HP colour laser 100 and 120gsm, Claifontaine DCP 100 and 120 gsm, conqueror, Mondi colour laser 100 gsm, 120gsm, and 160gsm. I've compared smoothness, feathering resistance, and bleed through to both Rhodia and the Clairfontaine triomphe, and the Staples colour laser 120gsm and 160gsm performed as well if not better. It's also incredibly good value, with 250 sheets costing between £6.5-£7.5 depending on the weight you choose. The Staples100gsm was not particularly good so don't bother with it..
  8. For many of us, our appreciation of fountain pens goes hand-in-hand with our affection for journals, notebooks and sketchbooks. No newsflash there. Quick back-story (well, not-so-quick...): Last autumn, when I posted a query, seeking a really fine replacement for a functional but damaged Junior Legal Pad Portfolio, fellow FPN member Octo very kindly directed me to Oberon Design -- a source for bench-crafted leather goods. I landed on the handsome Tree of Life pattern, and placed an order. For anyone wondering, I can attest, it's an exemplary bit of craftsmanship, tooled with a keen eye to meticulous detailing, and well constructed from heavyweight materials. As a reporter, any time I haul it out during an interview it draws enthusiastic comments from others. I own one of their journals, in the handsome Bold Celtic design. Except it's a bit small for my writing style, which involves a lot of side notes and digressions. After some research I decided on Oberon's Sketchbook (9-1/8 x 11-5/8). Except unlike the Portfolio models, Oberon's Journals and Sketchbooks (both of which include a leather cord-and-pewter button closure) haven't been equipped with a pen loop. But after inquiring whether such an option could be made available, I heard from Amy of the Santa Rosa, California-based company's customer service department. Such an add-on was in the works. Now, Oberon is offering that option. For an additional $5, the made-to-order Journals and Sketchbooks can be fitted with a sewn-in pen loop. Having researched add-on loops such as the peel-and-stick Leuchtturm pen loops or the very appealing Quiver pen holders -- both of which I admire -- I'd say that Oberon's optional add-on is a functional and moderately priced supplement to an admittedly pricey piece of leather goods, An investment I happily endorse, with no prompting other than as a satisfied paying customer. (PS: My son, a budding artist, took one look at my Celtic pattern Journal and fell in love with it. He's inheriting it next month, for his 21st birthday. It's nice to be able to bestow -- and share word of -- heirloom-quality goods that are still made in America.)
  9. Looking for a little advice on journals. I've seen quite a few leather bound journals on ebay and a few I have liked very much and been tempted to buy. However, most of the ones I liked said the paper was Indian made from cloth (cottons?). I'm wondering if anyone has used any of this type of paper and if they would be happy to share their experience. I resisted buying on the basis that the paper might feel scratchy and bleed or feather very considerably, but maybe I have misunderstood the 'cloth' aspect. Thanks
  10. Hello! This is a review of Tomoe River Paper It is my very first paper review, so I hope I'm addressing every possible issue. It is available from Jetpens.com (No affiliation) $15 for 100 sheets. My girlfriend was kind enough to buy some for me to try out. The following is my handwritten review and it's transcription: Overview:http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3665/12402196403_8ea52c6edc_c.jpgDSCF6583 by makey95, on Flickr Under Warmer Lighting:http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2816/12402049045_bab0699cff_c.jpgDSCF6602 by makey95, on Flickr The Pens Used (In No Particular Order, Capped):http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7320/12402502594_e68e63b59d_c.jpgDSCF6598 by makey95, on Flickr (Ordered Left to Right and Capped):http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5535/12402197043_d0aac890f0_c.jpgDSCF6601 by makey95, on Flickr Pens and Inks: Pen No. 1: Pick Pen Company; Pencil Pen Combo; Fine 14k; Diamine Monaco Redhttp://farm4.staticflickr.com/3785/12402197673_cd66a948d1_n.jpgDSCF6595 by makey95, on Flickrhttp://farm4.staticflickr.com/3829/12402504324_f601b4c874_n.jpgDSCF6588 by makey95, on Flickr Pen No. 2: Ranga; Ranga with Eversharp Flex; Flex Fine 14k; Diamine Monaco Redhttp://farm4.staticflickr.com/3686/12402502834_069b206c03_n.jpgDSCF6596 by makey95, on Flickrhttp://farm8.staticflickr.com/7408/12402051005_473b2196d2_n.jpgDSCF6589 by makey95, on Flickr Pen No. 3: Pilot; Parallel Pen; 2.4 mm Steel; Private Reserve Shoreline Goldhttp://farm4.staticflickr.com/3689/12402049865_d058a24fc5_n.jpgDSCF6597 by makey95, on Flickrhttp://farm8.staticflickr.com/7429/12402504054_30127f19d3_n.jpgDSCF6590 by makey95, on Flickr Transcription: Initial Observations: The paper is extraordinarily thin and has a very pleasing texture. Feathering/Bleedthrough: No noticeable feathering or bleed through but a fair amount of show through. May be annoying to some. Tactile Feedback/Drag/Toothiness: Very smooth but slightly more feedback than Clairefontaine. Unusual Dry times: Takes as long as Clairefontaine generally. Appearance/Design/Durability. Though thin, it feels durable and it looks lovely. Fountain Pen Friendly?: Yes! Other Media: _X_ Pencil X?_ Watercolour _X_Markers _X_India Ink Value/Comparison: A viable alternative to Rhodia, 15 cents a sheet. Definitely one of the best papers I have used. Overall Conclusion:Recommended for those who like this paper and don't mind a little show through. Smooth, lovely, and attractive. I will use this as stationery. Other Media Tests:http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7324/12402503854_2f763959a3_n.jpgDSCF6591 by makey95, on Flickrhttp://farm8.staticflickr.com/7443/12402050715_d898b05b99_n.jpgDSCF6592 by makey95, on Flickrhttp://farm4.staticflickr.com/3795/12402050425_1008da4fab_n.jpgDSCF6593 by makey95, on Flickrhttp://farm3.staticflickr.com/2813/12402503324_7f201c5374_n.jpgDSCF6594 by makey95, on Flickr Final Words:I really enjoyed this paper and I think it looks nice. Flex writing can deform the paper a little (where the tines dug in shows) and of course wetting the paper also deforms it slightly. It is prone to creasing. I am not sure if the watercolors would work very well, but I have put samples up so that others may judge for themselves. I don't think it would be a good idea to try and do anything wet on wet with watercolors on this paper. Not shown in this review are some of the cheaper pens that I used on a previous sheet of Tomoe River paper. It's not just the fountain pens I used for this review that make the paper seem smooth. Other than the permanent marker, there is no bleed through at all on this paper. I think everyone should at the very least have a chance to try this paper. It's very different from Clairefontaine in a good way. The closest thing that I have ever encountered to this paper are some old memo pads from my High School, which the librarians were kind enough to give me.
