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  1. Eclipse157

    O.s. Potassium Attempt

    Hello! A couple years ago one of the first inks I bought was Organics Studio Potassium, but the bottle that arrived was a completely wrong color. After a brief pics exchange with the seller I got a refund and put the defective ink away (I'm a hoarder I physically cannot get rid of any ink but through writing). The recent activity from my fellow countryman Sansenri, together with my newly-rekindled interest in bluish and purplish hues prodded me to attempt to re-create the correct color of Potassium starting from my defective bottle. This is the color I was starting from As you can s
  2. Eclipse157

    4 Blues.

    Hey guys! I was pondering whether or not to order a full bottle of KWZ Azure #1 and I made this to help me decide. It didn't look extremely ugly so I decided to share, maybe it can be useful or something
  3. jj9ball

    Organics Studio Nitrogen

    Here is my review of Nitrogen Ink by Organics Studios. I only tried this ink because so many people were raving about it. I get it now. It is a really cool blue ink. It has this weird shimmery thing going on. If you look at it in glancing light it looks purplish pink and if you see it head on it looks blue. Also, aside from a couple of hard starts, the ink seems to behave pretty well. I will probably permanently keep this in a pen from now on. I love blues, and this one is very unique. I hope you like the review. I would love to hear what everyone thinks. Thanks for looking.
  4. Does not seem like this ink, Organics Studio Master of Writing Series volume No. 18 Ernest Hemingway Santiago's Sea Blue ink, has been reviewed in these pages. Perhaps that is because of the bottle it's all but unusable in a fountain pen. The ink is super saturated with dye that sheens like crazy, CRAZY SHEEN. Others have described the ink as pink sheen with teal undertone. Yeah, that's about right if you can get it out of a nib before it dries. I tried it in a Platinum 3776 Century and still had problems. It dries shut the nib just lifting the pen off the paper to move a line. Too bad, 'cause
  5. 3 De Atramentis Brown Inks that I couldn't find distinguished elsewhere. Umber : Havanna : York Brown (with a few other tobacco leaves thrown in)
  6. I've just photographed a bunch of Col-O-Ring cards with darker blue-green inks, while comparing them to a custom-mixed ink discussed in Inky Recipes: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/334121-masques-mix-black-swan-in-icelandic/ I thought I'd share the photographs here, in case they will be helpful for anyone. Since display calibration and general accuracy of representation varies, the main value of these is comparative between the shades. Though I did try to make the colors appear as I see them in person (at least on my devices). I think Fire& Ice should be slightly more
  7. visvamitra

    Organics Studio Blue Crab

    Organics Studio is a boutique fountain pen ink company started by a University of Maryland biochemistry student. The company was present on the market few years ago and I guess some of their inks were quite popular. I remember I really enjoyed Walt Whitman, Blue Merle or Boron. In 2014 company's creator decided to take a break in creating inks and I have impression he did it in a way that discouraged many ink afficionados. Some of OS inks developped some sediment, some lost their colors or deteriorated. In June 2016 OS came back to market but as I see their inks aren't widely available. I bel
  8. Organics Studio is a boutique fountain pen ink company started by a University of Maryland biochemistry student. The company was present on the market few years ago and I guess some of their inks were quite popular. I remember I really enjoyed Walt Whitman, Blue Merle or Boron. In 2014 company's creator decided to take a break in creating inks and I have impression he did it in a way that discouraged many ink afficionados. Some of OS inks developped some sediment, some lost their colors or deteriorated. In June 2016 OS came back to market but as I see their inks aren't widely available. I bel
  9. visvamitra

    Oscar's Copper - Organics Studio

    Thanks to fantastic Lgsoltek and Amberlea thread I'll have a pretext to re-review 52 inks this year. I'll write for a week with an ink before adding some thoughts. Week 2 theme was about choosing random ink. I've chosen (or rathoer random number generator has chosen for me) Organic's Studio Oscar's Copper ink. I used to like this ink but, truth be told, I haven't used it for more than a year. After trying it the first day I was enthusiastic, but after two days of use I started to feel tired of it and I guess I now know why I don't use it so often. First things first though. Organics Stud
  10. Cyber6

    Organics Studio Is Back!

