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  1. Dear FPN'ers, We are introducing our RANGA MODEL 5 (VARUNA GAJENDRA) with German JOWO/SCHMIDT Screw in Nib and Converter in Premium Ebonite in 10 Beautiful colours.We also introduce these Models in Eyedropper Models too.These can be used as (3 IN 1 FILLING MECHANISM). It is 18.75MM DIA thickness with seamless Cap and Body.The length of the capped pen is 7 Inches. The Pens are really huge and Giant in Size and Performance.It is Clipless beautiful Cigar shaped Pen. THE COLOURS ARE VERY UNIQUE AND RARE. These would be treat to Fountain pen lovers and Collectors. It is also a visual stunner
  2. crazyaboutpens

    Asa Rainbow Review.

    asapens recently launched a new pen, called the rainbow. This pen is available in a bunch of colours and is made of acrylic. These pens are c/c and eyedropper convertible and have Schmidt nib units. It is available in fine, medium and broad. I ordered their 'flaming orange' (quite a fancy name if you ask me!) version with broad nib and rounded ends. I must say that the pen sure does look stunning and writes equally well! BODY The pen's body is made of acrylic and looks quite nice. The quality of the acrylic is pretty good. The pen is completely hand-made. The surface has a bit of imperfection
  3. jasonchickerson

    Kwzi — #74 "orange" Iron Gall Ink

    http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0627-2.jpg http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0627.jpg http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0627-3.jpg http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0622_1.jpg #74 with Zebra "G" nib on Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton paper KWZI's #74 is a weird one for me. Rationally, it's a very fine ink with great behavior and a decent color. Yet I don't love it. I'll not likely miss my sample when it's gone, but I would recommend it to anyone looking for an ink in this col
  4. The Ondoro is another of my Faber-Castell Design (FCD) pens. These FCD steel nibs are common across the entire design product range - Basic, Loom, Ambition, Ondoro & e-motion and have been impeccable in my experience. My first pen from the design series was an Ambition. I feel that the Ondoro is structurally a much better pen, though it might lack a bit of aesthetic flair prevalent to the Ambition. Below is a link to this review on my blog: Faber-Castell Ondoro Review The Ondoro line comes with a fountain pen (with 4 different nib widths), a roller ball, a propelling pencil (0
  5. http://www.rdwarf.com/users/wwonko/images/fpn/iro/02-Yu-yake-Sunset-header.jpg Yu-yake (Sunset) - CRV - Group Review - 2014-11 The Iroshizuku Group Review color for November 2014 is Yu-yake ”Sunset”. It is a rich orange, which fades between light and somewhat dark, depending on how much ink the nib is laying down. Please post your reviews and scans of the ink in this thread. If you want to a partner for a Co-Razy View (CRV) of this ink, please write it up and mail it to Lou Erickson. (PM for the address.) If you want to do a Co-Razy View on your own, please do! Other reviews are welco
  6. Morning All, Just a quick comparison of the two fountain pens I use for work on a daily basis. Two similarly sized pens, both from quite different price points. The Pelikan M200 Cafe Creme and the Montblanc Hommage a Frederic Chopin: Although both write very smoothly, but you can feel the difference in the Montblanc; partly in its extra smoothness and definitely in its extra weight. It is the better finished of the two, with nice touches like metal threads when you separate the pen's body. They both start instantly, and only suffer the occasional an small skip if I'm writing very q
  7. Much has been written about the Delta Dolce Vita Oversize. The look quite similar, but may appeal to different sets of people. Here, I attempt to give a quick review of the DV medium and highlight some of the differences. The first difference is of course the price point, with the oversize about GBP 100 more than the medium. I went for the medium because the oversize is too broad for my hand (like I said, they may appeal to a different set of people). The medium is the perfect size for me, presented in a very nice and substantial felt-covered box. The box contains some literature on Delta and
  8. Hello, There's an orange Jinhao 159 fountain pen for sale on alibaba.com here: http://qiangu.en.alibaba.com/product/522615743-200212693/fat_fountain_pen.html The problem is the minimum purchase is 1000 pieces whereas I only want one piece. (The seller has a supply ability of 300000 pieces each month !!) Would any members here know of alternative methods of purchasing, such as via an indigenous Chinese webportal ?
  9. Alexcat