  11. *This is my first review, and I know my pictures and scans aren't up to par with some of the review heavy hitters on here. But I'll do my best. :-) I've been using the Seven Seas journal for a week now, and I figure that I've had enough time with it to write a bit of a review. Full disclosure: I bought this product with my own money and the review is entirely my opinions based on my experiences. I judged the notebook on 5 criteria - portability, durability, value, writing experience, and details. The details are all the little extra things that make a product extraordinary. An otherwise perfect notebook that has nothing special (no "soul," if I may) could only get, at best, a 20/25. And with that, onto the review! Scores: Portability 4/5 Durability 5/5 Value 4/5 Writing Experience 5/5 Details 3/5Total: 21/25 Portability A5 is a bit big for a notebook to be carried around all the time, but any smaller and it would probably not be as pleasant to write in. The slim thickness also helps to keep it from being unwieldy, so overall the size works for me. Durability After a week of being toted around with me everywhere it still looks brand new. No problems with pages crinkling/tearing. Currently using the cheap plastic cover, but I plan to buy the Gfeller leather cover once it comes back in stock. The thread binding seems like it can take a lot of abuse, but I'm babying it anyway. Value These journals are not cheap, but you get a lot pages, durable binding, and quality paper. For what you get, I would say the price is more than fair. Writing Experience It's Tomoe River paper, need I say more? Edit - there is significant ghosting (which you can see on the scans) and ink does take a bit longer to dry, but I have yet to have any bleeding or feathering and the ghosting doesn't bother me at all when it comes to actually writing in or reading from the notebook. Details I absolutely love the color of the paper and lines, two page ribbons, rounded corners, and the line spacing. I hate the color of the cover (personal preference, so no points lost there). I wish it had numbered pages, options for blank/grid lines, and maybe a pocket in the back.Overall I really like this notebook. To the point that I've decided this is the only journal I ever want to use (at least for a while). I definitely plan to buy a few more soon, probably once I can get a cover too. :-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I highly recommend this product. I am one of those people who just couldn't find the perfect journal and now I've found it. Even though I just use it a bullet journal, the wonderful experience of writing on that paper keeps me coming back throughout the day. Also, Dave is awesome. My journal took a bit of a roundabout trip to get to me and got a bit lost for a few days, and he was very reassuring when I emailed him about it. Thankfully everything worked out ok (actually, later that day it resurfaced on the tracking info). And now, a few gratuitous, poorly lit pictures: Also, in case you were wondering, the pen/ink used to write the review is a Pilot VP broad, inked with R&K Scabiosa. :-)
  12. Whovians -- behold! The "Dalek" Journal by Culturenik, available at Barnes & Noble: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5473/12259243425_f31ebbd59c.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7388/12259819046_5b48b7338d.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3742/12259815186_0a2c3711a2.jpg http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5523/12259400073_905f00d98a.jpg
  13. I saw the announcement video pop up on my YouTube suggested videos feed on Friday: http://youtu.be/YddRA-YcSHg. Then this morning I got confirmation in the comments from Whitelines that they are indeed making Whitelines Link notebooks with Leuchtturm1917 paper! "Leuchtturm1917 notebooks with Whitelines Link inlay/functionality". I don't see any mention of this new notebook on the Whitelines blog yet. After some Googling, I found some additional info:Leuchtturm1917 2013/2014 catalogThe Paperie - search results for Leuchtturm1917 + Whitelines These new notebooks will have black covers with orange elastics. Paper options will be ruled and dotted. Available in Notebook and Academy Pad. From the little bit that I've read (newbie FB user), it sounds like Whitelines paper has gotten so-so/mixed reviews from the FP community. Perhaps this will make Whitelines Link notebooks a more viable option for FP users. This could be the ultimate digital + analog combo. Exciting!
  14. Don't get me wrong; I certainly understand the value of the way graph paper is lined. But as far as quality goes, isn't it even thinner than copier paper and otherwise low quality stuff?
  15. Does anybody know if these planners are fountain pen friendly? Been searching FPN but haven't found an answer on this particular item. Read somewhere that unlike the standard moleskines the special editions have "better paper". Can somebody confirm this? I really don't want to put down the money for this planner if I will not be able to use a FP with it.
  16. Hello fountainpennetwork.com, My problem is concerning handwriting, I have been struggling to improve my handwriting since years but could never been satisfied with my own handwriting so I moved to www.fountainpennetwork.com, I have attached photos showing my handwriting, I write in 20 different fonts but I am confused which handwriting should I use in college and exams, please see my handwriting in photo attached and tell me which one should I finalize as my handwriting and please answer following questions. 1: Can I use Italic writing in exams? 2: Is it better to write on the line or in middle of 2 lines? 3: Is Italic writing good or non Italic? Looking at my photos tell me which writing is suitable for me and help me improve my handwriting. Should I write in such a way that bottom of letter touch line or should I write in middle of line help me please. Thanks and please reply quickly its urgent please Thanks.
  17. Anyone out there own the Kokuyo Systemic Refillable Notebook Cover in the semi B5 size? What notebooks can you put in it?
  18. airbender-ellyn