    Interesting.. I just got an email from Anderson that Organics Studio is back... Now, I am wondering if this means he will take back those inks that lost their color and turned grey. (Ex. Blue Merle) I mean, don't all Ink Masters stand by their product? C.
  11. So I stumbled upon this reddit post about an hour ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/fountainpens/comments/4ge5ax/hey_guyshow_have_you_lovely_people_been/ Long story short, it was about a person who just hypothetically finished their masters degree, and was curious what people were looking out for in inks. After returning to reddit and re-reading the post, it hit me that the username is probably the same person who made the Organics Studio inks, and they might seriously be looking to get back into making ink. I cannot confirm nor deny that 100%, but definitely worth going over and commenting w
  12. white_lotus

    Organics Studio John Hancock Black

    Here is yet another of my reviews of the inks in my collection. This time yet another black. I know, I know, oh so boring. And this black is one that isn't readily available anymore, those I think there are some bottles at Anderson Pens. Perhaps there is another site or two that are still selling the last of these inks. Anyway, the ink is the Organics Studio John Hancock black. Written on the usual papers I use, Mohawk via Linen, Hammermill 28lb inkjet, and Tomoe River. The ink drops on a towel are quite interesting, and it's quite a strong black, blacker than Iro. take-sumi and OS Carbon.
  13. white_lotus

    Organics Studio Carbon

    This is a review of the Organics Studio Carbon ink. The line is discontinued but there are one or two stores with some stock left. This is a nice dark grey ink. Not very waterfast though. Somewhat similar to Iroshizuku take-sumi, but a little lighter than that ink. The ink is a bit of a slow drier. The ink droplet shows a hint of purple that isn't really noticeable in the ink. Not very waterfast. Much of the ink lifts when blotted, and when washed it leaves a faint line.
  14. This is an ink I've been scratching my head over ever since I received a bottle of it several months ago - and having just re-inked a couple of pens with it, I figured it was time to 'go public' with my confusion. This wasn't actually an ink that I chose to buy: it was sent to me (along with a couple of other inks) as a kind of apology / substitute for an ink I'd ordered online, and paid for, that my supplier didn't have in stock. I'd wanted Omas Blue - I received Noodler's Steel Blue, Noodler's General of the Armies, and this ink. The first thing I noticed was that on the box, Organics S
  15. Organics Studio was a small producer out of Maryland. Some of their inks were awesome. This is one of them. They have fallen into the category of unobtanium.
  16. visvamitra

    Hms Beagle - Organics Studio

    Some time ago there was a rumor Organics Studio would be coming back with some of their inks. I don't know if that happened or not. If anyone has some knowledge I would appreciate insight. HMS Beagle is crazy ink. The color isn't bad (not for me though) but the behaviour is different story,. Yes, it dries extemely fast. On the other hand it causes extreme bleedthrough. For me the ink is unusable. Drops of ink on kitchen towel http://imageshack.com/a/img537/8084/sFsnvV.jpg Drops of ink on kitchen towel http://imageshack.com/a/img907/4153/35L7l5.jpg
  17. Organics Studio isn't making inks anymore, but back when they did I was a big fan. Nickel was the first ink of theirs I purchased, and after some time I started getting more. The creative inks were my favorite, like the iron gall Aristotle and the chlorophyl-pigmented Mendel. When I heard OS was stopping ink production I bought almost $100 worth of OS ink from the Goulets. Imagine my surprise when half of them developed SITB a few months later… So far the bottles lost to SITB are Neon, Nickel, and two others that are at the bottom of a shame pile I don't care to dig through. Luckily I
  18. As most of you know Organics Studio will be coming back with some of their inks. Pigmented Pea Green won't make it back. I won't be sad. The ink is just too light for me, even thugh its waterproofness is amazing. Be sure to check Michael R.'s stunning review of this ink. http://imageshack.com/a/img907/4295/7EvtnW.jpg DROPS OF INK ON KITCHEN TOWEL http://imageshack.com/a/img540/5330/OAsdaR.jpg Waterproofness (after an hour of soaking) http://imageshack.com/a/img673/9939/cc6oNF.jpg SOFTWARE IDENTIFICATION / COLOR RANGE http://imageshack
  19. This is a short review of OS Manganese, originally manufactured under the name Manganate. There are a number of reviews of this ink under that name, so I won't belabor the review. A good basic blue-black. Both Anderson Pens and Vanness Pen Shop have this ink available at the time of writing. I'd bought my own bottle and have a backup. No affiliation with any retailer or pen/ink company. The black marks on the page are due to printing problems. Nothing with ink.
  20. This is a mostly hand written review of Organics Studio Blue Crab ink. It was a Baltimore Pen Show special, and the leftovers were sold off by various retailers. Thus, I was able to purchase a bottle. In the artificial light here at home the color looks amazingly close to the Thistle T2 with 1/3rd more water added. It is not as shady as that ink, nor as wet, but it can appear very close. In natural light I think the Thistle is more to the green side (but that's based on memory). The ink is reasonably water resistant once dry on inkjet paper. I did not do a chromatic test of the ink while i
  21. white_lotus