    Orangey- Red Comparisons

    I'm looking at/for an orange that is almost red: how does Pelikan Edelstein Mandarine compare to, say, Mont Blanc Ink of Joy, or Ghandi? Any suggestions? (Am in the UK) Alex
  10. http://www.rdwarf.com/users/wwonko/images/fpn/iro/04-Fuyu-gaki-header.jpg Iroshizuku - Fuyu-gaki (Winter Persimmon) - CRV - Group Review - 2015-01 The Iroshizuku Group Review color for January 2015 is Fuyu-gaki ”Winter Persimmon”. It is a vibrant, saturated orange, closely resembling the flesh of the sweet fruit it is named for. Please post your reviews and scans of the ink in this thread. If you want to a partner for a Co-Razy View (CRV) of this ink, please write it up and mail it to Lou Erickson. (PM for the address.) If you want to do a Co-Razy View on your own, please do! Other revi
  11. My fellow FPNers, I need some quick advice on my next ink. I want it to be lighter than brown - in color but not intensity. I use a MB toffee brown, sailor red grenade (both dark shades) and I am currently looking for a lighter shade [in red spectrum]. I use Fine to Medium (both Asian & European) nibbed pens + a few italic ones Could short list a few inks: (Want to go for a orangish - amber shade) 1) Pelikan Edelstein Amber 2) Diamine Orange 3) Diamine Amber (Does it lack intensity) 4) Sailor Apricot (A few old pieces might be left with my old shop) 5) J. Herbin Orange Indien I am
  12. Humble as opposed to the epic comparos found here! Still, might be of use to someone. Paper: HP laser 32lb, which is as nice as I read it would be. Iroshizuku fuyu gaki in Platinum Cool M nib.J Herbin orange indien in Parker sonnet with a beat up F nib. Deserves a better home.Pelikan Edelstein mandarin in Lamy Vista M nib.Diamine poppy red in Muji F nib.J Herbin 1670 rouge hematite in Lamy Vista F nib (over flowing with crud but hey, it flows). It looks darker and less red than on clairefontaine paper, more tyrian purple than blood. Colours look faithful at least on a macbook pro retina 13
  13. amberleadavis

    Some More New Igs

  14. Golden Mind is one of the White Box inks, and is available from Anderson Pens in a very limited quantity. In case you're on the fence, here is a quick look. In summary, I really like the color. If you like dryish ink, take a look. It doesn't feel wet enough for me, but I prefer wet pens and wet inks. It's a dead ringer for Diamine Marigold, and has zero water resistance. It washes as a uniform color, so might be useful for a wash. Sorry for the photos. I didn't want to wait until I got my new scanner, in case anyone was on the fence. Text of review: This is Organics Studio da Vinc
  15. jtower42

    Help Identifying Sitb?

    I have a bottle of Diamine Orange that has flecks of something in it. These flecks are about the size of very coarse pepper - the largest ones are about 1/32 of an inch. They do not dissolve when I shake the bottle, and they are heavy - they fall quickly (within a second) to the bottom of the bottle. Any idea what this is? I'm pretty sure I don't want it in my pens. Thanks, Jon
  16. yogalarva

    Noodler's Apache Sunset

    This is one of those inks that is legendary in the FP world. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of someone who absolutely hates it, and I don’t know that I’ve heard that much about people who are relatively indifferent to it. I wish I could be one of those people, but sorrynotsorry, this is going to be another gushing review for this ink. Like I said above, at first I didn’t see what all the hoopla was about. Then I switched to the notebook I have started using for my ink reviews and the beautiful shading really started to show itself. In case you are super new to fountain pens or
  17. Hey there. I just bought my first fountain pen (Lamy Vista with a fine nib) and haven't invested in my first bottled ink yet. I would need some suggestions on buying inks. I'm a middle school math teacher. I plan to use my fountain pen to grade papers. I'm looking for inks that are suitable to write on office copy paper or regular school notebook paper, doesn't bleed through too much, and affordable since I'll using a lot daily. I'm looking in the range of turquoise, purple, green and orange. I usually don't like grading in red ink. Does anyone or any teachers here have some good suggestions
  18. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_325.jpghttp://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_325b.jpg
  19. grainweevil

    Diamine Cult Pens Deep Dark Orange

    My first attempt at a review, and it's self-evident that I have no idea what I'm doing. But just to be clear: Disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm doing.
  20. amberleadavis

    Co-Razy-Views - Grand Canyon Colors

    I've seen all these colors when visiting the Grand Canyon except the one ink named Grand Canyon. Oh, this is a Co-Written - Crazy - Comparison - Review. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_523.jpg
  21. nomadhacker

    Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin

    Another bright orange. I've picked up a few lately. This one really does remind me of mandarin oranges. Flow is wet. Has a traditional feel. A bit like an Iroshizuku ink, which I guess is appropriate considering both their premium placements. Honestly, I like Yu yake better for flow. Operation Overlord Orange has more water resistance. And I'm a big fan of Apache Sunset with more shading. That's my personal preference. But I do like all of these oranges color-wise.
  22. Jamerelbe

    Toucan Orange Ink

    This is (hopefully) the first of several reviews for a brand of ink that was released onto the Australian market in November 2013. Manufactured by a Queensland-based company named 'Tintex', or Dye Manufacturers of Australia, I wasn't sure what to expect when I responded to an offer from the supplier (Kevin from http://www.justwrite.com.au) to send free samples to any Australian-based members of the Fountain Pen Network. Still, I put up my hand, and was pleasantly surprised by the collection of inks that came my way (in 2 ml sample vials). In fact, I was SO pleasantly surprised that within a
  23. smiorgan

    Diamine Sunset Mini Review

    Another quick one. This is a lovely bright red-orange but I've found it very difficult to scan to show off the shading. Look at the bottom 3 rows of squares and the tops of the loops in the bottom right. No water resistance, excellent clean-up, good flow, looks pretty in a demonstrator. Nice and cheering on dull days
  24. nomadhacker

    Noodler's Apache Sunset

    Now this is my orange ink. Great great shading. Shades from orangish yellow to orangish red. The scan doesn't do it justice. Not water resistant. But then I'm sure you know that. You don't buy this ink for signing checks.
  25. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/Inklings/slides/2013-Ink_732.jpg http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/Inklings/slides/2013-Ink_730.jpg http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/Inklings/slides/2013-Ink_730b.jpg

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