    A5 Or Semi-B5 For College?

    Would A5 or semi-B5 paper be better for note taking? I checked out the Kokuyo Systemic refillable notebook cover and they seem really great. But they only come in 2 sizes. I feel like it would be good to get the A5 size because there are more notebooks in that size available, whereas the semi-B5 notebooks are a bit more difficult to find. But, I feel like I would go through A5 notebooks really fast. I want the Systemic because I would be able to fit 3 notebooks in it and I wouldn't have to really worry about anything getting torn up too bad, but if there is a similar product, please share!
  19. Hi All! A "chemical" question: what is the effect of chlorine on inks? I know the impact on the environment and I try to use only totally chlorine free paper when possible, but I'm wondering: is there a difference in the way inks react on different kinds of paper: paper with chlorine, elementally chlorine free paper and totally chlorine free paper? I'm especially interested in the impact of chlorine on inks in terms of permanence: will inks fade away faster on paper that contains chlorine? Will this happen with permanent inks (iron galls or noodlers) as well? thanks, Fabio
  20. I'm done studying for the week and was reading through random threads on here when I came across a thread with people yelling "NO" at the idea of using brown paper bags to do nib smoothing as it will likely do damage. It made me think of the no-name index cards from our campus bookstore I'd just been using for flashcards, in general a whole lot lately, that seem kind of rough in texture. Could this pose a risk similar to the brown paper bag? Basically, does poor quality paper pose a risk to nibs and their tipping? (I'm using a Parker Sonnet with an 18k medium nib.)
  21. Ok... I'm seriously freaking out. Or not? Sometimes when I use some kinds of cheap copy paper in the office, I get the impression that my pens become more scratchy! I don't mean that they feel more scratchy on some kinds of paper, that's normal. I mean: they write fine on paper 1, then I use cheap copy paper 2 to write a couple of notes, then I go back to paper 1 and they feel scratchy, ink flow is poorer... This always happens with cheap, uncoated papers that have a kinda "chalky", "powdery" feeling. Has anyone ever experienced anything similar?? Is it possible that a paper alters the performance of a nib? I've read somewhere that some reams of cheap copy paper are advertised as having a low "powder content", which supposedly has an impact on the performance in printers and copy machines, but is this something that really exists or is it just a marketing tool? And does this have an effect on FPs? let me know if I should call the local mental hospital, or sell all my pens and retire to meditate on the meaning of life in a Tibetan monastery. cheers, Fabio
  22. Hi guys, it has been a long time that I am struggling for legible and good handwriting, I went through different types of handwriting, first I wrote in cursive but never became fluent with it then I tried separate words but were looking kind of childish writing, then I wrote on middle of the line then again I jumped back on the line with different techniques of writing, so I came to this form so that you good people can help me improve my handwriting. My one more problem is that I can write in more than 20 styles (2 of which are attached in the photo) this has became problem for me because which one style should I finalize and choose. My handwriting attached in this photo are 2 writings, open photo it will be named "1" and "2" in other photo attached (written in red colour on the photo) so you people can distinguish between two different handwritings of mine, my both handwritings in both pics are legible means I can write it fast and fluent but tell me by looking at the photo that is such writing acceptable or not and which one should I choose, thanks.
  23. Wigglesworth98