    Ink Review: Organics Studio Boron

    Here is a mostly handwritten review of Organics Studio Boron which is a brown ink. The other brown inks I have are MB Toffee Brown, Sailor Do-you, and Visconti Brown/Sepia, both of which are somewhat harder than this ink. That in itself is not good or bad, just the way of this ink. How it appears can change quite a bit depending on the pen. In one pen it was lighter, but another it was darker. Pictures taken with iPhone, so not really color corrected. I'll need to post the chromatics later as that's still drying. But there is a definite green dye there as well as the brown. OS inks aren't
  22. As most of you know Organics Studio will be coming back with some of their inks. Nautilus Blue didn't make it and won't be resurrected. So at the moment you may consider this one unobtainable ink. I won't miss it though. It's decent blue ink but when it comes to blue inks there are dozens of them and Jules Verne Nautilus Blue doesn't stand out in any way. Just another blue in the sea of blue. http://imageshack.com/a/img661/7218/PxxPbi.jpg DROPS OF INK ON KITCHEN TOWEL http://imageshack.com/a/img661/7748/fvoHJ6.jpg SOFTWARE IDENTIFICATION / COLOR RANGE
  23. Here is my review of the OS Teddy Roosevelt Midnights' Blue. This ink was a special edition for a pen show I think, and Anderson pens had some extra OS, so I picked up a bottle. I don't think it's available at all any longer. The label color bar looked like a deep dark blue, and I love those kinds of colors. The ink is quite far from deep, dark blue, and much closer to OS Mark Twain Halley's Comet. This ink is a bit more muted in tone than the Mark Twain. On Moleskine, I originally didn't like it as the color came out too pale, but it's certainly usable and not bad looking. On the better pa
  24. visvamitra

    Copper Turquoise - Organics Studio

    As most of you know Organics Studio will be coming back with some of their inks. Copper Turquoise didn't make it and won't be resurrected. I don' really care as I dislike this color. I find it short of character. http://imageshack.com/a/img538/9576/7oYAZd.jpg DROPS OF INK ON KITCHEN TOWEL http://imageshack.com/a/img537/9362/gaZSM3.jpg SOFTWARE IDENTIFICATION / COLOR RANGE http://imageshack.com/a/img661/3642/yNuBMK.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img661/665/D7Az2z.jpg Oxford Recycled, Kaweco Sport Classic, B http://imageshack.com/a
  25. visvamitra

    Aristotle - Organics Studio

    As most of you know Organics Studio will be coming back with some of their inks. Aristotle didn't make it and won't be resurrected. A pity, because it's quite unique grey, greenish/yellow one. Sadly I lost Ink Splash of this one. I have like 80-90 reviews to scan. Text is in the Oxford notebook but ink splashes and drops of inks weren't stored as safely and I just can't find them anywhere. So there'll be ink splash / kitchen towel gaps in some of the reviews I'll post. A pity, cause I remember Aristotle splash to look funky. Sample's long gone as the ink itself. DROPS OF INK O

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