    Good Blue Ink For Cheap Paper

    Hello Fountain Pen Network! This is my first post ever, so any advice will be greatly appreciated. I am looking for an ink that will perform well on cheap paper (loose leaf, copier, notebook), mainly because I am a 15 y/o in high school. I really love how my pen writes (TWSBI mini, fine nib) it's just that I cannot really use it on some of the cheap paper that I have access to. Right now I have a deep purple Noodler's ink that bleeds quite a bit. I like the color, it is just that it bleeds a bit too much for double-sided assignments I must do. I did some reading about iron gall ink, which sounds great for cheap paper, but I do not want to risk my pen as it is just my second one. I use it every day so any quick advice would be greatly appreciated. One last thing, I would like to get blue ink, if there are any recommendations that fit the kind of ink I'm looking for. Thanks!
  24. TassoBarbasso

    Fabriano Paper, Anyone?

    Hi All! I've been struggling to find the Perfect Paper for a while, to no avail so far... I'm considering getting some Tomoe but it's expensive and troublesome to get, so I will probably give up at some point. However, as I'm Italian, I was thinking that it could be a nice idea to try some Fabriano paper. It's pretty much everywhere in Italian stationary shops and comes rather cheap. However, before spending even just 5 euros for a ream of paper that might be useful only for printing, I'd like to hear from any of you what is your experience with Fabriano papers. Any paper. Just share your comments I'm interested in particular to know how it compares with the usual "standards" like HP Premium choice paper, Tomoe, Rhodia, Clairefontaine, ... Note: I'm looking for loose sheets, not notebooks. thanks! Fabio
  25. Hi All! Any idea where I can get some HP Premium Choice Laser 32# weight (Item #113100, or HPU 1132) here in Europe? There are lots of US suppliers but it doesn't seem to exist in the EU... thanks in advance! cheers, F.

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